The History of Scotland: From the Union of the Crowns on the Accession of James VI. to the Throne of England, to the Union of the Kingdoms in the Reign of Queen Anne, Volume 2

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Page 333 - Sterling, where, at the request of the most Christian King and the Queen's Majesty of England, by their ambassadors present, Your Majesty's gracious pardon was granted unto them all, under condition always that they should remain banished VOL.
Page 333 - ... for helping of such inconvenience that might fall out by that kind of dealing ; theyhad thought it convenient to join themselves in league and band with some other noblemen, resolved to obey your majesty as their natural sovereign, and have nothing to do with your husband's command whatsoever...
Page 153 - And where he did complain of the cruelty of some of them. He said that he did dreme, and that he was so glad to see me that he thought he should dief—indeed, that he had found fault with me{ I went my way to sup.
Page 177 - To conclude, for a suerety, he mistrustith us of that that you know, and for his lyfe. But in the end, after I had spoken two or three good words to him, he was very merry and glad. I have not seen him this night for...
Page 138 - King wald be offendit with it, and it might stey all the wark. " ' Tell me, man,' sayes he, ' giff I have tauld the treuthe ?' " ' Yis,' sayes Mr. Thomas, 'sir, I think sa.' " ' I will byd his fead, and all his Kins, then,' quoth he: ' Pray, pray to God for me, and let him direct all.
Page 334 - Majesty, which being given to me by the said persons, as God shall be my judge, was no other than these words, " Schaw to the Earl Morton that the Queen will hear no speech of that matter appointed unto him...
Page 155 - And I ask nothing but that we may be at bed and table together as husband and wife; and if you will not I will never rise...
Page 228 - Vous deifiant a trop grand tort de moy. Vous ignorez l'amour que je vous porte, Vous soupconnez qu'autre amour me transporte ; Vous estimez mes parolles du vent, Vous depeignez de cire mon las cœur, Vous me pensez femme sans jugement ; Et tout cela augmente mon ardeur.
Page 157 - I speak to him of Wallcar, and saith that he will pluck his ears from his head, and that he lieth; for I asked him before of that, and what cause he had to complain of some of the lords, and to threaten them.
Page 171 - You make me dissemble so much, that I am afraid thereof \yith horrour, and you make me almost to play the part of a traitor. Remember that if it were not for obeying you, I had rather be dead.

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