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Uniform with the present volume, post 8vo, illustrated boards, 2s, each. Ready-Money Mortiboy. By Walter | The Queen of Connaught. By Harriett Besant and James Rice.

Jay. The Golden Butterfly. By W. Besant The Dark Colleen. By Harriett Jay. and J. Rice.

Oakshott Castle. By Henry Kingsley. With Harp and Orown. By W. Besant Number Seventeen. By Henry Kingsand J. Rice.

ley. This Son of Vulcan. By W. Besant Dear Lady Disdain. By Justin MoCarthy. and J. Rice

The Waterdale Neighbours. By Justin My Little Girl. By W. Besant and J. McCarthy. Rice.

My Enemy's Daughter. By Justin The Case of Mr. Lucraft. By W. McCarthy. Besant and J. Rice.

A Fair Saxon. By Justin MoCarthy. Surly Tim. By F. E. Burnett.

Linley Rochford. By Justin MoCarthy. Antonina. By Wilkie Collins.

The Evil Eye. By Katharine S. Macquoid. Basil. By Wilkie Collins.

Open ! Sesamel By Florence Marryat. Hide and Seek; or, The Mystery of Whiteladies. By Mrs. Oliphant.

Mary Grice. By Wilkie Collins. The Best of Husbands. By James Payn. The Dead Secret. By Wilkie Collins. Walter's Word. By James Payn. Queen of Hearts. By Wilkie Collins. Her Mother's Darling. By Mrs. J. H. My Miscellanies. By Wilkie Collins. Riddell. The Woman in White. By Wilkie Collins. Gaslight and Daylight. By George The Moonstone. By Wilkie Collins. Augustus Sala. Man and Wife. By Wilkie Collins. Bound to the Wheel. By John Saunders. Poor Miss Finch. By Wilkie Collins. Guy Waterman. By John Saunders. Miss or Mrs.? By Wilkie Collins. One Against the World. By John The New Magdalen. By Wilkie Collins. Saunders. The Frozen Deep. By Wilkie Collins. The Lion in the Path. By John and The Law and the Lady. By Wilkie Katherine Saunders. Collins.

The Way We Live Now. By Anthony The Two Destinies. By Wilkie Collins. Trollope. Felicia. By M. Betham-Edwards. The American Senator. By Anthony Roxy. By Edward Eggleston.

Trollope. Filthy Lucre. By Albany de Fonblanque. Diamond Cut Diamond. By T. A. Olympia. By R. E. Francillon.

Trollope. Dick Temple. By James Greenwood. An Idle Excursion. By Mark Twain. Under the Greenwood Tree. By Tom Sawyer. By Mark Twain. Thomas Hardy.

A Pleasure Trip on the Continent of Fated to be Free. By Jean Ingelow. Europe. By Mark Twain.


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