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tations, the earl of warwick pres- ed new england colonies publish ident. vii. 78. 90. ix. 184. a declaration of war against the 185.

narragansets,--but, Elder W. Brewster of plymouth The narraganset indians make colony dies. vi. 663.

a treaty of peace with the united May 29. J. Endicott and J. colonies. vi. 454. ix. 203. Winthrop chosen governour and First baptist church formed in deputy governour of massachu- england by rev. henry jessie. i. setts ; 145 freemen sworn. vi. 168. 373. vii. 51.

The manufacture of iron begun Thomas Dudley chosen

at lynn. v. 374. jeant major of massachusetts : the Haverhill, massachusetts, 26th first time the office was filled. vi. church, formed. viii. 1. 373. vii. 53.

Springfield, massachusetts, 27th The anabaptists begin to grow church, forined. viii. 3. troublesome in massachusetts. vi. 1646. J. Winthrop the ninth time, and 373.

T. Dudley chosen governour and The indians massacre many deputy governour of massachu. whites in virginia. vi. 411.

setts ; 72 freemen sworn. vi. 499. D'Aulney's agent comes to 518. viii. 6. boston and enters into a treaty E. Winslow goes agent for withi massachusetts, which massachusetts to england, who is not ratified by d'aulney. vi. 488. instructed to deny the power of 494.

appeal from the courts of massaA company was formed in más- chusetts to those of england. vi. sachusetts, with a monopoly for 505. 21 years, to discover the “great The second synod in massachulake" and to collect beaver. vi. setts, by publick authority, sits 442.

at cambridge; and though it adIn massachusetts there are 26 journs to june 8 of the following military bands, which train eight year, it does not begin business days in each year. vii. 53.

till 1648, when the “ platform in massachusetts there are four and westminster confession of counties, and three regiments of faith are agreed on. i. 196. 'vi. troops. vii. 53. 55.

536. 537. viii.8. Martha's Vineyard, previously Mr. Hubbard, of hingham, tried attached to no jurisdiction, is an. by the court and a jury of twelve nexed to that of massachusetts, men, is fined for disseminating the (iii. 82.) and th. mayhew soon idea, that the charter placed masafter establishes courts and juries sachusetts on the footing of a and records amongst the indians common corporation in england, themselves. iii. 84.

and, in consequence, that pun Hull, massachusetts, incorpo- ishment with death, &c. was unrated. vi. 409.

lawful. The disputes, that arose Reading and Wenham, massa- about this trial inform the people chusetts, planted, being the 24th of england, that new england aland 25th churches. vii. 51.

lowed no appeal to that country ; 1645. T. Dudley and J. Winthrop that the people of new england

chosen governour and deputy go- were styled subjects of their own vernour of massachusetts ; 56 free

government; and that the writs men sworn. vi. 374. viii. 1.

of courts in new england did not A ship of more than 400 tons run in his majesty's name, but in built and equipped at buston. vi. that of the government of new 524.

england. iv. 110. 125. D'Aulney captures la tour's Sept D'Aulney sends two fort at st. john's. vi. 498.

commissioners to settle differen. The commissioners of the unit. ces and to effect a treaty with massachusetts, in which they are the churches; and the westminsuccessful. vi. 495. 496.

ster confession of faith agreed on Commissioners of the united by the synod. i. (x.) vi. 537. 537. colonies, who hail been, since the 623. confederation, chosen in massa- First house of publick worship chusetts by tie magistrates and erected at plymouth. iii. 200. deputies, were chosen by the vote Andover settled. viii. 14. of the freemen. vi. 499.

Malden settled. viii. 15.
The freemen and voters in ply-

Second church formed at bos. mouth are 79. ii. 170.

ton, the 30th in massachusetts. Qualifications of townsmen in viii. 16. plymouth first regulated. iii. 1649. March 26. J. Winthrop, the 187.

governour of massachusetts, to 1647. J. Winthrop and T. Dudley which office he had been eleven

chosen governour and deputy go- times elected, dies at boston. iii. vesnour of massachusetts ; 85 123. iv. 401. vi. 519. vii. freemen sworn. The office of Prince, advertisement. viii. 18. serjeant major general is filled an- Selectmen first chosen at ply. nually ; all other military commis- mouth. iii. 186. sions are for life, or good beha- May. T. Dudley and J. Endi. viour. vi. 518. viii, 1 l.

cott chosen governour and depuSir William Berkeley, gover- ty governour of massachusetts. nour of virginia, makes a success- vi. 499. 519. viji. 18. [Dr. ful experiment by planting rice, Holmes places j. endicott in the which he finds to thrive well chair, as does viii. 17.] there. ix. 118.

Caterpillars very numerous this Epidemic fever through new

year. viii. 18. england and all the english colo- Virginia contains about 15,000 nies, including st. christopher's english and 300 negroes. ix. 105. and barbadoes. vi. 532.

Six publick brew-houses are in June 8. Synod sits at cam- virginia. ix. 106. bridge, but adjourns for business Beef 2 1-2d. and pork 3d. a to the following year, this being pound in virginia. ix. 106. sickly. vi. 536. 537. [The plat- Parliament incorporates the soform for discipline is said to have ciety for propagating the gospel been given out this year, v. 184; amongst the indians of new eng. but see i. (x.) vi. 537. 623.]

land. [It was incorporated by Providence plantations form a the king, charles ii. in 1661, says code of laws. ix 189.

dr. holmes.] vi. 660. 1648. J. Winthrop and T. Dudley “ The holy, heavenly. sweet

chosen governour and deputy go- affecting and soul-ravishing min. vernour of massachusetts ; 94 ister, mr. thomas shepheard,” of freemen sworn. vi.518. viii. 14. cambridge, rev. mr. "hooker of

Code of laws, which had been hartford, and rev. mr. phillips of in preparation two years, is print- watertown, die. viii. 17. ed in massachusetts. viii. 10. 1650. T. Dudley and J. Endicott

An unsuccessful attempt made chosen governour and deputy goto settle the bahama islands hy vernour of massachusetts ; 55 people of new england. vi. 523. freemen sworn. vi. 519. viii. 19. June. Margaret Jones

Malt houses common in plycuted at boston for witchcraft. mouth, &c till this period - and vi. 530.

Barley much raised. iii. 188. June 4. Canonicus, the great Forty families of indians attend chief of the narragansets, dies. regularly on the preaching of mr. vi. 464.

mayhew at“ martin's” vineyard. Oct. Cambridge platform was vi. 659. given out to the government and 1651. J. Endicott and T. Dudley


chosen governour and deputy go- ham chosen governour and depuvernour of massachusetts. vi.

ty governour of massachusetts. 542. viii. 20.

vi. 544. 515. Boston so increased as to re

Treaty of peace between the quire a court for itself, which english and dutch. vi. 549. [See is held by commissioners. vi. 1654. econ.] 542.

A fleet.from england takes posMalden is fined by the massa- session of the french places about chusetts general court for irregu- st. john's river. vi. 549. larly settling a minister. vi.

Billerica settlement begun. vi. 550.

545. [But see ii. 162.] 1651, 2 & 3. Maine comes under the Groton settlement begun. vi.

jurisdiction of massachusetts. vi. 545.
542.543. [Dr. Holmes places An epidemic cough passed
this under nov. 22, 1652.]

through new england. vi. 554. Bridgewater settlement begun. 1656. May 14. J. Endicott and R. vii. 146.

Bellingham chosen governour & 1652. J. Endicott and T. Dudley deputy governour of massachu

chosen governour and deputy go- setts. vi. 555.
vernour of massachusetts. vi.

June 3. Bridgewater, massa542.

chusetts, incorporated. vii. 140. May. Money first ordered to Mrs. Hibbins hung for a witch. be coined in massachusetts. ii. vi. 574. 274.

First saw-mill in plymouth col. Dec. 23. Rev. John Cotton ony, carried by a brook in scitu. dies. vi. 553.

ate. iv. 225. 1653. J. Endicott and T. Dudley Religious dissensions in hart.

chosen governour and deputy go- ford, windsor and weathersfield, vernour of massachusetts. vi. connecticut, produce the settle542.

ment of hadley and north hampJuly 31. T. Dudley, deputy ton. vi. 316. governour of massachusetts, dies.

Capt. Miles Standish dies. X. vi. 552.

60. Oct 13. Massachusetts north 1657. May 6. J. Endicott and R. boundary-line run. vi. 543.

Bellingham chosen governour & 1653 & 4. A period of great alarm in deputy governour of massachu

new england, from the narragan- setts. vi. 555.
set indians and the dutch, who Harvard college is endowed
had combined against the colo- with 2000 acres of land. vi.
X. 60.

555. 1654. May 3. R. Bellingham and J. Gov. William Bradford, of ply

Endicott- chosen governour and mouth colony, dies. vi. 555. deputy governour of massachu. Plymouth colony banishes h. setts. vi. 543. 544.

norton, a quaker. The laws of massachusetts are 1658. April 20. The coldest day in ordered, “ for the first time,” to the year. vi. 647. be printed. vi. 543. 544. [But May 19. J. Endicott and R. see 1648.]

Bellingham chosen governour & 1654 to 1705. Deaths, marriages, and deputy governour of massachubirths in Billerica. ii. 162.

setts. vi. 555. Sixty soldiers prepared by ply- 1659. May 11. J. Endicott and R. mouth to be sent against the Bellingham chosen governour & dutch.

deputy governour of massachuJune. News of peace between setts. vi. 555. england and holland arrives in

Two quakers, w. robinson and america. x. 60.

m. stephenson, hung for return1655. J. Endicott and R. Belling- ing to massachusetts, contrary to

x. 70.

X. 69.

vi. 555.

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a previous statute, after being ex- Plymouth town expense is £25
pelled the colony. vi. 571. 572. 12 3-4sh. iii. 186.

1663. J. Endicott and R. Bellingham An indian church formed by chosen governour and deputy gomr. mayhew at martha's vine- vernour of massachusetts. vi. yard. iii. 92.

575. 1660. May 30. J. Endicott and R. Providence plantations obtain Bellingham chosen governour &

a second charter from charles ïi. deputy governor of massachu- vii. 79. ix. 195. setts.

The court in plymouth colony Messrs. Whaley and Goffe, proposes for consideration, that “ regicides,” arrive in massachu- every town in that jurisdiction setts. viii. 67.

should take measures to have a Mary Dyer, a quaker, hung school master; which is the first for returning into massachusetts, publick step towards the estabcontrary to a previous statute, af- lishment of schools in that colony. ter being expelled the colony. iv. 79. 80. vi, 573.

Plymouth colony has twelve 1661. J. Endicott and R. Bellingham incorporated towns. iv. 80.

chosen governour and deputy Rey. John Norton dies at bosgovernour of massachusetts.

ton. vi. 640. 575.

Rev. Juhn Eliot completes his A committee of massachusetts translation of the old testament general court makes a manly re

into the massachusetts lauguage. port on the rights and liberties of ix. 242. the colonists and their duties of 1664. March 12. Charles II. gives allegiance to the king. i. (xxvii.) new york and new jersey to his ii. 96.

brother, the duke of york; the King Charles II. writes to New inhabitants to enjoy freedom of england to forbear corporal pun- religion, excepting that the proishrnent of quakers. vi. 574. testant religion is named, and the

Aug. 8. Charles II. proclaim- ministers may be chosen, and ed in massachusetts by order of must be paid by a majority of the general court. vi. 575.

householders in each town. This Mr. Bradstreet and Mr. Norton grant includes nantucket, marsent agents of massachusetts to tha's vineyard and the elizabeth acknowledge king charle's ii. &c. islands. i. 140. iii. 85. vi. 576.

J. Endicott and R. Bellingham Rev. John Eliot completes his chosen governour and deputy translation of the new testament governour of massachusetts. into the massachusetts language.

575. ix. 242.

Col. R. Nichols and Geo. Cart1661 and 2. General court of massa- wright, with Sir Robert Carr and

chusetts censures a book, be. S. Maverick, are sent commiscause it was offensive to the go- sioners by charles ii. to review

vernment of england. vi. 575. the legislative and judicial pro1662. April 23. John Winthrop, ceedings of new england. The

governour of connecticut, having two first arrive this year at bosgone to england for the purpose, ton. vi. 577. 664. 665. viji. 92. obtains a charter for that colony. Aug. 27. New York, or New vi. 310.

Netherlands, which was pretty J. Endicott and R. Bellingham well peopled by the dutch, is chosen governour and deputy go- surrendered, by articles signed vernour of massachusetts. vi. 575. this day, to the english under

Synod at boston, being the co). nichols. i. 140. vi. 311. 667. third in massachusetts. i. 196. The colony of new haven bevi. 587. 602.

comes a part of connecticut un.

vi. mar




der the charter. vi. 311. [Dr. First baptist church of boston, Holmes places this under 1665, massachusetts, was gathered at may 11, the date of the first elec- charlestown. ii. 172. tion according to hubbard.]

A law in massachusetts re1665. March 15. J. Endicott dies quires, that a free school shall be governour of massachusetts, and

established in every town; and was buried 23 march, having been for every 100 families a

gramsixteen years governour of massa


The chusetts. vi. 575. viii. 52.

country is generally well proR. Bellingham and Francis vided with schools.' yiii. 66. Willoughby chosen governour [The law above referred to was and deputy governour of massa- passed in may, 1647. See massachusetts. vi. 575. 581.

chusetts colony laws, 186.] Massachusetts sends £500 for 1666. 250 persons from st. christo. his majesty's navy, as a present. pher's come to boston in distress, vi. 587.

and are kindly entertained. vi. General court of massachu.

592. setts proclaim by sound of trum- R. Bellingham and F. Willoughpet, that they do not intend to by chosen governour and deputy obey the summons of the four

governour of massachusetts. commissioners of charles ii. col. 591. nichols, etc. then sitting at bos- 1667. R. Bellingham and F. Willoughton as a court of appeals. vi. by chosen governour and deputy 583.

governour of massachusetts. Whereupon the commissioners 691. leave boston. vi. 584.

Aug. 7. Rey. J. Wilson, of the The commissioners, col. nich- first church in boston, dies. vi. ols, etc. appoint justices in maine, 604. and take that province, called Mendon, massachusetts, plantyorkshire, under the power of ed. vi. 591. his majesty, from under that Brookfield, massachusetts, was of massachusetts, or that of sir planted, liberty for which was f. gorges' agent, who were then granted in 1660. vi. 591. 592. disputing the jurisdiction. vi. 1668. R. Bellingham and F. Willough584

by chosen governour and deputy This government continued governour of massachusetts.' vi. only two or three years. vi. 585. 591.

Six towns of indians in massa- Maine, or yorkshire, returns chusetts profess christianity. viii. under the jurisdiction of massa66.

chusetts. vi. 593. 596. The act regulating trade of Wheat at plymouth is 5s. 6d., great britain is said to have been barley 4s., rye 3s. 6d., corn 3s., observed some years before this and peas 3s. a bushel. iii. 187. time in massachusetts. viii. 71. 1669. R. Bellingham and F. Willough.

Massachusetts has 4400 militia, by chosen governour and deputy 132 ships; and the expenses of governour of massachusetts. government are about £1200. viii. 591.

Piscataqua people give £60 Rev. Dr. John Owen, about to per annum, for seven years, to become minister of the church at harvard college. vi. 543. boston, is induced to remain in North hampton, england. ii. 266.

Chelnısford, Caleb Cheeshahteaumuck grad- Lancaster and uates at harvard college ; the Hadley settled in massachuonly indian, who has received the setts: a few families had been at honours of that university. ü. the last place since 1647. vi. 178.




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