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1806. Massachusetts has 450,061 tons of shipping. iii. 122. 1806 and 7. State of thermometer at nantucket and salem. ii. 22. 1807. Boston athenæum established. i. 139.

Duke's county contains 350 indians, a few only of whom are of pure blood. iii. 93. 94.

Plainfield, massachusetts, incorporated. viii. 172.

Indians on nantucket are two men, and six women. iii. 36. 1808. Massachusetts Pharmacopoeia published by drs. j. jackson, and J. c. warren. i. 115.

Mashpee contains 357 indians, of impure blood. iii. 4.

Dec. 10. Governour J. Sullivan dies. i. 254.

1809. Medical lectures are transferred from cambridge to boston. i. 115.

Tyngsborough, massachusetts, incorporated. iv. 196.

1810. May 9. General Lincoln dies. iii. 250.

Jonathan Lambert, an american, becomes the first settler of the island of tristan d'acunha. ii. 125. 1811. Rev. Wm. Emerson, of boston, dies. i. 256.

1812. Narraganset indians are 150. ii. 47.

June 9. Rev. J. S. Buckminster dies. ii. 271. 1813. Rev. Dr. John Eliot, of boston, dies. i. 226.

The first instance of the discharge of a cargo, at plymouth, of a vessel from beyond the cape of good hope. iii. 197.

The choctaw squaws manufacture 18,000 or 20,000 yards of cloth. ii. 22.

1814. British ships burn vessels at wareham, mass. iv. 288.

The general court of massachusetts, to encourage the publication of hubbards's history of new england, purchase some hundreds of copies. ii. 281.

Indians in the united states, west of the alleghany mountains, are estimated at 70,115, of whom 18,204 are warriors. ii. 20. Indians in lower louisiana, be

tween the rivers arkansaw and rio del norte, are estimated at 53,890, of whom, 15,720 are warriors. ii. 30.

Indians between the arkansaw and missouri rivers are estimated at 37,839, of whom 10,152 are warriors. ii. 39.

Indians west of the mississippi, and north of the missouri river and the lakes, in the united states, are estimated at 15,900, of whom 4100 are warriors. ii. 44; and the

Indians in the british territory, within the same bounds, are estimated at 35,550, of whom 9800 are warriors. ii. 44.

1142 children instructed at the primary and other town schools in charlestown, mass. ii. 184. 1815. Sept. 28. (Sept. 23. See x. 45.) Great gale in new england. iv. 264. 265.

New Hampshire contains 144 ministers of the gospel, 162 attornies at law, 1004 justices of the peace, 184 representatives, 37 regiments of militia. iv. 79.

Indians at herring pond, plymouth, are about 50, and of mixed blood. iii. 201. iv. 302.

Plymouth contains 409 dwellings. iii. 168.

1816. Deaths in boston are 904. vii. 134.

Feb. 29. Rev. Peter Whitney dies. vii. 177.

1817. Deaths in boston are 907. viii. 40. 41.

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Abbot, benjamin, 11. d. principal of Accusations against massachusetts

exeter academy. ii. 271.

Abbot, daniel. vii. P. 4.

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x. 179.

Abbot, amos.
Abbot, reuben.
x. 180.
Abenaki, wapanachki, indians,
meaning of. ix. 240.
Abington, massachusetts, account of.
vii. 114. its boundaries, incorpo-
ration, timber, good grazing town,
called "little comfort," origin of
its name. 114. 115. 117. effects

of hurricane in. 114. 115. its

markets. 115. its orchards and
cider. 116. its mills, roads, milita-
ry, manufactories and schools. 118.
its manufactory of tacks. 119. its
population, deaths, and ecclesiasti-
cal history. 120. 121. its history.
121. its indian name. 122. incor-
porated. 123. 146. its settlement
begun. 123. origin of its inhabi-

tants. 123.

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Act of privileges of massachusetts,
1694, claiming the same that belong
to the british house of commons for
its house of representatives. viii.
326. 327.

Acts for the support of episcopacy in
new york. i. 143. 144.

Acts respecting plymouth schools. iv.

Acts respecting mashpee indians. iii.


Acts, private, to be pleaded. viii. 242.
Acushnet river. iii. 18. 19.
Adam's chair. iii. 267. 268.
Adams, rev. zahdiel, of lunenburg. i.

Adams, chester. ii. 181. 182.
Adams, nathan. ii. 181.
Adams, henry. ii. 178. 179. 180. 181.
Adams, ashur. ii. 181.
Adams, benjamin. ii. 181.
Adams, hon. john. his dissertation on
canon and civil law. i. (xxvii.)
president of the united states. viii.

286. x. 64. his letter to j. tudor. [
291. his letters from congress at
philadelphia to w. tudor. 309. 311.

Adams, rev. eliphalet, of taunton and
new london. iv. 86. extract from
his funeral sermon on governour
saltonstall. 169.

Adams, rev. joseph, of newington,
new hampshire. iv. 78. x. 176.
Adams, rev. john, of durham, new
hampshire. iv. 78.

Adams, rev. joseph, jun. of stratham,
new hampshire. iv. 78.
iii. 66.


a distiller in lancas-
ter, new hampshire. iii. 100.
Adams, samuel, lieutenant governour

of massachusetts. iii. 249. his de-
scription of rev. samuel fothergill's
prayer. viii. 189. x, 28. 29.
Adams, rev. phineas, of haverhill, his
character. iv. 150.

Adams, phineas, esq. iv. 150, 169.
Adams, mrs. iv. 244.

Adams, john, of plymouth. iv. 244.
Adams, james. iv. 244.

Adams, thomas, assistant. v. 121. 124.
viii. 97.

Adams, samuel, of ipswich. viii. 107.
viii. 236.

Adams, hugh, quoted. viii. 256.
Addaire indians, their residence, num-
ber, and language. ii. 24.
Addington, isaac, of boston. iv. 236.
x. 25. secretary of massachusetts.
viii. 240. 242. 305.

Address of massachusetts company to
the church of england, from on
board the arbella.
v. 126.

Admiralty court in england, a ship
seized in boston harbour under a
pretended commission from, which
produces disturbances. vi. 474, 475.
Admiralty, a court of in massachu-
setts, 1666. viii. 101.
Adultery punished by death in massa-
chusetts. vi. 426.

Adultery with another's wife punished
in massachusetts by the death of
both parties. vii. P. 35.


Advertisement to dr. edward's obser-
vations on the mohegan language,
by j. pickering. x. 81-84.
Africa has 276 languages. ix. iii.
Agamenticus granted to capt. cham-
pernoon and mr. gorges. v. 224.
made a corporation. vi. 467.
york, maine, comes under the juris-
diction of massachusetts. vi. 543.
Aganemo, sachem of the nianticks,
comes to boston. v. 254, 255.
Agar, william, sworn a freeman of
massachusetts. vii. P. 29.
Agawam. i. (iv.) or ipswich, saga-
moreship of, named essex. iii. 142.
its settlement. v. 155. "simple
cobler of," extract from. vi. 624.
ordered to be planted by j. win-
throp, jun. vii. P. 84. who begins
to plant it; names of its ten first
settlers. P. 86. its tax. viii. 230.
Agawam, now ipswich, sagamore of,
forbidden to enter english houses.
vii. P. 31. his wigwam attacked
by tarratines, or eastern indians. P.
32. 33.

Agawam, or springfield, settled. v.

Agawam, now westfield river. x. 41.

Address of massachusetts to charles ii. Agawam, plymouth colony, its bounds

on his restoration. vi. 557.
Addresses before massachusetts hu-
mane society, list of. i. 121.
Addresses from rhode island colony to
charles ii. and earl clarendon about
charter rights. vii. 98-109.
Adelung, professor, one of the authors
of the mithridates. ix. 231.
Adelung, hon. frederick, one of the
authors of the mithridates. ix. 231.
x. 192. his survey of all known
languages and their dialects re-
ferred to. x. 150.
Administrators first authorized in
massachusetts to sell lands for pay-
ment of debts. vi. 592.

settled. iii. 187. leased and sold.
188. ii. 162. iv. 293. 294. 296.
now wareham. iv. 285.
Agawam brook, in plymouth colony.
iii. 175. 164. iv. 286.
Agawam, or agawaam, lands appropri

ated to plymouth schools. iv. 86.
Ager, jonathan. viii. 106.
Ager, alger, or auger. vii. 151. 155.
Agissawamg indians. ii. 66.
Agriculture begun by massachusetts
people. iii. 129. 132. its increase.
iv. 35.

Ague, cure of. x. 182.

Agues, shaking, early in massachu-
setts. iv. 102.

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Allegiance, form of the oath of, ob-
served in massachusetts. viii. 73.
Allegiance, form of the oath of, sent
by the king's commissioners, col.
nichols and others, to massachusetts
general court. vii. 64.
Allegiance, form of, prescribed by
general court of massachusetts for
citizens and magistrates. viii. 74.
Allegiance, complaints of the king's
commissioners about. viii. 76. 78.
Allegiance, form of, in dalton's jus-
tice, taken by gov. bellingham, &c.
with a salvo. viii. 88. 91.

Allegiance, a day of prayer in massa-

chusetts general court, owing to
disputes about. viii. 98.

Allegiance, oath of, required by the
king to be taken in rhode island.
vii. 94.

Allegiance, engagement of in rhode
island. vii. 96.

Allegiance altered in rhode island.

vii. 97.

Allen, rev. james, of brookline, his
writings and character. ii. 147.
148. 153. 156.
Allen, james. ii. 157.

Allen, mrs. mary, her donation of
church plate to brookline. ii. 153.
iii. 66.
Allen, rev. ebenezer, of wolfsborough,
new hampshire. iii. 120.

Allen, rev. james, of boston. ii. 101.
senior fellow of harvard college.
iv. 64.

Allen, john, of scituate. iv. 239.
iv. 199.

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Allen, rev. thomas, of charlestown. ii. | Alluvial soil at middlebury, vermont.
171. vii. 41.

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Allen, bezoun. x. 26.
Allen, james, of boston.
Allerton, isaac. iii. 164.

x. 28.

at plymouth colony. v. 67. sent
to england to negotiate a settle-
ment between the plantation and
adventurers. v. 98.
his trading
house at machias attacked by la
tour. v. 163.
returns to massa-
chusetts. vii. P. 30. agent of ply-
mouth to england, discharged for
breach of instructions. vii. P. 64—
"corrections.' sails for england,
is no longer employed by plymouth
colony. vii. P. 34. sets up trade
to kennebeck, to the injury of ply-
mouth people; his trading house at
penobscot broken up, and people
killed by the french. vii. P. 74.
87. viii. 117. ix. 56.
iv. 85.
Allerton's hill. iv. 234.
Allerton's point. v. 240. vii. P. 62.
Allerton or alderton. ix. 56.
Allin, bozoun. See allen.
vii. 29.

ix. 125. 126.


secretary of connecti-

cut. vii. 125.
Alms-house at boston. i. 126.
Alsted, his account of wars in ger-

many very accurate. vii. P. 17.
Amber found at nantucket. iii. 27.
Ambrose, ship, rear admiral of the
fleet for new england. v. 129.
commanded by capt. john low. 128.
arrives at salem. 132. vii. P. 10.
saved by capt. peirce in the lyon.
v. 140. vii. P. 19.

America, origin of its name. v. 8. its
natives less numerous in north than

in south. v. 29. professor ebe-
ling's history of referred to. viii.
270-273. 276. reasons showing
the lawfulness of removing to from
england. ix. 64. has 1214 lan-
guages. ix. (iii.)

American academy of arts and scien-
ces incorporated. i. 112.
American museum (carey's) referred
to. x. 81.82.

American farmer, letters of. iii. 37.
American recorder. ii. 169.

American, north, indian languages,
observations on by j. pickering, esq.
ix. 223.

Americus, his discoveries.

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v. S.

presented to plymouth
court for drunkenness. x. 69.
Ames, david. vii. 154.
Ames, doctor, his lawsuit. vii. 154.
Ames, william. vii. 153. 154.
Ames, richard. vii. 153. 154.
Ames, nathaniel. vii. 153. 154.
Ames, thomas, vii. 153. 154.
Ames, rev. dr. w. v. 43. vii. 29.

166. a non-conformist. 118. pro-
tected by richard brown. 187. 188.
author of medulla theologiæ. vii.

Ames, dr. seth, of amherst, notice of.
ii. 251.

Ames, rev. william. vii. 29.
Ames, john. vii. 157. 158. 138. 149.
150. 153. 154.

Ames, thomas. vii. 159.
Ames, fisher, his descent. vii. 166.
154. viii. 298. his letter to W.
tudor about candidates for office in
congress at new york. viii. 316.
his letters to w. tudor. viii. 317.
318. 320. 322. ditto about national

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