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ROYAL Academy, obfervations on the prefent ftate of the: with characters of living painters, by an old artist, 4to. page 596 Acids, vegetable; information fpecting, by M. Crell, 103 Actions of the apofles, tranflated from the original Greek, by the rev. John Willis, B. D. vicar of Ridge, Herts, 8vo. 172 An Addrefs to the electors of Great Britain and Ireland, on the approaching general election, by an independent freeholder, 8vo.


-to the inhabitants of Nottingham, occafioned by a letter fent to the mayor, and fome other members of the corporation of that town, with an appendix on the subject of the teft laws, by G. Wakefield, B. A. 8vo. 342 to the diffidents of England, on their late defeat, 8vo. 466 to the freemen of Liverpool, 8vo. 476 Administration, a fhort retrospect of the conduct of, to fome of the prin cipal powers of Europe, in a letter to a friend, 8vo. 710 The Adventures of John of Gaunt, duke of Laucafter. By James White, efq. author of Earl Strongbow, Conway Castle, &c. 3 vols. 12mo. 713 Exalted Affection: or Sophia Prin gle, a poem, by the rev. W. Cole, 8vo. 352 Albert, the confidential letters of,

from his firft attachment to Charlotte to her death. From the Sorrows of Werter, 12mo. 357 Alfred's appeal, containing his addrefs to the court of King's Bench, on the fubject of the marriage of Mary Anne Fitzherbert, and her intrigue with count Bellois, 8vo. 238 Amusement, a poetical effay, by Henry James Pye, cfq. 4to. 496 An Answer to the bishop of Comana's paftoral letter, by a protesting catholic, 8vo. 585 Apologift, for the religion of na Vol. LXIX.

ture, letters addreffed to the, 12mo. 712

An Apology, for the two ordinances of Jefus Chrift: the holy communion and baptifm, feriously recommended to the confideration of the people called quakers, by Robert Applegarth, 8vo. 117 Archæologia, or mifcellaneous tracts, relating to antiquity, published by the fociety of antiquaries of London, vol. ix. 4to. 121, 375 Arulia, or the victim of fenfibility, a novel, by a young lady, 2 vols. 357 Afiatic Refearches, &c. vol. i. concluded 613 Aflembly's fhorter catechism: an expofition, critical, doctrinal, and practical of the, delivered in a fories of fabbath evening lectures, by Michael Arthur, vol. i. 8vo. 61




Ampton-lectures, facts relating to the rev. Dr. White's, by the rev. R. B. Gabriel, D. D. 8vo. Bell.

And a Letter to R. B. Gabriel, in anfwer to facts relating to the rev. Dr. White's Bampton-lectures, by a member of one of the universities, 8vo. Gardner. And an appeal to the members of the University of Oxford, relating to Dr. White's Bamptonlectures, by no academic, 8vo. Kearfley 63 New Bath Guide, a poftfcript to the, a poem, by Anthony Pafquin, 8vo. 442 Benjamin, experiments on the falt of, by M. Hermstadt, 104 Bibliotbeca Americana, or, a chronological catalogue of the most curious and interefting books, pamphlets, ftate-papers, &c. upon the fubject of North and South America, 4to. 631 Biographia Britannica; or, the lives of the moft eminent perfons, who have flourished in Great Britain and Ireland, from the earliest ages to the prefent times: collected from the best audio


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authorities, printed and manuscript, and digefted in the manner of M. Bayle's hiftorical and critical dictionary, the second edition with corrections, enlargements, and the addition of fome new lives, by Andrew Kippis, D. D. F. R S. and S. A. with the affiftance of the rev. Jofeph Towers, LL. D. and other gentlemen, vol. iv. folio. 1,389 Bishops, an addrefs to the, upon the fubject of a letter from one of their Jordfhips to certain clergy in his diocefe, 8vo. 343 a letter to the, on the application of the protestant Diffenters to parliament for a repeal of the corporation and teft acts, 8vo. 344 Blanfay, a novel taken from the French, by the author of Vidorina, Louis, and Nina, &c. 2 vols. 12mo. The Blunders of Loyalty, and other mifcellaneous poems; being a felection of certain ancient poems, partly on fubjects of local hiftory. Together with the original notes and illuftrations, &c. The poems modernised by Ferdinando Fungus, gent. 4to. 355 Boxing, a letter on the practice of, addreffed to the king, lords, and commons, by the rev. Ed. Barry, A. M. and M. D. 8vo. 478 Brother Tom to brother Peter, or Peter paid in his own pence, with the articles of partnership between the Devil and Peter Pindar, efq. an historical epiftle, by a moon-raker, 4to. 115 The Brunoniad, a poem, in fix cantos. 4to.




THE fair Cambrians, a novel, 3 vols.



Camphor, an oil not nearly fo volatile as commonly fuppofed, according to the information of M. Kunfemuller, 104 Cancers, a treatife on, with an account of a new and fuccefsful method of operating, particularly in cancers of the breafts or teftis, by Hen. Fearon, third edition, 8vo. 230 Cantabrigienfes Graduati; five Catalogus, &c. an alphabetical lift of the names of thofe on whom the univerity of Cambridge has bestowed

any degree, from the year 1659, to 1787, 4to. 235

Car. Lud. Heritier Cornus, Specimen Botanicum, fiflens Defcriptiones. Icones Specierum Corni, minus coguita rum, Paris, large folio. 234

A Proteflant Catechiẩm, for the use of young perfons, originally published in French, and tranflated by S. Catlow, 12mo.



exhortation to all Chriftian people, to refrain from Trinitarian worship, the second edition, 12me. Characters of the kings and queens of England, felected from different histories, vol. iii. by J. Holt, 8vo. 258

Two Charges, delivered to the clergy of the archdeaconry of Leicester, in the years 1786, and 1787, by the rev. Andrew Burnaby, D. D. 8vo. Chemistry, the firft principles of, 585 by Wm. Nicholson, 8vo. 651

elements of, in a new fyftematic order, containing all the modern difcoveries, illustrated with thirteen copper-plates, by M. Lavoifier, tranflated from the French, by Robt. Kerr, F. R. and A. SS. E. 8vo.



A Chew of tobacco, for certain gentlemen in livery, by a member of parliament, 8vo. 597 Chrift crucified: or, the fcripture doctrine of the atonement, briefly illuftrated and defended, in four difcourses upon that fubject, by Caleb Evans, M. A. fmall 8vo. 168 -, a history of, for the ufe of the unlearned with fhort explanatory notes, and practical reflections, by W. Dalrymple, D. D. 8vo. Chriftian Sabbath, the observation of the, recommended to the higher degrees in life, by a minifter of the eftab.ifhed church, 8vo. 113 Christianity, influence of, on the condition of the world: a fermon preached in Trinity-chapel, Conduit-ftreet, on Sunday, Dec. 13, 1789, by Thomas Coombe, D. D. 231 " the grounds and reafons of the truth of, by way of queftion and answer, defigned for the use of younger, and lefs inftructed Chriftians, by the late rev. Mr. Milway, 8vu.



The Chriftian's spelling-book, intend


ed for the use of schools and private families; efpecially for Sundayfchools, by J. Blaymires, 8vo. Annales de chymie, ou recueil des Memoires concernant la chymie & les arts qui en dependent, par M. M. de Morveau, Lavoisier, Monge, Berthollet, de Fourcroy, le Baron de Dietrich, Haffenfratz, Adel, a Paris, 8vo. London, Boffe, 687 Civil Power, in ecclefiaftical causes, a >treatise of, the author John Milton, 8vo.

Cookery, the English art of, according to the prefent practice: being a compleat guide to all housekeepers, on a plan entirely new, 8vo.



and Pastry as taught and praalfed by Mrs. Maciver, teacher of thofe arts in Edinburgh, 235 Corporation and teft acts, reafons for feeking a repeal of the, by a Diffenter, 8vo. 341 --and test acts, bishop Sherlock's arguments against a repeal of the, 8vo. 347.-The difpute adjusted, about a proper time of applying for a repeal of the, ib. and teft acts, a dialogue between the bifhops Hoadly and Sherlock on the, 8vo. 348 and teft-acts, the oppreffive, unjuft, and prophane nature and tendency of the, expofed in a fermon preached before the congregation of protestant Diffenters, meeting in Cannon-street, Birmingham, Feb. 21, 1790, by S. Pearce, 8vo. 469 and teft-acts, observations fuggefted by the perufal of Mr. Loft's hiftory of the, by a clergyman of the establishment, 8vo. 706 and teft-acts, a collection of the refolutions paffed at the meetings of the clergy of the church of England, of the coun ties, corporations, cities, and towns, and of the fociety for promoting Chriftian, knowledge; affembled to take into confideration, the late application of the Diffenters to parlia ment, for the repeal of the, 8vo. 706 Criticism, the art of, as exemplified

in Dr. Johnson's lives of the moft eminent English poets, 8vo. 154 Cures from Velno's vegetable syrup, an account of, by J. Swainson, 235 M. Curioni, written by and for, Methode pour commencer l'etude de la langue Italienne, partie I.-Method pour fe perfectioner dans la langue Italienne, partic II. 718.-Idiomes de la langue Francoife, traduits par des Idiomes Italiens, litteralement conformes aux idiomes de la langue Angloife; avec des commentaires pour fervir de fyntax à la grammaire de ces trois langues, 719.-Le Genie de la langue Italien, ib.-Breve Iftoria del poeti Italiani, ad ufo de principian ti nella lingua Italiana, ib.-Morale di moife ad ufo de principiante nella lingua Italiana, 12mo. ib. Cynanche Maligna, or putrid fore throat, an effay for a nofological and comDdd2 parative


Lord de Clifford, a letter from, to the worthy and independent electors of the town of Downpatrick, 8vo. 594 A Collection of odes, fongs, and epigrams, against the whigs, alias the blue and buff; in which are included Mr. Hewerdine's political fongs, 8vo. 715 Cometilla, or views of nature, by Polingrove Robinfon, efq. vol. i. being an introduction to aftronomy, 8vo. Commercial tables; exhibiting a view



of the weights, measures, coins, and monies of France compared and equalized with those of Great Britain, by a British merchant, 238 Conftables, the duty of, containing inftructions to conftables, petty conftables, headboroughs, tythingmen, &c. in the feveral particulars of their office, 8vo. Conftitution, the spirit of the, and that of the church of Englaud, compared. To which are added, by another hand, remarks on two letters, addreffed to the delegates of the several congregations of Proteftant diffenters, who met at Devizes, Sept 14, 1789, 8vo. 343 .Conftitutional connection between Great Britain and Ireland; and the mischievous effects of introducing British party into Ireland, ftated in a letter to the right hon. Thomas Conolly, fecretary, to the Irish whig club, 8vo. 594 The Contraft, or the oppofite confequences of good and evil habits, exhibited in the lowest ranks of rural life, for the benefit of intelligent fervants, and the best proficients in Sunday schools, 12mo. 597 A Controverfial letter of a new kind,

to the rev. Dr. Price, from a clergyman of the church of England, and obfervations on Dr. Price's Revolution fermon, 8vo.


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parative view of the, and the Scarlatina inginofa, or fcarlet fever with angina, the fecond edition with a fupplement, containing a nofological account of the Febris Aptbofa, or thrush fever, by Wm. Lee Perkins, M. D. 8vo.



THE Debate in the house of commons, on Mr. Beaufoy's motion for the repeal of fuch parts of the test and corporation acts as affect the proteftant Diffenters, on Friday the 8th of May, 1789, 8vo. 239 The Debates in the house of commons,

on the repeal of the corporation and test acts. And,

The Debate in the house of commons, on the motion of Mr. Fox, for a repeal of the corporation and test acts, 8vo. 35 The Debate in the houfe of commons on the repeal of the corporation and teft acts, March 2, 1790. Second edition. 8vo. 466 The Defence of Innes Monro, efq. against a charge of plagiarism from the works of Dr. William Thomfon, 8vo. 600 Delia, a pathetic and interefting tale, 4 vols. 118 The Deluge, a poem. By the rev. John Roberts, M... fellow of king'sool lege, Cambridge, 4to. 156 Derbyshire, a view of the present state of: with an account of its moft remarkable antiquities; illuftrated by an accurate map and plates. By J. Pilkington, 2 vols. 8vo. 133, 447, A Diary of the weather during the year 1786, 8vo. 235 Dipping not bathing: or, the author's opinion of the fubject, mode, and importance of water-baptifm, according to the Scriptures. By R. Elliott, A. B. 232 Proteftant Diffenters, public documents declaratory of the principles of the, fhewing, that the repeal of the corporation and test acts was earnestly defired by king William III. and king George 1. 8vo.


341 -, obfervations on the conduct of the, No. 1. and II.— And the fame, fecond edition. 8vo. 347 an effay on the

origin, character, and views of the, 8vo. 348 Proteftant Diffenters, with reference to the corporation and test acts, 8vo.

349 the rights of, to a compleat toleration afferted, con. taining an historical account of the teft laws. Third edition, 8vo. 339 Diffenters, a letter to a nobleman, con

taining confiderations on the laws relative to; and on the intended application to parliament for the repeal of the corporation and test acts, 8vo. 339

The Diffenters' prefent claims confidered in a fermon, preached in the parish church of Warrington, on the 30th of January, 1790. By Edward Owen, M. A. 8vo. 465 Moral Dramas, intended for private reprefentation. By Mrs. Hughes, 8vo. Duelling, ftrictures on; felected from the most authentic authors: with additions, by a gentleman, late of the university of Oxford, 8vo. 478 Dying wool, filk, and cotton, the art


of: tranflated from the French of M. Hellot, M. Macquer, and M. le Pileur d'Apligny, 8vo. 396


AST Tartary, the natural of, trace through the three kingdoms of nature. Tranflated from the French. By William Radcliffe, A. B. 8vo. 445 Edinburgh, a poem, in two parts. Alfu, the weeping bard, a poem in fixteen cantos. By Robert Alves, A.M, 8vo. 599

Education, lectures on. Read to a fociety for promoting reasonable and humane improvements in the difcipline and instruction of youth. By the rev. David Williams, 3 vols. 489 Electricity, the air-pump, and the ba rometer, miscellaneous experiments and remarks on; with the descrip tion of an electrometer of a new conftruction. Illuftrated with copper-plates and notes. By A. Brooke, 423 The Elementary principles of nature, and the finiple laws by which they are governed; being an attempt to demonftrate their existence, and to explain their mode of action, partie cularly



cularly in thofe ftates in which they produce the attractions of cohesion, gravitation, magnetifm, and electricity; and alfo fire, light, and water. By E. Peart, M.D. 8vo. 286 Elizabeth, queen, the progreffes and public proceffions of, by J. Nichols, F. S. A. In two vols. 4to. 48.-Letter from, to lady Drury, on the death of her hufband, 50-To lady Paget, on the death of her daughter, ib. Ellen Woodley, a novel. By Mrs. Bonhote, author of the Parental Monitur, &c. 2 vols. 12mo. 592 Elwes, John, efq. the life of the late, member in three fucceffive parliaments for Berkshire. By Ed. Topham, efq. 8vo. 599 England, picture of, containing a defcription of the laws, cuftoms, and manners of England, by M. D'Archenholz, formerly captain in the fervice of the king of Pruffia. Translated from the French. 2 vols. 12mo. 203

Epigrams, tranflated into English verfe

from the original Greek; and felected from the compilation of Rich. Fr. Phil. Brunck, published at Strafburg, A. D. 1773, fmall 8vo. 677 Epiftle in verfe, to his moft ferene

highnefs the duke of Orleans, 4to. 354 An Epiftle to the chief priests and elders of the Jews. By the rev. Rich. Beere, 8vo. 149 A new Eflay on the celebrated prophecy, Ifaiah, vii. 14, 15, 16. compared with the Gofpel of Matth. i. 18-23 By Phil. David Krauter, D. D. 8vo. 586 Effays on important fubjects. By D.

Turner, M. A. 2 vols. 12mo. 120 A free Examination of Dr. Price's and Dr. Priestley's fermons. By the rev. W. Keate, 8vo. 717


The Female's meditation; or, common occurrences fpiritualised, in verfe. 116 By Hannah Wallis, 4to. Female characters in married life; an epigrammatic fatire, 4to. 471 Fevers, a treatife on, wherein their caufes are exhibited in a new point of view, 8vo. 231 Foreign Literary Iutelligence, containing chiefly, 1. A difcourfe on the flavery of the negros, and on the idea of their emancipation in the colonies, by a colonift of St. Doming0, 324.-2. On the same subject, by a German writer, 326.-3. On the fame, already examined in an Eng. lifh drefs, and entitled, The Negro equalled by few Whites,' 3274. On the queftion, Are there any means of rendering the Jews more happy and more useful in France?' 329.-5. On a valuable manuscript, in the western Moorish character, lately discovered, 33-333 →→ is here taken up chiefly with medical obfervations; but of little confequence, 453 574


Containing chiefly, 1. The political fituation of France, and its present connection with all the powers of Europe, by M. Peyffonel, 575, 576. -2. The patriotic journal, concerning the hiftory of the revolutions of Liege and the Low Countries, by a fociety of citizens, 577, 578.-3.

The Hiftory of the Vacancy in the Imperial Throne, drawn from authentic Memoirs,' published lately at Paris, 579.-4. Claffical information, &c. 580-583 695.Contains chiefly, I. The opinion of M. Arthaud, that the black inhabitants of Africa are of a different fpecies from Europeans, 696.-2. Experiments of Arneman on the regene ration of different parts of the living body, as well in beings of animal life, as in mankind, with a differtation on the effects of the cold of the last severe winter, 697, 698.— 3. Zoology, by Mefirs. Fabricius and Olivier, 699-701.-4. M. A. L. de Juffieu's genera of plants, 702-705 Foffil-wood, remarks on, by M. Sage and others, Fragments of original letters, of madame Charlotte Elizabeth of BavaDdd3 ria,



ation of the friends to civil and religious liberty, but more particularly addreffed to the Proteftant Diffenters of England and Wales, 8vo. 342 New Facts, or the white-washer, or the fecond part of Gabriel Outcast, 8vo.


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