Passages in Foreign Travel, Volume 2

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C.C. Little and J. Brown, 1838 - Europe

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Page 332 - Chillon! thy prison is a holy place, And thy sad floor an altar — for 'twas trod, Until his very steps have left a trace Worn, as if thy cold pavement were a sod, By Bonnivard ! — May none those marks efface ! For they appeal from tyranny to God.
Page 308 - Since that all-nameless hour. I have no dread, And feel the curse to have no natural fear, Nor fluttering throb, that beats with hopes or wishes, Or lurking love of something on the earth. Now to my task.— Mysterious agency!
Page 310 - ABBOT. I come to save, and not destroy. I would not pry into thy secret soul ; But if these things be sooth, there still is time For penitence and pity: reconcile thee With the true church, and through the church to heaven.
Page 335 - A sunbeam which hath lost its way, And through the crevice and the cleft Of the thick wall is fallen and left; Creeping o'er the floor so damp, Like a marsh's meteor lamp...
Page 309 - It hath enlarged my thoughts with a new sense, And I within my tablets would note down That there is such a feeling. Who is there ? Re-enter HERMAN.
Page 17 - Le roi arriva le jeudi au soir; la promenade, la collation dans un lieu tapissé de jonquilles , tout cela fut à souhait. On soupa , il y eut quelques tables où le rôti manqua , à cause de plusieurs dîners à quoi l'on ne s'était point attendu ; cela saisit Vatel , il dit plusieurs fois : Je suis perdu d'honneur ; voici un affront que je ne supporterai pas.
Page 292 - Worthless as they who wrought it : 'tis the doom Of spirits of my order to be rack'd In life, to wear their hearts out, and consume Their days in endless strife, and die alone; And pilgrims come from climes where they have known The name of him — who now is but a name.
Page 309 - And a magic voice and verse Hath baptized thee with a curse ; And a spirit of the air Hath begirt thee with a snare ; In the wind there is a voice Shall forbid thee to rejoice...
Page 2 - BROWN, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the District of Massachusetts. BOSTON: PRINTED BY FREEMAN AND BOLLES, WASHINGTON STREET.
Page 311 - The neatness, the comfort, the gentleness, the unaffected devotion, the accomplishments, and the virtues of the brethren of the order, are well fitted to strike the man of the world with the conviction that " there is another and a better

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