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Excellentissimo Principi Edwardo Sexto

Angliæ Franciæ et Hiberniæ Regis
Fidei defensori Ecclesiæ Anglicanæ
et Hibernicæ post Christum Supremo Capiti
Dno nro Clementissa.

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Ex universis beneficiis tuis, Serenissime Rex, quibus Academiam Cantabrigiensem exornasti, Nullum unquam fuit ad augendam Dei gloriam majus, ad asserendam Evangelii veritatem efficatius, ad illustrandam nominis tui famam clarius, ad nostram, immo totius regni commoditatem uberius et fructuosius, quam quod D. MARTINO Bucero incomparabili virtute et doctrina viro singulare munus apud nos docendi et profitendi Sacram Theologiam delegasti. Ex cujus vita et voce quantum ceperimus utilitatis, quantum honestissimæ voluptatis, is dolor luctusque noster, quem nunc ex ejus morte et decessu sentimus, abunde declarat. Nam cum egregium preceptorem nostrum abiise, totam Theologiæ Scholam conticessere, Sacras disputationes tanto viro orbatas et penè mortuas esse videmus: D. M. BUCERO clarissimo Accademiæ lumine jam extincto: En omnes nos Alumni tui Cantabrigienses, CLARISSIME PRINCEPs, in maximo merore squaloreque jacemus.

En supplices Universi ad pedes tuos fusi, opem auxiliumque a serenitate tua, in hoc acerbissimo casu et tristissima calamitate nostra petimus. Tum autem propter magnum amorem nostrum in excellentissimum virum D. Bucerum, optimam ejus uxorem, liberos, et totam doctissimi hominis familiam Majestati tuæ commendamus. Huic, egregio pratrefamilias orbatæ, liberalitatis tuæ munificentiam: Accademiæ, eruditissimo doctore destitutæ, Prudentiæ tuæ subsidium, prostrati coram serenitate tua poscimus, et efflagitamus. Dnus Jesus Matem tuam Imperio

majorem, doctrina et virtute maximam, indies semper efficiat. Cantabrigiæ e frequenti senatu nostro quarto Martii.



Primo die Martii hujus anni 1551 obiit Cantabrigiæ Martinus Bucer et sepultus in choro Btæ Mariæ magnæ.



First the said Pallet useth hymself so extremely in wordes among the Kinges pore subjectes in the taking of his provision within the towne and university of Cambrige that he caused one daye a gret nombre of them to make open proclamations upon hym bifore the vicechancellor who pacified the said people and furder ayded the said Pallet in execution of his commyssion.

Item when in his commission he is charged not otherwise to make provision but according to the Kinges statutes in that be alf (wherupon the Vicechancellor required to see what prices wer apoynted hym or elles to be rated according to the statute bi the constable or iiii honest men) the said pulter refused so to do or to declare but toke all things of his own pryce and rate.

Item when it was proved before his face in presence of M". Vicechancellor and his assistants that he bought under color of his commission more than he sent up, as proof was brought of a phesant, of plovers or larkes sold bi hym to dyverse men of the towne and of the county as taken up before in the Kinges name and was charged therwith he answered that partly he was commanded to gratify som certen freendes and affirmed openly bi an othe that except in his office he might do his frendes pleasure he

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wold not serve the Kinge in such office and furder alleged that his office was suche to hym that he wold gyve eny man xx nobles to deliver hym thereof.

Item when the Vicechancellor required hym to use his commyssion discretly and not to exasperate the people and furder desiered him that when he had ful passage in all the country about the towne for his provision that he wold spare the market except he cowd see eny phesant or other suche dishe which wer mete for the Kinges table the said Pallet was so evilcontent with such lyke wordes that he did contemptuously cast his commission to the said Vicechancellor and commanded hym to go and to serve the commyssion hymself and furder made false certificate up to his master M+ Gurleye that the Vicechancellor shuld saye that he wolde be sued before the King and that he cowd not be suffered within the market which slaunderous reportes and diverse other more the said Pallet was not able to justifie or bring eny proof of in the presence of the son of the said Gurley who was sent down purposely from the court to inquyre howe he was used in the said universitie and [by] the officers thereof, at which tyme being before the said Vicechancellor and his assistantes the said Pallet unfittingly ther commaunded a Justice of Peace of the universitie to go and provide hym hys horse for his carriage when he knewe the Mayors officers alway redy to procure hym suche horses, and moreover to bring the said officers in displeasure wilfully ceased one holl daye of his provision and sent none up, as surmytting that he was stopped bi the officers of thunyversitie when in deed he was all that daye braggynge at tavernes and alehouses in the towne in thretting that he wolde shortly procure some officers and Justyces of the universitie to be set in the marcyalsee. D. Sandes Vicecancellario

3. marcii ao 1552.


Imprimis we fynde that ther be iiii Awmessehowses decayed in Jesus lane whych owght to be upholden and maynteyned by Mr. Thomas Hutton.

It. we fynde that the Mr. and Fellows of Jesus College have let ther ferme hollye with all commodities together and the fermor therof hathe letten the lande to certeyne persons and severed the dwellynge howse and the shepegate from the lande so that the howse and shepegate be in divers men handes and lykewyse the closes be letten from the howse and the hole is letten for xli. xs by yere.

It. we fynde that a pece of noysom grounde is taken in owte of the common and enclosed with a mudde wall at thende of Jesus lane for the whyche thincorporation of the towne is recompensed but not the hole inhabytauntes of the towne whiche fynde themselves injured.

It. we fynde that Andrew Lambes close is crofte lande and ought to lye open with the fylde at lamas as common.

It. we fynde that a close that of late was taken in bye baylyff Smythe owte of the common owght to be layde open and to be common agayne as heretofore it hathe beene accustomed the yerly rent is xxvis. viija.

It. we fynde that Mr. Braken had of the prior and convente of Barnwell a portyon of grounde that before was laye open with the fylde at lamas and was common arable lande


the whiche he hathe buylded certeyne howses and shoppes.

It. we fynde that Mr. Hynde unlawfully dothe brynge into Cambridge felde a flock of shepe to the number of vi or vii Cth to the undoinge of the fermors and great hyndraunce of all thinhabitauntes of Cambrydge.

It. we fynde the saide Mr. Hynde after the corne be inned and harvest don bryngeth in his catall in great nombre and eateth uppe the common to like hyndraunce.

It. we fynde that ther is an howse of husbandrye with xxx


acres of lande ther unto belonginge nowe in the tenure of Wyllm. Spyrink dekayed and not inhabited nor hath not bene these ii yeres for then it was burned, the yerely rent is iiiili.

It. we fynde that Mr. Braken hathe dymyssed a lane called fysshores lane, and inclosed the samme whyche of late lay open and was common.

It. we fynde that Maxwell keepeth a certayne grownde against the castle as common whyche ought to be common.

It. we fynde that there is an howse dekayed and fallen down lying betwyxt the Greffyn and the whyte Bull now in the tenure of Mr. Slegge wherbye the towne in that streete is myche defaced.

It. we fynde that Trinitie College owght to pave the streete agaynst the gray freers which of long tyme hath been unpaved to the great annoyance of the common welthe.

It. we fynde that Trinitie college hath inclosed a common lane which was a common course both for cart horse and man leadinge to the ryver unto a common grene and no recompense made therfore.

It. we fynde that the seyde College dothe commonlye use to laye ther mucke and meanor on ther backe syde apon the foreseyde common grene wher thei wyll suffer no man ells to do the lyke and have builded a common Jakes apon part of the same.

It. we fynde that Mr. Muryell hathe plowed uppe certayne bawlks and carte wayes in the feelde.

It. we fynde Mr. Bykardyck hath plowed uppe the more parte of a bawlke behind the black freers of vii foote brode betwyxt Jesus College grownde and Myhell howse grownde and he hath dyched it in at both endes.

It. we fynde that he hath eared uppe a lyke bawlk in lyk manner lying betwyxt the Kynges hall grownde and Myhell howse grownde.

It. we fynde also that the seyde Mr. Bykardyck hath taken in and inclosed a portyon of the common hyghewayes at both endes of the seyde bawlke.

It. we fynde ther is a nother bawlke enclosed at both endes and plowed uppe that leadeth from the forenamed bawlke


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