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x. 63.

1670. R. Bellingham and F. Willough- of harvard college, dies. vi.

by chosen governour anil deputy 607.
governour of rnass. vi. 591.

Tar seems to have been made
Second indian church at mar- in considerable quantity at ply-
tha's vineyard by t. mayhew. iii. mouth. iii. 187. 188.

R. Bellingham dies governour Freemen of plymouth are 51. of massachusetts. vi. 610. iii. 170.

1673. Major J. Leverett chosen go. “ F'ish boats at plymouth,” and vernour of massachusetts. the fishery of importance there. 611. 612. iii. 167.

M. Colve, sailing under a dutch June. The general court of commission, surprises and capply mouth colony grants the pro- tures new netherlands. vi. 612. fits of the fishery at cape cod to 667. establish a free school in one of June 5. Weather is so cold, as the twelve towns of ihat jurisdic. to freeze water in new england. tion. It was opened in 1672, and vi. 648. was the first in that colony : but Governour Prince, of plymouth no school house erected till about colony, dies. 1700, when plymouth became 1674. Feb. 9. New Netherlands resubject to the laws of massachu. turns to the english by the treaty setts. iv. 80. 81. [The reader of westminster. vi. 667. should distinguish between ply- May 27. J. Leverett chosen mouth and massachusetts colony, governour of mass. vi. 612. and is referred to 1665 ant.]

300 families, or 1500 indians, in 1671. March 16. Rey. John Daven- duke's county. jii. 91. 92.

port, minister of Boston, dies. vi. 300 families of indians on mar603.

tha's vineyard and chappaquidR. Bellingham and J. Leverett dick. iii. 86. chosen governour and deputy go- ) 1674 and 5. Indian troubles in vir. vernour of massachusetts. vi. 610. ginia, which lead to bacon and

Edgarton, and Tisbury, before ingram's rebellion. i. 80. called middletown, martha's 1675. May 12. J. Leverett chosen vineyard, incorporated by go- governour of mass. vi. 612. vernour lovelace of new york. ii. June 21. [Dr. Holmes says 85.

June 24.] The war with king John Morton instructs the first philip, which had threatened new town school in plymouth, which england four years, begins : is just opened, “ to read, write, general combination of indians and cast accounts." iv. 86.

against the english. i. (xxix ) iii. T'. Mayhew obtains a commis- 86. vii. 156. sion from new york to govern 1675 and 6. Marlboroughi, massachumartha's vineyard and the eliza- setts, partly destroyed by the inbeth islands. iii. 85.

dians. vi. 592. 1672. Laws first enacted in plymouth 1676. March 10. The king sum

colony regarding schools. There monses massachusetts to appear is nothing in its records on this by their agents at whitehall, that subject of a previous date. iji. the claims of capt. mason and 173. iv. 80.

sir f. gorges may be determined: R. Bellingham and J. Leverett mr. w. stoughton and mr. p. chosen governour and deputy go

buckley were sent agents, and revernour of mass. vi. 610.

mained nearly three years, reFree school is opened in ply- turning in 1679. vi. 613. 614. mouth colony, supported by the April 18. Indians attack sud. profits of the cape cod fishery. iv. bury, massachusetts, kill many 30. 81.

persons, and do much other damRev. C. Chauncey, president

age. iv. 56. 57. VOL. X.



May 3,

J. Leverett chosen king's attorney general, reports governour of massachusetts. vi.

against the claim of captain ma612.

son vs. massachusetts. vi. 621. May 8, Indians do much dam- [Dr. Holmes thinks that in regard age at bridgewater, massachu- to maine, a purchase was effected setts. vii, 156.

by massachusetts of captain maJune. The fish in a pond at son in 1677 ; but, it seems, there watertown die suddenly without was a judicial determination beany assigned cause. vi. 648.

sides. See vi. 614 et seq.] Nov. A destructive fire in 1679 and 80. A synod at boston. vi. boston, which burns the meeting 622. 623. house at the north end of the 1680. Synod agrees upon a confession town. vi. 648,

of faith for the cburches. vi. Canal across cape cod contem- 623. plated. viii. 192.

1682. General Court of Massachu. Bacon, the leader of the rebel. setts grants £50 to rey. william lion in virginia, about this time hubbard, for compiling history of burns, at jamestown, the first new england. ii. 281. church built in that colony. i. Destructive fire at boston. vi. 54. 80,

649. 1676, 1689, 1702, 1721, 1730, 1752, Joseph Dudley and J. Richards

1764,1776, and 1792. The small- sent to england, agents of massapox in boston. A sixth part die chusetts colony. vi. 614. of those who have it naturally ; Edward Cranfield arrives with and one two-hundredths of those a commission from the king to by inoculation. i. 109.

govern new hampshire. vi. 614. 1677. May 27. J. Leverett chosen 1683. Charles II. appoints commis

governour of massachusetts. vi. sioners to examine the claims to 612.

the narraganset country. iv. 160. Dr. Thatcher, a clergyman and 1683 and 4. Freemen in plymouth physician, publishes a tract on are 55. iii. 170. medicine, the first, on that sub. 1684. S. Bradstreet governour of ject, in new england, i. 105.

massachusetts. iv. 203. A brick building erected for 1685. Joseph Dudley, president, with harvard college, by subscription. a council of sixteen persons, apvi. 610.

pointed by james ii. to govern About this time roger williams massachusetts, maine, new hamppublishes a book against the qua- shire, and narraganset; whose kers, v. 209.

powers are objected to in massa1678. May 8. Simon Bradstreet and chusetts. viii. 180. Thomas Danforth chosen govern. Plymouth colony is divided in.

and deputy governour of to three counties. i. (vii.) massachusetts. vi. 612.

Plymouth county is incorpoSir William Berkeley dies go- rated. vii. 161. vernour of virginia, which office Mr. Gookin delivers the indian he had held from 1640. i. 80.

lecture at natick this year. ii. A dry dock at charlestown, 111. massachusetts. ii. 166.

The laws of plymouth colony The town of nantucket was are revised and published. begun. iii. 34.

(vii.) 1679. March 16. J. Leverett, go- 1686. Charter of massachusetts is

vernour of massachusetts, dies. taken away. iv. 160. vi. 611. viii. 44.

Dec. 19. Sir Edmund Andros, Aug. 5.

[Dr. Holines says as royal governour of massachu8.] A very destructive fire at

setts, arrives, and the next day boston. vi. 649.

lands at boston. ji. 260. viii. Sept. 18. Sir William Jones,




X. 26.

Massachusetts privileges usurp- They had been under the jurisdiced by sir ed. andros. x. 25.

tion of new york. iii. 87. March. Boston harbour is fro

Plymouth colony becomes a zen over. ii. 99.

part of massachusetts, under the A custom in massachusetts is,

charter of william and mary. that all males go out on military 2. days; those not having guns, to Two deputies first sent by plytake pikes, etc.; the officer to mouth to massachusetts legislapray before and after the exer- ture, held at boston, june 8, uncises. ii. 107.

der the new charter. ii. 190. Rev. J. Eliot has made a prac- The episcopalian church in bostice of having an indian lecture ton [king's chapel, built in 1688– delivered to the natick tribe every hist. coll. first series, index.] the summer. ji. 108.

only one of that denomination in Rochester incorporated by ply- massachusetts. ii. 203. mouth colony. iv. 250. x. 37. Proceedings in massachusetts

Representation and power of against the witches. iv. 160. levying taxes strongly connected Sir William Phips arrives as in the minds of massachusetts

governour of massachusetts, un. people at this period. viii. 179. der the charter of william and 1687. Peltry and furs, to this period,

mary. iji. 190 x. 26. are the chief articles of export Boston representatives reduced from plymouth. iii. 189.

from 4 to 2; but the number was Plyinouth town votes the fol- altered by statute to 4, which conlowing prices for grain : wheat 4s. tinued till the revolution in 1775. rye and barley 3s. and corn 2s.6d. a bushel. iii. 188.

1692, 1723, 1729, 1731, 1734, and 1689. Revolution in massachusetts 1735. Acts passed in massachu

against the usurpations of sir ed. setts exempting episcopalians, andros, and the charter resumed. anabaptists and quakers from X. 25. 26.

taxes for the support of the conFreemen in plymouth are 75. gregational " established " iii. 170.

church. ii. 202. 205. Small pox in boston. i. 109. 1692 to 1735. Acts passed in massa1690. The expedition commanded chusetts during this period for the

by sir william phips, after ap- support of the ministry. ii. 202. pearing before quebec, abandons 205. its object and returns to new eng- 1693. Colonel Fletcher, governour of land. It consisted of 2,000 men, new york, attempts to establish principally pressed in new eng- the episcopal church in that cololand for the service. Small-pox, ny, which produces much excitewant of ammunition, false intelli- ment. i. 141. 143. gence, etc. occasioned the mis- 1694. June. The house of represencarriage of the expedition, which tatives of massachusetts pass an cost massachusetts £50,000, for important act, declaring their the payment of which paper bills

powers, amongst others, to be the were first issued by the massachu- same with those of the british setts colony. iii. 255 to 260.

house of commons, in originating 1691. Sir Henry Ashurst, Increase money bills, etc.

viii. 326. 327. Mather, and J. Wiswall, appoint- 1695. Martha's Vineyard, the elizaed agents of plymouth colony to beth islands, and noman's land, england to procure à charter. iii. separated from nantucket and 190.

made duke's county by the legis. 1692. The charter of William and lature of massachusetts. iii. 88.

mary to massachusetts arrives, 1696. There are 88 churches in massa. and annexes martha's vineyard chusetts, 1 church in rhode island, and other islands to that colony. 5 churches in new hampshire, 3


X. 7.

churches in maine, & 36 churches | 1713. Wheat is 8s. a bushel, and in connecticut; in all


flour 35s. a barrel, at boston. viii. churches in new england; to 243. supply which there are 123 pas- 1714. Chilmark, martha's vineyard, tors. i. (xxvi.)

incorporated. iii. 88. 1697. Rev. Mr. Angier, formerly 1720. About this time, rev. cotton

minister at rehoboth, is settled at mather causes the introduction waltham by public vote and with- into new england of inoculation out the assistance of the clergy, for the small-pox, which is first excepting one of that body, who performed by dr. zabdiel boylsacted as moderator iii. 275. 276.

ton. i. 106. vii. 73. 277.

Indians in duke's county are 1698. There are 1000 indians in 800. iii. 92. duke's county. iii. 92.

Indian corn at plymouth is 4s. 1700. Jesuits and popish priests are to 58. a bushel. ii. 212. forbidden by the legislature of

Witchcraft in mass. new york to preach in that colo- 1721. The clergy of massachusetts ny, under penalty of perpetual publish painphlets in favour and imprisonment, and, in certain against inoculation for the small cases, of death, to prevent their pox, which disorder was in bosseducing the indians to the french ton. i. 106. 109. canadian interest. i. 143.

An unsuccessful atternpt made 1701. May 26. Boston instructs its by colonel thomas westbrooke,

representatives to use exertions with his troops, to seize father for the abolition of slavery. viii. rasles, or ralle, at norridgewock ; 184. [An act for this purpose had which incenses the indians. viii. passed the massachusetts legisla- 253. ture in the time of governour win- 1722. Rev. Timothy Cutler, the recthrop, viz. in 1646, “ bearing wit- tor, and Daniel Brown, the tutor ness against the heinous and cry. of yale college, with the reverend ing sin of man stealing." See messrs. john hart, samuel whit. mass. col. laws, 53.]

telsey, james wetmore, jared eliJune. The first society of ot, and samuel johnson, clergyfriends was formed at nantucket. men of the congregational or iii. 32.

presbyterian order, declare pub1702. Small-pox in boston. i. 109. lickly their belief of the invalidity 1705. Brookline, massachusetts, in- of any other ordination than the corporated. ii. 145.

episcopal, which produces warm 1706. First town school house in ply- disputes and a stir in the colonies.

mouth, now a part of inassachu- ii. 128. 129. iv. 301. setts. iv. 81. iv. 88.

Indians capture nine families at July 13. Governour, council

merry-meeting bay, attack the and representatives of massachu

fort at st. george's,

and destroy setts commit to prison w. rous, s. brunswick, maine. viii. 254. vetch and others, for illegally trad. 1723. Feb. 24. Great storm and ing with the french and indians ; tide at plymouth. iii. 192. [This whereupon a writ of habeas cor- is the great storm in new england, pus is demanded of chief justice which dr. holmes has placed unse wall, and refused by him. viii.

der 1724.] 240. 241.

1724. Aug. 23. (0. S. 12.) Nor1707. Fitz-John Winthrop, governour ridgewock indian village destroyof connecticut, dies. ' iv. 161.

ed by the massachusetts soldiers, 1708. Aug. 29. Indians and french and father ralle, or rasles, is killed

from montreal do great damage at there. viii. 254.

haverhill, massachusetts. iv. 129. Sept. 20. Gurdon Saltonstall, 1712. Abington, massachusetts, in- governour of connecticut, dies. corporated. vii. 114.

iv. 161. 173.



About this time singing, by 1748. A town meeting in boston denotes, was introduced into the clared illegal because held on the churches of mass. iv. 301.

training day of the ancient and 1727. Five episcopal churches, only, honourable artillery company. in massachusetts. ii. 203.

ii. 185. 1730. Rhode Island colony has, in- Rhode Island colony contains

cluding negroes & indians, 17,935 34,128 inhabitants. vii. 113. inhabitants. vii. 113.

1749. A female negro burnt to death Iniculation for the small-pox at cambridge, and a male negro introduced at Philadelphia. vii. hung in irons, for poisoning their 73.

master. jj. 166. Small-pox in boston. i. 109.

The settlenjent of walpole, 1732. Savannah, geo. settled. ii 189.

hampshire, begins. vii. 1734. Halifax, massachusetts, incor- 124. porated. iv. 279.

1750. Malt houses common in ply1735. Destructive fever in boston mouth to this period. iii. 188. and its vicinity. i. 107.

1752. Small-pox in boston. i. 109. 1737. Long disputed boundary be- 1754. The college in the city of new

tween massachusetts and new york, now called columbia, is hampshire settled by commission- established. i. 152. iv. 127. [Dr. Holmes

Dr. James Lloyd introduces places this under 1740.]

some improvements in surgery, in 1738. Jan. 15. Waltham, massachu- massachusetts. i. 110.

setts, incorporated. üi. 280. 1754 and 5. The whole number of 1739. Wareham, massachusetts, in- negro slaves in massachusetts, of corporated. iv. 286.

16 years and upwards, is about 174). Fifteen missionaries & school- 4580. iii. 95. 96. 97.

masters employed in new york, 1755. Rhode Island contains 46,636 connecticut, and massachusetts, inhabitants, including 4697 neby the society in england for pro

groes and indians.

vii. 113. pagating the gospel amongst the July 9. Gen. Braddock is deindians. ii. 193.

feated by the french and indians Two missionaries and school. on the banks of the monongahela masters are employed in north river; in which ' battle major carolina by the same society. ii. george Washington distinguishes 193.

himself. viii, 154. 155. New Hampshire contains about 1755 to 1770. Three vessels, in the

27 ministers of the gospel. iv. 79. whole 470 tons, employed in the 1742. North Hampton, in new hamp- liverpool trade by plymouth mer

shire, is incorporated. iv. 189. chants. ii. 167.

Indian corn, near plymouth, is 1758. The presbyteries of new york, 20s. a bushel. iii. 212.

new jersey, pennsylvania, maryA Spanish prize, estimated at land and virginia, unite into a £800,000 old tenor, is sent into synod, called the synod of new boston. iv. 292.

york and philadelphia. i. 156. 1745. Expedition against louisbourg ; Gen. Wolfe reconnoitres louis

plymouth sends a full company of bourg previous to its second capsoldiers. jii. 192.

ture under gen. monckton. 1746. Indian corn 2s. 8d. a bushel at 192. plymouth. jii. 212.

1759. The virginia presbytery conSeveral persons killed and oth- sists of 14 ministers : ers captivated at contoocook, Maryland presbytery consists now boscawen, new hampshire,


of 11 ministers : by the indians.

Pennsylvania presbytery con1747 and 8. Putrid sore throat fatal in sists of 29 ministers :

many towns of massachusetts. New Jersey presbytery coniii. 216.

sists of 11 ministers:

x. 76.

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