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The mont emlaent writers of the day, such as Prof. Max
Muller, Pror. Tyndall, Dr. W. B. Carpenter, Ilon. W.E.
Gladstone, Prof. Huxley, Edward A. Freeman, Frances
Power Cobbe, Richard A. Proctor, Matthew Arnold,
The Duke of Arcy), Alfred Russell Wallace, Charles
Kingsley, Arthur Helps, James Anthony Froude, Mrs.
Muloch, Anthony Trollope, Mrs. Oliphant, Miss Thacke.
ray, Wm. Black, Thomas Hardy, Geo. MacDonald, Mrs.
Parr, Julia Kavanagh, Mrs. Macquold, Joan lugelow,
Fritz Reuter, Crckmann-Chatrian, Ivan Turguenler,
W. W.Story, Robert Buchanan, Tennyson, Browning,
and many others, are represented in the pages of

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THC Luisa Age has been published for more than thi Commendeal in the outset by President Adams, Judge Story, Chancellor Kent, historians Sparks, Prescott. Bancroft, and Ticknor, and inany others, it 1148 diever faileıl to meet the warmest support of tho best men of tho country, and has admitteuly contiuued to stand

It has now absorbed its younger and only competitor, “EVERY SATURDAY,and will go onward in its special field with increased resources and vigor.

A weekly magazine, of sixty-four pages, THE LIVING AUE gives more than THREE AND A QUARTER THOUSAND double-column octavo pages of reading-matter yearly, forming four large volunies. It presents in an inexpensive form, considering its grent amount of matter, with freshness, owing to its weekly issue, and with a satisfactory completeness attempted by no other publication, the best Essays, Reviews, Criticisms. Tales, l'oetry, Scientific, Biographical, Historical, and Political Information, from tbe entire body of Foreign Periodical Literature.

During the coming year, the Serial and Short Stories of

THE LEADING FOREIGN AUTHORS will be given, together with an amount, unapproached by any other periodical in the world, of the most valuable Literary and Scientific matter of the day from the peng of the above named and many other foremost Essayists. Scientists, Critice, Discoverers, and Editors, representing every department of Knowledge and Progress.

In short, the LIVING AGE is invaluable ns a time, labor, and money-saving publication. It furnishes the only satisfactorily fresh and COMPLETE compilation of a literature that is indispensable to American readers; - indispensable because it embraces the productions of

THE ABLEST LIVING WRITERS in all branches of Literature, Science, Art, and Politics. Attention is invited to the following recent

Opinions of The Living Age. " Reproduces the best thoughts of the best minds of the "The best periodical in America." – Reo. Theo. L civilized worlıl, upon all topics of living interst."- Cuyler, D.D. Philadelphia Inquirer.

* The best periodical in the world." - Alfred B. Street. Simply indispensable to any one who desires to keep " With it alone a render may fairly keep up with all abreast of the thought of the age in any department of that is important in the literature, history. politics, and science or literature." - Boston Journal

science of the day." -- The Methodist, N.Y." * In no other single publication can there be found so * The ablest essaya, the most entertaining stories, tho much of sterlin's literary excellence"-N. Y. Evening Anest poctry of the English language are here gathered Post.

together." - Minois State Juurnal. * still merits the most unquallfcd pralso we can bo. "More than ever indispensable, in these days of frestow." - N. Y. Times.

quent publication in expensive English reviews, of arti"The best of all our cclocuc publications." — The Na cles on the great questions of current inquiry, by such tion, N. Y

men as Max Muller, luxley, Tyndall, and many others." * And The cheapest. A monthly that comes every week." - Milwaukee Daily Sentinel. -The Advance, Chicago.

Its publication in weekly numbers gives to it a great "Grow's richer und richer the longer it lives. There is advantage over its monthly contemporaries in the spirit no other known way of getting so much good reading for and freshness of its contents.-The Pacific, San Francisco. so little money." - Christian Register. Boston.

or all periodicals in the world, if a man can take only " We know or no way in which one call so easily keep one, he should by all nicans take LITTELL'S LIVING AGR. well informed in the best English thought of our time, as 1..There is nothing comparable to it in truc value in through this journal." - Christian Union. N. Y.

the whole range of periodical literature." - Mobile Daily It inaintains its position, now held for many years, Register. as the best periodical of select literature in the world. "The more noted new novels appear as serials, and the No other keeps so high a standard, or is cdited with more distinguished foreign thinkers in criticism, science, such unerring wood taste. It is a thorough compilation and art are represented in its pages.... It is the only of what is best in the literature of the day, whether compilntion that presents with a satisfactory completerelating to history, biography, fiction, poetry, wit, sci ness as well as freshness, the best literature of the alence, politics, theology, criticism, or art." - Hartford most innumerable and generally inaccessible European Daily Courant.

quartclics, monthilies, and wecklies, - a literature em. "I Lives articles from the great foreign quarterlies bracing the productions of the ablest and most cultured which iis rirals buvo not room for. It also gives the best writers living. It is therefore, indispensable to every serial stories ... It has no equal in any country." one who desirce n thorough compendium of all that is ad. Philadelphia Press.

mirable and noteworthy in the literary world." - Boston " A pure and perpetual reservoir and fountain of enter. | Post. tainment and instructiou." - Ilon. Robert C. Winthrop.

PUBLISITED WEEKLY At $8.00 a year, free of poslage. An extra copy sont gratis to any ono getting up a club of livo new subscribers.


["Possessed of 'LITTELL'S LIVING AGE' and of one or other of our vivacious American monthlies, a subscriber will find himself in command of the whole situation." - Philadelphia Eve'ng Bulletin.)

For $10.50 (covering prepayment of postage on both periodicals, instend of for $10.00 wi'h postage not prepaid, as heretofore) THE LIVING AGE anel either one of the American Tour-dollar monthly Magazines (oor Harper's Weekly or Bazar, or Appleton's Journal, weekly) will be sent for a year; or, for 89.50, THE LIVING AGE and Scribner's St. Nicholas.


LITTELL & GAY, 17 Bromfield St., Boston,



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UMOWIAU AGL and or one or other of our vivacions American month lies, a subscriber will find himself in command of the whole situation.Philadelphia Eve'ng Bulletin.)

For $10.50 (covering prepayment of postage on both periodicals, instend of for $10.00 wi'h postago not prepaid, as heretofore) Tie Livisa Agë anıl either one of the American four-dollar monthly Magazines (or Harper's Weekly or Bazar, or Appleton's Journal, weekly) will be sent for a year; or, for 89.50. THE LIVING AGE and Scribner's St. Nicholas. ADDRESS

LITTELL & GAY, 17 Bromfield St., Boston.

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