Bradshaw's illustrated hand-book to Spain and Portugal, Volume 27

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Page 168 - Here didst thou dwell, here schemes of pleasure plan, Beneath yon mountain's ever beauteous brow ; But now, as if a thing unblest by man, Thy fairy dwelling is as lone as thou...
Page 168 - To make amends for this, the village of Cintra, about fifteen miles from the capital, is, perhaps in every respect, the most delightful in Europe: it contains beauties of every description natural and artificial. Palaces and gardens rising in the midst of rocks, cataracts and precipices; convents on stupendous heights — a distant view of the sea and the Tagus; and besides (though that is a secondary consideration) is remarkable as the scene of Sir Hew Dalrymple's Convention.
Page 22 - FULL SOUTH. First Class. Highly recommended and worthy of the patronage of English and American Travellers. Every Comfort. Good Cooking. Moderate Charges. Omnibus to all Trains. Heated throughout. Drainage perfect. Latest Sanitary arrangements (English system). C. HUMBERT, Proprietor. ITALY.
Page 138 - Mahoti, and by shooting into the town arrows to which were attached papers threatening the garrison with labour in the mines unless they immediately surrendered, he induced them to capitulate. The conquest of the island followed that of its capital, and was confirmed by the treaty of Utrecht: the English retained possession of Menorca till the year 1756...
Page 120 - ... party thus equally endangering their lives more than they would have done by a firm resistance to the Enemy. A large mass of people, some with muskets and some without, then pressed forward along the road, suffering themselves to he fired upon by about 20 French, who continued running beside them at only a few yards
Page 57 - I 9 feet high, and 8j inches in diameter. \ These columns are very irregularly placed, sometimes they .are -single, and sometimes in groups of two or three. The walls,, up to the height of 15 feet from the ground, are covered with blue and yellow mosaic tilings, The peristyles and ceiling are beautifully ornamented with :arabesques and fret-work in the most exquisite taste. Around the upper face of the fountain of the lions are some Arabic verses, which describe in a style of oriental hyperbole the...
Page 155 - Down with the constitution." It was now determined that Miguel should go to Villa Višosa, a town near the Spanish frontier, where he could be supported by the troops of the marquis of Chaves, and be proclaimed absolute king; but this project was frustrated by the decision of Mr. Lamb, the British minister, who counteracted the order for the departure of the British troops, and prevented the payment of the loan made to Don Miguel under the guarantee of the British government.
Page 143 - ... fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty thirty forty fifty sixty...
Page 155 - Meanwhile insurrections have repeatedly broken out at home, but have been suppressed by the vigor of the government and the want of concert in the insurgents. In 1830, it was estimated that the number of prisoners confined for political causes was above 40,000, and that the number of persons concealed in different parts of the country was about 5000.
Page 169 - I behold such an assemblage of beautiful marble as gleamed above, below, and around us. The pavement, the vaulted ceiling, the dome, and even the topmost lantern, is encrusted with the same costly and durable materials.

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