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Rev. J. Wilson ceases to preach Small-pox destroys many mason the charlestown side of charles sachusetts indians. v. 194. river. ii. 91. [But ii. 171 places Cows sell for £20 sterling at this in nov. 1630.]

plymouth. iii. 183. Captain John Smith dies. vii. First ferry in plymouth colony, 39 Prince.

at kingston, jones's river. iv. 224. Small-pox very fatal amongst October 16. Thanksgiving the indians. iii. 127.

throughout new england (massaThird church in massachusetts chusetts) then consisting of seven formed at dorchester. ii. 90.

churches. iii. 134. Fourth church in massachusetts Eighth church formed at camformed at boston. ii. 91.

bridge by rev. mr. hooker. iii. Fifth church in Massachusetts 136. 137. formed at Roxbury. ii. 92.

First fruit produced from EngSixth church formed at lynn. lish grain, a little rye, was shewn ii. 93.

to the massachusetts court; and Seventh church formed at wa. rejoiced the people iii. 137. tertown. ii. 94.

Connecticut river visited by 1632. Gustavus king of sweden kill- plymouth people. i. (vii.) ed. vii. 82 Prince.

Mr. E. Winslow governour of March 29. Treaty made be- plymouth colony. vi. 661. tween england and france, by First baptist church in england which canada, nova scotia, &c. formed in london by rev. john are given up to the latter. vii. spilsbury: the second was not 78 Prince.

formed till, 1639. ix. 197. May 9. J. Winthrop and T. 1834. Feb. 21. The patent of masDudley governour and deputy sachusetts ordered to be forthgovernour of massachusetts; 53 coming in london on complaint, freemen sworn, and the magis- &c.

v. 153. trates first chosen by the freemen. Plymouth people, before this iii. 128. v. 149.

time, have a trading house at maJune 20. Maryland patented chias.

v. 163. by charles i. to cæcilius, baron May 14. The freemen choose baltimore. vii. 80.

t. dudley and r. ludlow governSmall-pox very destructive to our and deputy governour of masthe indians. ii. 165.

sachusetts. v. 156. 204 freemen Winter very cold: boston har

iii. 139. bour frozen from island to island. May 14. 24 deputies, 3 from iii. 131.

each town, with the assistants, 1633. J. Winthrop and T. · Dudley composed, for the first time, the

governour and deputy governour general court of massachusetts. of massachusetts; 46 freemen v. 156. x. 23. sworn; rev. messrs. hooker, john Charlestown organized, and cotton, stone, with mr. haynes sends 3 deputies to massachusetts and others, arrive at boston. iii. general court. ii. 165. 132. 134.

Massachusetts determines to J. Winthrop, jun. begins the fortify governour's island in bossettlement of agawam, now ips

ton harbour. iii. 148. wich, by order of the massachu- Ninth church gathered at ipssetts general court. vii. 84. 86 wich by rev. n. ward. iii. 141. Prince.

Shawmut, now boston, purMuddy river, now brookline, chased of rev. william blackstone, used as a pasture for boston cows. an episcopal clergyman, who ii. 141.

had been there some years. Pestilential fever at plymouth, 171. and amongst the massachusetts Tenth church in massachusetts indians. v. 194. vi. 662. vii. formed at newbury: this church 96 Prince.

is called presbyterian, the nine


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n. lat.

v. 161.

v. 177.

others, congregational or inde- May 6. J. Haynes and R. Belpendent. iii. 144.

lingham governour and deputy The sagamoreship or earldom

governour of massachusetts; 145 of agawam is named essex. iii. freemen sworn. iii. 147. v. 157. 142.

About 3000 persons arrive this Newbury is, at this time, noted year in massachusetts. iv. 2. for its fine white oak timber. iii. Mr. R. Harlakenden, “ leader 144. 145.

of the military,” and eleven minTwo dutch ships arrive at bos- isters, including rev. messrs. norton with provisions. iii. 147. ton, shepherd, and r. mather,

Mr. Thomas Prince governour come out to massachusetts. ii. of plymouth. vi. 664.

147. 148. 150. 1634 and 5. Providence planted by The french take possession of

roger williams and others. ix. penobscot, and claim to the 40° 170. 172. vi. 335. [Dr. Holmes places this under 1636.]

June. Dutch ships bring flan1635. April 22. Council of plymouth ders' mares, sheep and heifers to grants from naumkeag to pas- massachusetts.

v. 177. cataqua to capt. mason. vi. 617. J. Winthrop, jun. and Sir H. 619.

Vane, jun. sent out by lords say, April 25, or June 7. The coun- brook and others to begin the cil of plymouth surrenders its planting of their province of con“ grand charter,” viz. the patent necticut - of which the former is 18 james i. nov. 3d; and imme- made governour - arrive at bos. diately a quo warranto and judg- ton. ment for the king, that the tas- August 15. Very violent hursachusetts charter be void and ricane in new england. v. 198. the franchise return to the king.

162. v. 272. vi. 618. viii. 96. [Judg

November. J. Winthrop, jun. ment in this case was given april builds the fort at saybrook. . 4th, 1638, says dr. holmes ; but 178. 179. see v. 268. 272. 273. and hutch. Mr. E. Winslow goes to eng. coll. 101 - 104.]

land as agent to answer the Grand juries were first intro- charges brought by morton and duced; and 100 offences present- gardiner against new england. ed in massachusetts.

v. 159.

vi. 662. An attempt made to annul all 1635 and 6. People of massachusetts, the patents in north america, and chiefly from cambridge, under mr. to send out a general government haynes and the rev. messrs. hookof the 12 provinces proposed to er, stone, and wareham, settle in be created. v. 227.

and about hartford, connecticut, The lords commissioners, ap- which had been examined the pointed to manage the new eng- year before. ii. 151. v. 176. 177. land colonies, demand the massa- vi. 306, 307. ix. 175. chusetts patent, but governour 1636. May 25. Sir H. Vane, jun. winthrop evades and refuses. and J. Winthrop governour and 263. 164, 265.

deputy governour of massachuRev. Hugh Peter comes out, setts; 83 freemen sworn. and set:les as minister at salem. iv. 1. iii. 154.

E. Winslow governour of plyEleventh church in massachu. mouth colony. vi. 662. setts formed at Cambridge by rev.

General court of massachusetts mr. shepherd, composed of those grants £400 to the school in newwho purchased of those gone to town, soon after called harvard hartford. iji. 153.

college. ii. 107. Cows are at £28 in new eng. Morton, “the host of merri. land. iii. 150.

mount," produces a great stir in

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v. 233.

v. 237.

v. 248.



v. 286.


the churches of massachusetts ; tled, under mr. eaton, rey, mr. and is “ dealt with as David did davenport and others. vii. 6. 7. with shimmei,” iv. 35.

ix. 175. (See 1638.] John Oldham killed by the pe- Dedham, county of suffolk, quots, which causes, in part, the planted, being ihe fourteenth pequot war.

church; and weymouth about Oct. A code of laws, after the this time, being the fifteenth mosaic, reported to the general church in massachusetts. vii. 9. court of massachusetts. v. 247.

10. Saugus receives the

There is a windmill at scituate, 6 linne.” iv. 3.

plymouth colony. iv. 224. A settlement made at saco, or 1637 and 8. Rhode Island, Providence, pepperellborough. iv. 187.

and some towns near narraganset Concord, first inland town in bay, planted; the first by boston massachusetts, settled. iii. 155. folks, mr. coddington, mr. clarke [Dr. Holmes places this in 1635.] and others, who are in 1638. vi.

Hingham church formed. i. 334. ix. 178. 160. [Dr. Holmes says 1635.] 1638. April 4. The lords commis1636 and 7. Religious divisions run sioners for foreign plantations

high in massachusetts, produced issue a summons to governour by followers of mr. wheelwright winthrop, of massachusetts, to and mrs. hutchinson. (iv. 7-21) transmit the patent of massachuand in consequence many persons setts to them; which he declines are disarmed. vii, 6.

to do.

v. 268. 269. 1637. May 3. The king in council May 2. J. Winthrop and T.

orders the patent of massachusetts Dudley elected governour and to be delivered up in london. v. deputy governour of massachu. 272, 273.

setis; 130 freeinen sworn. May 17. · At a court of election 236. vii. 12. held at cambridge, j. winthrop Mr. Eaton, Mr. Hopkins, Mr. and t. dudley chosen governor Davenport, who came out to bos. and deputy governor of massachu- ton the year before, remove with setts, and 125 freemen sworn. iv. many others to connecticut, and 21. v. 236.

establish new haven colony. v. First indian war. Massachu- 262. 263. setts and connecticut send troops June 1. A violent earthquake against the pequots. iv. 28. 44- in new england. vii. 14. 48. ix. 176. X. 59.

Rowley, massachusetts, planted May 26.

Mystic fight; cap- under ezekiel rogers. vii. 12. tains mason and underhill destroy Joseph Glover, coming over to pequot forts, kill several hundred massachusetts as printer, dies at of the natives, and soon subdue sea. vii. 12. them. vi. 446. viii. 141.

Scituate, plymouth colony, At this time, as was supposed, contains 22 freemen and 19 the narragansets and niantics townsmen ; in all 41 males. iv. could bring into the field 30,000

229. warriour's. iy. 42. But it is said

Three white persons, after the narragansets are at this time much consultation, executed at 4000. ix. 176. 177.

ply mouth for killing an indian. November. The antinomian

vi. 663. controversy induces the general 3000 persons come out for con court of massachusetts to dismiss necticut.

v. 263. two of the boston representatives.

Mrs. Hutchinson leaves massa

chusetts. vi. 336. Synod at cambridge. ix. 178. Pawtuxet, rhode island, settled y. 298.

by arnold and others. ix. 182. New Haven, connecticut, set- Harvard College is established, VOL. X.


X. 23.



v. 237.


Rev. J. Harvard of charlestown, , 1640. May 12. T. Dudley and R. who died this year, having be- Bellingham chosen governour and queathed to the school at new- deputy governour of massachutown, now cambridge, £779 17 2. setts; 192 freemen sworn. it receives his name. A college 237. vii. 20. 21. building is erected.

i. 105. ï. People cease coming, in great 107. v. 247. vii. 16.

numbers, to new england. vii. Gov. Winthrop has, prior to 20. 21. this time, the first orchard and Previous to this year much cotfirst vineyard in new england, on ton had been brought from “the governour's island, then govern. indies" to new england. v. 239. our's garden, in boston harbor, i. Oct. 22. Forty-one persons (xxxi.) [In ix. 174, it is said, but combine to form a government at no authority given, that

pascataqua. vii. Prince, adver. blackstone had an orchard before tisement. the arrival of the massachusetts Sudbury, nineteenth church, colony.]

established in Massachusetts. vii. 1639. Newport, rhode island, settled. ix. 181.

South-hampton, long island, A military muster of 1000 men,

settled. vii. 22. in two regiments, under the go- Ferry established between vernour and deputy governour, at

charlestown and malden. ii. boston. i. (xxix.).

167. May 22. J. Winthrop and T. Charlestown ferry granted to Dudley chosen governour and harvard college ii. 166. deputy governour of massachu- Braintree, twentieth church in setts; 83 freemen sworn. vii. 16. massachusetts, established. vii.

24. Royal charter of the province of People cease coming to maine to sir f. gorges.

v. 224.

england. v. 146. Sept. 4. Military company, the 1641. June 2. R. Bellingham and ancient and honourable, formed

J. Endicott chosen governour and in boston; but refused incorpo. deputy governour of Massachuration on political grounds.

setts ; 503 freemen sworn in the 243. [But see ii. 185, where it is year. vi. 370. , vii. 32. said, that it was incorporated and The first barque of 50 tons built endowed under the title of the in plymouth colony; cost £200. military company of the massa- iv. 99. chusetts,” in 1638, april.]

A church gathered at edgarton, Sept. 4. Sudbury, massachu- martha's vineyard, by thomas setts, incorporated. iv. 52.

mayhew, jun. iii. 71. About this time roger williams, James Forett, agent for the having become a baptist, estab- earl of stirling, grants nantucket, lishes the first baptist church at martha's vineyard, then and long providence. ix. 197.

before in the possession of engHampton, near merrimac river, lish families, and the elizabeth in the county of “northfolk islands, to thomas mayhew of planted, being the seventeenth watertown, massachusetts, who church in massachusetts. vii. 17. removes to edgarton the follow. Exeter, new hampshire, settled. ing year. These islands were not

within any of the new england Salisbury, near hampton, mas. governments. iii. 81. 82. sachusetts, planted. vii. 18.

Sept. 24. People south of Boston representatives reduced piscataqua, viz. at dover, strawto two, which continued more berry-bank, &c. declared a part than forty years. X. 24.

of massachusetts jurisdiction. vi. 1639 and 40.° Very cold winter. vii. 372.

18. 19.


v. 223.

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Providence island, west indies, partly peopled from new england, is captured by the spaniards. vi. 378.

Plymouth colony punishes for attending quaker meetings, and for neglect of publick worship.

X. 69. 1642. Jan. 18 to Feb. 21. Boston

harbour is frozen over so as to bear carts and horses. vi. 421. vii. 33.

May 18. J. Winthrop and J. Endicott chosen governour and deputy governour of massachusetts; 1232 said to be the number of feeemen sworn. vi. 372. vii. 35.

Conspiracy of all the indians against the english colonies. vi. 446, 451.

The first class graduates at harvard college.

(iv.) 3000 indians on martha's vineyard, or in duke's county. iii. 90. 92.

Providence plantation and rhode island unite to send roger williams as agent to obtain a charter for them. ix. 184. 185.

The price of cows falls in a few days from £22 to £7 and £8. vii. 35.

There are about 1000 of land in orchards and gardens, and 15,000 acres under cultivation, and 12,000 neat cattle, and 3000 sheep in massachusetts. vii. 38. [Should not this be under 1651, when johnson wrote ? ]

Woburn is established as a town. vii. 38.

Feoffees for the college at cambridge appointed, to consist of all the magistrates of the colony, and the elders of the six next adjoining churches. vi. 372.

A body of laws, which had been long under consideration,

was established in mass. vi. 372 1643. March 5. An earthquake in

new england. vii. 50.

May 10. J. Winthrop and J Endicott chosen governour and deputy governour of massachusetts ; 87 freemen sworn. vi. 673. vii. 44.

Plymouth contains 146 persons from 16 to 60 years old. iii. 169.

Massachusetts, plymouth, connecticut and new haven colonies enter into a confederacy to sup: port each other in any “just war' -each colony to send the same number of commissioners, but the charges of war to be paid in proportion to the number of inhabitants. vi. 467. 474. vii. 45.

Battle between uncas, sachem of the mohiggans, and miantonemo, sachem of the narragansets ; the latter defeated, taken prisoner, and afterwards killed by uncas the ally of massachusetts col. ony. vi. 449. 452. vii. 47.

The gortonists broken up, &c. vii. 59. 50.

Warwick, fourth town in rhode island, settled by w. arnold and others. ix. 182.

Bricks are made in plymouth at 11s. a thousand. iii. 183. 184.

Plymouth's town expenditure is £9. iii. 183. 184.

Wolves are very destructive. iii. 183. 184.

In 15 years previous to this date, about 198 or 298 ships had been employed in bringing 21,000 men, women and children to massachusetts. ii. 81. 83.

General and fatal disease (yellow fever ?) amongst the indians of martha's vineyard. iii. 91. vi. 656.

Mr. Rigby, proprietor of the "plough patent in majne, sends out mr. cleaves as his agent, which produces a contest between him and the agent of sir f. gorges regarding the right of property. vi. 268. 370.

Haverhill, mass. settled. iv. 126. [It is somewhere said to have been settled at an earlier date.]

Duxbury has 76 persons, between 16 and 60 years of age, ca. pable of bearing arms.

X. 69. 1644. March 14. Roger Williams

obtains a charter for providence and rhode island, under the title of "the providence plantations,” from the commissioners of plan


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