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Myceliu mhypophyllous, forming black, orbicular patches 2-4 mm. in diameter, composed of superficial radiating dendroidbranched hyphæ furnished with globose hyphopodia, 8-10 . in diameter. Perithecia numerous, seated on the hypha, flattened scutellate, of radiate cellular structure, about 150 in diameter, with a papilliform ostiolum which is soon deciduous, leaving the perithecium perforated and convex. Asci oblong, 35–40×20–24 ., aparaphysate, 8-spored. Sporidia crowded oblong-fusoid, yellowish hyaline, uniseptate, scarcely constricted, slightly curved, 18-22X5-6 μ. (Plate 82.)

Has the habit of Dimerosporium orbiculare, B. & C., but differs in several respects. Other localities may be given : Brushy Mt., Va., Table Rock, N. C., 1891, John K. Small; Dickey Creek, Chas. Scott. The species is named in honor of Miss Helena D. Leeming.

I have received from Prof. Farlow sterile specimens of this fungus named by Curtis Glenospora melioloides, B. & C. There is no question but that the specimens are of the same fungus; Cooke claims that G. melioloides is a misname for G. Curtisi, B., in which case the fungus was probably thought to be another species and so labelled without further scrutiny.

Mr. Massee reports that specimens of A. Leemingiæ, E. & E., sent to him March 7, 1893, "Are quite distinct from G. melioloides, B. & C., and G. Curtisü, B." What the true status of the question is will probably soon come to light. In the meantime we prefer to maintain the specific name quoted above. S. E. J. Asterina sp. indet. On petioles of Galax aphylla, Brushy Mt. Belonging to type B. Journal of Mycology 1: 135 (J. B. E.). Dimerosporium Galactis, E. & E., n. sp.

Penicillium candidum, Lic. On Lemanea torulosa, Dickey Creek. Hypoxylon cohærens, Pers. On tree stumps, White Top. Marasmius rotula, Scop. On decorticated bark, White Top. Lentinus Lecontei, Fr. White Top.

Top of Pond Mt.

Polyporus hirsutus, Fr.
Polyporus versicolor, Fr. Marion.

Irpex Tulipiferea, Fr. On cherry trees, Marion.

Stereum complicatum. Fr. Marion.

Stereum versicolor, Fr. Marion.

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