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of the work in this particular field, however, was done in Harvard University, and during a year's residence in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and England. Several foreign scholars have most kindly contributed information and references. It is a pleasure to record here my obligations to Professor Hjalmar Falk and Professor Christian Collin, to Knut Liestøl, docent, and to Fredrik Paasche and Francis Bull, lecturers, all of the University of Christiania; to Anton Blanck, docent in the University of Uppsala; and to Professor J. C. H. R. Steenstrup and Professor Axel Olrik, of the University of Copenhagen. Professor Olrik, in particular, who has continued so worthily the labors of Grundtvig, gave very liberally from his unrivalled fund of learning in Scandinavian balladry. To be able to associate with the name of Grundtvig's successor the name of Child's successor is a privilege that will be readily appreciated by all students of the ballad; Professor Kittredge, of Harvard University, has given me the most helpful guidance, both within and without the lecture-room, during the entire progress of the work. Professor Schofield, of Harvard University, has shown an active interest from the beginning, particularly in matters Scandinavian, and has contributed very largely to the appearance of the work in its present form. Dr. H. G. Leach,

secretary of the American-Scandinavian Foundation, has offered a number of valuable suggestions, and has borne much of the proof-reader's burden. The library functionaries of the universities of Christiania, Uppsala, and Copenhagen, of Harvard College, of the Royal libraries at Stockholm and Copenhagen, and of the British Museum, have courteously placed at my disposal the sinews of research. My father, H. B. Hustvedt, of Decorah, Iowa, has also assisted me in correcting the proofs. A more general acknowledgment must be made for other help of various


Cambridge, August, 1915

S. B. H.

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