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Life and Conversation by thy Law, the Rule and Measure of my Duty, I may underitand the true State and Condition of my Soul, and from a juit Sen.e and Sight of all my trani. gressions, through the Alitance of thy Grace and heavenly Benediction, I may be enabled to reform my Liti, and to turn my Feet unto thy Testimonies, fo faithfully to learch and examine my own Contcience, that I may come holy and clean to that Heavenly Feart, and be received as a worthy Partaker of that holy Table which thou hast called me to : Grant this for thy Mercies take in Christ Jesus. Amen, See Pfal. 139.

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Brief Heads of Self-Examination upon each Commandment,


Į have not Atheistically denied the Being of a God, or wickedly renounced him by Apottacy, yei have I not loved, de fired and delighted in other Tings . more than in God? Or, have I nuc feared Man, and I dreaded the Displeasure of the World more than God? Or, • have į not trusted in Men, and relied upon the World, ' more than upon God? Have I not delpaired of Gou's • Mercy? Or,' by presuming too much upon it, encouraged 'myfelt in Sin? Have I not been unthankful for Merues y received ? Or, have I not ascribed the Glory and Honour ' of what I now enjoy, to myself, more than to God!' (lay) God be merciful unto me a Jinner, and lay not this for thoje) Sins to my Charge. Repeat the lame at tire End of every Commandment.

II. • Though I have not worshipped God by Images, yet I have I not entertained gross and falte Conceptions of him? ! Or, have I not wiltully omitced coming to Church or to • the publick Prayers, when I had no juit Occasion to hin• der me? Or, have I not rudely, irreverently or wantonly

behaved mytelf during the Time of Divine Service ? Or, ! have I not wiltully refused to come to the Lord's Supper, ! when I have been called to it? Or, have I not rafhly and


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! unadvisedly received the Sacrament without a Prepara, ' tion? Or, have I not broken my Vows and Resolutions o which I then made ?

III. • If I have not openly blasphemed the Name of God, yet have I not lightly or irreverently spoken of himn? Or, I have I not profanely jefted upon, or abused his holy Places

ar Persons, or any Thing elle dedicated to his Service ? « Or, have I not taken God's Name in vain, by common

Swearing and Cursing ? Or, have I not taken false and ' unlawful Oaths ? Or, have I not broken my own Vows and Refolutions, especially my Baptismal ?

IV. · Have I not neglected the Worship of God on his Sab• baths ? Have I not spent part thereof in vain Sports, • idle Discourses, Visits, and many other unnecessary Busi• neffes ? Or, have I not fuffered others to prophane the • Sabbath, when it was in my power to restrain them from so doing?

V. ' Have I not been stubborn, irreverent, and undutiful towards my Parents, rejecting their Counsels, despising

their Government, and covering their Estates before their · Death? Or, have I not contributed towards their Necef

fities when they were in Want, and I had to help them? Or, have I not been disoyal to my Prince, stubborn and unfaithful to niy Master, refractory and unthankful to my Minister, peevith and unkind to my Friend and Companion?

If I have not actually taken away the Life of


Per<fon, yet have I not made my Neighbour's Life grievous

by Oppresion, Rage and Violence against him? Or, havę ' I nos, by Fighting or Quarreling, wounded his Person ? Or, have I not tempted him, by any Vice or Intemper

ance, to destroy his Health, and so shorten his Days ? Or, ; have I not, by false, and contumelious Speeches, wounded - his good Name and Reputation ? Or, have I not, by my

own Luxury and Intemperance in Eating and Drinking, ? been accessory to my own Death ?


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VII. If I have escaped the groffer Acts of Adultery and For' nication, yet have I not conceived Luft in my Heart, and

neglected the Means to preserve my own and others Chaftity ? Or, have I not, by Gluttony and Drunkenness,

or any other impure Thoughts, defiled my Soul ? Or, ' have í not accustomed myself to filthy Talking, Jefting,

and immodeft Garbs, and unchafte Behaviour in common Conversation ?

VIII. • If I have not been guilty of common and publick Steal. ing, yet have I been true and just in all my Dealings? • Or, have I not contracted Debts, when I was conscious

to myself that I was not able to pay, or make Restitution? • Or, have I not wasted my own, or others Estates, by * riotous living? Or, have I not by Violence and Opprel' fion exacted of my inferiors, or by unlawful Usury taken Advantage of their Neceflities?

IX. • If I have not before the Magistrate sworn falsely against any Man, yet have I not accustomed myself to Lying and Slandering? Or, have I not accused my Neighbour unjustly? Or, have I not concealed the Truth of another,

when Justice and Charity obliged me to give Evidence of ' it? Or, have I not unjuitly fought to uphold, or to blait my own or others Credit ?

X. • Have I not fecretly complained against the Providence • of God, as if others had too much, and I too little? Or, • have I not by unlawful Means endeavoured to deprive

others of their Goods and Prosperity ? Or, have I labour*ed truly and faithfully to get my own Living, and to be

content with that State of Life unto which it bath plealed • God to call me?'


A Penitential Confeffion of Sins, with an bumble Supplication for Mercy and

Forgiveness. Lmighty and Everlasting God, who hatest nothing that thou hast made, and doft forgive the Sins of all




them that are, penitent, create and make in me a new and

cintrite Heart, that I, worchily lamenting Here call 10 mind'

my Sins, and acknowledging my Wretchedall your moff grie- ness, may obtain of th-e, the God of all

Mercy, perfect Remisfion and Forgiveness thro' Jefits Christ our Lord. Ameii. See Psalms 51. 6. 32. 38.

An Ås of Contrition
ATHER, I have sinned against Heaven and before thee,

and am no more worthy to be called thy Son. Woe is me O Lord, who was conceived and born in Sin; the Thoughts of my Heart are inclined unto Evil from my Youth.

Woe is me, that have finned against thee, my Creator and kind Benefactor. Lord, I have done Evil continually in thy Sght, and my Life hath been little else than one continue Course of Impiety, Unthankfulness, and of unworthy Returns for all thy Goodness and Loving-kindness to me. Woe is me, that I should thus requite ibe Lord. O that my Heed were l'aters, and mine Eyes a Fountain of Tears, that I might weep Day and Night for my Sin! O gracious Lord, look on me aš thou did it on the Apostle St Peter, and lec thy compassionate I ook so pierce iny stony Heart, that I may weep litterly for my Sins, and produce in me that godly Sorrow which worketh Repentance unto Salvation not to be reo pented of, for Jejus's fake. Amen. See Psal. 25. 32. 38.

A R folution to lead a new Life
ND now, O Lord; I do not only with great Shane

and Confusion of Face confess and bewail the Sinful: ness and Vanity of my whule Life, buc I do stedfastly re. solve and purpose (through the Asistance of thy Grace and Holy Spirit directing me) to 'renounce the Devil an. all ' his Works, the Pomps and Vanities of this wicked World, " and all the Lufts of the Flesh.' Be pleased, O Lord, id strengthen and confirm these good Resolutions in me, And I heartily thank thee, O heavenly Father, for calling me to the State of Salvation through Jesus Christ my Saviour, sobe died for my Sins, and rose again for my Justification : and



I humbly beseech thee, for his Sake, to give me Grace to continue in the same unto my Life's End. Amen. See Psalms 1. 23. 24. 25. 119. 126.

A Prayer for Faith in God's Mercy through Cbrif.
Lmighty God, our Heavenly Father, who, for the

more Confirmation of our Faith and Confidence in thy Mercy, haft in thy Holy Gospel declared, that whosoever believerb in thy Son Jesus Chrift, soall not perish, but bave everlasting Life ; and that this is Life eternal to know thee, ibe only true God, and Jesus Christ wbom thou baft fent: Increale this Knowledge, and confirm this Faith in me evermore. O let me not rest in a dead Faich, but that I may have such a lively Faith, as will shew itself by Love and good Works, such a victorious Faith, which may enable me to overcome the World, and conform me to the Image of thy Son Jesus Chrift, in whom I believe. O Grant me such a due sense of thy infinite Mercy, shewed to Mankind in so much Misery, as may never depart out of my Mind. . I stedfastly believe, O blessed Jesus, that thou didit suffer upon the Cross to save me, and all the World, from the Guilt and Punishment of our Sins; O give me that Grace, that I may die 10 Sin, and rise again unto Righteousness. Accept of my imperfect Sorrow, Repentance, Faith and imperfect Resolutions; and let the precious Merits of my crucified Saviour fupply all my Wants and Imperfections. Thou hast said, Come unto me, all ye ibat are weary and heavy laden, and I will refrelh you. O Blessed Jesus, I come unto thee in all Humility, and deeply sensible of my great U.?worthiness; I do thou bear this Burden of Sin for me, and refresh me with comfortable Hopes of thy Mercy and Forgiveness, and the Truth of thy Salvation.' Grant this, , O merciful Father, through the same thy Son Jesus Christ. Amen. See Pfal. 19. 57. Eph. ii. 6, 11.

A thankful Remembrance of the Dearb of Christ.
Lmighty God, our heavenly Father, who of thy

tender Mercy didst give thine only Son Jesus Christ su luffer Death upon the Črofs for our Redemption, and .S



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