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X. 54.

Duncan, samuel-w. iv. 169.

Duston, mrs. martha, of haverhill,
Duncan, james-h. iv. 169.

captured by indians. iv. 128. her
iv. 277.

sufferings during captivity; her in-
ii. 66.

fant murdered; kills ten indians
Dunham, rev. jonathan, minister at and thereby escapes ; rewarded by
edgartown. iii. 71.

general court. iv. 129. 198.
Dunmore, lord, his proclamation re- Duston, thomas. iv. 129.

ferred to; his expedition against Dutch colony at new york. i. 140.
indians. ii. 223.

of hudson's river, teach the indians
Dunstable, new hampshire, first eng- to make wampampeag.

V. 100.
lish settlement in hillsborough coun- governour writes letters to massa-
ty. vii. 66. its churches and min- chusetis. vi. 432. sends excuses

and makes promises to massachu.
Dunster, rev. henry, president of har- setts. 547. 548. ships with pro-

vard college. ii. 162. iv. 76. 234. vision, consternation at their ap-
v. 247. suspected to incline to an-

pearance. iii. 147. supply in
tipædobaptism, resigns. vi. 544. dians with guns; rescued by eng-
dies at scituate, and is buried at lish. iv. 29. 31. claim connecti-
cambridge. 556. vii. 25. 31. 41. cut. v. 172. relinquish to mas-
his letter to governour Winthrop sachusetts their right to connecti-
about his salary, the college house cut. 179. lay claim to all land
and the rents of charlestown ferry. between cape henlopen and cape
X. 187.

cod. v. 322. 323. their difficulties
Dunton, rev. john, bis letter to his with connecticut. vi. 432.

son. ii. 97. 98.

tled by commissioners. 435. seize
Dunton, john, sketch of; extracts a ship at new haven. 436. at war

from his life and errours ; his letter with indians, and are relieved by
to his father; causes of his coming the english.

441. have further
to new england. ii. 97. arrives at difficulties at new haven. 521. 545.

his description of intercept the trading of new haven
the boston clergy, and of mer- men with the delaware indians.
chants, and others. 100. 106. de- 545. their difficulties with new
scribes the principal men of massa- haven settled. 541. peaceably
chusetts. 115. 121. visits and resign themselves to charles ii. 257.
describes indians. 108. 115. his at war with the english. 586. their
account ipswich 121. his quarrel with the english settled.
farewell to boston. 124. his jour- 612. hold a friendly correspond-
nal mentioned. v. (iv.)

ence with plymouth colony. 667.
Du ponceau, peter-s. esq. procures a at long island. vii. 23. inform

transcript of mourt's relation. ix. plymouth people of fresh or con-
26. acknowledgment of historical necticut river. vii. P. 93. oppose
society to, for this service. 74. his the plymouth people ascending con.
notes and observations on eliot's necticut river to build a trading
indian gramınar. ix. 313. and post. house, though the former had ad-
his report on indian languages, vised the latter so to do. P. 95.
quoted. 224. 227. 232. X. 99. & send troops from manhatoes to
post. 150. 15). his notes on eliot's dislodge the plymouth people from
indian grammar, referred to. 104. their trading house at, now,

& post. x. 192.

sor, on connecticut river. P. 95.
Du prat, or dupratz,

ii. 2. 15. settled at hudson's river within the
17. 28.

virginia patent; their fort. ix 113.
Dupy, father. vir. 249.

at war with the spaniards. vii.P.81.
Duquesne, fort, or fort pitt. ii. 223. Dutch churches. i. 150.
Durand, elder. vi. 522.

Dutch sheep brought to massachusetts.
Durant, john. iv. 241.

vii. P. 92.
Duren, rev. - of virginia. viii. Dutch ship arrives with corn from vir-

ginia. vii. P. 59.


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Dutton, rev. john, of north yar- East sunapee pond. viii. 174.
mouth. iv. 181.

East mud pond. viii. 174.
Duxbury settled. vi. 662. incorpo- East tennessee, its destruction plan-

rated ; petition for extension of ned by cameron. vii. 60.
limits; inhabitants. vii. 137. deed East chop. iii. 70.
of land from indians, and the con- Easterbrook, rey.

of concord.
sideration paid therefor. 139. di- iii. 275.
vided; early taxes. 140. people Easterbrooks,

preacher at
dismissed from worshipping at ply; bath, new hampshire. iii. 108.
mouth, and become the second Eastern indians, their letter to go-
church in that colony. vii. P. 74. vernour of massachusetts, with fac
75. notes on.

x. 57. called ori. similes of their seals. viii. 2594
ginally duxburrow; pilgrim settlers. 263.
57.58. annual fair at, for cattle. Eastham. iii. 14.
68. proportion of soldiers; wolves East hampton, long island. vi. 668.
killed at; presented for not mend East sudbury, incorporated. iv. 53.
ing bridge. 69. order about its account of its settlement. iv. 60.
quakers. 71.

ecclesiastical history. 61. bounds.
Dwelley, richard. iv. 229.

62. lands and ponds. 62.
x. 178.
Eaton, theophilus, assistant.

v. 124.
Dyer, mary, a quaker, sentenced to arrives. v. 262. elected governour
death. vi. 571.

of new haven colony. vi. 320.
Dyer, giles, sheriff of suffolk, massa- his character. vi. 329. viii. 97.
chusetts. viii. 240.

dies. vi. 316. 320. 329. 467. 521.
Dyer, john. iv. 87. 90. 92.

548. 557. vii. 1. 7. 8. 129.
Dyer, eliphalet, delegate to continen- Eaton, nathaniel, first instructer of
tal congress from connecticut. ii. harvard college, a mere orbilius,

removed. v. 247.
Dyer, jacob. vii. 124.

Eaton, samuel, dies. vi. 331.
vii. 123.

Eaton, samuel, presented for mixed
Dyer's fleece, quoted. iii. 191.

dancing. x. 69.
Dykes, edward. iv. 110.

Eaton, samuel. vii. 138.
ii. 284.

Eaton, benjamin. iii. 208.
Dyre, williarn. ix. 179.

Eaton, ebenezer. iii. 208.
Dysentery at kingston, massachusetts. Eaton, john. iv. 137.
iii. 216.

Eaton, joseph. ii. 178.

Eaton, rev. samuel, of harpswell. iv.

180. 181.

Eaton, rev. peter, of boxford. iv.
Eagle, ship, afterwards called the ar- 169.
bella. ii. 79.

Eaton, françis. X. 57.
Eagle's nest, a palisado to be built Eaton,

iv. 132.
there. X. 68.

Eatow, jack, a moheage indian, his
Eames, lieut. of hingham. vi. 417. exploit. viii. 146.
Eames, thomas. iv. 56.

Ebeling, professor christopher-d. of
Eames, rev. jonathan, of newtown, hamburgh. ii. 277. viii. 167. his
new hampshire. iv. 78.

library purchased and presented to
Eames, theodore. iv. 169.

harvard college by israel thorndike.
Early, sir george, in virginia, avenges viij. 268. geography and his-

the slaughter of whites inade by tory of america, referred to. viii.
indians. ix. 78.

268. 269. 276. letter to presi-
Earthquake in new england. iv. 40. dent stiles, giving an account of his

41. vi. 646. vii. 14. 50. account works on america; requesting an
of, by rev. t. alden. iv: 70.

account of connecticut, and men-
Easton, nicholas, a tanner, his strange tioning the number of authors
notions. vi. 337. 343. vii. 97.

in germany, and their productions.
Easton, col. ij. 243.

viii. 270-275.


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Ecclesiastical history of massachu- | Eel river beach. ii. 162.

setts, by rev. dr. j. eliot, referred to. Eel river bridge. iv. 229.
i. 194.

Eelles, rev. nathaniel, of scituate. iv.
Eckley, rev. dr. j. of boston. vii. 235. notice of. 237.

Eelles, rev. nathaniel, jun. of stoning-
Edes, printer of a newspaper

ton, connecticut. iv. 237.
at boston. vii. 321.

Eelles, rev. edward, of middletown,
Eddenden, ed. iv. 239.

connecticut. iv. 90. 94. 237.
Eddy, samuel, esq. vii. 75.

Egeish, or aleche, indians, their resi-
Edgartown. ini. 46. 47. 49. 50. 53. dence, number and language. ii.

60. its excellent water. iii. 40. 24.
saltworks. 61. or old town, ac- Egg river. iii. 164. 171.
count of; houses and schools. ii. Elder, can he be a magistrate ? vii. P.
70. ships, harbour, and wharves. 64.
70. 71. price of land at. 70. Election of governour, etc. the first
church first formed. 71. harbour. in massachusetts, held on board the
73. settlement. 81. incorporated. arbella. ii. 87.

v. 148.
85. uncommon quantity of snow Electors in massachusetts, consist of
at. · iv. 257.

those only who pay 10s. to a single
Edgecombe, sir richard, a patentee of rate - a much greater sum than in
new england. y. 217.

england — complained of by king's
Edınistone, capt. lieut. viii. 156.

commissioners. viii. 76. 79.
Edson, samnel. vii. 138. 143. 152. Eliot, rev. john. of roxbury ; first
157. 159. 162. 167. .

teaching elder at roxbury; charac-
Edson, samuel. vii. 148.

ter. ii. 92 93. described by john
Edson, joseph. vii. 148. 157.

dunton. 108. success amongst
Edson, josiah. vii. 150. 152. 157. 159. indians; draws up a covenant for
Edson, susannah. vii. 15:3. 162.

them. 114. obtains lands for
Edson, josiah. vii. 153. 160.

christian indians. vi. 544. Jabours
Edson, josiah, col. a rescinder and amongst natick and other indians.

mandamus counsellor. vii. 153. 652. 6533. viii. 29. arrives. vii.
160. 169.

P. 37. 49. joins boston church, and
Edson, adam. vii. 171.

preaches in the place of rev. j. wil.
Edson, jael. vii. 171.

son, then in england. vii. P. 37.
| Edson, john. vii. 167.

38. 69. 72. notice of. vii. P. 48
Edson, or edwardson. vii. 152.

-50. sworn a freeman, vii. P.
Edward iv. his stalute against conse•

57. second minister of roxbury.
cration of churches and wakes, re- vii. P. 64. 72. his death and cha-
ferred to. vii. P. 77.

racter. vi. 606. v. 135. 187. vi.
Edwards, rev. dr. jonathan, of new 505. vii. 41. viii. 197.

list of
haven, his “ observations on the his indian works, and when pub-
mubhekaneew, or mohegan lan- Jished. ix. 242. his “indian gram-
guage,” referred to. ii. 6.

mar begun," published at large. ix.
238. published at large, with in- 245. et seq. with notes and obser-
troductory observations and notes vations by p. s. du ponceau, esq.
and an index, by j. pickering, esq. ix. 313. et seq. and supplementa-
x. 81–160.

ry observations on by j. pickering,
Edwards, j. w. esq.

x. 82. extract esq. (xxx.) and an index of words
of a letter from him. 83.

with their meanings. (xlviii.) re-
Edy, john, recovers from distraction ferred to. ix. 235. x. 240. et seq.
by living eight days without food. Eliot, jacob, sworn a freeman. vii.

P. 57. elder. P. 69.
Eel point. iii. 20.

Eliot, andrew. j. 229.
Eel river indians, their annuity. ii. 7. Eliot, andrew. i. 229.
and numbers. 12.

Eliot, andrew. i. 229.
Eel river. iii. 168. 178. 180. 184. 196. Eliot, andrew. i. 230.
204. iv. 89. 92.

Eliot, rev. jared, of killingworth, con-


v. 198.

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X. 6.


necticut, doubts the validity of pres- Ellis,

iv. 230.
byterian ordination. ii. 129. 131. Ellis,

iv. 277.
iv. 298. 299.

Ellis river. iv. 185.
Eliot, rev. dr. andrew, of boston. i. Ellis's tavern, at plymouth. iv. 292.

227. his family. 238. his remarks Elmes, rodolphus. iv. 241.
on archbishop secker's sermon. ii. Eleutheria, or bahama islands. vi.
190. 216. opposed to religious es- 523.
tablishments. 202. 259. iv. 144. Embalmed person found at cape cod,

by first settlers at plymouth. ix.
Eliot, rev. andrew, of fairfield, connec-
ticut. i. 228.

Emerson, john. iii. 223.
Eliot, samuel. i. 230.

Emerson, moses. iv. 169.
Eliot, samuel. i. 230.

Emerson, rev. daniel, of hollis, new
Eliot, samuel. i. 228.

hampshire. iv. 78. viii. 178.
Eliot, rev. dr. john, of boston ; eccle- Emerson, rev. william, of boston,

siastical history of massachusetts. i. memoir of. i. 254. ordained at
194. memoir of. 211. elected harvard, and at boston ; conductor
tutor, and declines the office. 215. of monthly anthology. 255. dies;
inclining to the episcopal church, is character. 256. publications. 257.
invited to take charge of one at history of first church in boston re-
halifax. 216. 217. chaplain to ferred to. (xix.) ii. 273.
marshall's regiment. 217. ordain. Emerson, mrs. X. 180.
ed successor to his father. 218. Einery, edward.

X. 75.
his correspondence. 221. cha. Emery, rev.

vii. 164.
racter. 222. sickness and death. Endicott, capt, john. i. (xxii.) sent
255. 226. pastoral character. 232. out with servants to carry on dor-
list of honours conferred on him. chester plantation at naumkeng ;
238. literary character and pub- and to prepare for massachuseits
lications. 212. tomb of his fam. colony, about to come to new eng;
ily: (xix.) ii. 49. 190. 261. 563. land. v. 109. 110. arrives at and
writes a circular for massachusetts settles salem. ji. 69. letter to
historical society. 277. contribu-

governour bradford. v. 115. cha-
tions to that society. 281. iii. 12. racter of. ii. 69. made deputy go-
18. 22. 290. iv. 70. 100. his cha- vernour or agent at salem.

v. 114.
racter of rev. edward barnard. iv. 115. 122. vji. P. 3.


144. furnishes the manuscript copy mount wollaston to correct vices.
of hubbard's history. V. (iii.) viji.

v. 104. ii. 163. 266. iv. 198. v.

181. vi. 488. 499. vii. 32. 117.
Eliot, dr. ephraim. i. 229. his letter P. 1. 3. viii. 97. 100. letter to

to rev. dr. freeman. iii. 289. new englaud company complaining

of irregular trade with indians.
Eliot, john, printer. ii. 233.

123. letter from hon. robert boyle.
Eliot, george, letter from. iii. 286. viii. 49. 51. letter from m. crad.

dock, about sending colonists and
iii. 285.
cattle to new england.

viii. 116.
Elizabeth islands. iii. 49. 63. 70. 88. 120. was governour sixteen years.
account of 74.
named by gos-

52. defaces the king's colours and
nold. 80. v. 10. governed by nır. is punished. v. 164. opposes the
mayhew. , iii. 85. iv. 252.

setilement of roger williams. 203.
Elizabeth, ship, arrives with passen- commands against the pequots.

gers, dutch sheep, and mares. vii. 252. viii. 131. one of the stand-
P. 92.

ing council. v. 259.

Elk river. ii. 11.

124. vii. P. 5. 6. 8. 14. 15. 21.
Ellis, john. ii. 144.

27. 29. 30. 32. 35. 36. 58. 60. 63.
Ellis, rev. jonathan, of plymouth.

66. 68. 85. 86. 91. 93. major gene-
iji. 201.

ral of massachusetts. viii. 1. 11.
Ellis, mrs. iv. 277.

14. deputy governour.

vi. 370.
a curious instance of,



373. 519. 543. vii. 35. 44. viii. Erasmus. i. 244.
19. governour. vi. 542. 544. 555. Errata, a few, in articles communicat-
561. 575. vii. 51. 84. viii. 17. 20. ed by rev. dr. freeman. viii. 328.
49. 52. dies, and is buried at bos. 329.
ton. vi. 575. 581. viji. 52.

Erronists. iv.5. 21.
Endicott, zerubabel. viii. 105. Errour in a note on plymouth, correct-
Engagement of allegiance in rhode ed. iv. 302. in hutchinson's his-
island. vii. 96. altered. 97.

tory, corrected. ii. 274.
England, decline of religion in. ii. 51. Errours, four score, spread abroad in

at war with holland. vi. 323. 586. new england. iv. 14. 34. religious,
makes peace with holland. 612. debated at synod at cambridge, ac-
x. 60. makes peace with spain. count of. vii. 1. censured by civil
vii. P. 16. declares war against

government of massachusetts. vii.
france. viji. 102.

English, thomas. ix. 38.

Erving, capt. iy. 89.
English missionaries in america. i. Erving, william. i. 116.


X. 192.
Englishman, pequot word for. viii. Esau, sarah, indian. iii. 6.

Esquimaux indians. ii. 11. their lan-
Enos, col. ji. 232. 233.

guage, customs, manners, residence,
Epenow, indian, notice of. jji. 80. numbers and warriours. 43.

who had been forcibly carried to Essex, sagamoreship, of agawam. iii.
england, escapes to his own coun- 142.
try. v. 39.

an american indian, Europe has 587 languages. ix. (iii.)
sent with capt. hobson, and others Eustis, william. iii. 10. his letter
on discovery to new england; his to r. webster respecting arnold and
attempt to revenge the treachery his soldiers when he deserted. iy.
of hunt on capt. hobson's ship. 52.
ix. 6.

Evarts, jeremiah. ii. 176. 178. 181.

a schoolmaster at sa- Everett, rev. noble, minister of ware-
lem, notice of, by john dunton. ii. ham. iv. 293.

Everett, rev. edward, professor at har
Episcopacy in the colonies, remarks vard university. X. 192.
on. ii. 190.

Everson, john. iii. 208.
Episcopal controversy in connecticut. Everson, richard. iii. 208.
ii. 128. 137. iv. 297.

Ewachim, indian corn. ix. 101.
Episcopalians in new york. i. 42. Ewell, henry. iv. 240.

number of 48. favoured by go- Ewer, rev. dr. bishop of landaff. ii.
vernment. 50.

190. 215.
Epitaph on bacon, the virginia rebel. Execution, the first in plymouth colo-
i. 58. 59. on dr. zabdiel boylston.

ny. vii. P. 2.
ii. 160. on john green, of charles- Exemption, five mile act cf, extended
town. ii. 179. on richard russell, to anabaptists and quakers. ii. 204.
of charlestown. ii. 179. on judge Exeter, new hampshire, planted by
john phillips, of charlestown.

mr. wheelwright, and others, who
179. on rev. benjamin rolfe, of form a combination for govern-
haverhill. iv. 140. on rev joshua ment. v. 233. 242. vi. 357.
gardner, of haverhill. iv. 141. ceived under the government of
rev. john brown, of haverhill. iv. massachusetts. vi. 373.
142. on rev.james cushing, of ha- Exhortation to all people and nations
verhill. iv. 147. on rev. thomas to advance the kingdom of christ,
hooker. vi. 541. on governour by johnson. ii. 81.
thomas dudley. vi. 552. on rev. Expedition against louisbourg. iii.
jonathan mitchell. vi. 606.

192. against canada, in 1600, abor-
ezekiel cheever. vii. 132.

tive. 260.
Epworth, capt. of the nymphe frigate. Extortion punished in massachusetts,
jjj. 197.





v. 248.



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