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If I Had Thought Thou Couldst Have Died. C. Wolfe 369
If I Should Die To-night...

.A. E. Smith 298
Indian's Prayer, The..

. Anon. 381
In School-Days..

.J. G. Whittier 359
In the Old Church Choir.

.L. 0. Reese 269

.J. Hay 163
I Remember, I Remember..

.T. Hood 181

.M. E. Sangster 287
Ivy Green, The.

.C. Dickens 89

Jes' Fore Christmas.
Jim Bludso....
John Howard Payne...
Joseph Rodman Drake.
Kings, The......

.E. Field 114
.J. Hay 163

. Anon. 382
.F. G. Halleck 150
.L. I. Guiney 148

.A. Tennyson 317

Lady Clara Vere de Vere...

Lady Clare..

.A. Tennyson 320
Lament for Lafayette..

Anon. 384
Lament of the Irish Emigrant. .Lady Dufferin 100
Landing of the Pilgrim Fathers, The....F. Hemans 166
Land o' the Leal, The.

.C. Nairne 244
Last Hymn, The..

.M. Farningham 109
Last Leaf, The.

.O. W. Holmes 172
Leedle Yawcob Strauss .

C. F. Adams 2
Leetla Joe....

T. A. Daly 86
Legend of the Organ-Builder, The.. .J. C. R. Dort 90

A. L. Barbauld 17
Life on the Ocean Wave, A.

.E. Sargent 290

F. W. Bourdillon 23
Lincoln, the Man of the People. .E. Markham 230
Lines on the Death of Baby.

Anon. 386
Lines on the Death of his Son Charles ....D. Webster 349
Little Billie...

W. M. Thackeray 340
Little Boy Blue.

.E. Field 116
Little Hand, A.

F. L. Stanton 303
Little Orphant Annie.

.J. W. Riley 272
Little White Hearse, The.

.J. W. Riley 278
Look Ahead..

..Anon. 386
Lord Ullin's Daughter.

.T. Campbell 55
Lost Chord, A.

.A. A. Procter 266

Mahogany-Tree, The....
Man Was Made to Mourn.
Marco Bozzaris.
Maud Muller.
May Queen, The.
Miss Edith Helps Things Along.
Mother's Doughnuts.
Mother's Fool..

W. M. Thackeray 341

.R. Burns 46
.F. G. Halleck 151
.J. G. Whittier 361
.A. Tennyson 324

.F. B. Harte 158
.C. F. Adams 4

. Anon. 388

Musings of Arroyo Al, The.
My Mother's Bible.
My Old Kentucky Home.

.A. Chapman 68
.G. P. Morris 240
.S. C. Foster 128

Nearer Home...
Near the Lake..
New Year Ledger, The..
Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep..

.P. Cary

.G. P. Morris 243
A. E. Barr 18

.Anon. 390


.R. W. Emerson 107
Oft in the Stilly Night..

..T. Moore 239
O, Lay Thy Hand in Mine, Dear!. .G. Massey 232
O Little Town of Bethlehem.

.P. Brooks 23
O May I Join the Choir Invisible!.. ..G. Eliot 103
O Mother of a Mighty Race. ... ....W. C. Bryant 35
O, Why Should the Spirit of Mortal Be Proud?

.W. Knox 197
- Old Arm-Chair, The.

.E. Cook 70
Old Familiar Faces, The.

.C. Lamb 199
Old-Fashioned Roses.

.J. W. Riley 276
Old Grimes. ...

.A. G. Greene 146
Old Ironsides”.

.O. W. Holmes 170
Old Man's Motto, The..

.J. G. Saxe 292
Old Oaken Bucket, The.

.S. Woodworth 370
Old Songs, The..

... Anon. 391
Old Story, The..

.F. Downing 96
Old Swimmin'-Hole, The.

.J. W. Riley 270
Old Sweetheart of Mine, An.. .J. W. Riley 274
On Death...

.J. Keats 193
On His Blindness .

.:J. Milton 233

.W. Malone 230
Order for a Picture, An..

.A. Cary 61
Our Fame...

.J. A. Joyce 189

Our Own....
Over the River.

PAGB M. E. Sangster 289 W. J. Cameron 54 .N. W. Priest 264

Palmetto and Pine....

.L. V. French 129 Pauper's Death-Bed, The.. .C. A. B. Southey 301 Peace...

C. Fabri 109 Philosophic Beggar, The.

.B. Gray

137 Pictures of Memory..

.A. Cary

65 Plain Language from Truthful James. . .F. B. Harle 155 Planting of the Apple-Tree, The. W. C. Bryant 37 Prayer, A...

.J. R. Lowell 214 Present Crisis, The..

.J. R. Lowell 216 Psalm of Life, A.

.H. W. Longfellow 203

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Wants of Man, The...

.J.Q. Adams 6 Warren's Address .

.J. Pierpont 252 Washington's Birthday.

W.C. Bryant 43 Water Mill, The.

D. C. McCallum 226 We Are Seven..

..W. Wordsworth 371 When Baby Laughs..

.A. J. Waterhouse 345 Whom God Hath Joined. .J. G. McClaughry 229 Woman's Answer, A.

.E. B. Browning 29

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