Bradshaw's illustrated hand-book to Spain and Portugal, Volume 26

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Page 168 - Here didst thou dwell, here schemes of pleasure plan, Beneath yon mountain's ever beauteous brow; But now, as if a thing unblest by Man, Thy fairy dwelling is as lone as Thou! Here giant weeds a passage scarce allow To Halls deserted, portals gaping wide; Fresh lessons to the thinking bosom, how Vain are the pleasaunces on earth supplied; Swept into wrecks anon by Time's ungentle tide.
Page 9 - Apartment*, with every comfort in the English style, at moderate charges. L. WIENER, Propr. NB — This Hotel was established more than half a century ago by the father of the present proprietor.
Page 2 - BARCELONA. GRAND HOTEL DES QUATRE NATIONS. THIS First Class Family Hotel, much frequented by English and Americans, Is situated in the most fashionable quarter of the Town, in the centre of the Theatres, and other places of amusement, near the Post and Telegraph Offices.
Page 25 - THIS old-established and comfortable Hotel has been entirely renovated, and its magnificent Garden is more beautiful than ever. Drawing Room, Reading Room, Smoking and Billiard Rooms. Restaurant. Latest Sanitary Arrangements. (The Proprietor, Mr.
Page 30 - Patronised by English and American Families. Electric Light In every room. Open from April 2nd to the end of October. A large selection of Tracts and small Books in French, German, Italian, Norwegian, and many other languages, may he found at the Depositories of THE RELIGIOUS TRACT SOCIETY, Ij O KT 3D O KT : 65, St.
Page 168 - Cintra's glorious Eden intervenes In variegated maze of mount and glen. Ah, me ! what hand can pencil guide, or pen, To follow half on which the eye dilates Through views more dazzling unto mortal ken Than those whereof such things the bard relates, Who to the awe-struck world unlock'd Elysium's gates?
Page 58 - Hence you pass into the court of the lions, so called because the fountain in the middle is supported by lions. It is adorned with a colonnade of an hundred and forty marble pillars.
Page 118 - Those already without the walls stripped and endeavoured to swim off to the shipping, while those within were seen sliding down the face of the batteries; each party thus equally endangering their lives more than they would have done by a firm resistance to the enemy. A large mass of people, some with muskets and some without, then pressed forward along the road, suffering themselves to be fired upon by about twenty French, who continued running beside them at only a few yards distance.
Page 22 - THE GAND AND ALBION HOTEL. FIRST-CLASS ENGLISH FAMILY HOTEL AND PENSION, Green Square, close to the Sea, Kursaal, and Casino. Open all the year. Full board, 7s. or 8s. per day, according to the Rooms. Special arrangements per Week or Month during the Winter and Summer Season.
Page 118 - Contreras was wounded and mado prisoner, ami that the General personally distinguished himself; that the Governor (Gonzales) with a handful of men, defended himself to the last, and was bayonetted to death in the square near his house: that man, woman, and child were put to the sword upon the French first entering the town, and afterwards all those found in uniform or with arms in their houses ; and that many of the women, and young girls of ten years old, were treated...

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