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I am writing my master thesis and it is really useful

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this book is apparently not written by world renowned experts as they apparently don't know what they are talking about. Trichotemnomania was written as a factitious disorder in which the person does the behaviour of cutting their hair in order to gain attention calling it factitious in nature. The definition of factitious is: for a patient with factitious disorder, the primary aim is to obtain sympathy, nurturance, and attention accompanying the sick role.
I have been dealing with this disorder for years along with many others. Many of us are part of forums so we can discuss what we know about our problem. I will be letting others know about this book and what it asserts about this condition. Can't imagine why they would catergarize this condition the way they do. For people with this condition they are very secretive. Being embarrassed for their behavior and definitely do not seek attention. In fact quite the opposite. They hide trying to keep secret their compulsion.
I give this book a big fat zero.........not worth the paper it is written on.!

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Excellent information and very easy to read and interpret.

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