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young woman!--Didn't you boast that Beverley, that stroller Beverley, possessed your heart?—Tell me that, I say.

Lydia. ”T is true, ma'am, and none but Beverley

Mrs. Malaprop. Hold !-hold, Assurance !-you shall not be so rude.

Absolute. Nay, pray, Mrs. Malaprop, don't stop the young lady's speech: she's very welcome to talk thus-it does not hurt me in the least, I assure you.

Mrs. Malaprop. You are too good, captain—too amiably patient—but come with me, miss.—Let us see you again soon, captain-remember what we have fixed.

Absolute. I shall, ma'am.

Mrs. Mala prop. Come, take a graceful leave of the gentleman.

Lydia. May every blessing wait on my Beverley, my loved Bev

Mrs. Malaprop. Hussy! I'll choke the word in your throat !-come along-come along. (Exeunt scverally; CAPTAIN ABSOLUTE kissing his hand

to LYDIA-MRS. MALAPROP stopping her from speaking.).


From "The Rivals.'

ACRES' Lodgings. Enter Sir LUCIUS O’TRIGGER. Sir Lucius. Mr. Acres, I am delighted to embrace you. Acres. My dear Sir Lucius, I kiss your hands.

Sir Lucius. Pray, my friend, what has brought you so suddenly to Bath?

Acres. Faith, I have followed Cupid's Jack-a-lantern, and find myself in a quagmire at last. In short, I have been very ill-used, Sir Lucius. I don't choose to mention names, but look on me as a very ill-used gentleman.

Sir Lucius. Pray, what is the case? I ask no names.

Acres. Mark me, Sir Lucius :—I fall as deep as need be in love with a young lady—her friends take my partI follow her to Bath-send word of my arrival—and re


From a photograph ** Mirk me, Sir Lucius, I fall as deep as need be in love with a young lady

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