The Conflicts of Capital and Labour Historically and Economically Considered: Being a History and Review of the Trade Unions of Great Britain, Showing Their Origin, Progress, Constitution, and Objects in Their Political, Social, Economical, and Industrial Aspects

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Chatto & Windus, 1878 - Guilds - 520 pages

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Page 131 - ... every person so offending or aiding, abetting or assisting therein, being convicted thereof in manner hereinafter mentioned, shall be imprisoned only, or shall and may be imprisoned and kept to hard labour, for any time not exceeding three calendar months.
Page 199 - Writers on Political Economy profess to teach, or to investigate, the nature of Wealth, and the laws of its production and distribution: including, directly or remotely, the operation of all the causes by which the condition of mankind, or of any society of human beings, in respect to this universal object of human desire, is made prosperous or the reverse.
Page 132 - ... in any manufacture, trade, or business ; and that persons so meeting for the purposes aforesaid, or entering into any such agreement as aforesaid, shall not be liable to any prosecution or penalty for so doing, any law or statute to the contrary notwithstanding.
Page 130 - ... if any person shall, by violence to the person or property of another, or by threats or intimidation, or by molesting, or in any way obstructing another, force, or endeavour to force...
Page 132 - ... who shall enter into any agreement, verbal or written, among themselves, for the purpose of fixing the rate of wages or prices which the parties entering into such agreement, or any of them, shall require or demand for his or their...
Page 127 - that journeymen, workmen, or other persons who shall enter into any combination to obtain an advance, or to fix the rate of wages, or to lessen or alter the hours or duration of the time of working, or to decrease the quantity of work, or to induce another to depart from his service before the end of the time or term for which he is hired, or...
Page 127 - ... or to regulate the mode of carrying on any manufacture, trade, or business, or the management thereof...
Page 131 - Persons ; or if any Person shall use or employ Violence to the Person or Property of another, or Threats or Intimidation, or shall molest or in any way obstruct another for the Purpose of forcing or inducing...
Page 324 - Picketing consists in posting members of the union at all the approaches to the works struck against, for the purpose of observing and reporting the workmen going to or coming from the works, and of using such influence as may be in their power to prevent the workmen from accepting work there.
Page iii - Conflicts of Capital and Labour Historically and Economically considered. Being a History and Review of the Trade Unions of Great Britain, showing their Origin, Progress, Constitution, and Objects, in their Political, Social, Economical, and Industrial Aspects.

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