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v. 55.


Independents. i. 167. their opinions

on church government. 200.
Index of indian words in eliot's gram-

mar, and select words from the bi-
ble, with their meanings.

(xlviii.) et post.
Index of mnohegan, chippeway, mo-

hawk and shawanese words explain.
ed in edwards's observations on in.

dian languages. X. 155.
Index of the principal matters in ed-

wards's observations on the indian
languages and the editor's notes.

India creek. ii. 15.
Indian brook. iii. 179.
Indian hill. iii. 179.
Indian head river. iv. 220. 227.
Indian pond. iv. 269.
"Indian grammar begun," by rev.

johin eliot, published at large. ix.
243, et post. ; with introductory
observations by j. pickering, esq.
223, et post.; and notes and obser-
valions by p. s. du ponceau, esq.
313, et post.; and supplementary
observations, by j. pickering, esq.
(xxx.) and an index of indian
words, with select words from the

bible. (xlviii.)
Indian languages of north and south

america, observations on, by john

pickering, esq. ix. 223–243.
Indian languages. See index.

155. 158.-names of tribes, and
names of states and territories in

which they dwell.
Indian vocabulary, by cotton, referred

x. 81.
Indian war in new england, in 1675.

x. 172. fable. iii. 7. 34. 43. af
fection, instance of. iii. 35. ho-
nesty and carefulness, instance of.
iji. 36. mode of taking fish. iii.
81. woman, at kingston, massa-
chusetts, had seven children in
twenty-two months. iii. 206. grain.
iv. 35. feast. iv. 42. superstition
about an evil spirit on mount calar-
din. viii. 116. manure, or fish.
ix. 60. names of places at ply-

mouth, etc. iii. 175.
Indians in the western parts of the

united states, mr. schermerhorn's
report concerning their nunibers,
ete. ii. 1-45. west of the inissi.
sippi, table of. ii. 23. and north


of the missouri. 44. east of the
inissisippi, and north of the ohio
to the lakes, table of.

tennessee, georgia, and missisippi
territory, table of. 20. in lower
louisiana, table of. 30. be-
tween arkansas and missouri.
39. their number at maslapee. iii.

at nantucket. 36. at
martha's vineyard. 86. table
of their decrease. 92. 93. their
number at bridgewater. vii. 171.
at south hampton, long island.

of the iroquois, or five
nations. viii. 243-245. in north
america, society for propagating
the gospel anjongst, account of.
ii. 45. incorporated. 46. funds
in england for propagating the gos.
pel arnong. vii. 102.

wonder at
the sight of a ship. ii. 65. terri-
fied by fire arms. 65.
great mortality among in 1618, and
dismay at it. ji. 66. mortality
amongst. 72. vi. 650.

mortality by small-pox among.
194. 195. vii. P. 67. infectious
fever among

P. 96. described
by dunton.
ji. 108-115.

vernment monarchical ; queen.
109. authority of king ; nobility.
110. punishments. 111. religion;
pay homage to creatures in which
soine deity is supposed to exist.
111. 112. priests; notions of a
future state. 113. black their
faces in time of mourning. 122.
six churches and eighteen catechu.
mens of. 115. manner of burial.
122. labours of rev. j. eliot among.
114. 115. destruction of, by sever
and intemperance.

iii. 36. at
tempts to convert. 36. 83. viii. 29.
general war of, against the english.
81. 86. yellow fever among. iii.
91. small.pox among.

51. 54. fooil; squaws paint their
faces; notions of beauty. iv. 29.
30. conversion, an object with
the first settlers of new england.
v. 8. 12. 14.

welcome gosnold on
his arrival. ,10. rights of succes.
sion amongst those of north ameri.
ca. 34. success of gospel amongst.
vi. 641-660. carried to england
by capt. harlow.

v. 38. conspire
against the english. 77. 78. vi.

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60. gene-


446. guns not to be sold to. vii. Ingram succeeds bacon as leader of
P. 1. a trucking house for, to be the rebels in virginia. i. 60. pro-
erected in each plantation of mas- claimed general. 61. takes glos-
sachusetts. · P. 61. not to have

ter men. 70. challenged by bris-
strong water.

P. 93. quarrel with tow. 71. reduced by grantham.
massachusetts about bounds, ihough 75.
they had sold to massachusetts peo- Inheritance, decision regarding. viii.
ple; threaten

war; sagamores 154.
come to boston to give an account Injuries by thunder and lightning in
of themselves. P. 67. of new eng- 167041676. vi. 627.
land, dress and habits. viii. 27. 28. Inoculation for small.pox; opposed
the number educating at harvard by dalhound; defended by the
college, and of christian indians, in clergy of massachusetts. i. 106.
1665. viji. 66. troubles in new introduced into new england by dr.
england occasioned by, by increase zabdiel boylston. ii. 159. vii. 73.
inather, referred to.

125. eastern,

conscientious scruples about.
letter to governour of massachu- deaths in philadelphia by. 73.
setts, with fac-similes of their seals. at boston, account of; means ta-
259–263. two, come to view and ken to prevent, and to test the effi-
parley with plymouth pilgrims. ix.

cacy of ;

number of deaths by,
47. instruct plymouth people to compared to those by the small-
use fish as a manure.

pox naturally taken; disputes in
rally submit to king james, make favour and against inoculation in
peace with plymouth people, and america. 71. 72. 73. See small-
act with good faith. 61. 68. sub- pox.
mit to massachusetts. vii. 45. near Ipswich. i. (ix.). ii. 120. 121. being
plymouth, religious notions and the 9th church gathered. iii. 141.
worship. ix. 91, et rapid respectability and wealth of its first
recovery of their wonen after child-

settlers; its houses and fami.
bearing. 93. rights and duties of lies. 142. its church. iv. 1.
sachems. 95. 96. actions in case meeting of ministers at. iv. 158.
of sickness and death; employment v. 17. indians at. v. 32. settled.
of men and women. 96. take

storm at, august 15, 1635.
much tobacco ; customs and ha- 198. ordination at. 274. meet-
bits ; crimes and punishments ; ing of ministers at, by order of
dress. 97. 98. language copious ; general court, to consult about the
historical monuments. 99. title standing council, and their re-
to old colony purchased. vii. 143. solves. vi. 387. 388. injuries at,
title to massachusetts. P. 67. by thunder and lightning. 628.
chiefs acknowledge king james. petitions massachusetts general
V. 60. 61. vii. 99. 105. ix. 61. 68.

court against disloyally, and in fa-
at war with the dutch. vi. 441. vour of appeasing charles ii.; with
christian, obtain a grant of land. the names of its petitioners. viii.
544. books distributed amongst.

ii. 48. massacre in virginia. viii. Ipswich river. iii. 141. vi. 372.

See names of tribes, states, Ipswich hamlet, or hamilton. vii.
territories and places, in which they 120.
dwell, &c.

Ireland. iii. 125. a ship arrives from,
Infant baptism. j. 167.

with provisions. 138.
Influenza, at carver. iv. 279.

Irenicon, denison's. ji. 282.
Ingalls, dr. William, his lectures. i. Iripegouans indians. viii. 251.
1 26.

Iron ore at martha's vineyard. fii.
Ingerfield, lieut. george, of falmouth.

at nantucket.


vi. 600.

first at scituate. iv. 224. one early
Ingerson, john. viii. 106.

at lynn. ii. 93.
Ingham, thomas. iv. 241.

Irons, a rude fellow, drowned. vi.
Ingols, samuel. viii. 107.



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Sworn a


x. 76.

Irognes indians. viii. 246.

virginia. 191. vi. 410.
Iroquois indians. See five nations.

freeinan. vii. P. 69. 72. notice
Iroquoise, chippeway indians; their of; removes to new haven. P. 76.

numbers; catholick priests among. and thence to england. P.77.
ii. 11.

James, sagamore.

145. dies.
Isam, captain, an enemy of massa- 195. his wife ransomed. vii. P.

chusetts, seized with a loathsome 32. 34. 66. (corrections.) P. 64.
disease, and dies by piece-meal. vi. James, thomas. ix. 170.

James, john. iv. 241.
Island creek. X. 62. 69.

Jaines ii. king of england, history of,
Isle a la crosse. ii. ll.

by fox. i. 152.
Isle of Wight, colony embarked at, for James, dr. edwin, catalogue of
massachusetts. iv. 201.

plants near middlebury, vermont,
Isles of scilly. iv. 116.

with their botanical names. ix.
Israel river. iii. 99.

146, et post.
Iyanough, an indian. ix. 53. James, ship, of Bristol, england, ar-

rives with passengers ;

escape. v. 200. 201. arrives with

passengers and heifers. vii. P. 61.

Jamestown, virginia, description of.
Jackarty. ii. 239.

i. 52. its fort. 209. built. viii.
Jackman, george.

Jackson, samuel. iv. 240.

James' river. v. 38. principal set-
Jackson, edward. iv. 24. viii. 91. tlement in virginia on. ix. 110.
Jackson, james. viii. 106.


iv. 179,
Jackson, jonathan. iv. 229.

Janson, sir bryan, assistant of mas.
Jackson, lieutenant samuel. iij. 192. sachusetts company. v. 124.
Jackson, rev. joseph, of brookline, Jaques, major samuel. ij. 180. 181.

his character. ii. 150. delegate Jaqueth, oliver, instructer. ii. 180.

to convention; his character. 151. 181.
Jackson, joseph, jun. dies at ports- Jarvis, miss delia. viii. 285.
mouth, new hampshire. ii. 158. Jarvis, rev. dr. samuel-f.

of boston,
Jackson, hon. charles. x, 191.

quoted. x. 120.
Jackson, dr. james. i. 117.

Jefferson society, at Charlestown. ii.
ii. 142.

x. 161.

Jefferson, new hampshire. iii. 105.
Jackson's inn. iii. 174.

Jeffries, william. vii. P. 4. sworn a
Jack-straw, an indian. viii. 231.

freeman. P. 29. vi. 428.
Jacob, henry. i. 165., his treatise Jeffries, sergeant. viii. 146.

on christ's church. 165. founder Jenison, captain. viii. 236.
of congregational church; settled Jenkins,

killed by indians.
at leyden ; comes to virginia. 161. vii. P. 66.
Jacob, john, of hingham. iy. 221. Jenkins, edward. iv. 239.
vii. 122.


x. 177.
Jacobs, lieutenant, kills indians. iv. Jenkins, . vii. 123.

Jenks, rev. william. i. 244. of
Jacobs, margaret. iii. 224.

bath. iv. 180. 181. of boston, X.
Jacobs, henry. viii. 45.

112. 137. 146. 192.
Jafflone river. ii. 39.

Jenner, rev. thomas; difficulties with
Jakis indians. viii. 251.

his church at Weymouth. v. 274.
Jamaica, note on ; situation and vii. 10.

extent. iii. 285. productions, Jenner, capt. thomas, notice of.

ii. 99.
James, rev. thomas, of charlestown, Jenner, david. ii. 178.

goes to virginia. ii. 171. of charles- Jenner, dr. edward. i. 121.
town and new haven. iii. 129. Jennings, captain. vii. 55.
146. v. 135. 187. removes to Jennings, stephen, of hatfield, goes to


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V. 83.


v. 24.

canada and ransoms his wife. vi. Johnson, john, of roxbury, surveyor
6:37. 638.

general. iv. 25. vi. 430.

Jenny, john. iii. 183. 184. 187. iv. 56. P. 4. 60.
100. 283.

Johnson, edward. i. (xxiii.) of wo-
Jenny, samuel. iv. 100.

burn, mistake about corrected;
iv. 260.

author of wonder-working provi-
Jephry, isaac, his salary. iii. 13. dence. ji. 49. 95. notice of, from

sermon by rev. joseph chickering
Jericho, long island. vi. 669.

of woburn; emigrated from kent,
Jermin, sir thoinas, a friend of massa- england; recorder of woburn. 95.
v. 154.

his report to deputy to general court; his death.
the king in favour of gov. winthrop 96. vii. P. 4. wonder-work-
and massachusetts. vii. P. 89.

ing providence corrected. P. 4.
Jerusalem, long island. vi. 669.

sworn a freeman. P. 29.
Jesse, henry. i. 165. becomes an wonder-working providence ex-

anabaptist; holds to mixed com- plained. P. 75. viii. 91.

munion ; lines over his study 168. Johnson, perseverance, of amster-
Jesuite, pun upon. iv. 103.

dam. ji. 179.
Jesuits, act against in new york. i. Johnson, humphrey. iv. 241.

143. college at quebec. ii. 247. Johnson,
Jewell, ship, harlston, captain. v. Johnson, ensign, vii. 54.

129. arrives at salem. vii. P. 10. Johnson, mrs. hannah. vii. 121.
increase nowell one of its owners. Johnson,

viii. 112.
P. 14.

Johnson, rev. sanuel, doubts the va-
iv. 134.

lidity of presbyterian ordination.
Jewett, stephen. viii. 106.

ii. 129. iv. 299.
Jewett, nehemiah, speaker of house Johnson, daniel. i. 249. vii. 169.

of representatives of massachu. Johnson, colonel. iii. 237.
setts. viii. 337.

Johnson, rev. alfred, of freeport. iv.
Jewitt, jeremiah. viii. 107.

Joan of arc. vi, 574.

Johnson, daniel. vii. 169.
John, sagamure, a friend of massa- Johnson alired. jun. iv. 179.

chusetts; gives two sons to the Johnson, deacon noah.
english. iii. 127.

v. 145.
and Johnson,

vii. 155.
most of his people die. 195. Johnston, john, esq. account of
dies of small-pox. vi. 650. 651. indian tribes of ohio, quoted.
vii. P. 21. 25. recovers against

sir r. saltonstall. P. 21. wig- John's pond. iii. 2.
wams burnt. P. 21. 22. promises John's island. iii. 239.
to pay for damages done by his John's river. vii. 172. 151.
people. P. 29. wounded. P. Joliffe, john. ii. 103. viii. 44. 105.
32. 33. 58. promises to fence his “ Jonas, new england's, cast up at
P. 66. 73. viii. 231.

london.” iv. 107. published by
Johnson, sir william. i. 149.

william vassal, and answered by
Johnson, isaac. i. (xxiv.) buried at mr. winslow. vi. 516. 517.

stone chapel burying ground, bos- Jones, captain. iii. 208. bribed by
ton. (xxx.) ii. 79. death and the dutch to carry the plymouth

vii. P. 1. 2. 14. colony to cape cod, instead of hud.
v. 109. assistant. 124. 128. dies. son's river. v. 50. 75. vi. 667.
132. 133. vii. 148. 159. one of ix. 44.
the five undertakers; said to be Jones, rev.

of concord. 'iji.
à cause of the settlement of boston; 154, 155.
buried in the now chapel burying Jones, margaret, hanged for a witch.
ground; assistant and patentee of vi. 5:30.
new england. vii. P. 2. 14. 69. Jones,

vii. 29.
Johnson, lady arbella. i. (xxiv.) ii. Jones, sir william, his majesty's at-

79. 86. her character. v. 132, 133. torney general, gives an opinion

x. 180.



v. 274.

against the validity of the grant among indians at martha's vineyard
made by plymouth council to cap- by mr. mayhew. iii. 83.

tain mason. vi. 614. 616. 621. Justice, administration of in rhode
Jones, mary. i. 162.

island, required by the king to be
Junes, thomas. x. 76.

in his name. vii. 93. not ad.
iv. 294.

ministered in massachusetts in the
Jones's river bridge. iv. 229.

king's name during the common.
Jones's river head pond. iv. 268. 281. wealth, but renewed afterwards.
Jones's inn. iv. 207. 208. 210. 213. viii. 48. 74.
Jones's river parish, now kingston.

jii. 208.
Jones's river pond. iii. 206.

Jones's river. iii. 162. 163. 184. 205.

iv. 89. 224. 268. 279. vii. 137. Kamesit. iii. 175.
x. 62. 67. 69.

Kamschatka. ii. 43.
Jones's river landing. iv. 279.

Kansas indians, their residence and
Jordan, miss olive. jii. 200.

numbers; defeated by pawnees. ii. .
Jortin, rev.
i. 224.

Josiah, sagamore. v. 71. 72.

Karalit, or language of greenland, is

v. 216. 224. 226. spoken in asia. ix. 233.
commissioner of sir f. gorges. vi. Kaskins indians, their numbers. ii. 8.
369. 584. 596. 597. 598.

have a catholick priest; their an.
Josselyn, john. i. (xxiii. xxxi.) er- nnity. 9. 13.

rours in, corrected. vii. P. 39. Kata indians. ii. 38.
vii. 164.

Kautantowit, his house the abode of
Jourdan, clement. vii. 164.

the good after death, as believed by
Journal, governour winthrop's, quot- massachusetts indians ; indian su-

ed. i. 169. return j. meigs'sof perstition about his creating man.
expedition to quebec, under colo- kind. ii. 113.
nel benedict arnold. ii. 227. a Kawassa. iv. 265.
paper printed at plynouth. ii. 177. | Kean, mrs. iv. 91.
new england medical. i. 120.


iv. 249.
Joy, Michael, esq. x. 192.

Kearsarge mountain. viii. 174.
Joyliffe. See jolifie.

Keayne, robert, first commander of an-
Jowa river. j. 9. 29.41.

cient and honourable artillery corn-
Joways indians, their residence, num- pany. ii. 185. viii. 230. x. 24.
ber and warriours. ii. 39.

Kebec. See quebec.
Judd, dr. e. w. his marble manufacto- Keekamuit, or bristol, rhode island, its

tory at middlebury, vermont. ix. meaning. x. 174.
129. 135. 136.

Kee kepenaglieseek fight. viii. 246.
Judith point. iii. 46.


iv. 260.
Judson, rev. adoniram, of plymouth. Keene, new hampshire, its indian
iii. 201. 203

name; broken up by indians. iii.
Jupiter, ship, loss of. iv. 71.

Jury, remarks on, by governour Keetohs, indian family. iii. 8.

hutchinson. i. (xxii.) their verdict Keil, i. 108.
against rev. mr. hobart. iv. 110. Keith, joseph. vii. 159. 162.
grand, first used in massachusetts Keith, rev. james, of bridgewater, no-
in 1635.

v. 159. petit, try mat- tice of. vii. 161-164. 168. iv. 80.
ters of fact in massachusetts. vii. 142. 147. 149.
159. not used in new haven colo- Keith, james. vii. 162..
ny. vi. 320. 332. empannelled Keith, samuel. vii. 162.
to decide the controversy about Keith, timothy. vii. 162.

not to be used Keith, john. vii. 162.
by king's commissioners in appeals Keith, josiah. vii. 162.
to them from massachusetts courts. Keith, margaret-hunt. vii. 162.
viii. 91. 92. 110. introduced Keith, mary-haward. vii. 162.



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