Environmental Science: Appreciation And Perception

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Daya Publishing House, Jan 1, 2008 - Environmental sciences - 331 pages
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The book entitled Environmental Science: Appreciation and Perception provides comprehensive guide to the key factors of Environment. There are serval books on the environment which cover just one or other aspect of the Environmental Science. The Purpose of this comprehensive compilation is to analyse and explain the nature, development and possible implications of environmental education as an important Issue. This book is modeled on an architectural design, laying the foundation first and then building the structure with distinct elevation structure. The present book will be useful to the students, research scholars, scientists in the field of Environmental management and ecoplanners, politicians. In short, this book is helpful for every one who is seeking a clear cut understanding of the environment. Content Chapter 1: Bioreclamation of Water as well as Soil Resource with Special Reference to Phytoremediation by Arvind Kumar; Chapter 2: Toxicological Effects Caused by Mercury Contained SWE of a Chlor-alkali Industry on a Nitrogen Fixing BGA and its Detoxification by R K Behera, Alaka Sahu and A K Panigrahi; Chapter 3: Comparative Study of Zooplankton Ecology in the Lakes of Mysore, Karnataka B Padmanabha and S L Belagali; Chapter 4: Effect of Nitrogen on Growth, Nitrogen Fixing Activity and Ammonia Excretion of Salt Tolerant Cyanobacteria by P Amsaveni and S Kannaiyan; Chapter 5: Study of the Effects of Extracts of Ocimum sanctum (Basil Herb) on Phlebotomine Sandflies (Diptera : Psychodide) in Bihar, India by Kundan Lal, P Nath and Ragini Mishra; Chapter 6: Performance of Mentha piperita aginst T castaneum Herbst (Coleoptera : Tenebrionidae) by Sudhakar Gupta; Chapter 7: An Assessment of Soil Fertility: A Case Study of Varahi River Basin, Udupi District by K L Prakash and R K Somashekar; Chapter 8: Thermal and pH Stability of Dibutyl Phthalate: An Antimetabolite of Proline from Streptomyces albidoflavus 321.2 by R N Roy and S K Sen; Chapter 9: Biochemical Changes in the Snail Bellamya bengalensis (Lamarck) Under Toxic Stress of Sumicidin by P H Rohankar and K M Kulkarni; Chapter 10: Influence of Load Carrying in Cross Country Mode on Physiological Parameters of Yak (poephagus grunniens L) in Mountainous Terrain of Arunchal Pradesh by B C Das, M Sarkar, D N Das, D Gogoi, A Basu, D B Mondal, M Mazumder, P Bora and M Ahmed; Chapter 11: Seasonal Impact on Per Ovarian Oocyte Retrieval Rate in Buffalo by B C Das, M L Madan, R S Manik and M Sarkar; Chapter 12: Genetic Diversity Studies in Introgressed Lines of Gossypium hirsutum Cotton Using Cluster Analysis by J S V Samba Murthy and N Chamundeswari; Chapter 13: Present Polltion Level in Kolkata and its Abatement by Debojyoti Mitra; Chapter 14: Analysis of Physico-chemical Characteristics to Study the Water Quality Index, Algal Blooms and Eutropohic Conditions of Lakes of Udaipur City, Rajasthan by Dilip K Rathore, P Sharma, G Barupal, S Tyagi, and Krishna Chandra Sonie; Chapter 15: Larvicidal Effect of Quinalphos Against Three Clinically Important Mosquito Species by N Arun Nagendran; Chapter 16: Dry Matter, Leaf Area Index, Root Mass Density and Yield of Bed Planted Wheat Under Irrigation and Different Plant Population by Sukhvinder Singh, H S Uppal, S S Mahal, Avtar Singh and R K Mahey; Chapter 17: Allelopathic Effect of Amaranthus sp on Growth of Oryza sativa by R Antony Pathrose, X Rosary Mary and P Dhasarathan; Chapter 18: Screening of Chickpea Genotypes Against Fusarium Wilt by V K Mandhare, G P Deshmukh and A V Suryawanshi; Chapter 19: Screening of Pigeonpea Genotypes Against Wilt and Sterility Mosaic Disease in Maharashtra by G P Deshmukh, V K Mandhare and A V Suryawanshi; Chapter 20: Assessment of the Quality of Drinking Water in Outer Rural Delhi: Physico-chemical Characteristics by Vijender Singh; Chapter 21: Toxic Effect of Malathion on Quantitative Alteration of Protein in Muscular Tissues of Glossogobius giuris by V Srennivasa, V Aravindan, M B Nadoni and P S Murthy; Chapter 22: Morphological, Cultural, Physiological and Nutritional Studies of Fusarium Wilt Pathogen of Chickpea by V S Shinde, V K Mandhare and A V Suryawanshi; Chapter 23: Ecological Study of Soil Microarthropods in Banana (Musa sp) Plantation of Cachar District, Assam by Ranabijoy Gope and D C Ray; Chapter 24: Food Preferences of the Brown Trout (Salmo trutta L) in Relation to the Benthic Macroinvertebrates of River Sindh, Kashmir Valley by Haroon UI Rashid and Ashok K Pandit; Chapter 25: Aquatic Insects as Biological Indicators of Water Pollution by S Paul Sebastian, R Kavitha and A Christopher Lourduraj; Chapter 26: Diversity and Compostion of Insecta in Rice Agroecosystem in Barak Vally of Assam (N E India) by D C Ray and Partha P Bhattacharjee; Chapter 27: Physico-chemical Analysis of the Soil Modified by Coptotermes heimi (Wasmann) (Rhinotermitidae : Isoptera : Insecta) by C B Arora and H R Pajni; Chapter 28: Treatment Studies on Pthalogen Blue Dye Waste from a Dye House in Tiruppur by K Sadhana, K Revathi, Suman Gulati, V Rekha, N Uma Chandra Meera Lakshmi and R Kungumapriya; Chapter 29: Preliminary Study on the Seasonal Distribution of Plankton in Irai River at Irai Dam Site, District Chandrapur, Maharashtra by A P Sawane, P G Puranik and A N Lonkar; Chapter 30: Studies on the Effect of Variation in Sweep Line Length of Bottom Trawls Over Fish Catch Along Mangalore Coast by Jaya Naik, B Hanumantahppa, C V Raju and Shashidhar H Badami; Chapter 31: Plant-lore with Reference to Manipuri Proverbs in Association with Various Human Affairs of Manipur State by M M Ahmed and P K Singh; Chapter 32: Microbial Changes During the Fermentation of Sun Dried puntius sophore by Ch Sarojnalini and T Suchitra; Chapter 33: Study on Haemogram of Yak (Poephagus grunniens L) while Carrying Load in Cross Country Mode by B C Das, M Sarkar, D N Das, D Gogoi, D B Mondal, A Basu, M Mazumder, P Bora and M Ahmed; Chapter 34: Seed Germination and Seedling Growth Response of Some Crop Plants to Solide Waste of a Chlor-Alkali Industry of Orissa by B Padhy, P K Gantayet and S K Padhy; Chapter 35: Study of Fluctuation of Groundwater Level in Somni Stream Watershed, Patan Block, Durg District, Chhattisgarh by Prashant Shrivastava and Anupama Asthana; Chapter 36: Emetine an antioxidant from Melothria purpusilla (Blume) Cogn: A Well known Home Remedy Herbal for Humankind by S R Singh and M Neshwari Devi; Chapter 37: Growth Analysis of Cowpea [Vigna unguiculata(L) Walp] as Influenced by Phosphorus, Bioinoculants, Zinc and Sulphur by Charanjit Singh Kahlon and Sharanappa; Chapter 38: Effect of Isopod Parasite, Cymothoa indica on Pearl Spot, Etroplus suratensis (Bloch) from Parangipettai Coastal Waters (Southeast Coast of India) by M Rajkumar, P Perumal, P Santhanam and N Veerappan; Chapter 39: Investigation of Artificial Neural Networks and its Applications in Medicine by J Justin Anand, J Justin Suresh and P Dhasarathan; Chapter 40: Investigation on Sub Surface Water Quality of Tarikere Taluk with Special Reference to Physico-Chemical Characteristics by K Harish Babu and E T Puttaiah; Chapter 41: Effect of Sugar and Distillery Wastes Application on Different Crops: A Review by V Davamani and A Christopher Lourduraj; Chapter 42: Toxicological Effluent of a Chlor-alkali Industry on a Cyanobacterium Under Controlled Conditions and its Ecological Significance by Priyadarshini Hotta and Ashok K Panigrahi; Chapter 43: Histopathological Alterations Induced by Aquatic Pollutants in Glossogobius giuris fron Avalapalli Dam by G V Venkataraman, P N Sandhya Rani, M B Nadoni and P S Murthy; Chapter 44: The Assessment of the Soil Pollution Parameters of the Various Soil Samples of Sanganer Town of Pink City, Rajasthan by Dinesh kumar, H S Shivran, M Prasad and R V Singh; Chapter 45: Accumulation of Heavy Metal Concentrations in Indian and Foreign Cigarettes by P Martin Deva Prasath, J Samu Solomon and M Palanisamy; Chapter 46: Influence of Nitrogen and Spacings on Growth and Yield of the Medicinal Plant: Kasturibenda (Abelmoschus moschata) by M M Naidu and G Narasimha Murthy; Chapter 47: Studies on the Management of Sunflower Necrosis Disease by P Dhevagi, S K Manoranjitham, M Ramaiah and P Vindhiyavarman; Chapter 48: Distribution and Ecology of Zoobenthos in the Anchar Lake of Kashmir (India) M Jeelani, H Kaur and S G Sarwar; Chapter 49: Eco-ethology and Conservation of Hanuman Langur, Semnopithecus entellus by L S Rajpurohit, A K Chhangani, R S Rajpurohit, N R Bhaker, D S Rajpurohit and G Sharma; Chapter 50: Phycological Aspects and Water Quality Assesment in the Rivers of Andhra Pradesh, India by P Manikya Reddy and V Venkateswarlu; Chapter 51: Biocontrol of House Fly, Musca domestica L (Diptera : Muscidae) by Hymenopteran Pupal Parasitoid Spalangia cameroni P (Hymenoptera : Pteromalidae) by J Muruheswari, N Krishnaveni and Sarojini Sukumar

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