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ACID, acetous, difference be- B Alloon (air) account of the ca-

tween it and radical vinegar, tastrophe of that by which

Pil. de Rozier and de Romaine
Adam and Eve, account of their perished, 331. Cause of that

creation, from an Indian hif. unhappy accid. investigated, ib.

tory of the world, 420. Barker, Mr. his barometrical and
Ætna, beautiful view of its sum- thermometrical register, 193.

mit, in M. Houel's Voyage Basaltes, remarkable rock of, in
Pittoresque, 603. Other views Sicily, 604.
of the Mount, 604. More Bath-waters, their success in pa-
particulars, 605

ralytic cases, estimated by the
Agriculture, absolute, system of, 99. hospital register, 535.

relative, what, 102. Beak, Bp. his character, 146. In-
Air, hepatic, exper. on, 185. terment at Durham, 147,
--, dephlogisticated, on the in- Belknap, Mr. his account of the

flammation of, in closed vessels, white mountains in New Hamp-
553. Its effects on fire, acting

shire, 138.
on the most refractory mineral

his observations on
substances, 557,

the Aurora Borealis, 393.. On
Alexandrian MS, of the New Test. the method of preserving parf-
account of, 546. Dr. Woide's

nips by drying, 470.

Bellendenus, some account of chat
Alfred, king, his version of Oro. writer, 489. New edit, of his
fius commended, 616.

three books De Statu, &c. ib.
America, great advantages to be Berkeley, Bp, anecdote of his con.
reaped by, from her commercial

nection, as a writer, with Steele,
intercourse with France, 597. in the Guardian, 23.
Argand's lamp considered, 321. Berthollet, M. his memoir .con-
Añatic Miscellanies, 422, 480. cerning the difference between
Afhma, case of a cure of, in radical vinegar and the acetous

which the flowers of zinc were acid, 553. Concerning the

highly instrumental, 333... preparation of caustic alkali,
Aftronomical instruments, observa. its crystallization, and its ac-

tions on the methods of gradu. tion on spirit of wine, 554.
ating, 29, 157

Bolfover castle, in Derbyshire, ac,
Arbenians, account of their man- count of, 428. Magnificent

ners, and the state of their re- entertainments given there 10
public, at the close of the Per. Ch. I. ib.
fian wars, 460.

Brain, diseases of, and accidents
Atonement, Dr. Price's nocion of to which it is liable, consider-

that doctrine, 402.
Attachments, doctrine of, 259.

Structure of, enquiry con-
Attorneys, the low ones, perrifog- cerning, 559:
gers, their vile practices expor. Bryant, Mr. his account of the

torpedo, 140.
APP. Rev. Vol. LXXVI.



edit of, 545

ed, 35

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ed, 175.

Butis, fanctuary of described, 567. Condorcet, M. his eulogies on some
Incredible size of the rock, ib. late deceased members of the

French academy, 238.
CAgliostro, Count, his advent.

his memoir on the
385. His imposture strongly calculation of probabilities, part
indicated, 389.

iv. 561.
Camper, Dr. his conjectures re- Congelation, spirituous and aquun,

lative to some petrifactions curious exper. relative to, made

found near Maestricht, 106. at Hudson's Bay, 191.
Carse, a Scottish word, explain- Coftard, Rev. Mr. reduced in his
ed, 148.

later days to live on private
Cascade, fee Hutchins.

charity, 419
Cavallo, Mr, his magnetical ex-

periments, as published in the D'Alembert, M. his eulogy, me•

Philosoph. Transactions, 193. moirs, and works, 238.
Cave, the printer, anecdote of, Darwin, Dr. his new exper. 01

281. His method of getting the ocular spectra of light and
materials for the parliamentary colours, 197
debates, as given in the Gen- Demoivre, M. particulars of his
tleman's magazine, 286.

life and writings, 212.
Cavendish, Mr. his account of ex- Disenters' application to parlia-

periments at Hudson's Bay, re- ment, for a repeal of the tel,
lative to freezing mixtures, 191.

&c. 347. Charged with nar-
Caufland, Mr. his particulars re- rownels of principle, 524,

lative to the Indians of North Douglas, Mr. his differt. on brass
America, 1972

instruments, &c. found in this
Cepbeus, observations on the vari. island, 428.
ation of the light of a star in the Dowling, Wm. his account of his
head of, 30.

violent proceedings, in de
Chabert, Marquis de, on the use molishing the ornaments of

of marine clocks, relative to churches, &c. 84.
navigation, &c. 560.

Drufes, a small independent na-
Chambers, Mr. his translation of tion on the mountains of Leo

an Indian account of embassies banon, &c. curious acc. of, 626.
and letters that paffed between Duelling, ftri&tures on, 115.
the Emperor of China, and
Sultan Shahrokh, 421.

His E Ar, remarks on the diseaks
translation of a Persian history
of the Marratta ftate, 482.

of fishes, curious account
Chaftellux, M. de, attacked on ac- of the fructure of, 152.

count of his misrepresentations Eartb, the late fubfidence of a por-

of the Quakers, &c. 337. cion of, near Folkstone, 195.
Cheltenham water, nature of, 536. Eclipse. See Grauchain.
Chefterfield, Earl of, ftory of his Eel, ele&rical. See Bryant. See

acquaintance, and difference, with Flagg. See Patterson.
S. Johnson, 288.

Egyptians, modern, their manners
Cbrist. See Fathers. See Pro-

described, 568. Monotonous
pbets. See Meffiah.

tenor of their lives, and ex.
Clark, Dr. his observ, on the ex- ceffive indolence and luxury, ib.

cess of the mortality of males Ele&tricity, Van Marum's exper.

above that of females, 120. relative to, 581. His grand
Clocks, narine. See Chabert. battery, how much increased,
Comeis. See Ritrenhouse.

both in furface and power, 582.

of, 39;


of, 320.

Extraordinary effects of, 583. GAs, inflammable. See Monge.
Phenomena resulting, 584.

Gentil, M. his memoir on the
Elliot, Dr. his observ. on the af. obliquity of the ecliptic, 560.

finities of subtances in spirit of Gilpin, Mr. his observ, on the
wine, 189.

annual passage of herrings, 141.
Dr. John, his exper. on

Goodricke, Mr. bis observ. on a
light and colours, published

ftar in the head of Cepheus, 30.
without his name, 524.

Gout, new theory of, and method
Enchanted fruit, an Indian tale, of prevention and cure, 220.

Grauchain, M. de, his observ, on
Etymology, observ. on, 598. a solar and a lunar eclipse, 219.
Euxine, commerce of, late changes Gratitude, encomium on, 409.
with respect to, 580:

Gray, Mr. critical remarks on his
Eye, diseases of, confidered, 36. poems, 509.
Eyre, Baron, his opinion on the Greece, anc. Itate of the artsin, 463.
legality of military power, 533.

HAbakkuk, animated passage in,
F Athers, Christian, their opinions critically illustrated, 49.

concerning Christ, 15. Haggai, his prophecy relative to
Ferns, Brit. remarks rel. to, 130. the rebuilding of the temple,
Figure, observ, on making a figure, critically investigated, 53. Cou-

troversy on that subject, 410-
Fire, philosophical disquisition 414

concerning, 318. Compound. Hamilton, Sir W. his particulars
ed with light, ib. Phenomena relative to the present state of

Vesuvius, 1950
Fire-pump, electrical description Harpsichord, improved method of
of, 552.

quilling, 470.
Fish, their structure and physiology Harrogate, new Springs lately dif-

explained, 145. A new elec- covered in that neighbourhood,
trical fish described, 196.

Flagg, Mr. his account of the Hastings, Mr. his memoirs of In-
torpedo, 141,

Recommends the
Ford, Parson, anecdote of, 275. publication of the Bhagvat

Captain, his translation of Geeta, 200. His laudable en.
“ Softly," an ode, from Hafiz, deavours to promote the study

of Indian literature, 301. Pro-
France and America, advantages ceedings against him in Parlia-

accruing from a commercial ment, and publications pro and
intercourse between those two con. 177: 254. 344. 444.523.
nations, 593

Heat, philol. inveftigated, 319.
Franklin, Dr. his proposal for a See also Wedgwood and Thomson.

new hygrometer, 389. Sundry Herrings. See Gilpin.
maritime observations by, 467 Herschel, Dr. his catalogue of
Causes and cure of smoky chim- 1000 new nebulæ, and clusters
nies, 469. Description of a of flars, 19. His investiga-
new ftove for burning pit-coal, tion of the cause of that indir
and consuming its smoke, 470, tinctness of vision, which has
Dr. Ruston's letter to him on been ascribed to the smallnefs
smoky chimnies, ib.

of the optic pencil, 198.
Freezing. See Congelation. Hickocke, Mr. his translation of
Fresbets, a word used in an Amer. the travels of Cæsar Fredericke,
publication, explained, 272, 480.

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dia, 70.

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of, 145

341. Compared

Kindley, Mr. his method of gra. Johnson, Dr. Samuel, his life,

duating astronomical instru- wich occasional remarks on his
ments, 29.

biographer, by the Reviewer,
Hindoos, their care to guard their 273. 369. His critical talents
facred bocks from the eyes of

arraigned, 506.
Itrangers, 199

Translations. Jones, Sir Wm. his excellent cha-
of them much to be wished for, racter, and uncommon literary
200. Their Bhagvat Geeta, a endowments, 414. His compo-
performance of astonishing sub- fitions the brightest ornament
limity. Account of that work, of the Afiatic Miscellany, ib.
with specimens, 202. 295

His hymn to Nayarena, 417.
Hiftorian, eulogium on the labours Hymn to Sere swaty, 481.

Josephus. See Haggai. See Temk
Hope, ode to, by, Miss Bowdler, Ireland, causes of the commotions

in that country aligned, 67.
Hopkinson, Mr. his account of a Review of the most import. Oc-

worm in a horse's eye, 140. currences there, during the la:
Optical problem proposed by, 3 years, 69. Union with Engi.

recommended, 247. Commer-
his description of a cial connection of the two king.
machine for measuring a ship’s doms, ib. Diftrefled state of the i
way, 467. Improved method church in Irel.

of quilling an harpsichord, 470. with the happier ftate of the
Houel, M. his Voyage Pittoresque church in England, 342. Irih

commended, 601. The num- Presbyterians vindicated, in an-
bers of this work, from 15 to swer to the Ep. of Cloyne, 442.
21, both inclusive, reviewed, Papifts defended againt charges
ib. His ascent to the summit brought by che same Prel. 341.
of Ætna, 605. His theory of Isaiah, new tranfl. of a famous
volcanos, 606.

disputed text in, 269.
Hunter, John, his notion of the

composition of bone corrected, K Anne, a Swedish measure criti
406. His account of the se-

cally adjusted, 367.
cretion in the crop of young

Kirwan's experiments on hepatic
pigeons, 407

On the colour
of the pigment in the eye of L Andaff, Bp. his observ. on the
different animals, 408.

sulphur wells at Harrowgair,
Hutchins, Mr.his description of a 187. His excellent preface to

remarkable rock and cascade in his collect. of theological tract
Pennsylvania, 144.

475. See also Watson.
Mr. author of the hift. of Language, grammatical and crit-
Dorsetthire, anecdotes of, 429. cal observ. on, 2–13.

Lapis calaminaris defined, 34.
Jameson, Mr. his account of Lavoisier, M. his reflections on the

Roman camps in Forfar, 432. augmentation of weight which
Jews always Unitarians, i8. In- sulphur and phosphorus acquire

vited by Dr. Priestley, to a re- in combustion, 554. On pblo-
ligious conference, 233.

gifton, 555. On the action of
Indian and Persian literature, 422. fire (animated by dephlogisti-

cated air) on the most refractory
Indians of N. Amer. particulars mineral substances, 537.

relative to their nature and Law, Mr. his poetical reflections
cultoms, 197

on viewing the Mausoleom at

air, 185


Safferam, 419.

His extracts northern nations, account of,
from the Yusef and Zelekha of 563, 565
Jami, 423.

Marratta State, short acc. of, 482,
Leighton, Dr. his cruel treatment, Marriage of old men, 114.

by the Star Chamber, 211. Maskelyne, Dr. his notice of the
Le Roy, M. his acc. of an electri. expected return of the comet of
cal fire-pump, 552:

1532 and 1661, 118.
Lettsom, Dr. his case of extraor. Mayer, Mr. his astronomical ob-
dioary introsusception, 120.

fervations, 217:
Light, effect of, on certain plants, Messiah, his Chara&ters, 229.

552. And colours. See Dar- Melina, views of its ruins since
win. See Elliot.

the dreadful catastrophe of
Lightfoot, Mr. his account of mi- 1783 ; with descriptions, 602.

nute shells, unnoticed by au- Metals, observ. on compounding
thors, 195.

them, tinning, gilding, &c. 34.
Lightning, and thunder storms, Metastasio, Abbé, particulars of
new theory of, 389.

his life, 570. His death, 572.
Lip, diseases of, considered, 38. Mexicans, a civilized and polished
Liver in foetuses, progref. growth people when the Spaniards in-

and changes of, from the 22d vaded them, 636. Dreadful
day after conception, 572. Ex- massacre of them at the con-
per, to illustrate the circulation quest of Mexico, 638.
through the liver, &c. &c. 573. Military powers, as vested in
Diseases of, 574.

commanders of armies and
Lobo's voyage to Abyssinia, transl. fleets, ought not to be subject-
by Dr. S. Johnson, 277.

ed to the civil courts of law,
Logic, in what respects more hurt- 533•

ful than beneficial to the un- Miller, Mr. his description of the
derstanding, 116.

grotto at Swatara, 143.
Lyon, Mr. his account of the sub- Million Bill (annual) considered,
fidence of the ground near

Folkstone, 195

Monge, M. his memoir concern-

ing the inflammation of de-
MAcnab, Mr. his curious ex- phlogisticated air and inflam-

per. on the congelation of mable gas in closed vessels, 553.
fluids, 191.

For more, by M. Monge, see
Maddison, Mr. his obr. on the 562.

sweet springs in America, 143. Montezuma, the sovereign of Mex-
His meteorological observa- ico, fplendour of his court, 635.

Montgolfier. See Rozier.
Magellan, Mr. his generous offer Moon, influence of, in fevers, 158.

of 200 guineas to the American Morgan, Dr. his account of the
Philosophical Society, 137.

silk worm, 139:
Magnetical exper, rel. to brass and

of a snake in a living
iron, 193.

horse's eye, 140.
Magnetism. See Rittenhouse. See


paper on the art of

making anatomical prepara-
Maitland, Sir Richard, his collec- tions by corrosion, 292. Of a
tion of antient Scottish poems,

pyed negro girl and a mulatto
121. The pieces enumerated, boy, ib. His hift. of the red
Manuscripts ancient, rel. to the Morje, Mr. bis hard case, 539.
hist. of Norway, and other Mouth, diseases of, considered, 38.


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tions, 392

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I 22.

bark, 294:

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