Pharmaceutical Journal;: A Weekly Record of Pharmacy and Allied Sciences, Volume 15

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J. Churchill, 1856 - Pharmacy

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Page 233 - In our new process the only chemical agents employed for decomposing the neutral fat, and separating its glycerine, are steam and heat ; and the only agents used in purifying the glycerine thus obtained are heat and steam : thus all trouble from earthy salts or lead is escaped.
Page 52 - January one thousand eight hundred and fifty-nine, no person shall be entitled to recover any Charge in any court of law for any medical or surgical advice, attendance, or for the performance of any operation, or for any medicine which he shall have both prescribed and supplied, unless he shall prove upon the trial that he is registered under this Act.
Page 276 - And if in any such ship as aforesaid such [medicines, medical stores, lime or lemon juice or other articles, sugar and vinegar, as are hereinbefore required, are not provided and kept on board as herein-before required, the master or owner shall incur a penalty not exceeding twenty pounds; and if the master of any such ship as aforesaid neglects to serve out the lime or lemon juice or other articles, sugar, or vinegar, in the case and manner herein-before directed, he shall for each such offence...
Page 51 - And be it enacted, that the following words and expressions are intended to have the meanings hereby assigned to them respectively, so far as such meanings are not excluded by the context or by the nature of the...
Page 11 - Whereas it is expedient for the safety of the public that persons exercising the business or calling of pharmaceutical chemists in Great Britain should possess a competent practical knowledge of pharmaceutical and general chemistry and other branches of useful knowledge...
Page 52 - The general council shall cause to be published under their direction a book containing a list of medicines and compounds, and the manner of preparing them, together with the true weights and measures by which they are to be prepared and mixed, and containing such other matter and things relating thereto as the general council shall think fit, to be called
Page 333 - MR. JOHN HORSLEY. A CATECHISM OF CHEMICAL PHILOSOPHY; being a Familiar Exposition of the Principles of Chemistry and Physics. With Engravings on Wood. Designed for the Use of Schools and Private Teachers. Post 8vo. cloth, 6s. 6d.
Page 235 - I collected some of it, and exhibited it in the Great Exhibition, but as at that time there was no want of paper material, no attention was paid to it. The leaves and top branches of Scotch fir produce 25 per cent, of paper pulp. The shavings and sawdust of wood from Scotch fir gives 40 per cent, pulp. The cost of reducing to pulp and bleaching pine wood will be about three times that of bleaching rags.
Page 276 - ... sugar or vinegar, in the case and manner hereinbefore directed, he shall for each such offence incur a penalty not exceeding five pounds; and if any master is convicted in either of the last-mentioned penalties, and it appears that the offence is owing to the act or default of the owner, such master may recover the amount of such penalty, and the costs incurred by him, from the owner.
Page 60 - ... are less ; in other instances, where the process was regular and the metal homogeneous, the fracture extended quite through the metal to upwards of one-eighth of an inch in depth. I have observed this phenomenon in about nine instances, in several of which the explosion took place even in the liquid, by striking the deposit against the glass containing vessel ; and in one instance it occurred after the metal had been well washed with dilute hydrochloric acid, dried, and had remained out of the...

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