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Pfalm lix. Eripe me de inimicis.

Eliver me from mine enemies, O God: defend me from them that rife up against me.

2 O deliver me from the wicked doers: and. fave me from the blood-thirsty men.

3 For lo, they lie waiting for my foul: the mighty men are gathered againft me without any offence or fault of me,

O Lord.

4 They run and prepare themselves without my fault: arife thou therefore to help me, and behold.

5 Stand up, O Lord God of hofts, thou God of Ifrael, to vifit all the heathen: and be not merciful unto them that offend of malicious wickedness.

6 They go to and fro in the evening: they grin. like a dog, and run about through the city.

7 Behold, they fpeak with their mouth, and fwords are in their lips: for who doth hear?

8 But thou, O Lord, fhalt have them in derifion: and thou shalt laugh all the heathen to fcorn.

9 My ftrength will I afcribe unto thee: for thou art the God of my refuge.


10 God fheweth me his goodness plenteoufly: and God hall let me fee my my defire upon mine enemies.

11 Slay them not, left my people forget it: but scatter them abroad among the people, and put them down, O Lord, our defence.

12 For the fin of their mouth, and for the words of their lips, they fhall be taken in their pride: and why? their preaching is of curfing and lies.

13 Confume them in thy wrath, confume them, that they may perish and know that it is God that ruleth in Jacob, and unto the ends of the world.

14 And in the evening they will return: grin like a dog, and will go about the city.

15 They will run here and there for meat: and grudge if they be not fatisfied.


16 As for me, I will fing of thy power, and will praise thy mercy betimes in the morning: for thou haft been my defence and refuge in the day of my trouble.

17 Unto thee, O my ftrength, will I fing: for thou, O God, art my refuge, and my merciful God.

Pfalm lx. Deus, repulifti nos.

God, thou haft caft us out, and fcattered us abroad: thou haft also been displeased, "O turn thee unto us

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2 Thou haft moved the land, and divided it: heal the fores thereof, for it shaketh.

3 Thou haft fhewed thy people heavy things: thou hast given us a drink of deadly wine.

4 Thou haft given a token for fuch as fear thee: that they may triumph because of the truth.

5 Therefore were thy beloved delivered: help me with thy right hand, and hear me.

6 God hath fpoken in his holiness, I will rejoice and divide Sichem and mete out the valley of Succoth.

7 Gilead is mine, and Manaffes is mine: Ephraim also is the strength of my head; Judah is my law-giver.

8 Moab is my washpot, over Edom will I cast out my fhoe Philiftia, be thou glad of me.

9 Who will lead me into the ftrong city: who will bring me into Edom?


Pfalm lix.] That we may improve by the reading of this pfalm, it is proper to make thefe two reflections. 1. That David's prayers were heard, and that providence furnished him with means of efcaping the fury of Saul, who fought his life; from whence we learn, that the prayers of the faithful, and their confidence in God, is never in vain. 2. It is to be observed, that what David fays in this pfalm againft his enemies, was not spoken out of a principle of hatred or revenge; but being perfecuted unjustly, and his caufe being that of God, he might," as a prophet, denounce the divine judgments against them. However, it is not lawful for any private perfon to make the like When prayers. men treat us with malice and injuftice, we must keep within the bounds of that meeknefs prefcribed in the gospel,. return good for evil, and wait with patience for the divine affiftance.

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10 Haft not thou caft us out, O God: Wilt not thou, O God, go out with our hofts?

11 O be thou our help in trouble: for vain is the help

of man.

12 Through God will we do great acts: for it is he that fhall tread down our enemies.

Pfalm Ixi. Exaudi, Deus.


EAR my crying, O God: give ear unto my prayer. 2 From the ends of the earth will I call upon thee: when my heart is in heaviness.

3 O fet me up upon the rock that is higher than I: for thou hast been my hope, and a strong tower for me against the enemy.

4 I will dwell in thy tabernacle for ever: and my truft fhall be under the covering of thy wings.

5 For thou, O Lord, haft heard my defires: and haft given an heritage unto thofe that fear thy Name.

6 Thou shalt grant the King a long life: that his years may endure throughout all generations.

7 He fhall dwell before God for ever: O prepare thy loving mercy and faithfulness, that they may preferve him.

8 So will I always fing praise unto thy Name: that I may daily perform my vows.



Pfalm Ix.] The first thing obfervable in this pfalm is, that David lays before God the miferies which had befallen the Ifraelites; which teaches us, that when nations are expofed to war, and other public calamities, God is the difpenfer of them, to chaffife and humble them. 2. David celebrates the power and goodness of God, who had affifted his people, and given them the victory over their enemies. Thus is God reconciled with men, after he has afflicted them; and in particular, difappoints the plots and contrivances of the enemies of his church. Lastly, This pfalm teaches us, that the ftrength and affiitance of man is but vanity, and that there is none but the Lord who can help and deliver us in our diftrefs, and in whom we may fafely and perfectly confide.

Pfalm Ixi. In this pfalm, we fee David groaning and calling upon the Lord for help; but at the fame time, we fee him full of joy and confidence. Such are the difpofitions of all thofe that fear God; they implore his affistance when any dangers threaten them, and make him their fecure refuge. PRAC.




Pfalm lxii. Nonne Deo?

Y foul truly waiteth ftill upon God: for of him cometh my falvation.

2 He verily is my ftrength and my falvation: he is my defence, fo that I fhall not greatly fall.


3 How long will ye imagine mifchief against every man : ye fhall be flain all the fort of you; yea, as a tottering wall shall ye be, and like a broken hedge.

4 Their device is only how to put him out whom God will exalt their delight is in lies, they give good words with their mouth, but curse with their heart.

5 Nevertheless, my soul, wait thou still upon God: for my hope is in him.

6 He truly is my ftrength and my falvation: he is my defence, fo that I fhall not fall.


7 In God is my health and my glory: the rock of might, and in God is my truft.

8 O put your truft in him alway, ye people: pour out your hearts before him, for God is our hope.

9 As for the children of men, they are but vanity: the children of men are deceitful upon the weights, they are altogether lighter than vanity itself.

10 O truft not in wrong and robbery, give not yourselves unto vanity if riches increase, fet not your heart upon them.

11 God fpake once, and twice I have alfo heard the fame: that power belongeth unto God:

12 And that thou, Lord, art merciful for thou rewardest every man according to his work.


Pfalm lxii.] David teaches us, by his example, 1. That the true and only way to enjoy uninterrupted peace aud tranquility of mind, is to truft in God alone; and that when we depend upon him, we need fear nothing that men can do to us. 2. That it is great blindness to truft in men, who are vanity itself; to fet out our heart upon the good things of this world, or become proud and haughty when we abound in them.



Pfalm lxiii. Deus, Deus meus.


God, thou art my God, early will I feek thee, 2 My foul thirfteth for thee, my flesh also longeth after thee in a barren and dry land where no water is. 3 Thus have I looked for thee in holiness: that I might behold thy power and glory.

4 For thy loving kindness is better than the life itself: my lips fhall praise thee.


5 As long as I live will I magnify thee on this manner : and lift up my hands in thy Name.

6 My foul fhall be fatisfied even as it were with marrow and fatnefs: when my mouth praiseth thee with joyful lips. 7 Have I not remembered thee in my bed; and thought upon thee when I was waking?

8 Because thou hast been my helper: therefore under the fhadow of thy wings will I rejoice.

9 My foul hangeth upon thee: thy right hand hath upholden me.

20 Thefe also that feek the hurt of my foul: they shall go under the earth.

11 Let them fall upon the edge of the fword: that they may be a portion for foxes.

12 But the King fhall rejoice in God; all they also that fwear by him, fhall be commended: for the mouth of them that fpeak lies fhall be stopped.

Pfalm lxiv.

Exaudi, Deus.


EAR my voice, O God, in my prayer: preferve my life from fear of the enemy.



Pfalm lxiii.] 1. The ardent zeal with which David, when a fugitive and perfecuted, defired to enjoy the presence of the Lord in his holy tabernacle, fhews, that whilft we are strangers and fojourners in this world, there is nothing we ought more earnestly to defire, than to ferve God, to praise him in his houfe, and to behold his face one day in heaven. z. The comfort, joy and confidence, which David gives fuch extraordinary proofs of in this pfalm, moft evidently fhew, that the fenfe of the grace and love of God produces unfpeakable joy and fatisfaction in the hearts of the faithful, even when they are most afflicted; that they fear no evil whilst they are under his protection, and that nothing can diflurb or rob them of their peace. PRAC

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