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v. 36.


x. 81. 82

ing. 106.

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43. his court. 42. remains neu. Capowake, now martha's, or martyn's,
ter in the pequot war.


vineyard. v. 65.
advice to the pequots. 44. sa- Captain's hill. ii. 185. x. 58. 62.
chem of massachusetis. vi. 452. Cárder, richard. ix. 179. 182.
453. his death. 464. his war Cardigan mountain. viii. 174.
with the pequots. vii. P. 59. an Carding at christmas, questioned. X.
enemy of plymouth colony. ix. 182. 183.
95. a friend of rhode island. 202. Cards and dice forbidden. vii. P. 23.
his grant tu roger williams. 169. Careswell, the name of gov winslow's
and miantonimo, their contest with farm. X. 62. 65. 66.
ousamequin. vii. 75. his sons. an Carew, gome.
army sent against them by united Carew, or cary. vii. 151.
colonies of new england. viii. 2. Carey's american


Cantaugcanteest hill. ii. 177.
Cape ann, origin of its name. i. (xx.) Carlisle, earl of. v. 89. vi. 668.

ii. 69. named by capt. mason ; Carman, capt. his victory over a turk.
settled. v. 102. 105. dorchester ish ship, near the isle of palma. vi.
people establish as a place for fish- 424. drowned. 525.
for cape tragabizanda ; Carnes, rev.

v. john. iv. 149.
granted by plymouth council 10 Carolina walnut. iv. 270.
capt. mason. vi. 614. 615. whirl- Carolina, north, and virginia troops,
wind at. 623. french vessel wreck. with general robertson and others,
ed at. 649. vii. 32.

vanquish the cherokees. vii. 61.
Cape breton surrendered by treaty of Carpenter, william. ix. 170. 182.

charles i. to the french. vii. P. 78. Carr, sir robert, commissioner with
Cape charles, origin of its name. col. nichols and others to new eng.
12. ix. 110.

land. vi. 585. 665. vii. 79. 91. 92.
Cape cod. iii. 21. bass and mackerel (And see nichols, col. and commis-
fishery at. 220

sioners.) viii. 52. 58. 62. 64. 75. 77.
nold; origin of its name.

81. 82. 84. 87. 90. 92. 95.
indians. 33. an embalmed person Carratuncas, carrying place. ii. 231.
and whales found there by plymouth Carter, deputy governour of

pilgrims. ix. 35. 36. or paomet. 50. providence island. vi. 378.
Cape cod canal, papers about; early Carter, rev. thomas, first of woburn,

proposed. viii. 192. report about iii. 161. ordained by one of the
of a committee of massachusetts church members. vi. 408. vii. 40.
general court in 1776, with thomas 42.

machin's estimates. 193–196. Carter, john, sent from east tennessee
Cape diamond. ii. 243. 244.

to north carolina for assistance. vii.
Cape François. iii. 241.

Cape barbour. x. 67. 68.

Cartier, --, referred to.

x. 132.
Cape henry, origin of its name. v. Cartwright, rev.

a non-con-
12. ort at early. viii. 109.

formist. v. 118.
Cape james visited by capt. darmer. Cartwright, col. george, commission.
ix. 11.

er, with col. nichols and others, to
Cape poge. jii. 40. 46. 58. 72.

new england. vi. 577. 665. vii.
Cape poge pond. iii. 72.

92. notice of. vi. 579. (See com-
Cape porpoise.

comes under missioners, and nichols, col.)
the jurisdiction of massachusetts. taken by the dutch and loses his
vi. 543. vii. P. 66.

papers. vi. 585. vii. 79. 98. 103.
Cape sables, scottish plantation at, viii. 58. 62. 64. 75. 77. 81. 82. 84.

purchased by the french; under the 87. 90. his arrival at boston.. 92.

care of cardinal richlieu. v. 161. 95. 96.
Cape shoals. vi. 611.

Carver, john, first governour of ply-
Capel, lord, executed. iv. 157.

mouth colony.

i. (vi.) iii. 229.
Capital laws established massachu. 231. 232. v. 46. 53. 62. dies. 66.

setts, 1841, 1642. a list of. iv. 112. and his wife. 67. ix. 38. arrives

visited by gos-

V. 10.

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v. 14.


with plymouth colony, consisting of Cattle first brought to plymouth. v.

about one hundred persons. 167. 94. early brought to virginia. viii.
Carver, occupation of its inhabitants. 210. price of, in massachusetts.

iii. 164. description of. iv. 271. v. 238
its situation, soil and productions ; Cawcatant. y. 61.
its rivers, brooks and ponds. 271. Cawgust, or saugus. iv. 3.
274. its iron ore. 272. its cedars, Cayuga, or keiuga, indians, their nuin-
&c. 272. its furnaces. 272. 273. ber, &c. viii. 244.
its mills, and fish. 274. its man. Cecil, lord general. viii. 208.
ufactory of baskets; its houses and Cedar brook. iv. 272.
inhabitants. 276. its census. 277. Cedar point. iv. 228.
its ministers. 277.

Cedar swamp. ji. 160. iv. 272. 275.
Carver, with bland, sent to acco. Centre-centre tree. vii. 141.
mack. i. 46. hung. 47.

Century sermon of dr. kendall cited.
Carver, -> (the traveller.) ii. 2. i. (xxv.) of callender. j. 210.
9. 38. X. 87.

Cephas, mrs. x. 180.
Cary, john. vii. 138. 143. 147. 149. Chactaws. ij. 3. their residence ;

tradition concerning their origin.
Cary, henry, viscount falkland, un- 16. their language, agriculture,

dertook to plant a colony in new- civilization and numbers. 17. their
fonndland. viii. 225.

annuity. 18. 20. 26. 27. 28.
Cary, richard. ii. 46. 47. 178.


builds a great
Cary, rev. thomas, of newbury port. house at strawberry bank. v. 219.
ii. 178. iv. 144.

Chadduck, capt. comes to new eng-
Cary, francis. vii. 149.

land for men and inoney. vi. 424.
Cary, jonathan, vii. 149.

his pinnace blown up and strange
Cary, james. vii. 149.

sights seen. 425. viii. 23.
Cary, or carew. vii. 151. 154.


, governour of ber.
Cary, eliphalet. vii. 160.

mudas. vi. 424.
Cary, caleb. vii. 160.

Chaddock, rev. calvin, of rochester.
Cary lucius. vii. 170.

iv. 263. x. 33.
Casco bay. iv. 160. v. 14. 16. whale Chactoos indians, their residence and
cast up at. vi. 642. v. 31.

number. ii. 27.
Case of the governour and company Challons, capt. henry, sent on disco-

of massachusetts bay, stated by sir very, with two american indians, to
w. jones, king's attorney general. north america, by the new england
vi. 617_621.

company; his misfortunes. ix. 3.
Casely, william. iv. 239.

Chalmers, george, esq. x. 192.
Casely, edward. iv. 240.

Chamberlain, deacon aaron. viii. 45.
Castahanas indians. See pastanownas. Chamberlain, nathaniel. viii. 45.
Castine, sieur de, marries an indian. Chamberlain, abraham. ii. 144.
viii. 256.

Chamberlain, william. ii. 162.
Castine, baron de s. an indian chief. Chamberlain,

secretary of
viii. 256.

new hampshire. vi. 617.
Castor and pollux. ii. 99.


vii. 155.
Catanoneaux indians. ii. 42.

Chambers, thomas. iv. 239.
Catardin or natardin mountain, a de-Chamblee. vi. 639.

scription of. viii. 112. indian super- Chamisso, a naturalist of ber.
stition about. 116.

lin. iv. 98.
Cate, mary. x. 176.

Champernoon, capt. and mr. gorges,
Caterpillars destructive in massachu- grant to of lands at agamenticus. v.
setts. viii. 18.

224. vi. 584.
Catchmay, sir richard, a patentee of Champion, dickason and burgis pre-
new england. v. 217.

sent a bell to charlestown. ii.
Catholick missions among indians of 170.
new spain. ii. 30.

Champion, iii. 194.

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Champney, richard. ii. 162. iv.

passengers, cows and mares. vii, P.

Chandler, edmund. vii. 138. 1. 57. Charles river, damed. i. (xx.) iji.
67. 69.

136. 265. v. 16. indians at.
Chandler, william. viii. 106.

Channing, dr. walter. i. 117.

Charles river bridge, description of.
Chapawack, or martha's vineyard. ii. 172. pays a revenue to barvard
m. 89.

college. 166.
Chapin, rev. perez, of pownal. iv. Charles river, virginia. ix. 110.

Charles's neck, in rochester. iv. 251.
Chapin, rev. stephen, of montvernon. Charleston, south carolina, surrenders
viii. 178.

to the british. iji. 244.
Chapin, dr. x. 83.

Charlestown. i. (ix.) its church
Chaplain, rev. -, elder, at wea- gathered, being the second in mas.
thersfield. vi. 307, 314.


ii. 88.

described by
Chapman, ralph. iv. 224.

johnson. 89. history of by dr.
Chappaquiddick. iii. 70. description josiah bartlett. ii. 163. its situa.
of. 72.

tion and extent; its indian name.
Chappaquonset. iii. 74.

163. its first fortification ; its
Chard, caleb. vii. 120. 123.

church gathered; court of assist-
Chard, william. vii. 120.

ants at, on board the arbella. 164.
Charderton, dr. vii. P. 15.

most of its inhabitants remove to
Charity, ship, of dartmouth, arrives boston; small pox at; its first
with provisions. v. 240.

meeting house ; its first delegates
Charles ii. grants new york, martha's to general court; purchases gov.

vineyard and other islands to duke winthrop's house ; fines those who
of york. iii. 85. address to, from neglect to attend town meeting.
massachusetts, on his restoration. 165. character of its inhabitants;
vi. 557. his answer. 561. gives judicial courts at; its dry dock the
a favourable reception to agents of first in the country; fires at. 166.
massachusetts ; sends commission- its ferry and bridges. 166. 167.

new england. 577. 665. deserted before the battle of bun,
his instructions to the commission- ker's hill. 167. its fortifications.
ers. 578. 665. his letter to mas. 168. is destroyed by the british,
sachusetts requiring a declaration 167. is rebuilt. 169. its build.
of war between england and france ings and inhabitants ; its votes for
to be published in massachusetts. governour, etc.; its newspaper;
viii. 102. his birth and christening. its births and deaths; its streets.
vii. P. 16.

169. its state taxes remitted; aid.
Charles, an indian. vii. 143.

ed by a lottery; applies to congress
Charles, the ship, arrives at salem. for relief without effect; its publick

v. 129. 132. vii. P. 10. is attack- buildings; its congregational, bap-
ed by dunkirkers. y. 140. 141. tists' and universalists' meeting
vii. P. 19.

houses; its church bell presented
Charles, of oleron, ship, trial of. iv. by messrs. champion, dickason and

102. owned by t. deane and oth- burgis, of london ; its law about
ers; a decision regarding it produ- brick buildings. 170. its bridge ;
ces complaints. viii. 71. which its congregational, baptist and uni-
case is appealed to the king's com- versalists churches founded. 171.
missioners. 82. 83.

but massa. its fire society; a monument erect-
chusetts general court summons ed to gen. joseph warren by its
the parties to a hearing, and gives freemasons; some baptists at deny
potice to the commissioners. 88. the necessity of ordination ; its so-

cieties; description of its bridge.
Charles, of dartmouth, ship, cast away 172. 173. the first town that in.
at piscataqua. vi. 420.

ers to


stituted funeral honours to washir
Charles, of barnstaple, ship, brings ton. 173. character of its inha.


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8. 177.


bitants; its manufactures, marine Charter of rhode island from earl of
hospital and navy yard; its military warwick. vii. 78. from parliament
hospital. 174. its state prison; of england. vii. 83.
but one of its inhabitants, thomas Charter rights of rhode island, papers
danfurth, took part with the british. concerning. vii. 98.
175. opposed to british treaty of Chase,

iii. 66. iv. 179. 260.
1795 ; its inhabitants republicans. Chase, rev. stephen, of newcastle, new
176. its men bred at harvard col- hampshire. iv. 78.
lege. 177. its militia. 179. its Chase, rev. stephen, of lynn. viii. 176.
schools and school houses. 180. Chase, deacon francis.
184. its professional men. 180. Chaudiere pond. ii. 232. 234.
its washington hall. 181. its Chaudiere river. ii. 233. 235. 236.
births and deaths. 182. its cen- Chaumont, father, composed a gram-

183. its manufactures. 183. mar of huron language. viii. 250.
184. iii. 136. iv. 155. planted. Chauncey, rev. israel, leather mitten.
v. 134. 158. becomes a church ordination of, at stratford, connecti-
distinct from boston, and settles cut. ii. 132.
rev. mr. james. v. 187. divisions Chauncey, rev. nathaniel, of halfield.
in its church. 191. its ferry iv. 85. 245.
granted to harvard college. vii. Chauncey, elnathan, of boston. iv.
28. taxed £7 out of £50 in mas- 85. 245.
sachusetts. vii. P. 1. its people Chauncy, president c. protests against
remove to boston. P. 1. its taxes the synod at cambridge. i. 201.
for the support of ministers. P. 6. his “anti-synodalia answered by
its people prevented from attending rev. mr. allen of dedham. 202.
church in boston by the ice. P.7. 204. referred to. vi. 590. a great
its ferry proposed and regulated. divine. ii. 260. iv. 220. 222. 233.
P. 6. 30. its first church member. of scituate. iv. 239. notice of. 245.
P. 12. its people die of scurvy. his opinions on baptism. vi. 544.
P. 19, its tax. P. 57. 31. 85. dies. 607. 663. vii. 10.
viii. 230. joins with boston in con- Chauncy, rev. dr. charles, of boston.
tributing to build rev. j. wilson's ii. 190. 256. iii. 198. viii. 282.
meeting house and house at boston. Chawanok river. ix. 114.
vii. P. 65. list of its church mem- Checkett, joseph. iv. 240.
bers, many of whom removed to Checkley, mrs. mary. iv. 101.
boston, being 151 that had joined it. Checkley, rev. samuel, sen. of boston.
P. 68. 69. its people, members of iv. 131. 142.
charlestown and boston church, Checkley, rev. samuel, jun. of boston.
which had been removed to the iv. 131.
latter place, are dismissed to form Checkley, samuel. X. 26. 27.
for themselves a church at charles- Chedwick, charles. iv. 110.
town, under rev. mr. james. P. 69. Cheesauncook lake. viii. 115.
70. which is formed. P. 71. its Cheesborough, william. vii. P. 60.
church covenant. P. 72. fire at. P. 69. viii. 233.
viii. 24. a battery at. 72. profits Cheeshahteaumuck, caleb, the only
of its ferry to harvard college in indian who has received the honors
the time of president dunster. of harvard college. ii. 178.

Cheesman, capt. ii. 244. slain. 246.
Charlevoix. ii. 2.7. quoted. viii. Cheever, dr. ezekiel. ii. 175.
x. 132.

Cheever, thomas. ii. 178. vii. 130.
Charlotte furnace, in carver. iv. 272. Cheever, rev. samuel. iv. 92.
Charter of new england ; its date. Cheever, ezekiel, the schoolmaster,
vii. P. 13.
x. 68.

notice of. vii. 129. his accidence,
Charter of massachusetts, a legal opin- written at new haven. 129. 130—
ion about. i. (xxvii.) taken away.

iv. 160. from william and mary. Chiesman, taken by beverly. j. 63.
iii. 87. iv. 160. X. 68.

dies in prison. 63.



Chiesman, mrs. her great affection for Chikohacki indians. ij. 6.
her husband. i. 64.

Child, dr. caleb. ii. 158.
Chelmsford settled. vi. 543.

Child, major john, his confutation, etc.
Chelsea bridge, cost of. ii. 171.

iv. 107.
Chepache west. iy. 289.

Child, dr. robert. iv. 107. his peti-
Cherokees indians. ii. 13. mission tion. 108. 111. 112. his imprison-

to; formerly resided near charles- ment. 120. 199. grievances con.
town, south carolina. 13. their tained in his petition to court of
residence, numbers, agriculture and massachusetts. vi. 500. 512.
annuities. 13. mistakes about its gument before the court, in which
school corrected. iv. 65—69. gov. winthrop says that there lie no
make treaty with virginia. vii. 58. appeals to england. 514. fined.
59. vanquished, and make treaty 515. arrested for seditious petition.
with north carolina, virginia, and 515. again petitions against massa-
tennessee. 61. cede kentucky, chusetts; his dispute with mr. wil.
and land on cumberland river, to loughby. 518.
the wbites. vii. 62.

Chilmark. iii. 45–49. its husband.
Cherokees river. ii. 19.

ry. 50-53. its buildings and
Cherry valley. x. 64.

shipping. 74. 88. its mills. 60.
i. 108.

Chesmore, martha. x. 177.

Chilmark point. ii. 72. 94.
Chespiacke river, virginia. ix. 110. Chilmark great pond. iii. 41.
Chester, new hampshire, sketch of its Chilton, mary, the first person who

ministers and churches. ix. 368. landed at plyniouth. iii. 174. vii.
Cheverus, right rev. bishop. X. 127. 153.
Chiachioumas indians. ii 15. Chilton, richard. iii. 174.
Chickamauga, indians at, vanquished Chilton, susanna. iii. 174.
by isaac shelby. vii. 62. attack Chilton, james

vü. 153.
the whites there. vii. 64.

Chimnies forbidden to be of wood.
Chickatabut. See chikkatabut.

vii. P. 2:.
Chickering, rev. joseph, of woburn, Chipman, ward. i. 231.

his dedication sermon, and account Chipman, john, esq. iv. 143.
of johnson. ii. 95.

Chipman's hill. ix. 131. 132.
Chickesaws indians. ii. 3. 13. their Chippaquiddick island. iii. 19. 40.

residence. 15. formerly carried 59. 70. 93. its light house and
their wars to mexico and new spain. buildings. 72. 73.

their warriours. 15. their Chippaquiddick neck. iii. 72.
school, civilization, numbers and Chippaquonset. iii. 46. 56.
annuity. 16. mission to. 13. Chippeway indians, their language.
Chiennes indians, their progenitors ii. 6. 10. 12.

supposed to have come from wales Chippeway river. ii. 12. 40.
with madoc. ii. 36. their residence Chippeway indian language. See x.
and number. 36.

index. 155-158.
Chiennes river. ii. 36.

Chippewyan indians, their residence,
Chignecto. iii. 194.

number and language. ii. 42. 43.

or chickatabut, Chise, its meaning. ix. 91.
a sachem at neponset. vii. 143. Chittenden, thomas. iv. 240.
dines with, and receives presents Choate, john, esq. iv. 137. 148.
from gov. Winthrop. P. 25. 26. Choate, rev. of kingston, new
promises to pay for any damage hampshire. ix. 367.
done by his tribe. P. 29. 58. a Choctaws. See chactaws.
man punished for stealing from. Cholmley, capt. viii. 156.
P. 35. his men put in the bilboes Chop, west and east. iii 39.
and punished by him for assaulting Choris, a russian painter. iv. 98.
englishmen. P. 65. alias wampa- Christian disciple. i. 232.
tuck, sells land at bridgewater to Christian monitor. i. 258.
peregrine white. x. 70.

Christian town. iii. 93.


v. 61.

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