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Christianity, its influence on indians. | Churchill, sarah. iii. 224.

iii. 87. vi. 649, 660.
Christmas, not allowed to be kept in
massachusetts. viii. 86. celebra-

tion of, questioned. x 182. 183.
Chubbuck. iv. 294. vii. 123.
Chudley, george, a patentee of new
england. v. 217.
Chuppateest island. iv. 289.

Church, richard. iii. 184. 185.
66. 68.


[blocks in formation]

iv. 260.

Church, dr. benjamin. i. 111.
Church's history, quoted. iii. 175.
Church, congregational, founded by
rev. h. jacob. i. 166. one formed
in plymouth, england, in 1630. vii.
P. 41.

Church officers in new england, how
to act. ii. 54.
Church of england, address of massa.
chusetts colony to, from on board
the arbella. v. 126.

Church members only admitted to be
freemen in massachusetts. v. 148.
cannot be dismissed at their own
request. x. 184. seven necessary

to constitute. ii. 71.
"Church government and church co-
venant dismissed," quoted. iv. 119.
Church covenant, form of, at woburn.
vii. 41.

Church, can it have several pastors?
vii. P. 64.

Church at plymouth, its forms of pub-
lick worship. P. 70. which are
gradually given up. P. 71.
Churches, twelve first in massachu-
setts, list of. i. (xxv.) in new
england in 1700, list of. (xxvi.)
foundation of, in new england. iii.
123. method of settling differences
in those of new england. vi. 608.

Churches, bishop laud's form of con-
secrating. vii. P. 51. 52. popish
form of, forbidden by parliament.
P. 51. because it produced riots,
etc. P. 76. 77. the forms were
introduced by pope felix and grego-
ry. P. 77.

Churches and ministers in new hamp-
shire. x. 54.


Churchill, stephen. iv. 87.
iv. 294.

Chyenne river. ii. 41.
Cicero, quoted. i. (xvi.)
Cilley, widow. x. 179.

Circular letter of massachusetts his-
torical society. i. 14. ii. 277.
City, a great one proposed in new eng-
land. v. 229. 230.

Civil actions early in massachusetts.

v. 159.

Civil government of first planters,
outlines of. ii. 57. iv. 21.
Clap, lieut. roger. vii. 54. one of the
first settlers of dorchester, notice of.
P. 40. his account of bull, the pi-
rate. P. 91. viii. 44.
Clap, samuel. iy. 245.
Clapp, thomas. iv. 239.
Clapp, edward. iv. 110.
Clap, rev. thomas, president of yale
college. iv. 245.

Clap, rev. thomas, of taunton, after-
wards judge. iv. 245.
Clap, samuel. iv. 245.
Clapp, major earl. x. 32.
Clarendon, earl, saying of massachu-
setts. i. (xxvii.) addresses from
rhode island, about charter rights.
vii. 98. proposed grant to, from
rhode island. 101. Tord chancellor,
letter quoted. viii. 76.

Clark, thomas, sen. of ipswich. viii.

[blocks in formation]

x. 25.

Clark, thomas, jun. of boston.
Clark, thomas, 3d. viii. 107.
Clark, nathaniel. viii. 106.
Clark, nathaniel, secretary of ply-
mouth colony. vii. 144. viii. 182.
Clark, walter, governour of rhode
island and providence plantations,
letter from sir e. andros, about the
surrender of rhode island charter.
viii. 180-183.
Clark, john. x. 25.
Clark, john. x. 27.
Clark, timothy. x. 26.
Clark, rev. ward, of kingston, new
hampshire. ix. 367.
Clark, rev.
i. 217.

Clark, rev. ephraim, of cape elizabeth. | Clinton, sir h sails with an expedition

[blocks in formation]

Clark's point. iii. 19.
ix. 38.

for south carolina. iii. 242.

Clinton, hon. de witt. x. 192.
Clock, a very curious one. iii. 27.
Clotworthy, sir john. v. 180.
Clough, john. iv. 110.
Coatuck point.

iii. 193.

iii. 20.
Coatue point. iii. 23. 24. 33.
of Coatuit river. iii. 1. 3. 7.
Coatuit pond. iii. 175.
Cobb, elder henry. i. 175.
iv. 222. 233. 239. 247. 277.
Cobb, mrs. patience. iv. 247.
Cobb, john. iv. 93. 247.
Cobb, edward. iv. 247.
Cobb, gershom. iv. 247. 277.
Cobb, mrs. sarah. iv. 247.
Cobb, elisha. iii. 193.
Cobb, ebenezer. iii. 193. dies at
kingston, massachusetts, aged 107
years 6 months and 6 days.

Clark, william, sworn a freeman
massachusetts. vii. P. 29.
Clarke, john, forms a baptist church
at newport. i. 210. vi. 339. 343.
agent for rhode island. vii. 87.
89. 98. 99. viii. 56. his church
at newport sends disputants in
favour of baptists to the publick
debate on that subject at boston.
viii. 112. ix. 179. letter to about
quakers, privileges, etc. vii. 85.
commissioner. 90.93.
x. 66. 69.

Clarke, thomas.

Clarke, william.

vii. 138.

iv. 230. 259. 293.

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vii. P. 74.

iii. 169. iv. Cobbiseconte.
Cobble hill. ii. 168.
Cobler, simple, of agawam, extract
from. vi. 624.
Cochituate. iv. 77. now andover.
Coddington, gov. william. iii. 285.

Clarke's island. iii. 162. 181. 183.
183. claimed by sir e. andros.
189. 196. named. 57.
Clavigero, his valuable history of
mexico referred to. ix. 225. 228.
Clay for oil cisterns. iii. 24.


-, preacher at bath,

new hampshire. iii. 108.

Cleaver, rev.

iii. 66.
vii. P. 12.

[blocks in formation]

Cliff at gay head. iii. 44.

i. 126.

assistant. v. 124. 128. vii. P. 6.
15. 21. 23. 60. 88. 91. 92. 93. ix.

179. goes to london. v. 140.
259. vi. 339. removed from the
office of magistrate. 339. and
joins with nicholas easton. 343.
engagement as judge in rhode
island. vii. 96. 97. magistrate of
massachusetts. 129. returns to
england. vii. P. 22. 25. first go-
vernour of rhode island. P. 69. ar-
rives with his wife. P. 88. the
father of rhode island. ix. 179.
180. x. 23. deposition of; makes
peace with canonicus and mianto-
nimo, in behalf of all the narragan-
sets; settles at aquidneck, now
rhode island. vii. 76. deputy go-
vernour of rhode island. 93.

Clinical lectures at harvard college. Codman, capt. john, of charlestown,

poisoned by his servant. ii. 166.

[blocks in formation]

Coffin, love. iii. 71.
Coffin, hepzibah. iii. 71.
Coffin, elizabeth. iii. 71.
Coffin, abigail. iii. 71.
Coffin, john. iii. 71.
Coffin, enoch. iii. 71.
Coffin, deborah. iii. 71.
Coffin, benjamin. iii. 71.
Coffin, daniel. iii. 71.
Coffin, bulah. iii. 71.

iii. 66.

iv. 179.

Coffin, admiral sir isaac. x. 192.
Coggeshall, john a follower of easton.
vi. 343. clerk of rhode island as-
sembly. vii. 112. sworn a free-
man. P. 72. viii. 182. 229. ix.
179. disfranchised. x. 23. made
a magistrate of rhode island by
the king's commissioners. vii 93.
Cogswell, rev. jonathan, his account
of saco. iv. 184. ordained at
saco. iv. 188.
Cohakias indians. ii. 8.

Cohannet river. iii. 169.

Cohannet. iii. 169.


[blocks in formation]

Colby, rev. zaccheus, of chester, new
hampshire ix. 368.

Colchester brook. iii. 163. iv. 268.
Colchester swamp. iii. 189.
Colcot, edward, governour at dover,
when there were but three houses.
v. 219.

Colcot, edward, of hampton, killed
by indians. vi. 633.

Cold, remarkable instance of, april
30, 1658. vi. 647. and june 5,
1673. 648.

Cold brook. iv. 223.

Cold harbour. v. 55.

Cold river. vii. 124.

Colden, his history of the six nations,
referred to. ix, 230.

Cole, robert. vii. P. 60. 86. his fine.
viii. 231. ix. 170.

Cole, james. iv. 304.

Cole, mary. iv. 304.
Cole, ephraim. iv. 87.

Cole, thomas, instructer. ii. 249.
iv. 277.

Cole brook, south meadows.


Cole's hill, first burial place at ply-
mouth. iii. 179. its fortification.

Coling, william. viii, 233.
Colamore, peter. iv. 241.
Collecot, richard. viii. 231.
Collection in charlestown to defray
expenses of rev. mr. torrey's law
suit. ii. 200.

College. See harvard, yale, &c.
College of physicians, petition for. i.

Collier, william. iv. 220. commis.
sioner. vi. 467. vii. 138. x. 57.
notice of; an agent with e. wins-
low to treat about the union of four
colonies. 61. 64. 67. 68. 69.
Collier, rev. william, minister of the
baptist church in charlestown. ii.
171. 178. 180.

[blocks in formation]
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iv. 249. vii. 123.
Columbia river. ii. 23. 43.
Columbus discovers north america.
v. 8.

Colve, monsieur, from the west in-

dies, surprises the fort at new york.
vi. 611. under a dutch commission
surprises new york. 667. 669.
Combe, francis. iv. 93.
Comee, joseph. viii. 45.

Comet appears a short time before the
arrival of the first settlers of new
england. ii. 64.

Comingoe, rev. bruin-romeas, ordain-

ed over the dutch calvinistick con-
gregation at lunenburg, nova scotia,
the first dissenting ordination in
that place. viii. 281.
Committee meet to fix upon a place

for a fortified town in massachu-
setts. vii. P. 7. 8.
Committee of massachusetts legisla-
ture to mashpee indians, their re-
port. iii. 9. 10. 12.

Commission from charles ii. to cart-
wright and others. vi. 665.
Commissioners of society for propa-
gating the gospel. iii. 8. 9. their
report. 12.
Commissioners from massachusetts to
york, maine, copy of their com-
mi sion. vi. 595. an account of
their doings returned and ordered
to be recorded. 596. meet with
difficulties in executing their com-
mission. 597.

Commissioners appointed by cam-
bridge to inhabitants of shawshin.
iv. 76.
Commissioners of united colonies

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publish an account of proceedings
against the narragansets and
others. vi. 454. meet at boston.
466. form articles of confedera-
tion. 467. their declaration about
difficulties with the narragansets.
Commissioners from charles . to
massachusetts, their instructions.
vi. 576. after reducing the dutch
at new york, return to boston. 581.
resolve to sit as a court of appeals
without a jury. vi. 583.



the governour and council of mas-
sachusetts to appear before them.
583. summon by the sound of a
trumpet. 583. refuse to treat any
more with massachusetts; leave
boston and three of them go to pas-
cataqua; appoint justices of peace
in province of maine. 584. letter
from to capt. dennison. vii. 81.
letter to john clarke.
their decision about lands in provi-
dence plantation. vii. 92. 99. 105.
appoint justices of the peace in
rhode island. 93. make court of
assistants justices of the peace in
rhode island. 92. 93. their pro-
position to general assembly
of rhode island declaring the
king's pleasure touching the oath
of allegiance, admission of free-
men, liberty in religious mat-
ters, laws and defence of the colo-
ny. 94. sent to inquire about
the complaints of rhode island peo-
ple. 99. regulate the government
of rhode island. 100. See nichols,

Committee of lords and commons
on the subject of gorton's com-
plaints, send settlers to connecticut.
vi. 507. 509.
Common prayer. i. 154. first pub-
lickly read in boston town house by
rev. dr. radcliff. ii. 106. liberty
of using it required by the king.
viii. 48. 54. not allowed in massa-
chusetts. 71.
Commons of massachusetts to pro-
pound assistants, and to inform
against them. vii. P. 28.
Compton, lord. vii. P. 12. 13.
Conahasset neck. iv. 220. 221. 223.
Conahasset marsh. iv. 246. vii.

Conanacus. See canonicus.

setts. vii. P. 29. 60.
Conant, william. vii. 165.
Conant, sylvanus vii. 169.
Conant, william. vii. 170.
Conant, daniel. viii. 45.
Conant, jacob. ii. 178.

Conant, rev. ezra, of winchester, new
hampshire. ix. 367.
Conant, gaius. vii. 170.
Conant's island granted to governour
winthrop, and its name changed
to governour's garden. vii. P.


Concord, massachusetts.

i. (ix.)

[ocr errors]

by the episcopal controversy. ii.
Conant, roger.
v. 102. his charac- 129. 133. iv. 297. colony, heads
ter; appointed agent of the planta- of inquiry about. ii. 216. clergy
tion at cape ann. 106. removes to of, write to the ministers of boston,
naumkeag. 107. 109. 111. 116. vii. on the gloomy aspect of publick af-
P. 4. sworn freeman of massachu- fairs. 255. its signification. iii.
99. settlement at by people from
cambridge. 150. 151.
parts of
near the sea, discovered by govern-
our winthrop's barque, "the bless-
ing." 171. granted to the dutch
west india company. v. 172. in-
dians at. v. 31. number of people
who arrive at. 263. known to the
dutch as fresh river; its first set-
tlement; planted by massachusetts
people. vi. 305. removal to. 306.
sufferings at; managed by people
commissioned by massachusetts.
308. but afterwards form a go-
vernment for themselves.
purchase of mr. fenwick. 310.
obtains a charter through their go-
vernour and agent, mr. j. winthrop.
310. 311. its court of election; di-
vided into four counties. 311.
towns in them. 311. 312. county
courts. 312. others than church
members may be magistrates;
ecclesiastical affairs. 313. dis-
turbed by the dutch. 432. quiet-
ed by commissioners. 435. plan
of, sent to england. vii. 100.
105. 127. spelt conaatacut. P.
25. receives letters from lords and
commons about gorton's com-
plaints. vi. 507. 509. disputes
about baptism, &c. vi. 562. or
fresh river, made known to the
plymouth people by the dutch.
vii. P. 93. visited by them.
94. a trading house set up

british troops destroy stores at. ii.
225. iv. 216. oppose the british.
ii. 225. its church, the 12th in
massachusetts, gathered. iii. 154.
number of its inhabitants; first in-
land town. 155. difficulties in
planting. 156. 159. or musketa-
quid, settled. v. 158. ordination
at. 274. fire at. vi. 419. vii.
126. provincial congress at. vii.

Concord and lexington, list of provin-
cials killed and wounded in those
battles. viii. 45.
Concord river. iv. 52. 76.
Confederation of united colonies of
new england, reasons of. vi. 465.
466. articles of. 467.
Confession of faith, agreed on at the
synod at boston, ordered to be pub-
lished. v. 624.
Confessors of witchcraft, their recan-
tations. iii. 221.

or formalists. ii.

Congregational church government.
v. 183.

Congress, first continental, its com-
mittees; approves the suffolk re-
solves; its resolutions respecting
the non-importation of british
goods; transacts business slowly.
ii. 222.

Conies early carried to virginia. viii.
Conihasset. See conahasset.
Connecticut churches disturbed


there. P. 94. 95. massachusetts
and plymouth people form a com-
pany to trade there. P. 94. which
project is given up. P. 94. its
charter from charles ii. uniting new
haven with it. viii. 124. 125. sends
troops under capt. mason against
the pequots. 131. again. 133.
great scarcity of corn in. 153. a
quo warranto sent against by sir e.
andros. 237. president stiles' his-
tory of, in manuscript, referred to.
268. list of donations of towns and
individuals in, made to boston dur-
ing the port bill. ix. 159. 161. 165.

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