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dyrectly crossing the hyghewaye unto Barnwell cawsey and Jesus Grene.

It. we fynde that the Kynges College hath taken in and inclosed Saynt Austens lane leadinge from the high streete unto the waterside, withoute recompense.

It. we fynde that the Queens College have taken in a pece of common ground commonlye called Goslinge grene withowte recompense.

It. we fynde that ther is a nother pece lying withowt their pales and within the ryver that owght to be common.

It. we fynde that there is a pece of grownde landed at thende of John Thomas garden now in the tenure of Willm. Garlande taken owte of the common ryver paying therefore to the corporation of the towne xvid:

It. we fynde that Mr. Fanne hath in his hands a pece of Maris grownde nowe severalled whyche was common within these xvi yeres the rent is viid.

It. we fynde that Mr. Osborne hath in his handes a lyke pece of Maris grownde whyche of late was common the rent whereof is lykewise yerely viid.

It. we fynde that one pece of common is inclosed now in the handes of Mr. Mores which hath been accustomed to lye common at Mydsomer.

It. we fynde one berne now in the tenure of Willm. Bradlye buylded on St. Thomas leale which was accustomed and owght to lye common at lamas.

It. we fynde that a ferme howse called cotton hall now in. the tenure of Mr. Famme is dekayed and fell downe abowte xxti.


yeres agon, not inhabyted and hath iiii acres of lande longinge therunto and is letton for vli. bye yere.

It. we fynde that beyonde Styrbrydge chappell Dytton men have pulled downe a brydge, stopped the water drowned the commons and so enter upon Cambridge common.

It. we fynde that Mistress Lacys of Barnwell hathe severed the lande and the shepe gate of her ferms, and that bayley Genings and John Bernes have done the lyke in ther fermes,

It. we fynde that Mr. Kymbalde hath walled and dyched upon the hyghwaye in Barnwell wherbye the seyd waye is myche straytened.

Mem. of a common balk throwe a pasture ground adjoyning net to Rutlands house in little St. Marys nowe inhabited bi R. Tomlynson which balke shulde be a weye to go to Thomas leyes and so forth on balkes to Jesus grene &c which pasture is nowe purchased bi the towne &c*.


* At this period many disturbances arose on account of the inclosures generally taking place, by which the lower classes considered themselves greatly injured. The following ballad, written at the time probably by some member of the university, is put into the mouth of Jack OF THE STYLE, the prototype of Swing THE RICKBURNER.-Ed.


And with all that I may make Sens that I Jacke of the style

Cast hedge and dyche in the lake Came forthe of the northe

Fyxed with many a stake. I tell ye even the trothe,

Though it war never so faste Beyng shamefully blamed

Yet asоndre it is wraste. Yea and gyltles dyffamyd.

Thus I Jake do recompense For it was reportyd than

Ther naughty slawnderous offense, That here I had slayn a man;

Wher as they make me a murderer That same shameful report

And of death a furderer Causyd me for to resort

I take God to witnes Evyn now hyther agayne

I am of it guiltles This truthe I tell playne.

For as I am true speaker It was never my dede

I am but a Hedge-breaker. No, so God me spede.

I reporte me now owte For it was a sherman

To these that be of my rowte That share nygh the brayn pan.

So bragge so bolde and stowte. It war allmes he war slayne

How sayest thou robbyn clowte For usyng such a trayne,

Is this nyght wele wroughte?
For kyllyng of that pykerall

Makyng hym a funerall.
But than the bayles so wrought


withoute doughte Agayn was out bought

Be God that me boughte
Redemyng agayne for nought

It is as ye do saye
The myschieve that he had soughte, But Syr withowt delaye
In sleying that honest man

Methought it but a playe
With a stroke of a fyre pan.

To see the stakes fast straye Now for that slaunders sake

Down into the raye Companye be night I take

Smymmyng evermore awaye







Ornatissimis viris dnis Doct. Sandes ac Regentibus et non

Regentibus Achademiæ Cantabr. Ao. 1553, 10. Junii 7o.
Edu. Vsti.

AEQUUM est ut qui se literarum studiis dediderunt et in veri inquisitione versantur, illius disciplinæ veritatem profiteantur quæ ad vivendum est utilissima et ad judicandum cum verbo dei

Saylyng towarde the castyll
Lyke as they would wrastryll
For superyoryte
Or ells for the meyraltie.

Wherefore they hyed them hense
Paying yet no toll pence
Witnes Robyn with the red nose
And Benet with the blewe hose
And Fraunces few close
Ye affirme the same I suppose.



How sayeste Buntynge on the hyll
Hast not yet wrought thy fyll ?

Truth now thou dost saye
It was evyn worthe a playe
To see the stakes jombling
And in the water tombling
And fast away they hyed
Lesse they shold ben spyed
And with a bote ben follow yd
And with a serjeant arested
For to come to the Mayer
In all gudly affair
To be taken suspecyous
Or ells provyd felonyous
Accordinge unto their rate
Mayteyning thr potestate.
How sayst Tom of Trompyngton ?

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For sothe syr down to Chesterton
Gret store of stakes be gone
Swymmyng thither one by one
Glad they have escapyd
And not of the bayles attached

Syr I think that this wyrke
Is as gud as to byld a kyrke
For Cambridges bayles trulye
Gyve yll example to the cowntrye
Ther comones lykewyses for to engrosse
And from poor men it to enclose.


convenientissima Cum autem in redintegranda religione multum diuque Regiæ Matis. authoritate et bonorum atque eruditorum virorum judiciis sit elaboratum et de articulis quibusdam in synodo Londonensi ao. dni 1553 ad tollendam opinionum dissentionem conclusum, equissimum judicavimus eosdem Regia authoritate promulgatos et omnibus episcopis ad meliorem dioceseos suæ administrationem traditos vobis etiam commendare et

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Syr if that I speake myght
I wold speak but the ryght
Gud conscyence shold them move
Ther neybors quietly to love
And thus not for to wrynche
The comons styl for to pynche
To take into ther handes
That be other mennes landes
For it getteth them gret blame
And I wys yet wylt not frame
But ever encrese ther shame
And loseth ther gud name
Thus they to take such payne
Whereas it is no gayne
They may thinke yt playne
To be to them a gret mayne
So many nobles bestowyd
And in the erthe so throwyde
Of it so wastefully spente
They maye chance now repente.



How sayst thou Peter Potter
Is here gud hunting of the otter?


By Jesus syr the dyche be yuge down
Is the best huntyng in all the town
The pore saye god blesse your harte
For if it contynewyd they shuld smarte
The wyves of it also be glad
Which for ther cattell lytell mete had
Some have but one sealy cowe
Wher is no haye nor strawe in mowe
Therfor it is gud conscyence I wene
To make that comon that ever hathe



Thou Pyrse Plowman by name'
How sayst thou by this game ?


Syr it is both game and glee
All thynges well orderyd to see
So sodenly alteryd in a nyght
All thyng yet done is but ryght
I wonder at this covetous nacyon
That scratt and gatt all out of fashyon
They seme men of no conscyence
But only to satisfy covetous pretence
Ever desyryng to take monye
As gredye of it as bees of honye.


How sayst thou Symon Slater
How likest thou this mater?

Repent man? So lett it be Who wyll them pytte ?

That thus doth all encroche

Fyt to wer anordyn Jacke To ther gret shame and reproche And to lift up a wull packe Ever beyng to ther pore

Wherwith oftymes my necke doth cracke. Heavy grevous


And yow gud frendes every chone
To them that dyd withstande

I exhorte ye all in one
Thos thinges they had in hande, To passe home right shortlye
For some dyd never consente

Lesse the bayleves do youe espye
To this monye thus spente

Or ells sergeants with burbolts bryght The comons thus to defraude,

Chaunce at youe to have a flyghte. To them it is gret lawede

Therfore eschew before daylyght Seyng they had a conscyence

For tyll than they have no myght Of that covetous pretence.

And I thank ye all of your payne
Wyll with the long whyp how sayst thou Whansoever ye call I return agayne
How lykest thou thes dyches nowe? Now hens will I to Stamford ryght

And ther will I tarry all this nyght

Fare wele gentle fryndes every chone. Bylakyng syr it is a gud dede

By JACKE OF THE STYLE all this is

done As it is to burye the dede Therfor now the lorde ye spede

He observeth the tyme of the mone And acquyte ye in all your nede.

Hys busynes therfor is dispatched sone

And commonly it taketh effecte

And from it he is not rejecte.

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