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obs. 117.

NAvigation, early state and pro- Peter the Long, his relation how

gress of, among the ancients, he fell in love with Blancbe Ba-

In the middle ages, 615. zu, 512•
Navy of England, ftrength of, at Petrifaction. See Camper.

different periods within the laft Philosophy, natural, several exper,
20 years, 216.

in, by Dr. Priestley, &c. 134.
Naxos, antiq. of, described, 603. Pblogiston, obs. on, 134. Reflec.
Norway and Iceland, &c. ancient tions on, in order to illustrate

authors rel. 10, 563, et seq. His. the theory of combustion and
torical account of the people of, calcination, 555;
618. Of other northern islands Pigott, Mr. his obs. on changeable
and their inhabitants, ib.

Itars, 31.

bis determination of the
Atbs, as religious tests, disap- latitude of York, from astron,

proved, 526.
Obelisks, fronting the temple at

on the tranfit of Mer.
Luxor, their astonishing fize, 568. cury, 119.
Oeconomy, political, investigated, Place, M. de la, on the figure of

the earth, 560. On the births,
Oliver, Mr. his theory of lighining marriages, and deaths, ac Paris,

and thunder-forms, 389. Theo- 561.

ry of water-spouts, 390. Plumbum corneum, how prepared,
Optical illusion, a curious one ex- 136.

plained, 143. Optical problem Poetry, ancient Scottish, obs. on

proposed, and answered, 144. the origin of, 124. Several an-
Oricbalcum, what, 34.

cient Scottish poets noticed, 128.
Oriental forms of correspondence Polypus, uterino, &c. how pro-
and business, 592.

duced, 572
Orofius, well translated by King Poor's-rales, amount of, at iwo
Allied, 616.

different periods, 216.
Osborne, the bookseller, how punithe Poor, plan for their benefit, 62,

ed by S. Johnson for his info. Excellent bill for their relief and
lence, 287.

employment, 352.
O110, Mr. his memoir on the dif- Population, principles of, afligned,
covery of America, 471.


-, state of, in England and
P Age, Mr, bis account of a re- Wales, at various periods, from
markable meteor, 393•

Edw.III. to the present time,215.
Parliament. See Representative. Power, balance of, considered, 397.
Parsnips, how to preserve, by dry. Pre-Adamites, account of, from an
ing, 470.

Indian hift, of the world, 420.
Parfonage improved, a poem, 504. Precipitation, fatal effects of, an
Patterson, Mr. his method of hod.

Indian cale, 419
ing a true meridian line, and Press, liberty of, descant on, 11j.
thence the variation of the com- Percy, Bishop, affifts in the new
pass, 467.

edition of the Tatler, 22.
Pegge, Mr. his history of Bolsover Price, Dr. his approbation of Mr.
and Peak Castles, 427.

Acland's plan for the benefit of
Pellier, M, the oculiit, his opera-

the poor, 65.
tions commended, 37.

bis idea of the doctrine of
Perkins, Dr. his conjectures rel. atonement, 402. His compa.

10 wind, water-spouts, tornados, rison of the Athanasian and So-
and hurricanes, 391.

cinian systems, ib.


Silk worm,

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Prophets, Jewish, account of their Shakespeare defended againft Vol.
Ichools, literature, and science,

taire, &c. 173.
225. Their predi&tions of the Sharpe, Archbishop, his obf. on

birth and nature of Christ, 227. the coinage of England, 430. Pruffia, late king of, his laudable Shells. See Lightfoot.

aichievemeots in the time of Sheridan, Mr. his oratorical talents peace, 43.

panegyrized, 66. verses to, by Mr. Pye, 509.

whole progress of, from his familiar letters com

the egg to the cocon, 139. mended, 578. Specimens of, ib. Slate, Weltmoreland, its nature

and uses, 34. QUaker, dialogue betw. one and smeaton, Mr. his obs. on the graa French petit maitre, 326. duation of astronomical instru.

ments, 29. RAgonauth Row, particulars of Snake in a living horse's eye, achis history, 482.

count of, 140. Representative in parliament, na.. Solomon's Song, critical observa. ture of that trust, 114.

tions relative to, 26. Riefbeck, M. his account of Vienna, Stars, obf. on. See Goodricke,

609. His travels commended, Pigott, Herschell, Mayer, Ritten611.

house. Rittenhouse, Mr. his magnetic ex. Steele, Sir Richard, story of his

periments, 142. His expl. of want of economy, 23. Of his an optical deception, 143. His conduct in the management of solution of an optical problem, his periodical publications, ib. 144. His new method of placing Subm, M. de, his correspondence a meridian mark, 217. His ob- with the late K. of Prullia, 578. servations on a comei, ib. Sulpbur and Phosphorus, reflections

his astronomical obr. on the increase of their weight 219. Account of a remarkable

in combustion, 554. meteor, 393•

Sunday Schools recommended, 181,
Romans, progress of their arms in 183. Hints for their improve-

Scotland, 431. Of their camps ment, 436.
in that country, 432.

Swatara, defcript. of the grotto
Romans, Mr. bis improvement of at, 143:
the sea compass, 467.

Sweet Springs. See Maddison. Rose, Dr. story of his dispute with Swift, Dean, his enmity toward Dr. Johnson about the Scotch Lord Wharton, 24. His hawriters, 375

tred of Walpole, ib. Story of Rozier, M. de, bis unhappy ca- his attempt to ravish one of his

tallrophe, by ascending in a parishioners, ib.
Montgolfier, 330. That mis-

fortune accounted for, 331. T'Aormino, sketch of the beauties Rush, Dr. his inquiry into the in- of that fine country, 602. Re.

crease of bilious and intermittent markable antiquities there, 603.
fevers in Pennsylvania, 293. On Noble Greek theatre there in
the cause and cure of the teta. uncommon.preservation, ib.
nus, ib. Of Dr. Martin's can- Tatler, account of the contributors
cer powder, 294.

to that work during its first

publication, 23-25. New edir. SAdi, a story from bis Guliftan of, much obliged to Dr. Percy, ib. translated, 422.

Temple of Jerusalem, Haggai's Sea compass, improvement of, 467. prophecy, and Jofephus's acc. See also Patterson.

of, critically investigated, 54.

Controverty Controversy on this fubje&t nov Unitarianism, historically defende fubafting, 416-714

ed, 18.
Tellier, Abbé bis exper. to thew Voyages and Travels, by Czfar
the effect or light on plants, 552.

Fredericke, 480.
That, obf, on that word, 6.
Theutre, dramatic, afirmed to have w Ales, Prince of his reputed
a happy inficence on morals,519.

marriage with Ms. Fizher. Thermometer. See Wedgwood. See .

bert averred as a fat, 514..'' Barker,

legal ty also asserted, ib. Aod Tbevenot's account of his journey affirmed to be advantageous for

from Cairo 10 Suez, reprinted this country, 51;.
in the Asiatic Miscellary, 419.

Wargentin, M. a character of em: Thompson, Sir Benj. bis now exper. nence in the learned world, 238. on heat, 190.

Waring, Dr. on infinite series, jo.
Torpedo of Surinam, acc. of, 140. W'arville, M. de, his strictures on
Travellers, ancient, Northern, 618.. the travels of the Marquis de
Italian, 622.

Chaftellux, 337.
Treaty, commercial, between Eng. Water-Spouts, theory of, 390. Care !

and France, investigated, 162– jectures on, 391.
170, 249, 340, 438.

Watson, Bp. his account of his Treljan, Count, his literary cha- chemical pursuits, 32. Of bis ra&er, 238.

renouncing them, and burning Turgot, M. his life, 629. His ex- his books, ib. His notion of

cellent character, 631. Dismissed national frength and happinels,
from his post in the French mini- 33. See also Landaf:
Atry on accoune of his intolerable, Wedgwood, Mr. additional obl. on
integrity, ib. His death, 633. his excellent thermometer for

measuring the higher degrees of V Apours, watery, philosophy and heat, 188.

mechanical effeats of, 313. Werfleir, his objections to the an. Considered as expanfible fluids,

tiquity of the Alexandrian Greek 317.

Teft. refuted, 546.
Vinus, transit of, in 1769, observe White mountains, in America, de

ed at Newbury, in Massachu- scribed, 138.
sers, 219.

Wilkins, Ms. his extraordinary me-
Vofuvius, Mount, Sir W. Hamil. ritin printing with Oriental types

con's obs. on the present state of of his owo making, 300, 592. that volcano, 19;.

Williams, Mr. his obf. of the trag. Vicq D’Azyr, M. continuation of fit of Venus in 1769, 219.

his researches concerning the -, his exper. on evaporaa structure of the brain, 559.

rion, &c. 392. Vienna, character of the inhabit. Wit, a species of evil-Speaking, 495 ants of, 609.

Wright, Dr. on the antisepuc vise
Vieyra, Mr. his plan to facilitate tues of vegetable, acid, and ma-

the Itudy of the Arabic lan. rine salt, combined, 294.
guages, 595. Strictures on his
abilities as an Orientalist, 597.

young, Mr. Arthur, his character Vince, Mr. his ne v method of as an agricultoral writer appre

finding fuents, &c. 119, ciated, 40. His anuals charac. Viper, remedies for the bite of, terized, ib.

575. Exper. rel. 10, 576. Vifion; Sec Darwin, Ellict, Hir. Zlac, eflicacy of the Aowers of Jcbel.

in the cure of the asthma, 333. END OF VOL. LXXVI.

Quralun in this vius linfr. bot. Pete 'our.

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