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Rev. Edward Everett, Professor of Greek Literature in Harvard

James C. Merrill, Esq. of Boston.
Hon. Daniel Webster, of Boston.
Rev. William Jenks, of Boston.
James Bowdoin, Esq. of Boston.
Rev. Henry Ware, jun. of Boston.
William J. Spooner, Esq. of Boston.
Rev. Ezra Goodwin, of Sandwich.
John Lowell, LL. D. of Boston.


Elkanah Watson, Esq.
Rev. Eliphalet Nott, D. D. President of

Union College.
* Elias Boudinot, LL. D.
Hon. John C. Smith.
John Pintard, Esq.
David Hosack, M. D.
John W. Francis, M. D.
Rev. William Harris, D. D.
Hon. De Witt Clinton, LL. D.
Rev. James Richards.
George Chalmers, Esq.
Hon. Charles H. Atherton.
Michael Joy, Esq.
Rev. Robert Morrison.
Samuel Bayard, Esq.
Major Hugh M'Call.
Baron Humboldt.
Peter S. Du Ponceau, Esq.
William T. Williams, Esq.
Jonathan Goodhue, Esq.
Robert Southey, Esq.
Gulian C. Verplanck, Esq.
Elisha Hutchinson, Esq.
Robert Walsh, Esq.
J. Van Ness Yates, Esq.
M. Carlo Botta.
Hon. Jeremiah Mason.
N. A. Haven, jun. Esq.
Mr. John Farmer.
Sir Walter Scott.
Fred. Adelung.
William Lee, Esq.
Admiral Sir Isaac Coffin.
George W. Erving, Esq.




I. RELATING PARTICULARLY TO low's Relation of things remarkable in THE SOCIETY.

Plymouth, which were not pripted in the 1st Series, 8th volume, 1622—

1623. ix. 74. 1. THË Act of Incorporation of the

17. Necessaries for going to VirginMassachusetts Historical Society, Feb.

ia, 1626. ji. 267. 19th, 1794. i. 1.

18. Hutchinson Papers : The first, 2. Laws of the Society. i. 3. 3. First Circular Letier, specifying ton, 1625.

- Letter from R. Levett to John Cot.

x. 182. articles, on which the Society request

19. Mr. Cotton's Answer.

X. 183. information. i. 14.

20. Letter from Matthew Crad4. Circular Letter of 1813. ii.

dock to John Endicott, 1629. viii. 277.

116. 5. List of the Members. i. 8. X.

21. Pincheon Papers, 1629_1724 : 191.

The first, viii. 228. 6. Officers of the Society. i. 13.

22. Annals of New England, by x at the end

Thomas Prince : the three first Num. 7. Members deceased. X. at the bers of the second volume, 1630– end.

1633. vii. 189. 8. Donations to the Society. ii.

23. The first writ of Quo Warranto 285. ii. 292. iv. 304. vii. 297. viii. against the Charter of Massachusetts, 329. ix. 369. x. 188.

June 17th, 1635. viii. 97. 9. Prospectus of Hubbard's History of New England, about to be ill report, which he had raised against

24 Apology of John Pratt for the published. ii. 281.

New England, 1635. vii. 125. 10. Letters respecting Hubbard's

25. Boston Votes, 1635. vii. 136. History. iii. 286. 11. Note on

26. Accounts of William Pincheon an ancient Manu.

with the General Court of Massachuscript, ascertained to be a part of setts, 1632—1636. viii. 228. Governour Winthrop's Journal,

27. Letter from Sir Richard Salton200. 12. Account of the New England of injury done to him by Mr. Ludlowe

stall to Gov. Winthrop, complaining Library, collected by Rev. Thomas and others, on Connecticut River, Prince. vii. 179.

1636. viii. 42.

28. History of the Pequot War, by

John Mason, 2637. viii. 120.

29. Letter from Roger Ludlowe

to William Pincheon, 1637. viii. 13. The New Life of Virginea, 235. 1612. viii. 199.

30. Letter from John Cotton to 14. À brief Relation of the Disco- Francis Hutchinson. X. 184. very and Plantation of New England, 31. Form of Government agreed 1607-1622. ix. .

to by the first Settlers on the island of 15. Those parts of Mourt's Rela- Rhode Island, 1638 vii. 77. tion or Journal of a Plantation settled 32. A Barque, the first vessel built åt Plymouth in New England, which at Plymouth, 1641. iv. 99. were not printed in the 1st Series, 8th 33. Letter from Henry Dunster, volume, 1620_1621. ix. 26.

President of Harvard College, 1643. 16. Those parts of Edward Wins-x. 187. VOL. X.




34. New England's Jonas cast up at 51. Decision of Charles the second's London, 1647. iv. 107.

Commissioners relative to Misquama35. Laws of Rhode Island, 1647. cock, on the eastern side of Pawcavii. 78.

tuck River. vii 91. 36. Description of Virginia, 1649. 52. Commission from Charles the ix. 105.

second's Commissioners to Justices in 37. Johnson's Wonder-Working the Narraganset country, 1665. vii. Providence of Sion's Saviour in New 92. England; or a history of New Eng. 53. Propositions of Charles the seland from 1628 to 1652. ii. 49. iii. cond's Commissioners to the General 123. iv. 1. vii. 1. viii. 1.

Assembly of Rhode Island and Provi38. Correction of errour in dence Plantations, 1665. vii. 94. Hutchinson on New England Coins, 54. Declaration of the Asseinbly on 1652. ii. 274.

the above. vii. 95. 39. Letters on New England,Coins. 55. Address of the Assembly to the ji. 276.

King, respecting Charter Rights, 1665. 40. Letter from Oliver Cromwell vii. 98. to Rhode Island Colony, 1655. vii. 56. Address of the Assembly to the 80.

Earl of Clarendon, on the same sub41. Letter from the Commissioners ject. vii. 101. of the Colony of Providence Planta- 57. Reasons showing why that part tions respecting the interference of of Rhode Island, called the King's Englishmen in the war between the Province, should remain to the ColoNarragansets and Mohegans, 1657. ny. vii. '104. vii. 81.

58. Claims of Rhode Island respect42. Letter from the Commissioners ing the Eastern line of the Colony. of the United Colonies of New Eng. vii. 107. land to the General Assembly of the 59. Letter from Sir Robert Boyle Colony of Providence Plantations, to Gov. Endicott, relative to Charles respecting the Quakers, 1657. vii. 82. the second's Commissioners, 1665. (Note.)

viii. 49. 43. Letter from the General Assem- 60. Letter from Charles the second's bly of the Colony of Providence Plan Commissioners to the General Court of tations, in answer to the above, 1658. Massachusetts, stating the reasons for vii. 82.

which they were sent over by the King,
44. Letter from the Commissioners 1665. viii. 55.
of the Colony of Providence Planta- 61. Answer of the General Court to
tions to their Agent, John Clarke, re- the above, 1665. viii. 59.
specting the Quakers, 1658. vij. 85. 62. Reply of the Commissioners to

45. Address of the Colony of Pro- the Answer of the General Court, 1665.
vidence Plantations to Richard Crom-/ viji. 61.
well, 1659. vii. 88.

63. Letter from the General Court
46. Commission of the Colony of to the Commissioners, May 9th, 1665.
Providence Plantations to John Clarke, vijj. 63.
as their Agent, 1660. vii. 90.

64. Answer of the General Court to 47. Charles the second's Letter to the 5th Instruction of the Commis. the General Court of Massachusetts, sioners, 1665. viii, 63. June 28th, 1662 viii. 52.

65. Answer of the Commissioners 48. Answer of the General Court. to the Letter of May 9th, 1665. viii. viii. 47.

64. 49. Historical Account of the 66. Oath of Allegiance proposed by Planting and Growth of Providence, the Commissioners, 1665. 'viii. 64. 1636–1663. ix. 166.

67. Answer of the General Court 50. Narrative of the Negociation to the 6th Instruction of the Commisbetween the General Court of Massa- sioners, relative to the College, chusetts and the King's Commission Schools, and Christian Indians, 1665. ers, 1664. viii. 92.

viii. 65.

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68. General Court's construction giance, and Account of a Conference of the Charter of Massachusetts, in of a Committee of the General Court answer to the 7th and 8th Instruc- with the Commissioners, 1665. viii. tions, 1665. viii. 67.

91. 69. Answer of the General Court 97. Non-Conformist's Oath, in to the Commissioners respecting the rhyme, 1666. iv. 104. Regicides, 1665. vii. 67.

88. Proceedings of the General 70. Petition of Gorton and others Court of Massachusetts on the Reto the Commissioners, March, 1665. quisition of the King to send Agents viii. 68.

to answer for refusing the jurisdiction 71. Answer of the General Court of the Commissioners last year, 1666. to the Commissioners, respecting viii. 98, 110. Trade, 1665. viii. 71.

89. Petitions from sundry persons 72. Answer of the General Court in Boston, Salem, Ipswich, and Newto the Commissioners, respecting the bury, relating to the same, 1666. administration of Government, Mili- viii. 103. tia, Fort. and number of Vessels, 90. Letter from Charles the second 1665. viii 71.

to the General Court of Massachu73. Answer of the General Court setts, recommending the Invasion of to the Commissioners, respecting the Canada, 1666. viii. 101. Oath of Allegiance and Ecclesiastical 91. The General Court's Answer Privileges, 1665. viii. 72.

to the King's Recommendation, 1666. 74. Oath of Allegiance in Massa- viii. 108. chusetts, 1665. viji. 74.

92. Papers collected by Thomas 75. Replies of the Commissioners Danforth, Deputy Governour of Masto the General Court, 1665. viii. 74. sachusetts, the heads of which have

76. Speech of Col. Nicholls, been given above, 1662–1667. viji. King's Commissioner, to the General 46—112. Court, 1665 viii. 77.

93. Letter from the General As77. Answer of the General Court sembly of Rhode Island to the Goto the above Replies, 1665. viii. 80. vernment of Plymouth, relative to the

78. Correspondence continued, apprehended War with the Natives 1665. viii. 81.

and the Encroachments of Connecti79. Summons to Joshua Scottow cut, 1671. vii. 109. to appear before the Commissioners, 94. William A. Burwell's Letter 1665. viii. 82.

respecting the History of Bacon and 80. Reply of the Commissioners Ingram's Rebellion. i. 27. to the above Answer of the General 95. History of Bacon and Ingram's Court, 1665. viii. 82.

Rebellion in Virginia, 1676. i. 27. 81. Proposal of the Commissioners 96. Letter from the General Asto the General Court to amend the sembly of Rhode Island to the GeneProvince Laws, 1665. viii. 84. ral Assembly of Connecticut, relative

82. Letter of the General Court to Encroachments on the Narraganset to the Commissioners, respecting the country, 1676. vii. 110. Limits of the Province, 1665. vi. 97. Rise and Progress of the Bass 87.

and Mackerel Fishery at Cape Cod, 83. Proceedings of the General 1677. iii. 220. Court respecting the Complaint of 98. Deposition of William Cod. Thomas Deane, 1665. viii. 88. dington, respecting the purchase of

84. Letter from the Commissioners Rhode Island, 1677. vii. 76. to the General Court, relative to the 99. General History of New Engsame, 1665. viji. 89.

land, by William Hubbard, 160685. Grant of £500 to the King's 1680. v. and vi. volumes. Navy by the General Court, 1665. 100. Letter from William Penn on viii. 90.

the Name of his Colony, 1681. vii. 86. Thomas Danforth's Declara- | 186. tion, when he took the Oath of Alle- 101. Deposition of Roger Williams,

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viii. 326.

[ocr errors]

respecting Canonicus, Miantonimoh, 124. Estiinate of the Charges of
and the Grant of Providence, 1682. Massachusetts, 1764. viii. 198.
vii. 75.

125. History of Free Schools in
102. Letter from William Penn to Plymouth Colony, 1663—1771. iv.
Gov. Hinckley, 1683. vii. 185.


103. Letter from Sir Edmund An- 126. Letter from the Connecticut

dros to Joseph Dudley, 1686. i. Delegates to the first Continental

Congress, to Gov. Trumbull, 1774.
104. Proceedings in Massachusetts ii. 221.
under the administration of Sir Ed- 127. Donations received for Bos,
mund Andros, 1686. viii, 179. ton during the operation of the Port

105. Letter from Edward Ran- Bill, 1775. ix, 158.
dolph to Major Pincheon, 1686. viii. 128. General Gage's Instructions

to Capt. Brown and Ensign D'Berni-

106. Letter from the Commission- cre; Narrative of what occurred to

ers of Massachusetts to Col. Pincheon, ther, and of the Battle of Lexington,
1690. viii. 238.

1775. iv. 204.

107. Letter from Thomas Wells 129. British Account of the Battle

to Col. Pincheon, 1690. viji. 239. of Lexington, in a letter from Gen.

108. Account of the Expedition Gage to Gov.. Trumbull, 1775. ii.

against Canada, 1690. iii. 255. 224.

109, Recantation of Confessors of 130. List of the Killed, Wounded

Witchcraft, 1692. iii. 221.

and Missing in the Battle of Lexing-

110. Act of the General Court of ton, 1775. viii. 44.

Massachusetts, for the setting forth of 131. Major Meigs's Journal of the

general Privileges, 1694

Expedition against Quebec, 1775,

111. Note on Paper Money, 1703. ii. 227.

iv. 99.

132. Anecdote of Soldiers of Ar-

112. Proceedings against William nold, 1780. iv. 51,
Rous and others, and Petition for the 133. Notice of the first Settlements
grant of a Writ of Habeas Corpus, in Tennessee, 1768—1780. vii. 58.
1706. viii. 240,

134. Letter from Richard Henry.
113, Election of John Leverett as Lee to Samuel Adams, 1781. i. 186.

President of Harvard College, 1707. 135. Expenses of Canada to Great

iv. 64.

Britain, from June, 1776, to Oct.

114. Letter from Sebastien Rasles 1782 jji. 122.
to Captain Moody, 1712. viii. 258. 136. Brief History of the Ancient

115. Letter from Samuel Sewall and Honourable Artillery Company,

to Col. Pincheon, 1713. viii. 242. 1638-1786. ii. 185.

116. Detection of pretended 137. Number of Inhabitants in

Witchcraft at Littleton, 1720. X. 6. Rhode Island, 1730, 1748, 1755,

117. Letter from Otis Westbrook 1774, 1783, and 1791. vii. 113.

to Goy. Dummer, 1723. viii 264. 138. Rhode Island State Papers,

118. Intercepted Letter from Se- selected and authenticated by Sainuel

bastien Rasles, 1724. viii. 266. Eddy, Esq. Secretary of the State,

119. Samuel Quincy's Letter res- with Notes, 1638–1791. vii. 75--

pecting Georgia, 17:35. ii. 188. 113.

120. Number of Negro Slaves in 139. Account of Fires in Massa-

Massachusetts, 1754 iii. 95.

chusetts, 1701–1800. i. 81.

121. Account of Braddock's De. 140. Tons of Shipping in Massa-

feat, 1755. viii, 153.

chusetts, 1806 iii. 122.

122. Letter from Dr. Franklin on 141. Letter from Bishop. Watson,

Inoculation for Small Pox, 1759. 1807. i. 250

vii. 71.

142. Historical Sketch of the Pro-

123. Letter on the Introduction of gress of Medical Science in Massa,
English cercises at Commencement, nusetts to 13. i. 10
1763. i. 249.

143. Discourse before the Massa

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