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bank to be established. 322. ditto sir. e. andros, its title first used, its
about a theatre, etc. 323.

charter declared void, taxes remit-
Ames, sylvanus. vii. 169.

ted. ii. 185. intermission of dur.
Amherst, new hampshire, sketch of by ing the revolutionary war. 186.

john farmer ; its situation and boun- oldest military company in united
daries. ji. 247. its public buildings states. 180.
and dwellings; its ponds ; 248. its Anderson, dr. robert, of edinburgh.
social library and musical society; viii. 107.
its academy; its schools ; its bank; Anderson, iv. 79.
its inhabitants. 249. courts held Andover, lwenty-eighth church in
at; its history; its indian name; massachusetts, planted by simon
its first settlers ; its church gather- bradstreet and others, origin of its
ed, and first minister ordained. 250. name. iv. 138. v. 237. vi. 416.
its injuries by indians. 251. raises viii. 14. 15. earthquake felt at.
a company in revolutionary war; iv. 71. attacked by indians. iv.
its first newspaper. 252. its voters; 128.
its franklin society. 254. its bill of Andrew, rev. of milford, con-
mortality. iv. 73. or souhegan, an necticut. ii. 128. 132.
account of its ministers and church- Andrew, an indian, sets fire to a house
viii. 176.

near portsmouth, new hampshire,
Amherst journal and new hampshire and captures a young woman.
advertiser. ii. 252.

Amherst, massachusetts, general lin-Andrews, abraham. ii. 178. instruc-

coln, arrives there in pursuit of re- ter. 180.
bels. iii. 247.

Andrews, john. viii. 107.
Ammeguntick lake. ii. 235.

Andrews, richard. iv. 220.
Ammunition, &c. required to be kept Andrews, -, missionary from new

by each soldier in mass. vii. 56. york to the five nations of indians.
Amonoosuck river. iii. 106.

viii. 245.
Anabaptists in new york. i. 149. in Andrews, his present of heifers

rhode island. vi. 336. ii. 58. in to the ministers and poor of massa-
rhode island, divisions among. vi. chusetts. v. 170. 171.
313. 344. disturbed by gorton. vi. Androscoggin river. iv. 185.
343. increase in massachusetts. brosskoggin river. v. 228.
vi. 347. their cpinions subversive of Andros, major, governour at new york,
government. vi. 347. banished vi. 629. sends a sloop with soldiers
from mass.

vi. 347. troublesome to pemaquid, which causes the in-
in massachusetts. 373. law against. dians there to desist from hostili.
vi. 413. sometimes called wedder- ties. vi. 636.

usurps the privi-
droppers. vi. 624. 626. become leges of massachusetts charter.
very numerous in new england;

i. (xviii.) claims clarke's ·
ministers appointed to convert them. island. jii. 189. seized and re-
viii. 111. a public dispute held with moved from the government of mas-
them at boston. 111-112. See sachusetts. iv. 160. papers relat-

ing to his administration in massa-
Anatomical museum of harvard col- chusetts. viii. 179-183. his letter
lege. i. 117.

to w. clark, governour of rhode
Anatomical lectures at fryeburg. i. island, about his reception at boston
126. at plymouth. i.

i. 126.

and the surrender of rhode island
Anatomical association at harvard col. charter. 180. administers the
lege. i. 109.

oath of allegiance, &c. to the mem-
Ancient society of charlestown. ii. bers of his council at boston. 182.

minutes of the doings of his council.
Ancient and honourable artillery com- viii. 181. who take order about

pany, brief history of, incorporated, sending declarations to clerks of
gift to of 1000 acres of land, inter- courts, summoning plymouth and
rupted during the government of rhode island councillors to boston.

or am-



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his poetry


and other members of council to be about baptism, etc. proposed by
présent. 181.

general court of massachusetts. VI.
Anecdote of the lock of a gun, which 587.

killed king philip. iv. 63. of a Anthology, boston. i. 255. ii. 73.
hanging at plymouth. v. 77. of Anthony,

viii. 323.
arnold and his soldiers when he de- Antichrist, johnson's chapter on the
serted. iv. 51.

fall of, and the increase of gentile
Anequeasset. iv. 266. 267.

churches. viii. 32.
Angel gabriel, ship, cast away at pema- thereon. viii. 36.

quid. vii. 199. its passengers lost Antinomian controversy. x. 23. he-
on their way to Boston in another

resy. ii. 58.
ship. v. 200.

Antinomians. vi. 360.
Angier, rev. samuel, of rehoboth and Antipas, m. drowned. vi. 648.

waltham. iii. 273. 274. 277. vii. Anti-synodalia of president chauncy.
164. 165. difficulties attending his i. 202. answered by rev. mr. allen.
ordination at waltham. 276. dies. vi. 590.

Antonio, town. ii. 24.
Angier, oakes, esq. iv. 93. vii. 160. Apannow.

v. 61.
105. 166. 170.

A paum, or umpame, now plymouth.
Angier, charles. vi. 169.

iii. 175.
Angier, rev. john, of bridgewater. Aplin, joanna. x. 179.

iii. 276. vii. 165. 168. iv. 90. Apollonius, rev. - of middleburg,

his sylloge questionum answered by
Angier, rev. samuel, of bridgewater. rev. john norton. vi 640. 641.
vii. 165. 166. 168. 170.

Appalaches indians, their number and
Anglo saxons. i. (xviii.)

residence. ii. 26.
Angoum, or anguum, an excellent Appeals, in what order to be made in
harbour in new england.

massachusetts. vi. 400.

Appeals to england denied in govern-
Angur, lieut. andrew, of scarborough. our winthrop's time. vi.514. claim-
vi. 600.

ed by king's commissioners, col, ni-
Anian straits. v. 27.

chols and others, but denied to them
Animals, directions for preserving. by massachusetts general court; ju-

i. 18. in virginia, list of. ix. ries not to be, used by king's com-

missioners in hearing such appeals.
Ann, the ship, arrives at scituate. iv. viii. 91. 92. 110.

241. the third that brought pil. Appeches indians, their residence, va-
grims to plymouth colony. vii. lour, number, warriours and lan-

guage. ii. 29.
iv. 260.

Appleton, rev. dr. jesse, president of
Annable, anthony, arrives at ply- bowdoin college.


249. iv.
mouth in the fortune. iv. 230. 181.
222. 224. 233. account of iv. Appleton, rev. dr. nathaniel, of cam-

bridge. ii. 149.
Annals of new england, by rev. t. | Appleton, john. viii. 107.

prince, vol. 2. part 1. vii. 189. Apsley, sir allen, a patentee of new

dr. prince's notice of. vii. 179. england. v. 217.
Annesley, rev. dr. ii. 97. 100. 101. Aquedneck, or rhode island, purchas-

ed by coddington and others. vii. 77.
Anniball, anthony. i. 175. See an- Aquetequas. iv. 266.
nable, anthony

Aquethneck, or rhode island. vii.
Annisnippi, iv. 275.

122. discovered by massachusetts
Annisnippi brook. iv. 268.

people. vii. P. 5. planted. ix.
Answer of charles ii. to address from 178.
massachusetts. vi. 561.

Aquetnet, sandwich. iv. 293.
Answers of ministers to questions Aquidneyk, or rhode island. vi. 336.

x. 55.

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v. 217.

Arbella, ship, before called the eagle, abraham; summonses quebec. 237.

origin of its name. ji. 79. first is attacked by canadians; attacks
court of assistants on board. 164. quebec. 240. under gen. mont-
arrives at salem. vii. P. 10. the

gomery attacks quebec. 243. his
ship in which the leading men of division attacks quebec. 244. is
massachusetts colony came to new wounded. 245. anecdote of him-
england. v. 128. commanded by self and his soldiers when he desert.
capt. milbourne. v. 128.

court ed from west point. iv. 51.
held on board at yarmouth, england. Arnold, deacon william. ii. 171.
v. 124. the admiral of the fleet for Arnold, the general, an armed brig,
v. 129. sets sail

lost in plymouth harbour. ii.
with the fleet for massachusetts. v. 195.
129. arrives. 130.

Arnold, rev. samuel. iv. 259. of
Arbuthnot, admiral. ii. 244.

rochester, notice of. iv. 261. 262.
Archæologia americana, referred to. X. 31.
x. 136. quoled. X. 138.


iv. 260.
Argall, sir samuel, governour of vir- Arnold, rev. samuel, of marshfield.

ginia, dislodges the french from pe- iv. 261.
nobscot. v. 15. routs the first sei. Arnold, of providence planta-
tlers at hudson's river. vi. 667. viii. tion, argues in favour of husband's
211. sent from virginia ; dislodges authority over his wife. vi. 337.
the french from new england. ix. 338.
5. governour of virginia ; is super- Arnold, benedict, interpreter to in-
seded. ix. 9.

dians. vi. 404. 405. and others
Argall, john, a patentee of new eng. made magistrates of rhode island,

by king's commissioners. vi. 93.
Arians. ii. 73.

Aricaries indians, their residence, Arnold,

X. 67. 68.
numbers, &c. ii. 34.

Arnold, seth. X. 67. 68.
Arkansas river. ii. 23. 28. 29.

Arnold, richard. viii. 182.
Arkansas indians, their residence, Arnold, william. ix. 170. 182.

number and warriours; stupid and Arnold, rev. joel r. of chester, new
filthy. ii. 28.

hampshire. ix. 368.
Arlington, lord. viii. 102.

Aroostook, a branch of st. john's ri-
Arminians attribute god's election to

viii. 114.
the will of man. ii. 73.

Arowsick island. vi. 630.
Arms to be supplied to inhabitants of Arrabella. See arbella.

plymouth. iii. 183. every person Artichoke river in newbury.
in massachusetts to be provided 164.
with. vii. P. 23. 25. 26.

Artificers to fix their own wages. vii.
Armstrong, capt. samuel t. ii. 180. P. 23.
Armstrong, george. iii. 184. 185. Articles on which information is want.
Arnold, col. benedict, his expedition ed by massachusetts historical soci-

to quebec. ii. 227. marches from ety. i. 15.
roxbury. 227. to newburyport; Articles of confederation of the united
sails for kennebeck, and arrives ; colonies of new england. vi. 467.
signal used during the voyage. 228. Arundall, sir t. sends capt. weymouth
proceeds towards quebec; joins his on a voyage of discovery to north
troops up the kennebeck; arrives america.
at sconegin falls ; at norridge wock. Arundell, earl of, a patentee of new

his men put on allowance. england. v. 217.
233. capt. morgan's division or- Ascham, quoted. viii. 219, 220.
dered to return to cambridge ; loss Ascowequassumummis, indian, its
of provisions, guns, etc. 234. meaning. ii. 122.
rives at chaudiere river. 235. at Ascutney mountain. viii. 174.
wolse's cove; crosses the plains of Ash,

iv. 119.



v. 11.


Ashburton, iii. 163.
Ashby, anthony. viii. 106.
Ashe, general, his defeat. iii. 239.
Ashim, its meaning. x. 173. 174.
Ashimuit, its meaning. x. 173. 174.
Ashimuit pond. iii. 3.
Ashley, seized and sent pri-

soner to england for selling powder
to indians, contrary to his bond.

vii. P. 34.
Ashley, rev. joseph, of winchester,

new hampshire.ix. 367.
Ashuelot, or keene, new hampshire.

iii. 198.
Ashurst family, friendly to new eng-

land. i. (xxvii)
Ashurst, sir henry, agent for plymouth

colony. ii 190.
Asia has 987 languages. ix. 3.
Askug, indian, its meaning. iii. 175.
Aspinwall, william, first secretary of

rhode island. vii. P. 4. 69. sworn a
freeman of massachusetts. P. 58.
ix. 179. disfranchised and dismiss-
ed massachusetts house of repre-
sentatives. viii. 233. X. 23. dea-
con of boston and charlestown
church. v. 185. acknowledges his
errours and is reconciled to boston

church. vi. 344. 442.
Aspinwall, dr. william. i. 108. ii.

158. his hospital. ii 160.
Aspinwall, dr. william, jun. ii 158.
Aspin wall, col. thomas. ii. 158.
Aspinwall, samuel. ii. 156. 144. 147.
A spinwall, eleazer. ii. 144.
Assabet river. iv. 53. 54.
Assanipi river. iv. 226.
Assawampsett pond, the largest in

Assecomet, an american indian, sent

with capt. h. challons, on discovery

to new england. ix. 3.
Assembly's catechism, translated into

indian language. ii. 48.
Assembly of divines at westminster,

175. - third court of held at charles-
town; how composed; its doings;
orders that indians have no guns
sold them, nor any truck with them;
levies £50 for military purposes on
nine towns in massachusetts. vii.
P. 1. how chosen. vii. P: 3.
fourth court of; offers premium for
killing wolves; proposes to estab-
lish a ferry for charlestown. vii.
P. 6. — fifth court of and second at
boston ; fines an assistant for whip-
ping contrary to law; fines for sab-
bath breaking; levies £60 for the
salaries of the rev. messrs. wilson
and phillips. vii. P. 6. court of
at boston. vii. P. 20. orders that
persons be sent to england as unfit
to inhabit massachusetts ; sends to
england sir christopher gardiner and
another as prisoners ; punishes a
quack for making inefficacious wa-
ter as a cure. vii. P. 21. - court of
at watertown; orders satisfaction to
sagamore john; alters the number
of its quorum. vii. P. 21. 22.
court of at boston ; orders that ar-
tificers fix their own wages; that
the towns see that every person is
provided with arms; that cards,
dice and tables be destroyed. vii.
P. 23. — court of at boston; orders
that watches be kept every night at
dorchester and watertown ; that
guns shall not be fired at night; that
people shall be provided with pow-
der, bullets and match; that sol-
diers shall be trained every satur-
day; that persons shall not travel
except in company; takes order
against the settlement of roger wil-
liams at salem. vii. P. 25. 26. -
court of at boston ; fines a man, and
expels him and his wife from the
colony, for a contempt of authority.
vii. P. 27. — chosen at general court.
vii. P. 29. - court of at boston; or-
ders that persons shall not leave
the jurisdiction without leave, or
buy provisions of ships that
arrive without permission; makes
payment for a canal; fixes price of
charlestown ferry. vii. P. 30.
court of at boston ; levies £30 on
the towns in massachusetts, to pay
for the canal from charles river
to newtown; forbids the sagamore

X. 35.

their advice to the churches of new

england. vi. 409.
Assinboin indians. ii. 12. their resi.

dence. ii 41.
Assinboin river. ji. 12. 42.
Assistant fined for whipping a man

contrary to law. vii. P. 6.
Assistants, first court of, held at

charlestown. iv. 155
tive voice questioned by the de-
puties of massachusetts. v. 174.

heir nega-

of agawam, now ipswich, to enter
any house in massachusetts for one
year. vii. P. 30.

orders that as-
sistants have power, which is given
to each of them, to grant warrants,
summonses and attachments. vii.
P. 31. - court of at boston; orders
a watch to be kept at night in bos-
ton, charlestown and roxbury; re-
gulates trainings; chooses a lieu-
tenant for the company, and per-
mits its captain to go to england.
vii. P.32. court of at boston ; fines
four men for drinking too much;
chooses an ensign. vii. P. 34.
court of at boston ; sentences a
man for soliciting an indian squaw.
vii. P. 34. court of at boston ;
punishes a thief, by requiring two
fold to be restored, and his title,
mr. to be stricken off. vii. P. 35.-
court of at boston; orders that
adultery with another's wise be pun-
ished with the death of both parties;
that a house be pulled down, and
no person give the tenant house
room, or entertain him; that corn
pass in payment, unless money or
beaver be expressly mentioned.
vii. P. 35. — court of at boston ; le-
vies £60 for a palisado at newtown.
vii. P. 56. 57. – chosen by the free-
men in massachusetts. vii. P. 57.-
court of at boston; orders that
courts, held every three weeks,
shall be holden monthly; admits
freemen. vii. P. 57.- court of at
boston ; grants governour's garden
to gov. winthrop; admits four free.
men. vii. P. 58. — chosen by the
whole court, including freemen.
vii. P. 60. — court of at boston; or-
ders a day of thanksgiving for the
success of the protestants in germa-
ny and the safe arrival of passen-
gers; orders that there be a truck-
ing house for indians in every plán.
tation. vii. P. 61. — court of at
boston; orders that no training gun
be charged with bullets, except in
certain cases; fines a man for drun-
kenness; admits freemen. vii. P.
63. - court of at boston; orders
that a boat be sent to examine into
the murder of w. bagnall, and the
guilty be brought prisoners to bos-
ton; chooses w. pinchon treasurer;

admits freemen. vii. P. 65.--court
of at boston; punishes a man for
swearing, and another for selling a
pistol to an indian. vii. P. 66.
court of at boston; forbids mr. ba-
chelor to preach; orders that bos-
ton be the place for publick meet-
ings; that a house of correction and
a house for the beadle be erected at
boston; punishes a man for theft,
drunkenness and fornication, and
banishes him on pain of death; or-
ders that no person take tobacco
publickly on penalty; admits a
freeman. vii. P. 68. — court of at
boston; orders that companies train
once a month; that sir r. saltonstall
pay john sagamore damages ; that
the neck of land between powder
hill and pullen point be annexed to
boston. vii. P. 72. 73. — called to-
gether at boston to consult about
massachusetts, owing to the pur-
chase of port royal by the french;
who order that a fort and planta-
tion be begun at nantasket;, that
the boston fort be completed ; that
a plantation be begun at agawam.
vii. P. 84. -court of at boston ; re-
verses the order against rey. mr. ba-
chelor, that he do not gather a
church in massachusetts; punishes
and disfranchises a man for sedition;
levies £30 for payment of capt.
partrich and capt. underhill
half year; punishes a thief, who is
to be the servant of some person for
three years; admits freemen. vii.
P. 85. 86. - court of at boston; or.
ders that no more persons go to
plant agawam; admits freemen.
vii. P. 86. - court of at boston; ap-
points a day of thanksgiving
throughout massachusetts ; admits
freemen. vii. P. 92. -court of at
boston; grants £100 to gov. win-
throp for extra charges of govern.
ment; punishes a man for drunk-
enness on the sabbath; orders that
no person sell strong-water without
leave of the governour, nor sell nor
give strong-water to the indians;
orders that fences of corn-fields be
erected on penalty; orders that
swine breaking into corn-fields may
be killed, the owner of the hog to
have the carcase, but to pay for


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