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gage in making iron there, who pay Bridge, john. ii. 162. iv. 76.
roundly to lady experience for after Bridge, hon. matthew, of charles-
wit. viii. 11.

town. ii. 167. 176. 177. 179. 180.
Brakenbury, -, sworn a freeman. Bridge, samuel. i. 178.
vii. P. 86.

Bridge, nathaniel. iii. 269.
Brampton, thomas. viii. 97.

Bridge, rev. josiah, of east sudbury.
Brandt, count. i. 177.

iv. 61.
Brant point. iii. 21.

Bridge, ebenezer. iv. 90. 94.
Brattle, hon. thomas, his account of Bridge, rev. of framingham.

witchcraft mentioned. iii. 221. vii. 163.
Brattle, williain. iii. 9. iv. 142. Bridges, capt. robert, sent by commis-
Brattle, thomas. viii. 105.

sioners of united colonies of new
Brattle, capt. of boston. viii. 197. england, to treat with d'aulney.
Bray, rev. dr. ii. 193. 195.

vi. 493. assistant. 519. vii. 58.
Bread, high price of. vii. P. 20. Bridges, mrs. her confessions. iii. 224.
Break heart hill. iii. 175.

Bridgham, joseph. x. 26.
Breck, hon. samuel, a manufacturer of Bridgewater, massachusetts, de-
duck at boston. viii. 323.

scription of. vii. 137.

a part of

ii. 12. 23.


137. 140. incorporat-

ed; its taxes. 140. petitions for
Breckl, edward. iv. 110.

extension of bounds. 141. ques-
Breed, josiah. viii. 45.

tion about its bounds; purchase of
Breeden, capt. thomas, censured in indians. 142. 143. 144. its bounds;

massachusetts for contempt of au- its settlement. 146. its school
thority. viii. 48. 82. 83. 105..

lands. 153. emigration
Breed's hill. ii. 167. 168.

population and taxes ; first interior
Brenton, rev. dr. i. 216.

settlement in plymouth colony.
Brenton, William, made a magistrate 155. activity of its inhabitants in

of rhode island by the king's com- philip's war; attacked and burnt
missioners. vii. 93. governour of by indians. 156. indian fight at. 157.
rhode island. vii. 98. honoured in 158. has lost but two persons in
boston. 136. X. 23.

battle ; list of its representatives to
Brereton, capt. lieut. viii. 156.

plymouth & to massachusetts. 159.
Brett, elder william. vii. 137. 138. sends delegates to convention for

143. 144. 147. 149. 150. 159. 162. forming massachusetts constitution,
163. 168.

• and for adopting united states' con-
Brett, nathaniel. vii. 149. 150. 159. stitution; its senators; its ecclesi-

astical history; its west parish. 161.
Brett, elihu. vii. 149. 150. 159. 163. its south parish. 163. its north
Bretton woods. ii. 105.

parish. 164. 166. its east parish.
iv. 179, 206.

165. titicut parish. 167. its
Brewer, col.

episcopal church ; its baptists. 167.
Brewster, wrestling. iii. 209.

its dwellings, families and persons ;
iii. 223.

its schools and education; makes a
Brewster, love. x. 57. 58. 62. 64. 65. grant to harvard college. 168. its
vii. 138.

academy ; its educated men. 169.
Brewster, jonathan. iv. 224.

x. 57.

its ponds and rivers ; indians. 171.
58. 62. 64. 65. 68.

its mills. 172. its soil and agri.
Brewster, elder, his character.

culture. 173.

its manufactures
65. preaches to plymouth colony, and mechanicks. 175. its slitting
but does not adminster the sacra. mill, the second in new england.
ments. 97. 204. his death. vi. 176. its militia. 176.
663. vii. 29. P. 70. x. 57. 58. 62. Bridgewater's monitor, quoted. vii.
64. 65. 68. his library. 65.

Bricks, advice about. ix. 133.

Brief relation of the discovery and
Bridgden, zechariah. ii. 177.

planting of new england. ix. 1.
Bridgden, thomas. ii. 178.

cause of its publication. 2.3.

X. 44.

V. 43.

Brief narrative, &c. by matthew may- | Brocas, capt. makes an experiment
hew, jun. iii. 66.

with vines in virginia. ix. 118.
Brier creek. iij. 239.

Brock, (brook ?) capt. of the ship gift.
Brierton, capt. john. v. 10.

v. 137.
Briggs, walter. iv. 229. 241. 247. Brockhurst, capt. vi. 638.

iv. 260. 282. 294. Bromfield, edward. X. 26. 28.
vii. 123.

Brook, lord. i. (xxvii.) iii. 151. iv.
Briggs, zepaniah. iv. 261. x. 37.

156. v. 177. his purchase at pas-
Briggs, rev. john, of plympton. iv. cataqua. v. 221.

Brooke, nathaniel. ï. 49.
Briggs, mrs. iv. 282.

Brookes, sir john, a patentee of new
Briggs, john, aged 92. iv. 282.

england. v. 217.
Briggs, rev. ephraim, of halifax. iv. Brookfield, new hampshire. ili,
282, 283.


a mathematician. v. Brookfield, massachusetts, settled. vi,

591. destroyed by indians. 592.
Briggs, clement. vii. 121.

Brookline, massachusetts, historical
Briggs, rev. james, of cummington, sketch of, by rev. john pierce. ii.

massachusetts. viii. 172. X. 43. 140. its situation and boundaries.
Brigham, capt. vii. 55.

140. formerly called muddy river;
ii. 70.

first noticed in “new england's
Bright, rev. francis, arrives in new prospect.” 141. its boundary line
england. v. 112. 113. 121. 122.

toward roxbury settled. 142. its
Bright. henry. vii. P. 69.

first school. 142. formerly wor-
Brighton, formerly little cambridge. shipped at roxbury ; ils incorpora-
iv. 143. its fair vii. 115.

tion opposed by boston. 143. pe-
Brigs, henry, his tractate about the titions the general court to be in.

width of the american continent, corporated. 144. incorporated, on
referred to. ix. 112.

condition of building a meeting
Brimsmead. rev. — iii. 187. house, and settling an orthodox

-, quoted. vii. 96. minister within three years' ; not
Briscoe, tutor at barvard col. able to comply with the condition ;

his difficulties with president origin of its name; mentioned by

its present name long before incor.
Briscoe, nathaniel, of boston, drowned. poration ; records of its incorpora-
vi. 422.

tion not found in the secretary's

a tanner of water- office. 145. acres in; sends its first
town, writes a book against sup- representative in 1709; its first
porting ministers by taxes. meeting house; its church gather-
412. summoned before court, and ed. 146. its burial ground; fast at;
acknowledges his errour. 412. his 147. its engine ; united in resist-
barn burnt. 423.

ing great britain. 151. number of
Bristol, england, merchants of, raise its families; baptisms and church

money for a voyage of discovery. members at; census of; number of
v. 11. people have a colony at its houses; many inhabitants of
newfoundland. vij. 226.

boston reside there in summer! 152.
Bristol, or pacanacot. vii. P. 58. list of its ministers and deacons ;
Bristow, maj.challenges ingram. i. 71. its church plate. 153. its deaths;
British armament arrives at tybee. its diseases. 154. 155. list of its

iii. 238. attacked at concord. iv. natives who have received a publick
216. troops at lexington. iv. 215. education. 156. 157. 158. some
use old south church as a riding of its natives slain by indians. 160.
school. vii. 180.

its meeting house. 161. note on.
Briton, cape. See cape breton. vii. jii. 284.
P. 78.

Brooks, dr. i. 108.
Britten, j.. condemned to death for Brooks, rev. edward, of north yar?
adultery vi. 426.

mouth. iv. 143.

lege ;

v. 247.



Brooks, hon. peter c. iv. 143.

Brown, samuel. v. 122. viii. 97.
Brooks, william. iv. 24).

Brown, rev. samuel, of abington. vii.
Brooks, gilbert. iv. 241.

iii. 195.

Brown, dr, samuel. i. 121.

Brown, elder richard, produces a dif-
Brown, daniel. ii. 129. tutor in yale ficulty at watertown. v. 142. 143.
college ; becomes an episcopalian. complains to the assistants.

v. 164.
129. 131. 137. iv. 299.

dismissed from watertown for faults ;
Brown, rev. cotton, minister of brook- formerly ruler of a church in lon
line. ji. 149. 153. iv. 169


don; his kindness to dr. anes and
character. 143.

r. parker. 187. sworn a freeman
Brown, oliver, teacher at charlestown. of massachusetts. vii. P. 29. says
ji. 170. 178.

the church of rome is a true church,
Brown, jesse. ji. 181.

which causes difficulties at water-
Brown, major. ii. 240. 243.

town. P. 31. 32. and is conclud.
iii. 111.

ed to be in an errour. P. 32. but he
Brown, col. ij. 236. surprises the adheres to his opinion. P. 38. 39.
english. iii. 236.

Brown, rev. richard. iv. 141.
Brown, rev. elijah, of sherburne. iii. Brown, bartholomew. vii. 160.

Browne, james. viii. 106.
Brown, jacob, settled on notichucky Browne, joshua. viii. 106.
river. vii. 59.

Browne, william. viii, 106.
Brown, chadd. ix. 197.

Browne, joseph. viii. 107.
Brown, peter, for some time lost, to Browne, john. x. 62. 176.

the grief of plymouth settlers. ix. Brown, john. x. 176.
44. 45.

Brownism, v. 182.
Brown, rev. edmund, of sudbury. iv. Brown's island. iii. 182.
58. vii. 1. 11. 23. P. 4.

Brownists. i. 167. their opinions on
Brown, rev: thomas, of stroudwater. ecclesiastical government.

iv. 143. 169.

many of, remove to holland. v. 182.
Brown, rev. francis, of north yar- put the government of the church
mouth. iv. 181.

into the hands of the people.
Brown, francis. viii. 45.

Brown, francis. viii. 106.

Bruce, rev. john, of mount vernon,
Brown, rev. arthur, episcopal minister new hampshire. viii. 178.

of portsmouth, new hampshire. iv. Bruch, (burch ?) atherton. proctor of

oxford university, expelled. vii. P.
Brown, ward. iv. 90. 92. 94. 143. 53.

Brunning, minheer, a dutch booksel-
Brown, mrs. joanna. iv. 143.

ler, of boston, described by dunton.
Brown, capt. his journey of military ji. 102.

observation to worcester. iv. 205. Brunswick, maine, destroyed by in-
ditto to concord. iv. 214.

dians. viji. 254.
Brown, reg. john, of haverhill. iv. Bryant, solonion. ii. 13. 16.

132. 169. his account of the throat Bryant, sergeant john. iv. 240.
distemper at haverhill. 134. his Bryant, joseph. iii. 17.
ordination, salary, character, death Bryant, john. iii. 208.
and epitaph. 142.

Bryant, jonathan. jji. 209.
Brown, rev. john, of cohasset. iv. Bryant, benjamin. iii. 208.
94. 143.

Bryant, rev. lemuel, of braintree, now
Brown, john. iv. 220. vi. 414. vii. quincy, buried at scituate. iv. 238.

Bryant, peter, m. d. notice of.
Brown, john, an assistant.

122. viii. 97.


presented to ply-
Brown, john. viii. 45.

mouth court for drunkenness.
Brown, john. viii. 107.

Brown, john. . 178.

Buchanan, lieut. viii. 156.


X. 42.

v. 121.

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X. 56.

Buck, isaac. iv. 241.

Burdet, sarah. a. 177.
Buckingham, rev. stephen, of nor- Burdet, rev.

gets himself
walk, connecticut. iv. 297. his made governour of pascataqua, but
letter on episcopacy. iv. 301.

is forced off. v. 221. 263. mis-
Buckingham, marquis of, a patentee represents new england. 263.
of new england. v. 217.

rives and consults the government
Buckley. See bulkley,

of inassachusetts. vi. 353. 354.
Buckminster, rev. dr. joseph, of ports- governour at pascataqua. vi. 356.

mouth, new hampshire. ii. 271. his misrule and vices; arrested and
his tavern. iv. fined. vi. 361.

goes to england
207. 209.

and is imprisoned. 361.
Buckminster, rev. joseph s. memoir Burgess, joseph. iv. 259.
of; ordained at brattle square, bos- Burgess,

ry. 260.
ton. ii. 271. goes to europe; re- Burgess, professor tristram. iv. 261.
turns and dies; excels in philology Burgoyne, general. iii: 2:36. station-
and biblical criticism. ii. 272. his ed with his army at cambridge aster
publications; his posthumous ser- his capture. viii. 295.
mons. ii. 273.

Burial hill. iii. 179.
Buffalo river. ii. 15.

Burke quoted. i. (xii.)
Bulkley, rev. peter, arrives. jii. 154. Burkit's annotations. iii. 16.

155. his “ gospel covenant open- Burnap, rev. dr jacob, of merrimack,
ed;" a masterly reasoner in theo. new hampshire. viii. 178. 179. his
logy. ii. 260. moderator of synod
at cambridge. v. 298. ordained at Burnett, gov. i. 151.
concord. v. 274. vii. 128.

Burnett, dr. ii. 63.
Bulkley, peter, sent to england to an- Burning, capital punishment, instance

swer complaints made by heirs of of, in massachusetts. ii. 166.
gorges and mason. vi. 613. vii. Burr, peter. iv. 86.
29. viii. 181.

Burr, rey. jonathan, difficulties in dor.
Bulkley, rev. edward. vi. 663. chester about his opinions.

vii. 20.
Bull, dixie, and others, pirates. v. Burr, john. vi. 308.

160. about pemaquid, account of. Burr, rev. jonathan. vii. 169.
vii. P. 91. viii. 232. 233. turn Burr, john. viii. 107.
pirates, rifle pemaquid, &c. being Burr, henry, emancipates his slaves.
the first pirates in new england. P. viii. 187.


vii. 123.
Bull, henry. ix. 179.

Burroughs, francis. ii. 100. his kind.
Bull, lieut. thomas. viii. 139. 140. 152. ness to dunton, and his character by
Bulgar, richard. viii. 232.

dunton. ii. 123.
Bullard's hill. i. 180.

Burroughs, rev.

iv. 120.
Bullets not to be put into training Burroughs, rev.

one of the
guns, except in certain cases. vii. assembly of divines at westminster.
P. 63.

vi. 534.
Bullen, a missionary. ii. 16. Burrows,

iv. 277.


vi. 516.
Bullivant, dr. of boston, described by Burton, lieut. col. viii. 156.
dunton. ii. 105. 124.

Burwell, hon. william a. letter from.
Bumpas, edward.
x. 57.

i. 27.
Bumpas, jacob. iv. 259. 260. 294. Bushnell, john. viii. 105.
Bunker's hill. ii. 168. battle of. 167. Buss, john. X. 176.
Bunker, rev. benjamin. ii. 177. Buthrick, rev.

-, quoted. x. 121.
Bunker, mrs.
x. 178.

Butler, rev. benjamin, of nottingham,
Bunker, john. ii. 178.

new hampshire. iv. 78.
Burbank, inoses.

Butler, capt. vi. 523.
Burbank, timothy, a chorister. iv. Butler,

üi. 66.

Buttels, john. viii. 106.


v. 278.

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X. 75.




j. har.

gress held at.

X. 3.

v. 184.


Butterfield's meadow, origin of its iii. 136. 137. the 11th church gath-
name. v. 252.

ered. 152. grant to. iv. 77,
Buttermilk bay. iii. 175.

newtown, settled. v. 158. a synod
Button, john. iv. 110.

at, sets forth a platforni.

v. 184.
Buzzard's Bay. iii. 53. 75. 164. its college founded by rev.
47. 48.
oysters at.

iii. 191. its vard. 237. (See harvard college.)
tides. viii. 194. 196.

synod at. v. 298.

its people re-
Byfield, nathaniel. X. 26.

move to hartford. vi. 307. meet-
Byles, rev. dr. ii. 186. his new eng- ing of ministers at. vi. 415. first
land hymn. iii. 176.

synod in new england held at; ac-
Byram, or byron. vii. 151.

count of. vii, 1. provincial con.
Byram, nicholas. vii. 143. 145. 148.

160. convention
149. 152. 154. 155. 157. 164.

held at, to form massachusetts con.
Byram, abigail. vii. 152.

stitution. 161. second synod held
Byram, josiah. vii. 154. 155.

there. viii. 8. american army at,
Byram, ebenezer. vii. 154. 155. 159. of which general washington takes
Byram, joseph. vii. 154. 155.

the command
Byram, benjamin. vii. 155.

Cambridge platform referred to. iii.
Byram, eliab. vii. 170.

276. set forth.
Byram's brook. vii. 172.

Cameron, alexander. vii. 59. agent
Byron, or byram. vii. 151.

from england to cherokees. 59.

plans the destruetion of east tennes-


Cammocke, capt. v. 216. begins to
Cable, john. viii. 232.

plant in maine. v. 221. vii. P. 70.
Cabot, sebastian, his discoveries. v. Campbell, duncan, a scotch bookseller

8. 9. måde grand pilot of england at boston. ii. 102.

and ireland ; receives a pension. 9. Campbell, col. ii. 244.
Cabot, john, his discoveries. V.8. Campbell, rev. othniel, of carver and
Cabot, hon. george. ii. 172.

tiverton, sketch of. iv. 277.
Cactus opuntia. ii. 24.

Caddo language. ii. 23. 25. 28. Canada, its expense to great britain.
Caddoques indians, their residence, iii. 122. battle in, sir william phips

number and warriours. ii. 23. 26. commander of english and new eng-
Cadiz people treat shipwrecked new

land troops.

iii. 256. surrender.
englanders well. vi. 526.

ed by treaty of charles i. to the
Calamus aromaticus early seen in abun. french. vii. P. 78. proposed to be

dance in new england. ix. 18. inyaded by massachusetts by order
Caldwell, major. ii. 239.

of charles ii. viii. 101
Caldwell, john. viii. 107.

Canada river. iji. 259.
Caledon, earl of, his letter from b. f. Canal from charlestown to newtown.

seaver, about tristan d'acunha. ii. vii. P. 31.

Canaries. vi, 256.
Calef, robert. iii. 22).

Canaumut neck. iii. 2.
Calfe, mary
x. 178.

Cances indians, their number and re-
California. ii. 29. straits of. v. 27. sidence. ii. 25.
Call, samuel. viji. 115.

Canchattas indians, their pumber and
Calamy, rey. dr. his account of ejected residence. ii. 26.

ministers referred to. i. 169. Canfield, edward, esq. appointed by
Callender's (rev. john) century sermon his majesty governour of new hamp-
referred to. i. 210. ix. 182.

shire, arrives. vi. 614.
Calvert, sir george, sends out a colony Canne, rev, - author of margin-
to new-foundland. viii. 386.

al references to the bible. i. 168.
Calvin. i. 247. iv. 18.

Canon and feudal law, a dissertation
Calvinism of the dutch. i. 140.

on, by hon. john adams. i. (xxvii.)
Cambridge. i. (ix.) the 8th church Canonicus, chief sachem of the nar-

gathered; the seat of government, ragansets, embassy to. iy. 42.

v. 61.

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