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4S2 Burteigli.—Ad Pcrsecutores Anglos pro Catholicis domi forisque persecutionem suflerentibus; contra falsum Seditiosum, et Contumeliosnm Libellum, inscriptum, Justitia Britannica, vera Responsio, 8vo. fine copy, in the original vellum binding, Rare, 11. lis. 6d. - without date or place.

The above is an answer to Lord Treasnrer Burleigh's Execution of Justice io

l.ngland, by Cardinal Allen.

483 Burlei (Gualteri) Gesta Philosophorum, sive liber De Vita et

Moribus Nobilissimorum Philosophorum, folio, h. b. neat, Very Rare, 3/. Ss. - - sine loco aut anno.

Walter Burley was an Englishman, and his writings arc much praised by Leland

and others. 'I bis edition is very scarce, and has escaped the researches of many


484 Burlei Perpulcher Tractatus continens vitam mores ac elegan

tissima phylosophorum dicta, simul et gesta, 4(o. Jine copy, the Initial letter ornamented, ruled throughout with red lines, morocco elegant, gilt leaves, Rare, 3/. 13s. Gd.

Colonics, per Arnoldum Ter Hoernen, 1472 "Edition tres rare."— Brunei.

485 Burley (Gualteri) Liber de Vita et Moribus Philosophorum et

Poetarum, folio, fine copy, neat, Rare, 9.1. 2s.

Nurmberg, Creussner, 1479

486 Burley.—Idem Opus, 4to.jfne copy, morocco, gilt edges, 21.2s.

Spiree, circa 1480

"Edition tres rare, inconnue a Maittaire.'' Sold in Mr. Hibbert's sale for 51. 6s. "Gualterus Burlaeus.. Vir acutissimi ingenii et Philosophorum sui temporis facile princeps. Fuit aliquando Gulibelmi Occami Parisiis condiscipulos sub magistro Joanne Scoto, subtili doctore, sed sui praeceptoris in Anglia postea deveuit acerrimus impugnator, eminentem ejus in Philosophic scientiam, et subtilis ingenii mi ram fcelicitatem, scripta qua: post se reliquit abunde testantur.''— Piisei Relatione! Historic^ de Rebus Anglh-is.

487 Burnet (Lady Margaret), Wife of Bishop Burnet, Letters to

John, Earl, afterwards Duke of Lauderdale, port. 4to. bds. 2l.12s.6d. . - - Edinb.l82tk

Privately printed for the members of the Bannatyne club.

488 Burney (Dr. C.) Certamen de Metris, ab Mschy\o, in choricis

Cantibus adhibitis, 8vo. morocco elegant, very scarce, 11. 11». 6d. - - Cantab. 1809

A highly esteemed and much valued work. Sold in Rev. T. Williams's sale for 2/. 16s.

489 Burtii (Nicol.) Bononia Illustrata, with Verses addressed to the

Noble Family of Bentivoglio, 4to. vellum, rare, 7s. 6d.

Bononiee, ex off. Platonis de Benedictis, 1494

490 Burtin. — Description du Magnifique Cabinet de Tableaux dc

M. le C. de Burtin, 8vo. neat, 10s. 6d. Bruxelles, 1819

The descriptions are very fully detailed.

491 Burtoni (Jo.) Pentalogia sive Tragcediarum Grascarum Delectus

cura Burgess, 2 vols, interleaved with numerous Manuscript notes by Dr. Raine, 11. Is. - - Oxon. 1719

Purchased iu Dr. Rainc's sale for HI. 12s. 6d.

492 Burton (John) Genuineness of Lord Clarendon's History of

the rebellion, printed at Oxford, Vindicated, and Mr. Oldroixon's Slander Confuted, the True State of the Case Represented, Oxford, 1744. — The present State of the Navigation on the Thames considered, and certain Regulations proposed, by a Commissioner, second edition, with Observations on Mills, Weirs, Locks, &c. Oxford, 1767, in one vol. Svo. very neat, 4s. 6d.

493 Burton (J.) and Dr. King, the Praises of Jack of Eton, com

monly called Jack the Giant, collected into Latin and English Metre, to which is added a Dissertation on the Burtonic Style, 8vo. h. b. neat, 3s. 6d. - - Oxford, 1750

494 Burton's (Robt.) View and Observations on the Ancient and

Present State of London and Westminster, shewing the
Foundations, Walls, Gates, Towers, Churches, and all other
Articles of Curiosity, plates, 12mo. neat, 4s. 6d. 1730
Sold in Mr. Dent's sale for 10s.

495 Burton's English Empire in America, or a view of the Domi

nions of the Crown of England in the West Indies, 12mo. clean copy, in the original binding, scarce, 10s. 6d. 1735 Sold in Sotheby's, Feb. 2, 1813, for 21.2».

496 Busbequii (Aug. Gislenii) Omnia qua} extant quibus accedunt

Epistols aliquot, 12mo. vellum, scarce, \0s.6d. Oxon. 1660

In this Tolume will be found the author's travels into Turkey, which cootaiu mncfa valuable information. "At the end of this book are some Latin letters of Sir John Boroughs,'' chiefly written to Philip Bacon, Sir Francis Bacon, Thomas Farnabie, T. Coppin, Hugh Holland, Sir H. Spelman, &c.

497 Bush (J.) Het Merkwaardig Ierland Briefswyze beschreeven

gedurende eene Reis door gemelde koninkryk in den jaare 1764, with large folding map of Ireland, 8vo. bds. uncut, 5s.

Harlingen, 1769

498 Bustamantii (Jo. Ruizzii) Adagiale ac Metaphorice formule et

ad dicendum; et ad scribendum valde utiles; et necessarian Hispano sermone cum Dictionario Vulgarium Latinis respondendum, 8vo. neat, Rare, 15*. Ccesar Augustce, 1551

499 Buxerius.—Ludus Pythagoreus Nobilissimus (qui Rythmo

maehia nominatur) in utilitatem et relaxationem studiosorum comparatus per Claudium Buxerum, 12mo. h. b. morocco, rare, \0s.6d. - - Lutetiae, 1556

500 Buxtorfiii (Jo.) Lexicon Hebraicum et Chaldaicum, etc. 8vo.

neat, 5s. Basil. 1689

501 Byron's (Lord) Letter on the Rev. W. L. Bowles' Strictures on

the Life and Writings of Pope, 8vo. sewed, 2s. 1821

502 Cabinet Gallery of Pictures, selected from the Splendid Col

lections of Art, Public and Private, which adorn Great Britain; with Biographical and Critical Descriptions, by Allan Cunningham, Large Paper, very fine early impressions of the numerous portraits and plates, 2 vols, royal 8vo. h. b. morocco, 4/. 14*. 6rf. - - - 1833

Published at 9/.

504 Cabral (Stefano) e Fausto del Re, del Ville e de' piu Notabili

Monumenti Antichi della Citta e del Territorio di Tiuoli Nuove
Richerche, map, 8vo. h. b. neat, 2s. Roma, 1779

505 Cadamosto.—Itinerarium Portogallensiura e Lusitanis in In-

diam et Inde in occidentem et demum ad aquilonem, interpr.

Archangelo Madrignano Carevalensi, with curious wood-cut

map, the full size of the page, folio, fine large copy, morocco

elegant, gill leaves, Very Rare, 41. 4s. (Mediolani), 1508

Sold in Sir Mark Sykes's sale for 64.6*.

506 Cadamosto.—Newe unbekanthe landte und ein newe weldte in

kurtz verganger zeytbe erfunden, durch Jobsten Buchamer,

folio, fine large clean copy, morocco elegant, gilt leaves, 61. 6s.

Nureinburgk, 1508

This German edition of Cadamosto is one of the rarest of all the early books of
voyages. Camus, in his " Memoires sur Oe Bry," says that he had never seen it,
so that it is not in the royal library at Paris.

507 Caesaris Commentarii, etc. cum Hircii Suppleraento, ex recens.

Petri Philelphi, et cum indice rerum Raymundi Marliani, folio,
neat, very rare, 2l. 12s. 6d. Ant. Zarotus Parmensis, 1477
This edition, says Dr. Dibdin, may be desirable as containing the first " Index

of the towns, rivers," &c. Sold in the Pinelli sale for 67.

508 Caesaris Commentarii, recogniti per Philippum Beroaldum, 8 vo.

morocco elegant, gilt leaves, Very Rare, 47. 14*. 6d.

(Lugduni) 1512

For an account of this very rare volume, see Renouard's List of Lyonese

Counterfeits, No. 39.

509 Cassaris Commentarii, 8vo. very fine copy, in rich old red mo-

rocco, gilt leaves, with vellum fly leaves, 11. lis. 6d.

Junta, 1520

From Renouard's collection.

510 Caesaris Commentarii Notis Variorum ed. Vossio, Best Edition,

2 vols. 8vo. morocco, gilt edges, 11. 5s. Lugd. Bat. 1713
From the library of the late Bishop of Durham. "Edition recherchee." A
copy, in morocco, sold in the duke de Noailies' sale for III. 17s.

511 Cscsaris Commentariorum de Bello Gallico, lib. VII. 2 vols.

12mo. neat, calf, gilt leaves, 7s. 6d. Paris. Barbou, 1755

512 Caesar's Commentaries, translated into English, with Discourse

concerning the Romans' Art of War, and Notes by Duncan,
portraits and all the plates, fine copy, folio, neat, 21. 2s. 1758
Sold in Garrick's sale for 3/. 12s. 6rf. in Sir P. Thompson's for 41. and in Joshua

Smith's for 41.14«.6A

513 Caillard, Catalogue des Livres rares et precieux de la Biblio-

theque de, very neat, 6s. - - Paris, 1810

■514 Caley's(John) Ecclesiastical Survey ofthe Possessions, Spiritual

and Temporal, ofthe Bp. of St. David's, 8vo. h. b. neat, pri-

vately printed, scarce, 12s. - - 1812

515 Callimachi Hymni, Epigrammata et Fragmenta, Gr. et Lat.

cum notis variorum cura Spanhemii, 2 vols. 8vo. vellum, 18s.

Ultraj. 1697

Sold in Prince Talleyrand's sale for 2/. 2s.

516 Calder (R.) Priesthood of the Old and New Testament, by

succession, both parts, Edinburgh, 1717-19.—Short Answer to VV. Jameson, on his impugning the authority of St. Ignatius's Epistles, ib. 1708.—Copy of Letters past betwixt Mr. Robert Calder and Mr. J. Cunninghame, of Barns, concerning the Trial of the Mission of these People, that pass under the name of Prophets, in Scotland and England, with relation of the failing of their Prophecies, ib. 1710.—Discourse from Joshua XXIV. against the Atheism, Deism, Arianism, and other blasphemous Libels, published in England, ib. 1721.— The Character of the True Publick Spirit, with relation to the ill condition of a Nation, through the prevalency of the Private Spirit, Selfish and Sinister Designs, in two Essays, ib. 1702, in 1 vol. 12mo. a scarce and curious collection, 12*.

517 Calliope, a Selection of Ballads, Legendary and Pathetic, 12mo.

very neat, marbled leaves, 3s. 6d. - - 1816

518 Calmo (Andrea) Bizzarre, Faconde, et Ingeniose Rime Pesca

torie, nelle quali si contengono Sonetti, Stanze, Capitoli, Madrigali, Epitafii, Disperate, e Canzoni, yinegia, 1557.— Le Giocose Moderne et Facetissime Egloghe Pastorali per Calmo, ib. 1558.—La Fiorina Comedia Facetissima, Giocosa, et Piena di Piacevole allegrezza per Calmo, ib. 1557, in 1 vol. 8vo. tellum, scarce, 5s. 6 J.

519 Calphurnii (Titi) Siculi Bucolicum Carmen, 4to. fine copy,

vellum, rare, 7s. 6d. - - sine ulla notd

520 Calvini Catechismus Ecclesiae Genevensis, hoc est Formula

erudiendi pueros in doctrina Christi, &vo.ftne copy, morocco elegant, gill edges, Rare, ll. 5s. - Genevce, 1550

521 Cambridge Jests, containing Delightful, Choice, Merry, and

Witty Jests, Pleasant Tales, Bulls, Puns, Drollery, &c. Curious
Tales, Horn Fair, &c. 12no. neat, rare, 18s. n.d.

Sold in Mr. Inglis's sale for 1J. 9s.

522 Cambridge.—A Form for the commemoration of Benefactors,

to be used in the Chapel of the College of St. Margaret and St. Bernard, commonly called Queen's College, Cambridge, presentation copy from the Editor to John Caley, Esq., 4to. h. b. neat, gilt leaves, 10s. 6rf. - Cambridge, 1823

523 Cambridge Poems.—Genethliacum Illustrissimorum Principum

Caroli et Maria?, a volume of Greek and Latin Poems, by members of the University of Cambridge, 4to. very neat, 15s.


The above volume contains poems by Page, Lech, Wood, Randall, Tyndall, Edmonds, Cowper, Piggot, Fawcet, Cater, Jackson, Weld, Fotherby, Hutton, Brathwayt, Cooke, Wincop, Bullock, Newman, Gower, Williams, Drake, Kent, Wicherley, Byng, Young, Randolph, Edw. King, (who was drowned in going to Ireland, upon which melancholy occasion a volume of poems appeared in which was the first edition of Milton's Lycidas,) Murray, C'arew, Green, Boteler, Nash, Gtuton, Vincent, Glanvill, Ketlewell, Tho. Roe, Lant, Salter, Fern, T. Fuller, the historian, Comber, Goad, Weston, Noel, Montagu, Butts, and many others.

524 Cambridge Poems.—Rex Redux, sive Musa Cantabrigiensis

voti dammas de incolumitate et felici reditu Regis Caroli post receptam Coronam, Comitiaque peracta in Scotia, an interesting volume of Poems, in Latin and Greek, by members of the University, 4to. very neat, 15s. - Cantab. 1633

The above volume contains poems by Watson, Newman, Wren, Pnllen, Mowtlow, Chandler, Goad, Barry, Kemp, Frank, Rogers, Mason, Jackson, Cannon, E. Waller, W. Cartwright, Ahop, Barton, Booth, Drake, Fotberby, Hoper, Hall, Wyat, Hawkins, Fiennes, Rogers, Gooduick, Arundell, Lant, Rowe, Hobart, Crouch, Ashton, Weld, More, Duport, Jones, Ryley, Booth, Wynne, Crashaw, T. Fuller, the historian, Wicherley, Sotheby, Owen, Pearson, Bing, Cresswell, Montagu, Green, Day, Cooke, Oliver, Randolph, Norwich, Heath, Paget, Strode, Villiers, Hawtrey, Dee, Murray, Newton, Beale, Lowe, E. King, who was drowned, going to Ireland, which distressing circumstance produced a volume of poems, in which appeared the first edition of Milton's Lycidas.

525 Cambridge Poems.—Carmen Natalitium ad cunas Illustrissimac

Principis Elizabeths; decantatum intra Nativitatis Dom. Solemnia per humiles Cantabrigiae Musas, 4to. very neat, 15s.


The above volume contains Latin poems by H. Smith, Viscount Cranborn, Cecil, earl of Salisbury, J. Sheffield, son of Lord Mulgrave, F. Georges, son to Baron de Dundalk, R. Brownrigge, Sterne, Rowe, Harrison,Gell, Booth, Pearsc, Edw. King (tee the preceding articles) Mason, Banks, Hide, Hotham, Baker, Scatergood, Cudworth, Haliburton, More, Bulkeley, Watson, Jones, Montague, J. Smith, Howorth, Barlow, Blake, Redshawe, R. Wrench, Rich- Page, Penruddoke, Sir N ic. BacoD, Hutton, Samways, Lincoln, Glasscock, Bcanmont, Gale, Topping, Clotterbook, Hobart, Mason, Bourchier, Thorold, Byog, Scatergood, Cresswell, Saltmarch, Trige, Brigges, Owen, Gower, Sadler, Pots, Quarles, Wray, Ashton, Rainbow, Poley, Hawkins, and many other members of the University.

526 Cambridgeshire.—Historical Account of Sturbridge, Bury, and

the most famous Fairs in Europe and America, (by Carrac-
cioli,) Camb. n. d.—Stirbitch Fair, a Mock-Heroic Poem, in
five Cantos, n. d.—Nundinee Sturbrigienses a T. Hill.—Tun-
brigialia a P. Causton et Incendium Palatinum, uncut, Lond.
1709.—The Cry of Sturbridge Fair, with an Account of it,
Manuscript in the hand-writing of Isaac Reed, in 1 vol. 8vo.
h. b. neat, a scarce and interesting collection, 11. 5s.
This volume was purchased in Isaac Reed's sale for U. 12s.

527 Campana Senese (Strascino) Lamento di quel Tribulato, sopra

el male incognito el quale tratta de la patientia e impatientia, 8vo. fine copy, neat, 10s. 6d. - - Vinegia, 1537

This copy sold in Roscoe'ssale for 1/. lis.

528 Campani (Jac.) de Memoria Artificiosa Opusculum, partira ex

Cicerone et Quintiliano, partim ex divoThoma Aquinate, conflatum, 4to. vellum, scarce, 5s. 6d. - - 1515

529 Camphuysen (D. R.) Stichtelycke Rymen, door Joseph Butler,

Music, tot Amsteldam, port. 4to. scarce, 7s. Gd. Amst. 1652

530 Campion's (T.) Brief Introduction to the Skill of Musick, to

which is added, the Art of Descant, or Composing Music, with Notes by C. Simpson, 12 mo. neat, 7s. 6d. 1664

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