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University Press, 1882 - 154 pages

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Page iii - Nalopakhyanam, or, The Tale of Nala ; containing the Sanskrit Text in Roman Characters, followed by a Vocabulary in which each word is placed under its root, with references to derived words in cognate languages, and a sketch of Sanskrit Grammar. By the Rev. THOMAS JARRETT, MA , Trinity College, Regius Professor of Hebrew, late Professor of Arabic, and formerly Fellow of St Catharine's College, Cambridge.
Page 149 - The active is formed by adding vas to the inflective base, as it occurs before the terminations of the dual and plural numbers of the second preterite.
Page 149 - Middle is formed by adding na to the same termination ; but when, as in the first, fourth, sixth, and tenth conjugations, the inflective base ends in a, then mna is added for the participle.

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