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witchcraft to dr. i. mather. iii. | Oxenbridge, rev. john, of boston. vi.

Osgood, rev. james, of wenham. viii. Oxford, massachusetts. iii. 19.

Oxford, bishop of, sermon before so-
Osgood, rev. dr. david, his sermon be- ciety for propagating the gospel. ii.

fore ancient and honourable artille- 190.
ry company. ii. 186.

Oxford university, difficulties at, ow-
Osgood, joshua-b. iv. 169.

ing to church forms, etc. vii. P.
Osgood, isaac. iv. 169.

52. 53. bishop laud its chancellor.
Osgood, thomas. ii. 181.

P. 52.
Osooit, zachary, indian preacher at Oyster pond. iii. 38.
gay head. iii. 13. 17.

Oyster bed proprietary at plymouth.
Ossage river. ii. 23.

iii. 191.
Ossage indian tribes, character, num. Oyster bank, at scituate. iv. 228.

ber, residence, warriours and annui- Oyster, long island. vi. 669.
ty; cede lands to the united states. Ozark indians. ii. 28. See arkansas
ii. 31.

Ossamequin. See ousamaquin.
Otash, sachem of narragansets. viii.

Otis, john, of scituate. iv. 228. 242. Pacanaukett. iy. 266.
248. vii. 122.

Pacanas indians, their number and re-
Otis, james, jun. x. 29.

sidence. ii. 27.
Otis, samuet-a. ii. 167. 249. clerk Pacatuck river. vii. P. 59.

of united states senate. viii. 316. Pacheweset island. iv. 289.
Ottagaumies indians, their number and Packanokick, or puckanokick, the seat
annuity. ii. 9.

of massasoyt. ix. 27. journey of
Ottawas indians, their number, war- plymyouth people to. 49. 50. 73.

riours and annuity. ii. 11. 12. Packard, samuel." vii. 148. 149. 154.
Otta was river. ii. 10.11.

Packard, samuel. vii. 149.
Otter pond. viii. 174.

Packard, zacheus. vii. 149.
Otter creek. ix. 123. 125. 126.

Packard, nathaniel. vii. 149.
Otters at mashpee. iii. 2.

Packard, john. vii. 149. 157.
Ottoos, indians. ii. 10. their num-Packard, jonathan. vii. 166.
ber and language. 32.

Packard, rev. elijah, of plymouth. ii.
Ouchee indian language. ii. 18.

201. vii. 154. 169.
Oufiougulas indians. ii. 15.

Packard, deacon barnabas. X. 44.
Ouiscousing river. ii. 10.

Packard, rev. asa. vii. 154. 170.
Oukehaee indian language. ii. 18. Packard, rev. hezekiah. vii. 154.
Ousamaquin, quarrel with canonicus 170.

and meantinomy. vii. 75. 76. sa- Packard, rev. theophilus. vii. 154.
chem, his deed of duxbury. 139. Packard, or packer, vii. 151.
sachem of pacanacot, flees with his Packer, thomas. iii. 119.
men to sowams, a plymouth trading Packer, or packard,

vii. 151.
house. vii. P. 58.

Paddy, william. iii. 182. 184. 220. iv.
Outagamis indians. viji. 251.

Outinon fort. ii. 18.

Padoucas indians. See tetaus.
Overseers of mashpee indians. iii. 10. Page, john, house burnt. vii. P. 27.
Owanux, pequot word for englishmen. Page, capt. nicholas. viii. 44. 105.
viii. 138.


first settler of lunen-
Owen, rev. dr. john. i. 203. invited

burg. iii. 104.
to be minister of the church in bos- Page, rev. john, of hawke, new hamp-
ton. ii. 265. prevented by the shire. iv. 78.
plague and fire in london; treated Page, david, first settler of lancaster,
with favour and kindness by the new hampshire. ji. 103.

king. 266. iv. 104. vi. 590. Page, rev. thomas, of hebron, new
Owen, thankfull. vii. 188.

hampshire. iii. 112.


X. 66.

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v. 193.

Page, col. jonathan. ii. 180

Papists, their errours. ii. 58. 73.
Paye, major david, cotton manufacto. Paris, rev. noyes. iv. 59.

ry at middlebury, vermont. ix. Parker, archbishop, opposed to the

consecration of churches. vii. P. 51.
iv. 19.

Parker, rev. robert, a uonconformist.
Paine, robert. iv. 25.

v. 118. 187. 188.
Paine, rev. thomas, of weymouth. iii. Parker, rev. thomas, of newbury, ar-

rives. iii. 144. iv. 120.
Paine, judge robert treat. jii. 177. 209. Parker, rev. james, of weymouth,
Paine, rev.

joshua, of charlestown. ii. preaches at lower piscataqua. vi.

vii. 123.

Parker, william. iv. 25.
Painter, punished. vi. 347. Parker, william. iy. 239.
Painter, hon. gamaliel. ix. 134. Parker, james. ii. 162.
Painting of the landing of the forefa- Parker, robert. ii. 162.
thers. iii. 225. 230.

Parker, thomas. viii. 106.
Pakapeneese. iji. 34.

Parker, rev. jonathan, of plympton. -
Pakeponesso assaults hiacomes, a iv. 270.

christian indian. vi. 655. killed. Parker, rev benjamin, of haverhill.

iv. 150.
Palace gate of quebec. ii. 245. Parker, zechariah. ii. 111. 112.
Palfrey, peter. v. 107. vii. P. 60.

Parker, john. ii. 119.
viii. 314.

Parker, asa.

viii. 46
Palladium, extract from. iii. 225. 230. Parker, jonathan. viii. 46.
Pallinger, lieut. viii. 156.

Parker, jonas. viii. 46.
Palmer, abraham. v. 122. vii. P. 4. Parker, mrs.

X. 180.
60. viii. 146.

Parker, daniel. iv. 169.
Palmer, capt. of the st. patrick, diffi- Parker, isaac, chief justice of massa-
culty with the lieutenant of the cas- chusetts. viii. 298.
v. 241.

presents the king's Parker, david. iii. 11.
colours to the castle. 242.

Parker, daniel. ii. 180.
Palmer, john, of scituate. iv. 241. Parker, leonard-m. ii. 178. 180. 181.
iv. 266.

Parker, rev. clement, of chester, new
Palmer, rev. thomas, of middlebo.

harnpshire. ix. 369.
rough. ii. 197.

Parkman, rev. ebenezer, of westbo-
ii. 107. 118.

rough. iv. 263.
Palmer, dr. iii. 197.

Parr, samuel. viii. 106.
Palmer, ann.
iv. 91.

Parsons, rev. jonathan, of newbury-
Palmer, rev. samuel. iii. 16.

port. ii. 228.
Palmer, barnabas. x. 178.

Parsons, rev. samuel, of rye, new
Palmer, rev. stephen. 8. 191.

hampshire. iv. 78.
Pamet, submits to the king of england. Parsons, judge theophilus. iv. 99.
ix. 68.

chief justice of massachusetts. viii.
Pamola, an indian evil spirit, supersti- 286. his letter from w. tudor. 287.
tion about. viji. 116.

his character by w. tudor. 289.
Panis, or pawnee, indians. See paw- Parsons, capt. ii. 225. 226. iv. 216.

Parsons, general. x. 87.
Panis, or towraches, indians. See tow- Partrich. See partridge.

Partridge, or partrich, rev. ralph, ar-
Pannaganskeins indians. viii. 246. rives. iv. 2. settles at duxbury.

V. 240. vi. 556. a champion for
Panoket island. iv. 289.

the truth against samuel gorton.
Panseawen indians. viii. 249.

662. 663. vij. 158, X. 57. 65. 68.
Pantoosuk, included plainfield and 69.
other towns. viii. 172.

Partridge, capt. arrives; his heresies;
Paomet, or cape cod. ix. 50.

called before the court; ordered to
Paper money, note on. iv. 99.

quit the province; goes to rhode





6.1. Patterson, widely }

island. vi. 413. 414. goes to the nar- v. 89. of new england, the grand,
ragansets for tribute. 463.

of 1620. v. 80. (And see the ter-
Partridge, george. vij. 138. 154. ritories conveyed, and the parties
Partridge, william. x. 176.

or persons to whom the conveyance
Partridge neck, in carver. iv. 275. was made.) of mashpee indians,
Pariurition easy among indian women.

granted. jji. 11.
ii. 119.

Patrick, capt, daniel, shot at stamford.
Pascataqua, different modes of spell- vi. 425. sworn a freeman. vii. P.

ing. ii. 267. v. 16. indians at. 29. 34. his pay. P. 85. sent by
32. 78. murder walter bagnall. massachusetts with troops against
142. vii. P. 35. first settlement indians at block island. viii. 143.
at. v. 213. parts about granted in the war with capt, mason against
to sir f. gorges and others. 215. the pequots. 147. his pension from
people in the neighbourhood of, massachusetts. 2:34.
form a combination of governinent Pattasquamscuck, or pettesquamscuck.
220. 222.' land there owned by viii. 96.
bristol and shrewsbury people and Patten, william. ii. 162.
others. 221. religious disturban- Patten, rev. william, of halifax. iv.

at. 222. vi. 350. 362. 364. 282. 283.
eight men drowned at. 421. the Patten, mary. x. 178.
south and east side of the river Patten, rev. dr. of newport. iv. 283.

under the jurisdiction of Patten, amos. viii. 115.
massachusetts. 542. 543.

x. 178.
per annum raised for harvard col. Patterson, grisel,
lege by some of its gentlemen. Patteshall, richard. viii. 105.
543. dispute about lands at. 555. Patteshall, miss. x. 2.
men murdered at, by indians. 631. Pattison, edward. viii. 139.
two wicked fellows of, hung at bos. Patucket river. x. 171.
ton for killing their master. 647. Patuxant river, virginia. ix. 110.
now new hampshire ; formation of Patuxet, or plymouth. i. (xx.) v. 37.
its governmant. vii. (prince's ad- 41. 98. ix. 49.
vertisement.) or pascatoway, go. Patuxet river. vi. 521.
vernour of, comes out under sir f. Paucatuke river. vi. 582.
gorges. P. 7.

or piscatoway, per. Paukopunnakuk hill. iii. 175.
sons sent out to, for the purpose of Paul's point. jji. 45.
making salt. P. 30. or piscataqua, Paunche indians, ii. 35. their number

pascatowa, or pascataquack. and residence. 36.
P. 35. mr. trelane's tract of land Paupers in boston alms-house. i. 131.
at; fishing places at. P. 35. Pauquiaug, or weathersfield. vi. 307.
corn sent from, to boston windmill. Paucatuck river. vii. 91. 92. the
P. 70.

boundary between rhode island and
Pascagaulas indians, their number and connecticut. viii. 122.
residence. ï. 27.

Pawcatuck bay. viii. 149.
Pason, edward. iv. 110.

Pawkunnawküts, or wampanoags, in.
Pasque island. iii. 77.

dians, their place of residence. ix.
Passaconnaway and pássaquo sell ha- 236.
verhiil. iv. 169. 171. v. 60.

Pawnees, language. ii. 26. 28. 29. res-
Passaquo and passaconnaway sell ha- idence and number. 33.
verhill. iv. 169. 171.

Pawtucket indians, their place of resi-
Pastanownas, or castahanas indians, dence. ix. 236.

their residence and number. ii. 38. Pawtucket river. ix. 172.
Patackosi. iii. 175.

Pawtuxet river. ix. 172.
Patawoenicke river, virginia. ix. 110. Pautụxet planted. ix. 182.
Patent to mr. white and others, of Paybody, john. vii. 138.

dorchester, england, of land be. Paybody, william. vii. 138. x. 58. 64.
tween 3 miles north of merrimack 66. 68. 71.
and 3 miles south of charles river. Payne, john. viii, 107.


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Payne, .william. x. 27.

25. arrives in the lyon, which is
Payson, rev. edward, of rowley. iv. saluted by boston. P. 37. sails for

virginia and england. P. 38. 69.
Payson, samuel. ii. 176. 178. 180. 71. arrives with passengers in the
Payson, rev. edward, of portland. iv. lyon. P. 67. his ship lost, with a

part of his men and passengers, and
Payson, john-l. ii. 178.

goods, belonging to boston and ply-
Peaked mountain. , viii. 115.

mouth. P. 86. 87. his letter
Peakes, william. iv. 241.

about the loss of his ship. P. 87.
Pearl river. ii. 16. 17. 43.

Pearson, george. i. 121.

Peirce, james. vi. 642.
Peas 10s. sterling a bushel in massa- Peirce, daniel. iii. 119.
chusetts. vij. P. 10.

Peirson, rev. abraham, removes to long
Pease, theophilus, his preservation. iv. island. v. 245. vii. 22. 23.

Pelham, in massachusetts. iii. 247.

iii. 66. iv. 261. Pelham, herbert, assistant. iv. 110. v.
Pease point. iii. 81.

122. commissioner. vi. 499. vii. 16.
Peaslee, col. nathaniel. iv. 153.

Peat at nantucket. iii. 24.

Pelham, william. vii. P. 4.
Peck, rev. robert. iv. 110. ordained Pellets of clay, a curious discharge of.

at hingham. v. 279. vi. 431. vii. vi. 646.

Pelton, or strayton, george, his bees in
Peck, john, a marine architect. ii. virginia. ix. 120.

173. iv. 285. his models for ship Pemaquid. i. (iv.) v. 11. 15. 16. 89.
building. x. 163.

rifled by pirates. 160. indians at.
Peck, professor william-d. i. 118. vi. 629. rifled by bull and other pi-

obituary notice of. x. 161. made rates. vii. P. 73.
professor of natural history at har- Pemberton, james. vii. P. 4.
vard college. 165. visits europe. Pemberton, john. vii. P. 70.
» 165. anecdote of. 166.

Pemberton, rev. ebenezer, of boston.
iv. 132.

i. (xxx.)
Pecker, dr. james. iv. 169.

Pemberton, dr. ebenezer. viii, 158.
Pecker, jeremiah. iv. 169.

Pemberton, john. viii. 185.
Pecock, or pocock,

v. 122.

iii. 13.
Peekskill. iii. 245.

Pembroke, earl of, a patentee of new
Pegipscot river. v. 31.

england. v. 217.
Pekash, or pequot. vii. P. 25. Pembroke, philip, earl of. ix. 185.
Peirce, capt. john, of the ship para. Pembroke in massachusetts. vii. 141.

gon, employed to obtain a patent indian name. 144. 146.
for plymouth colony. v. 80. 81. Pemigewasset river. iii. 109. 111. 113.
his fraudulent conduct. 81. 82. 114.
first patent of plymouth colony ta- Pendleton, major bryan, of saco. vi.
ken in his name; richard gardiner's 542, 600. viii. 229.
letter to him. ix. 27. his selfish Penequese island. iii. 78.
views. 28.

Pengry, moses. viii. 107.
Peirce, capt, william, arrives in the Penguin river. iv. 291.

ann with passengers. v. 82. 130. Penhallow, samuel, his account of rev.
arrives in the lyon. 139.

saves the

charles morton. i. 161. indian wars
ambrose. 140. vii. P. 19. iv.

quoted. iv. 129. referred to. viii.
156. his ship cast away near vir- 254.
ginia. v. 202. serviceable in bring. Penhallow, richard-w. iii. 119.
ing passengers to new england ; Penmanmore. vii. 186.
goes to providence island and is Penn, its meaning. vii. 186.
killed. vi. 378. 379. who had Penn, william, his letter to governour
been sent to ireland, arrives oppor- hinckley, of plymouth. vii. 185.
tunely at nanta-ket.

his letter to richard turner. 186.
goes for, and arrives in england. P. confirmation of pennsylvania to

vii. P. 18.




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him. 186. countenanced slavery; captains oldham and stone; murder

left a family of slaves. viii. 185. and torture english, and resolve
Penn, elder james. vii. P. 4. 69. to extirpate them, and tempt the

marshal of the courts in massachu- narragansets and mohegans to join
setts, his salary. viii. 233. 234. X. them. viji. 123. causes of the war

against them detailed. 130. 131.
Pennacooke. v. 242.

massachusetts sends troops against
Pennington, isaac. vi. 349.

them under capt. endicott and oth-
Pennington, lieut. viii. 156.

ers. 131. kill people at weathers-
Pennsylvania, origin of its name, and field. 132. a brief history of their
its etymology ; debate about its war by major john mason, with an

vii. 186. letters on the at- introduction and potes by rev. t,
tempts to abolish slavery there. prince. 120. 153. place of resi-
viii. 183. 192. towns in, their do-

dence. 122. 123. troops sent
nations to boston during its port against by connecticut, under capt,
bill. ix. 161. 163. 165.

mason, viii. 133. fort attacked
Penobscot. i. (iv.) plymouth trad- and burnt. 139. remove towards
ing house at, rifled by the french. manhatoes. 145.

many captured
v. 161.
or pentagoet. vi. 494. by capt. máson.

147. 148. many
trade to, at the disposal of ply- surrender and are given to uncas,
mouth people. vii. P. 34. ply. miantonimo and nynigrett;
mouth trading house at, rifled by the mainder settle in different places.
french. P. 62. nir. allerton's trad- 148. 149. number killed in the
ing house at, broken, and people

v. 251. 252. 254. lived prin-
killed by the french. P. 74.

cipally where stonington and gro-
Penobscot indians. iv. 130.

ton, connecticut, now stand; war
Penrith. vii. 186.

was the first in new england. ix.
Pensacola. ii. 26.

176. in which they were almost ex.
Pentagoet, or penobscot. vi. 494. tirpated. 177. place of residence.
Pentecost harbour, named. v. 11.

235. defeated by capt. mason ;
Pentucket, now haverhill, settled. iv. massachusetts and plymouth send
126. indian deed of. 169.

soldiers against. x. 59.
Pepperell, sir william. iv. 185. Pequod river, now thames river.
Pepperellborough, now

iv. 19. 33.

Percie, george, captain of the fort at
Pequots, at war with the english. i. jamestown. viii. 209.

(xxix.) mortality among. ii. 66. Percy, lord, marches to lexington to
iv. 28. take prisoners near hart-

assist british troops. ü. 226. iv.
ford. 28. 30. 42. their cruel dis- 217.
position. 43. defeated by the eng- Peregrinus, his paper on sargent's
lish. 47. 49. a warlike race.

landing of the forefathers. iii. 225.
33. cause of war with the english. Perfect description of virginia. ix.
93. kill captains stone and nor- 105.
ton. 156. peace made with. 166. Periwinkle, description of. iii, 58.
176. murder oldham and declare 59.
war against the english. 176. 248. Perkins, william. vii. P. 86.
250. sachem persuades the dela- Perkins, capt. vii. 54.
wares to sell to new haven men. Perkins, william. x. 176.
vi. 380. vii. 81. war with massa. Perkins, john. viji. 107.
chusetts. 76. decree in favour Perkins, jacob. viii. 107.
of. 92. and other indians, allies Perkins, david. vii. 148. 159.
of connecticut against the nar- Perkins, sergeant. vi. 628.
ragansets. 112. or pekash. P. Perkins, rev. daniel, of bridgewater.
25. wars with canonicus and mian- vii. 163. 168.
tonemy, chiefs of the narragansets, Perkins, dr. richard. vii. 160. 163.
about territory. P. 58. 59.

with the english. P. 59. 93. kill Perkins, thomas. vii. 170.

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