John Thadeus Delane, Editor of "The Times": His Life and Correspondence, Volume 1

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Page 103 - I say, that if the French people had thought that a knot of foreign conspirators were caballing against one of their ministers, and caballing for no other reason than that he had upheld, as he conceived, the dignity and interests of his own country, and if they had thought that such a knot of foreign conspirators had coadjutors in their own land, why, I say that the French people, that brave, noble, and spirited nation, would have scorned the intrigues of such a cabal, and would have clung the closer...
Page 272 - ... showing unmistakeable symptoms of its own doubts whether the Government is any longer worth supporting, and Delane told me yesterday he thought they •would not remain long in office, and that it is lime they should go, and he ridiculed the idea of its not being practicable to form another Government.
Page 200 - reached them, they uttered, if so one may speak, the very soul of a nation enraptured with the hard-won victory, and abounding in gratitude to its distant army, yet disclosing the care, the grief, which sobered its joy and its pride. And again, when a few days later, the further accounts from our army showed the darkening of the prospect before it, the great journal using its leadership, and moving out to the front with opportune, resolute counsels, seemed clothed with a power to speak, nay, almost...
Page 200 - ... of reinforcements must be achieved with an exertion of will strong enough to overthrow every obstacle interposed by mere customs and forms.
Page 84 - ... is a tendency — we know such arrangements exist — for this to be done through informal arrangements; that is Presidents sometimes find individuals to whom they assign, in fact, these functions, if not in name. I do not know whether that is better or worse, and perhaps that is better, too. But I am inclined to think that it would be a good thing if this were more highly formalized. Mr. PENDLETON. Certainly it is worth looking into very carefully. My last point is this : You indicated the need...
Page 201 - TERRIBLE i85 occupation is gone ; there is nothing to record more of the British Expedition except its weakness and its misery — misery in every form and shape except that of defeat ; and from that we are solely spared by the goodness of Heaven, which erects barriers of mud and snow between us and our enemies.
Page 162 - Delane was sent for by Lord Aberdeen the night before last, when they had a long conversation on the state of affairs, and Aberdeen told him that he was resolved to be no party to a war with Russia on such grounds as the present, and he was prepared to resign rather than incur such responsibility.
Page 323 - But if the canal could be made, it would open to the French in the event of war a short cut to India, while we should be obliged to go round the Cape. The first thing the French would do would be to send a force from Toulon or Algeria to seize the canal. An expedition, naval and military, would steam away through the canal to India, sweep our commerce, take our colonies, and perhaps seize and materially injure some of our Indian seaports, long before our reinforcements, naval and military, could...
Page 321 - British waterway that it would be traversed by British ships devoted to British traffic and maintained by British tolls. To his mind England as a nation was justified in looking out for the best and cheapest highway to the East. ' If the Suez Canal ever becomes a reality,' he asserted, ' it will be for our benefit, and not for our disadvantage.
Page 102 - Why, Sir, it is a calumny on the French nation to suppose that the personal hatred of any foreigner to their Minister could have this effect. They are a brave, a generous, and a noble-minded people; and if they had thought that a foreign conspiracy had been formed against one of...