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remainder, use reliquus.
remark, mentio.
remark, to, (=say) dicere, (=0b-

serve) notare, animadvertere,

observare. remarkable, insignis, egregius. remember, meminisse. remind, ad- or com-monere, com

monefacere. remonstrance, monitio, monitus;

oft. by vbs. monere, exprobrare, etc., e. 3. 'we despised his r’s.,' exprobrantem eum aspernabamur. remove, (intr.) migrare, (trans.)

deducere. renounce, decedere qa re or de

qa re. renown, fama, laus, gloria ; of |

high r., inclytissimus. repent, use poenitere (imp.), Gr. reply to, respondere ci; he r.,

inquit. report, fama. report falsely, falsa referre. represent, (=point out) docere. reproach, probrum. reproach, to, reprehendere. republic, use respublica or civitas. request, preces, or use part., 56. request, to, poscere, postulare. require, (= need) indigere, egere. resentment, ira. reserve, seponere. reside, commorari. resign, abire qa re, abdicare se

qa re. resist, resistere or obstare ci, sus.

tinere qm. resolve, consilium, inceptum. resolve, to, statuere, constituere. resound, resonare. respectable people or classes,

boni. rest of, rest of the world, ceteri,


restore, restituere, reddere. restore confidence to, confir

mare. restrain, continere, coercere. retire from, see resign. retreat, se recipere, gradum re

ferre. return, (= go back) redire, regredi,

(=give back) reddere, restituere. return, in, vicissim. reverse, (=defeat) clades. revolt, seditio, defectio. revolt from, desciscere or deficere

a qo. reward, praemium. reward, to, praemiis afficere. Rhodian, Rhodius. rich, dives, locuples, opulentus. riches, divitiae, opes. ride, vehi, equo invehi. rider, eques. ridicule, ludibrio habere qm,

ludificari qm. right, (subst,) jus, fas; of r., i, e.

rightfully,' jure. right, (adj.) rectus, justus. rigorous dealing, severitas, ripe, maturus. ripen, maturescere, mitescere. rise, surgere, consurgere. rising, (=rebellion) motus. rising ground, locus acclivis,

locus paulum ex planitie editus. risk, see run a risk. șival, aemulus. river, flumen, fluvius. road, via, iter. rob, spoliare. robber, latro, praedo. rod, virga. Roman, Romanus. Romulus, Romulus; of R., Ro

muleus. rout, fundare, profligare. royal, regius. royalty, oft. reges or principes. ruin, exitium, pernicies, calamitas.

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sacred, sacer, sanctus. sacrifice, mactare, immolare,

( = offer sacrifice) sacra facere, rem divinam facere; as met., e.g. “to . pleasure to duty,' use anteponere ci qd, or posthabere

qd ci. sacrificial, say “wh. is sacrificed

to the Gods.' safe, incolumis, tutus. safety, salus. sail, navigare, nave vehi, ( = set

sail) solvere or navem solvere. sailor, nauta. sake of, for the, gratia, causa. same, idem; at the s. time,

simul, oft. tr. by idem, 104. sand, arena; for the s. of life,'

etc., in Suppl. 25 b, say • Parcae jam fila extrema legunt,' as in

Virg. Aen. x. 815. Sardis, Sardes (pl.). satisfy, explere qm, satisfacere ci;

to be s., oft. satis habere. satisfactorily, ex sententia. say, dicere, some tenses of aio ;

s. that ... not, 130; they s.,

ferunt, dicunt. scale, ascendere. scandalous, turpis. scarcely, vix, aegre.

scarcity, inopia. scene (of woe, etc.) 107. Scot, Scotus. scoundrel, scelestus, perditus,

sceleratissimus. scourge, verberare, caedere. sculptor, sculptor. Scythians, Scythae. search, investigare. second, to,=assist, help. secret, (adj.) occultus. secretly, clam. secure, 111; 8. agst athg., tutus

a qa re. security, salus, or use phrases, e.g.

'to do athg. for greater s.,' facere qd quo tutior qs fiat, for the sake of s., sui servandi

causa. sedition, seditio. seditious, seditiosus. see, videre, intelligere. seeing that, quum, or by causal

phrase. seek, quaerere, petere. seem, videri. seize, arripere, comprehendere, oc

cupare, capere. seldom, raro. select, de- or e-ligere. sell, vendere. sell as a slave, sub corona ven

dere. senate, senatus. senate house, curia. senator, senator. send, mittere. send back, remittere. send for, arcessere. send forward, praemittere. sentiment, sententia. sentinel, custos. separate, separare sejungere se

movere qd a ga re. servant, puer, famulus, servus. service in war, militia, res mili


serviceable, utilis, commodus, (as | side, latus, (= party) partes. pred.) usui, bono.

siege, oppugnatio, obsidio. services, (= kind acts) officia. siege, to lay=besiege. sesterce, sestertius.

siege works, opera (pl.). set on fire, incendere.

signal, signum. set out, proficisci; s. o. for, pro signal, to, signum dare. ficisci in or ad.

signify, significare. settle, (= take up one's abode) silence, silentium. domicilium collocare.

silent, to be, tacere, silere. settler, colonus.

silver, argentum. several, aliquot, complures. similar, similis. severity, of cold) vis.

simplicity, simplicitas. shameless, impudens.

since, (conj.) quum, quoniam, shape, forma, figura.

quandoquidem; ever s., ex hoc sharp, acutus.

(or illo) tempore. sheep, ovis.

sing, canere, cantare. shew, ostendere, prae se ferre, single, unus.

demonstrare, indicio esse; to s. sink, (intr.) demergi.
oneself a coward, etc., igna sister, soror.
vum, etc., se praestare.

sit at table, accumbere in conshew mercy to, parcere ci.

vivio. shew kindness, benevolentiam sit down, assidere, considere.

praestare, but oft. benevolum se situated, situs, positus. praestare.

sixpence, use numi for pence. shield, scutum.

sky, caelum, polus. shield, to, defendere.

slaughter, caedes, clades. ship, navis, ratis.

slave, servus. shoe, calceus.

slay, occidere, interimere,interficere. shoot, mittere.

sleep, to, dormire. shoot through, transfigere.

slowness, segnitia. shop, taberna

snow, nix. short, brevis ; nothing 8. of, snow, to, ninguere. nihil nisi, sts. demum.

so, (W. vbs.) sic, ita, (w. adjj.) shortly (= in a short time), pro tam, adeo, (=therefore) itaque pediem, brevi.

or igitur. should, usu. tr. by subj. mood, so great, tantus.

(= ought) tr. by oportere, de so long, tamdiu.
bere, or gerundive; for'should' so many, tot.
in or. obl., etc., see 5, 7.

80 much, (adj.) tantus, (adv.) shoulder, humerus.

tantopere, tantum. shout, clamor.

so that, ut. shout, to, clamare.

soften, lenire. shower of rain, imber.

sold by auction, to be, sub shriek, vociferari.

hasta venire or vendi. shut in, obsepire, circumvenire. soldier, miles. shut up, includere.

sole object, to make it one's, sick, aeger.

id unum agere ut.

solid, solidus.

| starve to death, fame necare. some, somebody, something, state, (=condition) conditio, (= 141.

commonwealth) civitas, respubsometimes, nonnunquam, inter lica. dum.

state, to, (a case) exponere. somewhat, aliquid, paulum, (w. station, ponere, disponere, collocom par.) paulo.

care. son, filius, natus.

statue, statua, imago. song, carmen, cantus.

stay, commorari. soon, mox, cito, propediem; as still, adhuc, (w. compar.) etiam. s. as possible, see as.

stings of passion, irarum stimuli, soon after, haud ita multo post. or ira only. sorrow, dolor, miseria.

stings of remorse, conscientiae soul, anima, (= man) homo.

stimuli. source, origo, fons, principium, stockade, vallum.

causa ; oft. om., 107, e.g. 'this stone, saxum, lapis. is a great s. of injury to you,' store of provisions = provihoc tibi maximo detrimento est. sions. sovereignty, regnum.

storm, procella, hiems, tempestas. spare, parcere ci.

storm, ( = take by storm) expugSpartan, Lacedaemonius.

nare. speak, loqui, dicere.

story, fabula; as the s. goes, 9. speak evil of, maledicere ci. strait, fretum. spear, hasta.

strange, novus. special business, on, summis de | strange event, miraculum. rebus.

stratagem, dolus. spectacle, spectaculum.

street, vicus, via. speech, verba, concio, oratio, strengthen, confirmare. Sermo.

strike, ferire, icere. speed, celeritas.

strive, see endeavour. . spend, (a day, night, etc.) agere. strong, validus, firmus, stabilis. splendid, splendidus, (of a feast) study the interests of abdy., lautus, exquisitus.

rationem cs habere or ducere, spoil, praeda.

consulere ci. sport, ludus.

subdue, subigere. spread through, pervadere. subject, civis, privatus, (= topic) spring, (= fountain) fons.

res. sprung, ( =born) ortus, oriundus. submit, (to athg.) pati, (to an spy, explorator, speculator.

enemy) dare manus ci. square, quadratus.

subsequent events, ea quae sestab, fodere, confodere.

cuta sunt. stade, stadium.

succeed, see successful; sts. stake, to be at, agi.

omitted, 107; sts. posse. stamp out=destroy.

success, (in battle) victoria. stand, stare.

successful, to be, rem bene or stare in the face, (of danger, etc.) prospere gerere, felix or felicem perh. imminere.


such, 142; s. being the case, | sword in hand, armatus.

quae quum ita sint (or essent). Syracusan, Syracusanus. suddenly, subito, repente, nec

T. opinato. suddenness, use subitus or novus. | table, mensa. sue for, petere.

take, sumere, capere. suffer, pati, (= be distressed) la take away, tollere, auferre. borare.

take captive, capere. suficient, satis.

take place, fieri. suicide, to commit, mortem sibi take prisoner, see take captive.

consciscere, mortem or vim sibi take ship, navem conscendere. afferre.

take the field, in aciem prodire. suite, comites.

take to, (an occupation) institusum of money, pecunia.

ere. summer, aestas.

take up, (arms) sumere, capere. summon, arcessere, accire, (an take vengeance for athg., exassembly) convocare.

sequi qd.. sumptuous, lautus.

talent, talentum, (=ability) insun, sol.

genium. superior, superior.

talkative, loquax, garrulus. supper, caena.

tankard, poculum. suppliant, supplex.

task, opus. supplies, (of corn) commeatus. teach, docere. supply, praebere, suppeditare. tear, lacrima. support, (= assist) adjuvare qm. tear in pieces, discindere. suppose, credere, putare, arbi tear off, abscindere, avellere. trari.

tell, narrare, commemorare,(=insuppress, comprimere, sedare. form) docere; for we are t., sure, to be, pro certo habere; in use ferunt or memoriae tradi

'don't be too sure,' omit too. tum est, 9. surpass, antecellere qm or ci, su- | temper, animus; w. cheerful t., perare.

aequo animo. surpassing, praestans, excellens, tempest, tempestas, procella, egregius, eximius.

hiems. surrender, tradere, dedere, dedi temple, aedes (sing.), templum. tionem facere.

terms ( = conditions), conditiones. surround, circumdare, cingere. terrible, terribilis, dirus, horsurvive, superesse ci.

rendus, (of a slaughter, storm, suspect, (abdy.) suspectum ha etc.) atrox.

bere qm, suspicari qm, (athg.) terrify, terrere. suspicionem habere cs rei.

territory, fines (pl.), ager. sustain a defeat, cladem acci. than, 70. pere,

thank, gratias agere ci folld, by swan, cycnus.

quod or qui, gratiam referre ci swerve from, deflectere de.

pro qa re. swift, celer.

that, 143. sword, ferrum, gladius, ensis. the, 72.

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