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“He who is confined to no single topic, may follow the national taste through all its variations, and catch the Aura
Popularis, the gale of favour, from what point soever It shall blow.”


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Printer in Ordinary lo His Majesty;
Published at 87, Bartholomew Close, London; and sold by all Booksellers.

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The pumbers of the IMPERIAL MAGAZINE have now been before the public nearly two years; and the extensive circulation and permanent character which this work has obtained, render wholly unnecessary, many observations which might otherwise with much propriety be introduced. No remarks which this paper may contain, can affect the judgments of those into whose bands this work has fallen, respecting either its merits or defects. The numbers, in their possession, will furnish a criterion, which neither the asperities of criticism, nor the influence of recommendation, can remove; and it is by this alone that every work must ultimately stand or fall.

The demands for the Imperial Magazine, and the communications of our numerous correspondents, seem to keep pace with each other. Both are on the increase; and, from the orders recently received, and the assurances accompanying them, we flatter ourselves with being able very shortly to lay before our numerous readers, various details and incidents, transmitted from the most interesting portions of the globe, and from sources to which our most sanguine expectations had not taught us to aspire.

In addition to the remote regions, to which the Imperial Magazine has already been sent, we have lately received orders from MALACCA, DEMERARA, and ST. PETERSBURGH, to send copies to each place; and have been favoured with promises of communications from the islands in the Indian and Pacific ocean. These cannot fail to prove highly gratifying to all who rejoice in beholding the human character emerging from the barbarism of past ages, and struggling into the light and refinements of civilized life.

Commencing our labours in March, 1819, neither this volume nor the preceding, contains its full complement of numbers. We have concluded with the year, that we might accommodate our publication to the movements of time, and obviate in future, irregularities bitherto unavoidable, by beginning with the month of January, and ending with December.

To the interests of all that is dear to man, whether we view him as an inhabitant of time, or a candidate for eternity, we flatter ourselves that we have paid unremitting attention. Of these momentous objects, we hope we sball never lose sight; nor shall we forget those exclusive privileges which as Protestants we have so long enjoyed. It is with this view, that the pages of the Imperial Magazine will be always open for “the temperate examination of proposia tions, which are calculated to elicit truth, without proyoking a spirit of acrimonious controversy."

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