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Worthy Sir,

BEING informed that there is a part of the goods that be come over (in the late ships) that belong to the College, therefore being unwilling to trouble the whole Court with the business, I thought it sufficient to acquaint you with my mind, so much rather because you have received in my accounts for the last year, and may when you please (on two days' warning) for this year, since the beginning of 8.ber, 1642, to the same, 1643. Now two things do I desire; the first, that what is coming to the College may be paid me in kind, for the last year's rate, which was given me, besides all the delays and over-prevailing entreaties of some poor neighbours that thought themselves overcharged, and so have got partly some releases, and many whole forbearance even to this day. This disconvenience hath been distractive, that I was to receive it at so many men's hands; and albeit the constables should have saved me this labour, yet our neighbours, knowing I should receive it inevitably, appealed from them to myself. Yea, also, that gross sum of £40, that was to be paid from one man, hath not; nor indeed could it be paid without distraction to myself in accounts, and turnings over; and unwillingness in some to receive there, with some words of complaint as if their expectation were not answered in that which they received, wherein they in a sort both blamed myself, because they received not satisfaction at my hands immediately, and him from whom they had it, though both of us causelessly. Therefore, my first desire is, that the College may have its due in kind, if this may be no offence; else I submit.

The second thing is this, that you would be pleased to inform those whom it may concern, that hitherto, with all conscionable and diligent providence that I could, have I disburst and expended whatever hath come to hand in mere buildings for the house; and seeing that now that work in this house will draw to a period (though haply £30 will not fully finish it yet) I desire to know whether the country will allow me any personal interest in any of the said goods, for and in consideration of the abatements

that I have suffered, from £60 to £50, from £50 to £45, from £45 to £30, which is now my rent from the ferry, and you know in what manner in my family charged, and by my tenants discharged. I was and am willing, considering the poverty of the country, to descend to the lowest step, if there can be nothing comfortably allowed me; I still sit down appeased, desiring no more but what may supply me and mine with food and raiment, (and to give every one their own) to the furtherance of the success of our labours for the good of Church and Commonwealth, without distraction in the work whereunto 1 am called, and, by God's great mercy and goodness, cheerfully therein abide; desiring your prayers for a continuance, and your praises to God for the sanctifying of all the passages of his fatherly providence towards Your loving and much bounden

Cambr. 7 bris 18th, 1643.


This letter was undoubtedly to Governour WINTHROP.


THE thanks of the Massachusetts Historical Society are presented for the following donations.

A. HOLMES, Corresponding Secretary.

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The Author.

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Flint in Salem.
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the Suppression of Intemperance, 1821. The Author.

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Corresponding Secretary.

Report on Free Negroes and Mulattoes.

Theodore Lyman, jun. Esq.

Another copy of the same Report.

Nathan Hale, Esq.

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Europe, or a General Survey of the present Situation of the principal Powers, &c. with Remarks on the Censuses of the Government of the United States.

The Author of the Remarks. A Sketch of the Life of Robert Morris: written for the Philadelphia Edition of the Edinburgh Encyclopædia. The Author.

[blocks in formation]

The Boston Gazette.

Messrs. Russell & Gardner.

The New England Galaxy. Mr. J. T. Buckingham.


Seven elegant Medals, representing distinguished characters and events, preserved in a handsome case:1. Christopher Columbus.-2. Washington.-3. Franklin.-4. Paul Jones.-5. Kosciusko.-6. William Washington.-7. John Eger Howard.—The two last commemorate the battle of the Cowpens. All have appropriate emblems and inscriptions. On the reverse of G. Washington's is the following: HOSTIBUS PRIMÒ FUGATIS.-BosTONIUM RECUPERATUM, XVII. MARTII MDCCLXXVI. Hon. George William Erving.



James Savage, Esq. of Boston.
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Levi Hedge, Esq. Professor of Logick and Metaphysicks in Harvard


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* Rev. Stephen Palmer, of Needham.
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William Winthrop, Esq. of Cambridge.
Nathan Hale, Esq. of Boston.
Rev. Samuel Ripley, of Waltham.

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