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Madras, Letter from Mr. Symonds, at, to the Society
for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 78.

Letter from the Rev. D. Simpson, at, 78, 79.
Extracts of a letter from the Ven. Archdeacon
Shortland, at, 286.
Marriages, 12, 40, 65, 88, 111, 133, 162, 186, 216, 243,
270, 293.

Mary-le-Bow (St.), Cheapside, Report respecting, laid
before the February Meeting of the Society for Pro-
moting Christian Knowledge, 203.

Mayne (Mr.), a letter from, at Peshawur, respecting the
army in India, 203.

METROPOLIS.-Meeting of London Diocesan Church

Building Society, in June, 1858; Entertainment given

by the Bishop of London to his Clergy at Fulham

Palace; Names of Clergymen for conducting Sunday

Evening Services at Exeter Hall; Proposed new

Church in Islington to the memory of the late Bishop

of Calcutta; Meeting of Clergy Provident Society,

10; Spiritual Destitution in, &c.; Committee of

Lords to inquire into, 34; Report, &c., 34, 35; Letter

of the Archbishop of Canterbury stating his concur-

rence in revocation of Mr. Poole's licence, 39; Return

made to House of Lords by Bishop of London, show-

ing the number of " Benefices in that diocese with

endowments under 2001. a year, 40; Meeting of

General Court of Clergy Orphan Corporation, in Aug.;

Letter to Editor on Parochial Rating, by Vicarius,

62; Monthly Meeting of Church Schoolmasters' and

Schoolmistresses' Benevolent Institution, in Sept., 84;

Sunday Evening Services at St. Paul's Cathedral, 131;

Annual Court of the Governors of the Corporation of

the Sons of the Clergy, in Nov., 132; List of Lent

Preachers; New Church at Twickenham; Church

Extension at Hampstead; New Diocese of British

Columbia; Opening of Chapel in Clare-market;

Quarterly Meeting of Tithe Redemption Trust; Com-

pensation to Clerical Surrogates, 215; Festival of the

Sons of the Clergy; Proceedings of Metropolitan Sun-

day Rest Association for the last twelve months;

Annual Meeting of the Hornsey Society for the Pro-

pagation of the Gospel, in April, 269; Appointment

of Right Rev. G. A. Selwyn to the Bishopric of New

Zealand; Consecration of the Bishops of Nelson and

Wellington, 83; Corn Averages, 109; Queen's War-

rant for Discontinuing the Services for 5th Nov., 30th

Jan., and 29th May, 185; Appeal of the Rev. Alfred

Poole; Circular regulating the conduct of Military

in our Roman Catholic Colonies, 214; The Rev. Al-

fred Poole's Case, 240; The Handel Commemoration,

241; Public Thanksgiving (from "London Gazette,'

April 12); A Form of Prayer, 269; New Regulations

for Navy Chaplains, 291; The Case of the Rev. W.

W. Roberts and Mary Ann M'Donnell, 292.

Parry, A letter from the Rev. E., to the Secretary of the

Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 234.


-Divorce and Matrimonial Causes Act Amendment

Bill, 5, 37, 236; Book of Common Prayer; Special

Services, 6, 38; Sequestration of Livings, 6, 236;

The Oaths Bill; Church-Rates Abolition Bill, 6, 37;

Christianity in India, 37; Public Thanksgiving, 211,

237; Education in Ireland, 236; Prorogation of Par-

liament, 267.

(House of Commons)—Church-Rates, 7, 212, 237; An-
nuity (Edinburgh) Tax Bill; Education; Marriage
Law Amendment Bill, 7, 211; Chaplains in India,
8; The State Services; Admission of Jews into Par-
liament, 38; Education and Christianity in England;
Saluting of the Host at Malta, 182, 211, 237; Forms
of Prayer for 5th November, and other Days, 183;

Church Rates Commutation Bill, 212; Marriage with
a Deceased Wife's Sister; Army Chaplains, 213;
Thanksgiving for the Suppression of the Indian Mu-
tiny, 238; Endowed Grammar Schools, 290.

Preferments, 11, 40, 65, 87, 111, 133, 161, 186, 215,

242, 270, 293.

PROVINCIAL.-The Churchwardens of St. Michael, Ox-

ford, against William Luff-In a cause of Subtrac- Queen's College, London, 108.

tion of Church-Rate; Annual Meeting of Gravesend

Church Union, in July, 11; Meeting of Oxford Dio-

cesan Schoolmasters' Association, in July, 40; Annual

Meeting of Governors of West Riding Charitable So-

ciety for the Relief of the Indigent Clergy, their

Widows and Orphans; List of Grants made; Officers

appointed for ensuing Year; Restoration of Sherborne

Abbey; Correspondence between Churchwarden and

Poor Law Commissioners, respecting State of St.

Peter's Churchyard, Carmarthen; Statement and

Appeal from the Isle of Man, 62; The Dean of Car-

lisle and the Rev. Precentor Livingston, 63, 84, 85;

Report of Professor of Theology of Queen's Col-
lege, Birmingham, 63; Boyn-Hill (Case of Rev.
R. T. West); Letter from the Bishop of Oxford

to the Archdeacon of Berks, and the other Commis-

sio ners, 85; Letter from the Bishop of Salisbury to

the Clergy of his Diocese; Inquiry into Conduct of

the Parish Clerk at Bath, 85; Examination of Chil-

dren in pursuance of the Scheme adopted by the Exe-

ter Diocesan Board of Education; Reparation and

Beautifying of the Chapter-house at York Cathedral ;

Meeting of the Charity for the Relief of Necessitous

Clergy, their Widows and Children, within the an-

cient Deaneries of Amounderness, Lonsdale, Kendal,

Furness, and Copeland; Celebration of the Anniver-

sary of the Exeter Diocesan Branch of the Society

for Promoting Christian Knowledge, and also of the

Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign

Parts, 86; The Churchwardens of St. Helen, Abing-

don, v. William Williams, 109; General Meeting of

Bath and Wells Diocesan Societies in Oct., 110; Pro-

posed Afternoon Services in Exeter Cathedral, 161;

Restoration of Scalford Church, near Melton Mow-

bray, 215; Diocese of Gloucester and Bristol-The

Law of Church Bells; Institution of Rev. C. H. Tra-

vers, Curate of Buckingham, to the Incumbency of

Steakley, Bucks; Foundation of New Church in

Liverpool, Reopening of Clewer Church, Berkshire,

241; Consecration of a New Church at Bishop Stort-

ford; New Church at St. Alban's, Herts, 269; Ex-

tract from the National Society's Monthly Paper, re-

specting Male and Female Training Schools, 270;

Protest of the Gloucestershire Scripture Readers' So-

Schools (New), in St. Giles-in-the-Fields, A letter

from the Rev. A. W. Thorold, respecting, to the

Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 79.

SCOTLAND.-Meeting of the Diocesan Synod of Aber-

deen, with Address of Bishop Suther; Mr. Cheyne's

letter to the Bishop, 64; The Scottish Episcopal

Synod, 86; Case of the Rev. P. Cheyne, 132; Diocese

of Glasgow and Galloway-Election of Bishop, 241;

Annual Meeting of the Diocesan Synod of Edinburgh,

in April, with Resolutions agreed on; Second Trial

of the Rev. Patrick Cheyne, at Aberdeen, 270; De-

position of Rev. Patrick Cheyne, 292; Appointment

of Dean to Diocese of Glasgow and Galloway; Pre-

sentation to the Right Rev. Bishop Trower; Course

of Sermons at St. Mary's, Glasgow, during Passion

Week, 296.

Scriptures (Holy), The Rev. T. Darling's motion re-

specting Circulation and Sale of, 2.

Short (Rev. W.), A letter from His Grace the Arch-

bishop of Canterbury, to the Society for Promoting

Christian Knowledge, on Mr. Short's retirement to

North Wales, 102.

Simpson, A letter from the Rev. David, to the Society

for Promoting Christian Knowledge, on Education

in India, 103; respecting the newly-revised Tamil

Common Prayer Book, 202.


Meeting of, in July, 1858, 2; Report of Foreign

Translation Committee for the Year 1858, 3; Meet-

ing of, in October, 1858, 78; Changes made in the

prices of Society's publications, 79; Meeting of, in

November, 1858, 102; Number of Bibles, New Tes-

taments, &c., issued between April, 1857, and April,

1858, 103; Meeting of, in December, 1858; State-

ment respecting Emigrants' Fund; Statistics of Emi-

gration, 126; Meeting of, in January, 1859, 154;

in February, 178; in March, 202; in April, 234; in

May, 262; in June, 286.


FOREIGN PARTS.-Letter by Archbishop of Canter-

bury to English Bishops, &c., respecting Candidates

for Missions in India, 4; Resolutions passed at the

Monthly Meeting, December, 1858, 17; Resolution

adopted at Monthly Meeting, July, 1859, respecting

Endowment Fund in Missions aided by the Society,

31; Representation by Bishop of Cape Town, respect-

ing Sons of Kaffir Chiefs; Acquisition of Site for

Memorial Church at Constantinople, 32; Rev. P.

Hammond's letter respecting Native Training Insti-

tutions in South Australia, 54; Letter from the

Bishop of Exeter with reference to the opening for

Additional Missions in China; Report of the Edeven-

koody Mission, Madras, 80; Report from the Rev.

R. G. Hutt, of the Progress made among the Kaffirs

in South Africa, 103, 235; Meeting of, in Dec. 1858;

Resolutions carried; Description of Missions at Ban-

ting, Borneo, 127; Statement respecting Society's

Income, 179: Extracts from the Journal of the Lord

Bishop of Graham's Town, 180; Table showing

amount of General Fund, 203; Society's efforts for

additional Missionaries in India, 264; Arrangements

for celebrating the 158th Anniversary of; Letter to

the Society from Rev. R. Dowson, Missionary to

Vancouver Island, 263; Proposed School at Delhi

for the Daughters of Europeans, 287.

Society (Incorporated) for Promoting the Enlargement,

Building, and Repairing of Churches and Chapels.-

Monthly Meeting of, in June, 1858, 4; in July, 32;

in November, 128; in December, 155; in January,

1859, 181; in February, 204; in March, 235; in

April, 264; in May, 287.

Society, Additional Curates',-Monthly Meeting of, in

May; Public Meeting in April, 288.

Spiritual Destitution in the Metropolis, &c., 34—36,




No. 241.-VOL. XXI.

Ecclesiastical Notices


Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge
Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts
Incorporated Society for Promoting the Enlargement,
Building, and Repairing of Churches and Chapels

National Society.

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cester, on Sunday, the 19th day of September next.

Orders to make application for permission to offer

The Bishop requires all Candidates for Deacons'

themselves at least three months previous to the The Bishop of Lincoln purposes to hold Ordina-

Ordination, such application to be conveyed through tions on Sunday, Sept. 19th, and on Sunday, Dec.

his Lordship's Examining Chaplain, the Ven. the 19th. He requires three months' notice from all

Archdeacon of Coventry, Alvechurch Rectory, near Candidates for Deacons' Orders, and a personal

Bromsgrove, stating their names at full length, age, interview. Graduates of Oxford must have attended

college, academical degree, and usual place of resi- a Course of Lectures of one of the Theological

applying should be provided with a Title at the Regius Professor, and Graduates of Cambridge

dence. It is not necessary that the Candidates so Professors, in addition to the public Lectures of the

time of their application, which may be afterwards must have passed the Voluntary Theological Exami-

sought, but must be obtained one month previous to nation. Papers to be sent to his Lordship's Secre-

the Ordination. Graduates of Cambridge must have tary, W. Moss, Esq., Palace, Lincoln, one month

passed the Voluntary Theological Examination, and before the day of Ordination.

those of Trinity College, Dublin, must have the

Divinity Testimonium. All Candidates are desired

to transmit the requisite papers to his Lordship's

Secretary, Charles Evans, Esq., College-yard, Wor-

cester, one month previous to the day of Ordination,

after which they will receive due notice of the time

[blocks in formation]

the names of two or more persons of respectability to

whom reference may be made. It is not necessary

that Candidates should be provided with a Title at

the time of giving notice. The Bishop requires

a Certificate of having passed the Voluntary Theo-

The Bishop of Ely will hold his next Ordination logical Examination from Candidates for Deacons

The Archbishop of Canterbury intends for the on Sunday, the 14th of November next. Candidates Orders who have graduated at the University of

future to hold his Ordinations in Lent and at for Holy Orders are required to transmit the requi- Cambridge, and the Divinity Testimonium from

Michaelmas. He requires an interview with Candi- site papers to his Lordship's Secretaries, Messrs. Graduates of Trinity College, Dublin. All Can-

dates at least three months before the time of Ordi- Burder and Dunning, 27, Parliament-street, West- didates are requested to transmit the requisite

nation. Graduates of Cambridge must have passed minster, S.W., on or before the 20th day of papers to his Lordship's Secretary one month

the Voluntary Theological Examination; and those October next. The Bishop requires from all Can- previous to the day of Ordination.

of Oxford, in addition to the public Lectures of the didates from the University of Cambridge applying

Regius Professor, must have attended a terminal for Deacons' Orders a Certificate of their having Ordination on Sunday, Dec. 19th next. Candidates

The Bishop of Carlisle purposes to hold his next

course given by one of the five Theological Professors. passed the Voluntary Theological Examination; for Deacons' Orders are required to give three

The Bishop of Durham will hold his next Ordina- and all Candidates for Deacons' Orders, except on months' notice of their intention to offer them-

tion at Auckland Castle on Sunday, the 19th day of College Titles, are to give immediate notice to the selves. They should state their names at full

September next. His Lordship requires from all Can- Bishop at the Palace, Ely, of their intention of

length, their age, college, academical degree, usual

offering themselves, unless they have had commu.

didates for Deacons' Orders three months' previous nication with his Lordship or his Chaplain, the place of residence, and the names of two or more

Rev. the Master, Jesus College, Cambridge.

notice of their intention to present themselves for

Ordination. Candidates from the University of Cam-

bridge must produce a Certificate of having passed The Bishop of Chester intends to hold his next

the Voluntary Theological Examination; those from Ordination at Chester, on Sunday, 19th September

Oxford the Certificate of having attended the Divi- next. Candidates are required to send all their

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