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New england prospeet, by wood, re- 549. capture french forts at st.
ferred to. iv. 296.

john's. 549. fourth colony of new
New england annals, by prince. vii. england, planted, account of. vii.

6. 8. becomes a part of connecti-
New england library. vii. 180. 181. cut colony under the charter of
capt. whitbourne's

charles ii. ix. 124, 125. colony,
book about. viii. 223. 224.

settled by mr. eaton, rev. j. daven-
of some who undertook to advance port and others. 175.
the settlement of. 225. 227. capt. New holderness, new hampshire, ac.
mason, governour of a plantation count of iii. 113. boundaries,
at. ix. 7. 8. capt. darmer there. soil, and productions. 114. mills,

distillery and schools. 115. char-
New-found meadows. iv. 284.

ter, episcopal church, inbabitants,
New hampshire, catalogue of minis- baptisms, marriages and deaths.

ters in 1767. iy. 78. ministers in 116.
1741; number of inhabitants and New

swich academy. vii. 70.
soldiers in 1767 and 1815. 79. New jersey, account of attempts to
first planting of. v. 213. divided abolish slavery there. viii. 184. 193.
into five counties. vij. 65. first donations made by towns in, to bos-
government formed. vii. (prince's ton, during its port bill. ix. 160.
advertisement.) formerly claimed 165.
from connecticut river to lake New kent. i. 80.
champlain. ix. 123. donations “ New life of virginea.” viii. 199.
made by towns in, to boston, during 227.
its port bill. 159. 164. sketches New lights in new england very early
of ministers and churches. 367. produced by some uncommon ap-
churches and ministers. X. 54.

pearances of the sun. viii. 9.
instances of longevity in. 176. New london, new hampshire, note on,
New harbour marsh.

iv. 224.

by j. farmer. viii. 173. 175. situ.
New haven, town of. i. (ix.) notice alion and boundaries, rivers and

of, by d. wooster; situation. ji.' brooks, lake and ponds. 173. 174.
217. harbour, trade, shipping and soil, village, shops, meeting house,
produce. 218. called dead (red ?) school houses, mills, ete. 174. 175.
hills. vi. 323. or quillipiuk, first population; formerly called heidle-
planted. 317. 318. colony of, be- burg ; history ; first settlers; incor-
comes a part of connecticut under poration. 175.
the charter. 311. 331. towns in. New london, connecticut, situation,
319. government. 320.
have no harbour, trade, and shipping. ii

juries. 320. 332. character of 219. 220.

produce and manufac-
settlers ; purchases lands in dela- tures; imports exceed exports.
321. loss of ship. 321. 322. 220.

v. 19.
difficnlties with the dutch and in- New mexico. . 23. 28. 29.
dians. 322. laws in print. 323. New netherlands, an early name of
sickness and fever and ague at. new york. See new york
324. 325. proposals to remove from, New plymouth. See plymouth colo-
to ireland, &c. 326. mistakes of

founders. 332. 333. people pur- New rochelle. i. 141.
chase of delaware indians. 380. New paltz. i. 141.
disturbed by the dutch. 432. set- New somersetshire, or province of
tled by commissioners. 435. trad. maine. v. 261.
ing house at delaware burnt by New stockbridge indians; schools. ii.
the dutch. 434. further difficul. 6. 47. or mohegans, observations
ties with the dutch. 521, one of on.

X. 86.
its ships, with many passengers of New wales, name proposed for penn-
distinction on board, lost at

sylvania. vii. 186.
527. quarrel with the dutch at New york, state of religious liberty in.
manhatoes. 545. quarrel settled. i. 140. discovered and settled;



[blocks in formation]



called new netherlands. 140. in- court about messrs. whalley and
habitants in 1771. 147. denomi. goffe being at large in massachu-
nations of christians in. 146. col. setts. 67. petition from gorton
lege at. 152. instructions of go- and others, setting forth their arrest,
vernour about conversion of ne. trial, losses, etc. 68. answer from
groes and indians. 154. acts of, massachusetts general court about
respecting the support of episcopa- the observance of the acts of navi.
cy. 153. administration of oaths. gation. 71.

answer from massa-
153. missionary society. ii. 15. chusetts general court about go-
“ state of religious liberty in,' vernment, religious laws, militia,
tice respecting author. 270. grant- forts and ships. 71. 72. demand
ed to the duke of york. iii. 85. whether they should be acknow-
origin of name ; surrendered by ledged as a court of appeals, etc.
dutch to commissioners of duke of 74. 79. their answer from maşsa-
york. v. 15. fort surprised and chusetts general court. 80,
taken by monsieur colve. vi. 611. mons to joshua scottow about the
667. formerly called new nether- case of the charles of oleron, 82.
lands. 666. plymouth pilgrims require alterations in the laws of
from leyden intend to settle at, but massachusetts. 87. notified that
are fraudulently prevented. 666. the case of the charles of oleron is
667. surrenders to the english, to be heard before massachusetts
under col. nichols , king's commis- general court. 88. 89. remonstrate.
sioner. 667. the town described. 89. 90. conference with a com-
670. houses, trade, &c. 669, 670. mittee of massachusetts general
671. numbers, &c. of indians in court about appeals. 91. 92. a
alliance with. viii. 243. 245. his- brief narrative of their negotia-
torical collections referred to. X. tion with massachusetts. 92. 96.

except col. nichols, return from
Niantick indians. ii. 66. or narragan- manhattoes to boston. 95.
sets. iv, 28. 42. vi. 448.

quire all the freemen of massachu.
Nichols, judge, in the time of queen setts to be present at boston. 95.
elizabeth. vii. P. 12.

96. go to plymouth, warwick, and
Nichols, col. richard, sent with sir. r. pettasquamsuck, from which issue

carr, george cartwright, and s. ma- divers warrants, etc. 96. See com-
verick, king's commissioners, iv. missioners from charles ij. &c.
102. from charles ii. vi. 577. Nichols, moses, of amherst, new hamp-
596. 598. 665. 674. arrives at new shire, notice of. ii. 252.
york. vi. 311. 584. of which he Nichols, rev. ichabod, of portland. iv.
effects the surrender to the english. 181.
667. their commission compared. Nichols, benjamin-r. x. 191.
viii. 52. papers presented to mas- Nicholas, edward. viii. 55.
sachusetts general court by them. Nicholson, joseph, and jane his wife,
55. suspected by massachusetts quakers, sentenced to death, but
of being sent to raise £5000 and suffered to leave the colony. vi.
12d. per acre on its improved lands. 571.
56. the reasons and objects for Nickanoose. ii. 33.
which they were sent. 57. 58. Nickisipigue lake. iv. 130.
letter from massachusetts general Nickles, john. viji. 46.
court, accusing them of a breach of Nickols, john, a counsellor at law in
its patent. 63. letter frorn massa- england. i. 117.
chusetts general court denying Nickotawance, sachem of virginia, be-
charges of injury to narraganset and comes tributary to the king of eng-
other indians. 63. letter from land; his visit to jamestown. ix.
massachusetts general court object- 117.
ing to their power of holding ap- Nicolson, capt. ii. 261.
peals from massachusetts. 67. let. Niff, mary, captured by indians. iv.
ter from massachusetts general 128.


Niger, frigate, attacks plymouth. iii. , North, of gardiner's town. ii.

Niles, rev. samuel, of abington. vii. North american indians, society for
120. 121. iji. 201.

propagating the gospel among, ac-
Nimrod, british gun brig. iv. 251. count of. ii. 45. 46. incorporated.

Ninigret. v. 33. sachem of the nar- North american indian languages, ob-

ragansets, raises troubles against servations on, by j. pickering, esq.
the english. vi. 465. or ninicrete, ix. 223. their classes. 233.
or ninicraft. 546. or ninegrad. vii. Northampton, settled in consequence
P. 59. or nynigrett, sachem of the of difficulties in the churches of
nianticks. viii. 131. 148.

hartford, etc. vi. 316. liberty
Nipegon. See winnebago.

granted for settling. 543.
Nipnet indians. v. 33.

Northampton, new hampshire. iv.
Nippenicket pond. See nunketest. 72. sketch of, by rev. j. french ;
Nishokken, a natick indian, part of incorporated. 189. formerly north

his sermon on genesis viii. 20. 21. hill; schools and social library ;
vi. 653.

houses, families, and mills. 190.
Nock, ann. x. 179.

ecclesiastical history. 191. church
Noddle, william, sworn a freeman. records lost. 192.
vii. P. 29.

North carolina, its want of ministers.
Noddle, drowned. vii. P. 63. ii. 193.
Noddle's island. i. 123. ii. 86. origin Northfield, or squakhet. v. 18.
of its name. vii. P. 29.

North hill. i. 180.
Nohone island. v. 38.

North hill, or northampton, new
Nolichucky river, in east tennessee. hampshire. iv. 190.
vii. 59.

North kingston, rhode island, r.
Noman's land. iii. 43. 63. 70. account smith's trading house at. ix. 198.
of. 79.

North pond, in plainfield. viii. 167.
Nonantum, or newtown. ii. 141. North river, massachusetts. iv. 220.
Nonconformist's oath, a poem. iv. 222. 224. 226. 227. 280. vii. 117.

176. ferry. x. 62. 69. bridge. iv.
Nonconformists and separatists, differ- 228.
ence between. v. 118.

Northumberland, duke of. vi. 349.
Nonconformists, five silenced in one North virginia. v. 12.

day, and fifteen in another, by bishop Northwood. iv. 71.
dove. vii. P. 51. 52.

Norton, rev. john, of ipswich, per-
Noosnippi, its meaning. iv. 275. suades the church of boston to give
Noosup, its meaning. iv. 275.

up their opposition to the synod at
Nope, or martha's vineyard. iii. 89. cambridge. i. 196. a great divine.
Norridgewock. ii. 231. indian fort, ii. 260. arrives. ii. 140. preaches at

chapel, and father ralle's grave at. ipswich. 148. iv. 104. settled there.

231. father ralle and indians kill. v. 274. at boston ; sent to england
. ed at, by capt. harmon and his to represent the loyalty of massa-
troops. viii. 245. or nanrantsouak. chusetts to charles ii. vi. 576. his

death. 602. answers the “ sylloge
Norridgewock indians. iv. 130. war questionum of rev. apollonius

declared against, by massachusetts. his character. 640. 641. vii. 53.
viii. 254. village captured and ma. 55. 56.
ny killed by massachusetts troops. Norton, francis. iv. 25. vii. 55.
254. 255. father ralle's intercepted Norton john, of salem. viii. 106.
letter giving an account of their Norton, john, of ipswich. viii. 107.
expeditions against the english. Norton, freegrace. viii. 107.

Norton, william. viii. 107.
Norris, rev. edward. iv. 157. ordained Norton, h. a quaker, banished ply-
at salem. v. 276. vi. 386.

inouth colony. x. 70.
iv. 294.

Norton, professor andrews. X. 162.


Norton, iii. 66. 80. iv. 261. | Nunketest, or nunketetest, river. vii.
vii. 123.

146. 171.
Norton, capt. walter. vii. P 4. Nunketest pond. vii. 147. or nip-
sworn a freeman. P. 29.

penicket pond. 171.
Norton's sound. ii. 43.

Nutten island, new york harbour. vi.
Norumbega, or virginia. v. 13. · 670.
Norwich. v. 19.

Nye, rev. philip, one of the assembly
Nott, rev. dr. eliphalet, president of of divines at westminster. vi. 534.

union college. viii. 167. x. 192. vii. 188.
Nova francia. v. 12. 14.

Nye, thomas. vii. 188.
Nova guena. v. 27.


iv. 260. 294.
Nova scotia, assigned by sir w. alex-

ander, afterwards earl of stirling.
V. 89. surrendered by treaty of

charles i. to france. vii. P. 78.
first congregational or dissenting
ordination. viii. 281. c. gannett's Oak, remarks on the cultivation of, by
account of ecclesiastical affairs. general benjamin lincoln. i. 187.
282, 283. the french dislodged 194.
from, by sir s. argall; granted by Oakes, rev. urian, president of har-
the king of england to sir w. alex- vard college. vii. 165.

ander; a plantation at. ix. 5. Oakes, thomas. x. 25. 26. 27.
Novum belgium. v. 13.

Oakes, dr. of boston, described by j.
Nowell, alexander, dean of st. paul's. dunton. ii. 105.
vii. P. 14.

Oakman's ferry. iv. 230.
Nowell increase. iii. 132. iv. 110. Oath taken by bacon. i. 45. ten-

114. assistant. v. 122. 124. teach- dered to gloucester men. 56. of
ing elder, and afterwards appointed a nonconformist, a poem. iv. 104.
to civil office. 185. 186. vi. 506. of freemen, form of. 114.
546. vii. 41. 129. P. 1. 3. 5. 6. viii. Oaths, acts about, in new york. i.
97. 229. secretary of massachu. 153.

persons scrupulous about
setts. vii. 190, (prince's adver. taking, permitted to "engage

tisement.) assistant. P. 5. 21. rhode island. vii. 95. 96.
23. 27. 30. 31. 32. 34. 35. 38. 58. Obbatinewat, sachem at massachusetts
+00. 61. 63. 65. 66. 68. 69. 71. 72. bay, submits to king james. ix. 57.
85. 86. 91. 92. 93. notice of. P. 14. 58.
a principal man at charlestown. P. Obbatinna. v. 61.
14. appointed to prophecy in boston. Obquamhud. v. 61.
P. 25.

Oby river, origin of the name. vii. 63.
Nowell, james. vii. P. 64, "correc- Odlin, john, his deposition about

blackstone's sale. iv. 202. 203.
Nowell, samuel. ii. 177. viii. 180. Odlin, rev. woodbridge, of exeter, new
Nowell, alexander. ii. 177.

hampshire. iv. 78.
Noyes, rev. james, of newbury. iii. Offences, one hundred, presented to

144. his book referred to. iv. the first grand jury of massachu-

setts. v. 159.
Noyes, nicholas. viii. 106.

Officers of massachusetts historical so-
Noyes, rev. nicholas, of salem, describ- ciety. i. 13. military, in massachu-
ed by dunton. ii. 118.

setts, how chosen, vii. 55. 56.
Noyes, oliver. x. 27.

Ogden, major, wounded. ii. 246.
Noyes, rev. nathaniel, of south- Oglethorpe,

jj. 188.
ampton, new hampshire. iv. 78. Ohio, territory of. i. 186. claimed by

indians. ii. 3.
Noyes, rev. thomas, quoted. x. 141. Ohio river. ii. 15.
Noyes, daniel. vii. 170.

Oil, price of, at nantucket. iii. 29.
Number 7, necessary to constitute a imported early into new england.
church. ii. 71.

vi. 379.

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Olcott, rév. bulkley, of charlestown, character and portrait. iii. 169.
new hampshire. iv. 78.

manuscript of hubbard's history,
Old colony. (See plymouth colony, copied by his own hand. v. (vi.)

lands in, purchased of indians. vii. Oliver, dr. peter. iii. 286. his letter to

g. eliot. 288.
Oldham, john, seditious, expelled from Ollyver, thomas. See oliver, thomas.

plymouth colony. v. 92. his cha- Olney, thomas. vii. 93. ix. 170.
racter. 94. 107. his man acciden- 197.
tally shoots men training at water- Omikoues indians. viii. 251.
town. vii. P. 63. his house burnt Omsted, nicholas. viii. 139.
at watertown. P. 66. visits con- Oneida indians, their schools. i. 47.
necticut; killed by the pequods. their number, etc. viii. 244.
v. 93. 169. 170. 176. 248. 250. viii. Onion, mrs. of roxbury, dies in despair.
123. discovery of his murder. vi. 423.
249. vii. P. 60. said to have been Onions, wild, early found in new eng-
killed by the narragansets. viii. 131. Jand. iii. 130.

Onkatomka island. iii. 75.
Oldham, thomas. iv. 241.

Onkos, or uncas. viii. 133.
« Old herring wear in scituate. iv. Onnaquege. iv. 275.

Onondagua, or onundawgoes indians,
i. (xxx.)

their number, etc. viii. 244.
Old town, martha's vineyard. iii. 39. Ooneleshka. ii. 43.

or edgartown, account of. 70. Opachancano, or opechankenow, in-
its dwellings, ships, &c. 70. 71. dian emperour in virginia. ix. 78.
Old town harbour. iii. 56. bearings of. captured by sir william berkeley,
40. 48. 58. 70.

governour, and dies. ii. 117.
Old colony club, its coat of arms. iii. Opinion of sir william jones, on the

grants made by the council at ply-
« Old comers.” x. 63.

mouth. vi. 617.
Old men's tears, a book by j. scottow. Oppelousas indians, their number and
iv. 102.

residence. ii. 26. 27.
Old planters' narrative, by j. scottow. Orach plant. vi. 24.
i. (xxix.) iv. 104.

Orchards in massachusetts. vii. 37.
Old south church, boston, account of 38.
books deposited by, in massachu. Orcutt,

vii. 155.
setts historical society's library. Orcutt,

vii. 123.
vii. 179. 180. used by british as a Ordination, presbyterian, validity of,
riding school. vii. 180.

doubted' ii. 130. the necessity of,
Oleron, the ship charles of, trial about. denied by certain baptists at
iv. 102.

charlestown. ii. 172. early man-
Oliver, thomas. iii. 285. elder, of ner of, in new england. vi. 409.
boston, v. 188. vii. P. 69.

vii. 42. of pastor and elder at bos-
a freeman. P. 92. ordained ruling ton. vii. P. 73. the first dissent-
elder at boston. P. 73. his son ing in nova scotia. vii. 281.
killed by accident in felling trees on Ord, capt. vii. 156.
boston neck. P. 83.

Ordway, rev. nehemiah, first minister
Oliver, john. vi. 340. vii. P. 70. dis- of middletown, new hampshire. jj.
franchised. x. 24.

'Oliver, peter. iii. 285.

Orme, robert, his account of brad-
Oliver james. iii. 285.

dock's defeat, with a list of british
Oliver, nathaniel. X. 26.

and american officers killed and
Oliver, dr. james. i. 107. iv. 93. wounded. viii 153. 157.
Oliver, andrew. x. 28.

Orr, hugh. vii. 160. 161. 176.
Oliver, judge peter, visits president Orr, hector. vii. 170.

stiles. ii. 260. his manuscript of Osegah indians, their residence, aum-
hubbard's history. 260. 283. resid- ber and warriours. ij. 42.
ed in middleborough; his pursuits, Osgood, mary, her confessions about


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