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phrases like 'Now it came to 1 saris adventu, or tr. by quum pass,' etc.

clause. number, numerus; for n’s. (of an on account of, propter, ob. enemy, etc.) use multitudo.

on each side, utrinque. nurture tenderly, fovere.

on special business, summis de


on the day before, pridie, Gr. oak, quercus.

372. oath, jusjurandum.

on the point of, to be, in eo obey, parere or obedire ci.

esse ut, 15, or tr. by part. in -rus. object, an, use res, or omit, 107. one, 133; oʻs., gen. und. w. adj., object, to make it one's sole, 1.g. we love the courageous id unum agere ut.

ones,' animosos amamus. oblige, (= compel) cogere.

one another, 116. observe, animadvertere, notare, one day, quondam, olim. (the law) servare, ( = take, e.g. only, tantum, tantummodo, modo,

care must be o.') habere; oft. solum. merely = see.

open, apertus, patens. obtain, (=procure) comparare ; open, to, (a book) evolvere. see gain.

opinion, sententia, opinio; give occasioned by, 17b, note, 73, 91. an o, sententiam or opinionem occupy, (=take up one's time)

dicere. detinere, occupatum tenere ; 0. opportunity, copia, potestas, oconeself, versari.

· casio; at the earliest o., primo occur, incidere, fieri.

quoque tempore, quam primum ; o'clock, tr. by hora.

to give an o., potestatem faof, 131.

cere agendi qd. of daily life, (adj.) quotidianus. opposite, (prep.) e regione cs. of every kind, cujuscunque gen oppress, premere. N.B. not operis.

primere. of one's own accord, ultro, oft. oppressive, to become, ingratr. by ipse.

vescere. offer, offerre; o, up, immolare. or, 134; after a neg., 68. off hand, (adv.) momento.

oracle, oraculum. office of state, magistratus. order, jussum, mandatum. officer, praefectus, centurio. order, to, see command ; in o. often, saepe, saepius, non raro. that, 143. old, provectus aetate; heis twenty orders were issued, 66.

years o., viginti annos natus originally, primo, olim. est.

ornament, ornamentum. old man, senex.

other, alius; the o., alter ; all old woman, anus.

o's., ceteri. older, senior, aetate provectior. ought, tr. by oportet, decet, deolive, olea.

bere, or gerundive ; for 'ought omen, omen.

to have done,' etc., say oportuit, on, in w. abl., (of time) abl. e.g. debui, etc., facere, not oportet,

*on the arrival of Caesar,' Cae- debeo, etc., fecisse.

our, noster. outposts, stationes. outpour, effundere. outpourings of, say 'outpoured

from.' outrage, injuria ; oft. res. outrage, to, violare. over, super, supra; o. a river, in

W. abl. overburdened by, turn by oneri,

gravis, or ingravescere. overcome, vincere, superare. overflow, exundare. overtake, assequi, excipere, com

prehendere, (=befall) see be

fall. overtaken, to be, (by adversity,

etc.) opprimi. overthrow, diruere. overwhelm, opprimere, obruere. own, suus, 17, 31, ox, bos.


pass, (by) praeterire, (a law) per

ferre. passage, iter, via. passionately, vehementer. path, via, trames, semita. patiently, patienter. patricians, patres, patricii. patriot or patriotic, patriae or

reipublicae amans studiosus or · amicus; the p. party, boni. pay, (honour) dare, tribuere,

(money) solvere ; p. dear for,

maximas dare poenas cs rei. pay attention to, see attend to. pay deference to abdy., revereri

qm, obsequi ci. peace, pax. peaceful, otiosus, tranquillus. pear tree, pirus. people, populus, (= lower orders)

plebes or plebs, vulgus. perceive, intelligere, sentire, cog

noscere. perfidious, perfidus. perform, (deeds) gerere, agere,

facere, (=accomplish) perficere. perhaps, fortasse, forsan, forsitan. peril, discrimen, periculum. perish, perire, interire. permission, to give, potestatem

facere agendi qd. permit, see allow. pernicious, perniciosus, perpetrate, patrare ; p. a crime,

see commit. perpetually, perpetuo. persecute, insectari, consectari. Persians, Persae. person = man. persuade, persuadere ci, ad- or

in-ducere qm, 26. pester, sollicitare, vexare, agitare. pestilence, pestilentia. philosopher, philosophus, sa

pace, passus. pack closely, confercire. pain, to, maerorem or tristitiam

afferre ci. palace, regia ; aedes will often do. pale, exsanguis, pallidus. pale, to grow, pallescere. palm, (-tree) palma, (as a measure

of length) palmus. panic, perturbatio ; for 'a p. en

sued, use perturbari, 66. pardon, venia. pardon, to, ignoscere ci. park, use fundus. Parliament, senatus. part, pars ; p's., (= districts) re

giones ; for one's own part, quod ad qm attinet; this boldness, etc., on your part, use

iste. partiality for abdy., studium in

or erga qm. party, ( = partisans) partes.


philosophy, philosophia, sapien.


physic, medicina. physician, medicus. pickle, condire. pierce through, trajicere. pitch a camp, castra ponere. pitcher, urceus. pity, misericordia. pity, to, misereri cs, miserescere

cs, miserere (imp.). place, locus; p. of refuge, see

refuge. place, to, ponere; p. athg. on,

imponere qd ci rei or in qd. plain, campus. plainly, plane. plan, plan of action, consilium,

ratio. plead, causam agere. plead ignorance of athg., ex

cusare ignorantiam cs rei. pleasant, jucundus, gratus. please, to, placere ci, delectare

qm. pleased, to be, gaudere. pleasure, voluptas. plebs, plebs or plebes. plight = condition. plunder, diripere, nudare. plunged in grief, to be, dolore

affici or opprimi. poet, vates, poeta. point of, to be on the, in eo

esse (imp.) ut, 15, or tr. by part.

in -rus. point at, to, digito monstrare. political, civilis, publicus. poor, pauper. poor old mother, materculacs

grandaeva ac luctu oppressa. poplar, populus. popular, populo acceptus, gratio.

sus apud plebem. popularity, favor populi. pori, portus. portent, portentum, monstrum position, status, (of an army)


possess, habere, possidere; to be

p. w. athg., imbutus esse qa

re. possible, use fieri potest ut; as

soon as p., see as ; if p., oft.

utique. post, (=position) locus. posterity, posteri, nepotes. pound, libra, (as a measure of

money) use sestertium. poverty, paupertas. practice, mos. practise, exercere. praetor, praetor. praetorship, praetura. praise, laudare. pray to, orare, implorare, ob

secrare. prayers, preces. precedent, exemplum. precipice, rupes abrupta. prefer, (one thg.toanr.)anteponere,

praeponere or praeferre qd ci;

p. to do, malle. prepare, parare, expedire; p. for

war, bellum parare. present, a, donum, munus. present, (adj.) hic, praesens; at

p. = now. present at, to be, adesse or inter

esse ci rei. present abdy, w. athg., donare

qm qa re or qd ci, dare qd ci. preserve, servare. presumption, arrogantia, auda


presumptuous, arrogans. pretence of, under, specie quasi. pretend to be athg., simulare se

esse qd, (not simulare esse qd). pretext, species, simulatio. prevent, prohibere, impedire, 26

f, note, impedimento esse. previous, superior, prior. previously, antea, ante, prius. prey to athg., to be a, use op

primi, confici or perturbari qa re. price, pretium; at as high a p.

as possible, quam plurimo. price of corn or provisions,

annona. priest, sacerdos. priesthood, sacerdotium. prince, princeps. prison, vincula, carcer. prisoner, captivus, captus; to 1

take p., capere.
prisoner at the bar, reus.
private, privatus.
probable, verisimilis.
probably, use videri, e.g. 'he

probably said this because,' etc.,
ideo videtur haec dixisse, quod,

problem, quaestio.
proceed, procedere, progredi, per.

gere ; oft. om., 107. proceeding from, ex; see also 73

and 91. procrastinate, prolatare. procure, comparare. produce no effect on abdy., nihil

movere qm. promise, polliceri, promittere, 10. proof, argumentum, documentum,

indicium. properly, bene, satis. property, bona, possessiones. prophesy, praedicere. proportioned to, pro. proposal, conditio. propose, (a plan) adferre, (a law)

ferre, rogare. prosecute, accusare. protect, defendere. protection, praesidium, tutela. protracted, diutinus. prove, arguere. proved, to be, oft. cognosci. provide, parare, expedire, pro

videre. provide for, consulere ci.

province, provincia. provisions, annona, cibaria, res

frumentaria. proud, superbus. prudent, prudens. Prussian, Borussicus. pull up, evellere. punish, castigare, animadvertere

in, punire. punishment, supplicium, poena ;

to inflict p., poenas sumere, supplicio afficere ; to suffer p.,

poenas or supplicium dare ?. purchase, emere. purpose, consilium, propositum,

quod qs vult; without effecting one's p., re infecta; for that p., eo consilio, ad eam rem; for the p. of, use ad or

causa. pursue, persequi. pursuer, insequens, 56. pursuit, turn by vb. or part. pursuits, studia. put an end to, finem imponere ci


put down, supprimere, compri

mere. put on, induere. put to death, see kill. put up with, pati, obtemperare

ci, aequo animo ferre qd.

quagga, onager or onagrus. quantity, (of grain) numerus. quarrel, rixari, certari (imp.). quarter, ( = district) regio, locus,

pars. quell, sedare, comprimere. question, raise the, see raise. quick witted, callidus. quickly, cito, celeriter. quit, excedere, see leave.

1 supplicium gen. = corporal punishment, poena = penalty.

quite, admodum, omnino, proro | reconciled with, to be, conjunsus.

gi cum.

record, it is on, memoriae tradiR.

tum est. rag, pannus.

record, to, commemorare, memo, rain, pluvia.

riae tradere,
raise, (=excite) excitare, com: recover, recuperare.

movere ; r. a shout, clamorem rectitude, honestas.
tollere; r. the question, in reduce, (a country) subigere.
controversiam vocare.

reflect, animadvertere. rank, dignitas.

refuge, place of r., refugium, perrapacious, rapax, avidus.

fugium, receptaculum. rarely, raro, perraro.

refuse, recusare, abnuere, denerashness, temeritas.

gare qd; oft. = say that .. will not, rather, (w.adj.) sts. satis ; see also regain abdy's. favour, reconci

117b; r. than, potius quam. liare gratiam cum qo, redire in reach, pervenire ad, attingere. gratiam cum qo. read, legere.

regard for abdy., to have, ratioreadiness, alacritas.

nem cs habere or ducere. reality, in, see really.

regard the interests of abdy., really, profecto, re, revera, sane. consulere ci, rationem cs habere reap a harvest of victory, fruc or ducere. tum victoriae percipere.

region, locus, regio. rear, (of an army) novissimum regret, desiderium.

agmen; in the r. of athg., a regret, to, dolere qm or qd, aegre tergo cs rei.

or moleste ferre; to r. doing rear the head, (of sedition, etc.) athg., use poenitere (imp.). use vigere, valere.

regulate, ordinare. reason, mens, ratio ; without r., reign, to, (of a king) regnare, (of

temere; (=cause) causa ; there an emperor) imperare; in the is no r. to, etc., non est cur, r. of abdy., regnante or imperetc.; this gives me r. to, etc., ante qo.

hoc mihi causae est cur, etc. reinforcements, subsidia. reasonable, par, aequus, justus. reject, repudiare. rebellion, defectio, seditio.

rejoicing, gaudium, laetitia. rebuke, reprehensio; this vigor rejoin, iterum conjungere se cum

ous r., haec tam gravia atque qo. acerba dicta.

relate, narrare, commemorare. recall, revocare ; r, to memory, relative, a, necessarius, consanin memoriam redigere.

guineus, propinquus. receive, accipere ; r. as a guest, religion, religio, cultus deorum, excipere qm.

reluctance, with, aegrę, invitus, receive orders, use impers. of 103; without r., non invitus,

imperare, etc., e.g. “I have r. libenter.

orders,' mihi imperatum est ut. reluctantly, see reluctance,with. reck, reputare.

remain, manere, restare, reliquus reckon, ( = consider) habere.

esse, commorari.

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