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5 Beccaria dei Delitti e delle Pene, beautifully printed, and bound in blue morocco, with borders of gold, by Derome, 51. 5s. 8vo. Parigi, Didot, 1780 6 Biblia Sacra Latina e Translatione et cum Præfationibus S. Hieronymi, 2 vol. very fine copy, with illuminated capitals, in old russia binding, with knobs, clasps, &c. 157l. 10s. folio, Moguntiæ, Johannes Fust et Petrus Schoiffher, 1462 **This is the first Edition of the Bible which contains the date, the place of printing, and the names of the printers who executed it. The present Copy concludes with the following colophon :

Præsens hoc opusculum finitum ac completum et ad eusebiam dei industrie in civitate Maguntina per Johannem Fust Civem et Petrum Schoiffher de Gernsheym clericum diotes' ejusdem est consummatum. Anno incarnacionis dominice MCCCCLXII. In vigilia Assumpcionis Gloriosæ Virginis Mariæ.

7 La Bible Historiee (traduite du Latin de Pierre Comestor par Guyart des Marlins, revue par Jean de Rely, par ordre du Charles VIII. Roi de France) 2 vol. divided into four, with additional titles in MS., from the Mac Carthy Library, 751. fol. Paris, par Antoine Verard, sans date, c. MCCCCXCVI. FIRST EDITION OF THIS TRANSLATION, PRINTED UPON LARGE VELLUM. A superb copy, decorated with 410 miniatures of various sizes in gold and colours of the greatest brilliancy, and in the finest preservation. All the initial Letters are also highly illuminated. It is one of the most beautiful specimens of Verard's printing which can be seen. It has not been hitherto observed that Verard was accustomed to take off the presentation copies of his books on LARGE VELLUM. In this copy, as a proof of the fact, the last leaf of the second volume is taken from a copy upon vellum of a smaller size.

8 Bonifacii VIII. Pont. Max. Liber Sextus Decretalium cum Apparatu Johannis Andreæ, fine copy, the second Edition, red morocco, from the Harley and Mac Carthy Collections, 361.

fol. Moguntia, Petrus Schoiffer de Gernsheim, MCCCCLXX. 9 Bonifacii Papæ Liber sextus Decretalium, cum Apparatu Joh. Andreæ, beautiful copy, in black morocco, from the Mac Carthy Collection, with the capital Letters richly illuminated, fol. Mogunt. Petrus Schoiffer de Gernsheim,

314. 10s.


**This Edition is very rare. Eight copies are known upon vellum, three of which are imperfect, and the remainder, with the exception of the Duke of Devonshire's, are in Public Libraries. The present Copy was bought in for 900 francs at the Mac Carthy Sale. 10 Bossuet, Discours sur l'Histoire Universelle, 4 tom. From Marshal Junot's Collection, 10l. 10s.

8vo. Paris, Didot, 1786

11 Breviarium, cum Calendario, 31. 3s.

12mo. Venetiis, per Franciscum de Hailbrun, s. anno. 12 JOANNIS BAPTISTE CAMOTII PHILOSOPHI COMMENTARIORUM in primum Metaphysices Theophrasti Libri Tres ad Cosmum Medicem, Græce,

folio, Venet. apud Aldi Filios et Feder. Turrisanum, MDLI. **The beauty and preservation of this unique copy upon vellum cannot be surpassed.

13 Canzoniere di diversi Bergameschi in Morte d'un Cane, red morocco, gilt leaves, 21. 2s. 8vo. Bergamo, 1782

14 La Capanna Indiana di St. Pierre trad. da Bruner, yellow morocco, 21. 28. 12mo. Parigi, 1796 15 Caro, (Annibal) Commento di ser Agresto da Ficaruolo sopra la prima ficata del Padre Siceo, (Fr. Mar. Molza) very beautiful copy, the only one known upon vellum, in richly ornamented morocco binding, 241.

4to. 1539

16 Ad Cosmum Medicem Florentinorum ac Senensium Ducem Præstantissimum Julii Castellanii Faventini de Humano Intellectu Libri Tres, 127. 12s.

4to. Bononiæ apud Alexandrum Benaccium, MDLXI. *** Beautifully printed, with the title illuminated.


only copy known upon Vellum. Paulus Manutius is among the Authors quoted in the work.

17 Cathecuminorum et Benedictionis Salis et Aquæ Libellus, juxta Ritum Cenetensis Ecclesiæ, russia, gilt leaves, 21. 2s.

8vo. Venetiis Joh. Patavinus, 1546

18 Clementis Papæ V. Constitutiones: una cum apparatu Joannis Andreæ 211.

fol. Moguntiæ Joannes Fust et Petrus Schoiffher, MCCCCLX First Edition of these Constitutions and fourth book printed with a date, excessively rare. The first leaf is wanting in the present copy, which in other respects is very fine, and bound in red morocco.

19 Cronica Cronicarum abrégé et mis par figures contenant deux parties, la premiere commencant a la creation du Monde, la seconde a l'Incarnation de nostre Seigneur jusques a l'an mil cinq cens vingt.

Fol. Paris, pour J. Petit et Franç. Regnault par J. Ferrebouc, 1521 ***Very fine copy in red morocco with many illuminations in gold and colours, 211.


20 Sancti Cæcilii Cypriani Epistolæ et Opuscula, 631. fol. Venetiis apud Vindelinum Spirensem, A very beautiful specimen of Printing: the first leaf is ornamented with an elegant border in gold and colours. This copy was purchased at Lomenie de Brienne's Sale by Count. Mac Carthy for 1600 francs. tion to its rarity, only one other copy being known upon vellum, this impression is particularly valuable, as it contains many original passages which have been either altered or omitted by Baluze in his edition, bound in blue morocco by C. Lewis.

In addi

21 Discorso circa la Suppressione del Collegio de Secretariati Apostolici fatta dal Innocenzo XI. dedication copy in vellum, 1l. 1s. 4to. Roma, 1678 22 Enchiridion Præclaræ Ecclesiæ Sarisburiensis devotissimis Precationibus ac venustissimis Imaginibus et iis quidem non paucis refertum,

12mo. Impressum est hoc Orarium Parisiis in Edibus spectabilis viri Germani Hardouyn librarii. With ornamented wood cut borders round the pages; the capital letters and illuminations are coloured. The titles of the Prayers are in English.

23 Epicedium in præmaturam, immeritam et omnibus seculis deplorandam Mortem Illustr. Principis Franc. a Lotharingia Guysiaci Ducis, 21. 12s. 6d.

4to. Divioni Joannes des Planches, 1564 One other copy is mentioned upon vellum in the Cat. des Livres sur Velin de la Bibl. du Roi.

24 Evangeliorum Liber secundum Ordinem Fratrum Predicatorum, 21. 2s. fol. sine anno, circa, 1516 25 Ferrara. La Creatione del Sig. Donno Alfonso II. Duca Quinto di Ferrara-Le Essequie del Sig. Donno Hercole II. Duca Quarto di Ferrara, 21. 2s. 4to. sine ulla nota. 26 Heures a l'Usaige de Romme toutes au long. Printed on vellum, the large plates are very richly coloured, 2l. 12s. 6d. Large 8vo. Paris, Hardouyn 27 Heures a l'Usaige de Romme tout au long sans rien requerir, with numerous plates, in fine preservation, and bound in black velvet, 41. 4s. 8vo. Paris, Gillet Hardouyn, sans date. 28 HOMERI ODYSSEA, BATRACHOMYOMACHIA ET HYMNJ, Græce, FIRST EDITION. A magnificent copy in fine preservation, and in the original binding, gilt leaves,

FLORENTIE, MCCCCLXXXVIII ONLY FOUR COPIES OF THE FIRST EDITION OF HOMER UPON VELLUM ARE KNOWN. One is in the Library of St. Marc at Venice, a second in the Magliabecchi Library, and a third in the Collection of the King of Naples. The two last are both imperfect.


Folio, Romæ in Gymnasio Montis olim Quirinalis jam Caballini in domo Angeli Colotti MDXVII.

LECTORI. Homeri Interpres Pervetustus: infinitis propemodum malignitate temporum laceratus plagis Mediceum olim Quirinalis jam Caballini Montis Gymnasium adii ibique haud parvo negocio in integrum restitutus : purus nitidusque ac mille fratribus auctus matris fæcundissimæ chalcographorum artis beneficio in lucem prodeo... debes id quoque, lector candide, Leoni De. cimo Pont. Max. &c.

"As the Roman press was more particularly intended to promote the objects of the Greek seminary, and as the works of Homer, which had been splendidly published at Florence in the year 1488, were unaccom.

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panied by any Commentary, it was thought expedient to print the ancient Greek Scholia on that first of Poets, which was accordingly published in the year 1517. In this work the citations from the text are printed in capitals in order to distinguish them from the comment, and facilitate the use of the books to the pupils." Roscoe's Leo Xth.

This volume is in the finest preservation. These are the only specimens of the First Edition of Homer, and of his most ancient Commentator, upon vellum, which can ever, in all probability, occur for Sale in this Country, 2501.


Fol. Parisiis in Edibus Palatinis Scientiarum et Artium, MDCCXCIX. Reip. VIII. Excudebam Petrus Didot natu Major.

** With the exquisitely beautiful Original Drawings by Percier inserted, and Proof Impressions of the Plates upon India Paper, by Girardet, Marais, &c. This volume exhibits the perfection of the Art of Printing upon vellum. The exquisite beauty of the vellum, and the skill of the Printer, cannot be surpassed. Didot states that he selected the sheets of this copy from the two which were printed upon vellum.

"The article of the greatest importance in the whole Collection (Marshal Junot's,) was the matchless Didot Horace of 1799, containing the original drawings from which the exquisite Copper Plate Vignettes were exècuted. This was purchased by Mr. Hibbert for £140. nor was it in any respect an extravagant or even a dear purchase." Bibliographical Decameron.

30 Hore ad usum Romanum totaliter ad longum sine require cum multis orationibus, in rich old binding in compartments, gilt leaves, ruled, 31. 38.

12mo. Paris, Par Guillaume Anabat pour Gilles Hardouyn, s. date.

31 Hora Beatæ Mariæ Virginis secundum usum Romanum cum illius Miraculis una cum Figuris Apocalipsis post biblie Figuris insertis.

The capital Letters and large Illuminations in this Copy are very splendidly coloured, and it contains the Story of Susanna, a Curious Dance of Death, and the Triumphs of Cesar, with descriptions on the margins, 81. 8s. Svo Simon Vostre, s. date 32 ISIDORI, (EPISCOPI HISPALENSIS) ETYMOLOGIA, EPISTOLE III. að BraulioneM ET RESPONSIONES II. FIRST EDITION WITH A DATE, AND FIRST BOOK PRINTED IN ROMAN CHARACTERS IN GERMANY. Beautiful Copy, elegantly bound in olive morocco, with morocco lining, 421.

fol. (Augustæ Vindel.) per Gintherum Zainer ex Reutlingen progenitum literis impressi ahenis, MCCCCLXXII *** Opus in quo ex optimis Scriptoribus Ecclesiasticis

etiam non paucis collegit breviterque exposuit de

omni ferme argumento pleraque digna scitu et multa bonæ notæ vix alibi reperiunda: de Grammatica, de Rhetorica, de Temporibus ubi breve Chronicon desinens in anno decimo Herodii, Vocabula ordine alphabeti, eorumque origines; de Mundo et Partibus; de Edificiis, de Rebus Rusticis, de bello et ludis, de navibus, ædificiis et vestibus, &c. Fabricii Bibl.

33 Landi, (Giulio,) Vita di Cleopatra Regina d'Egitto, red morocco, gilt leaves, 31. 3s. 12mo. Parigi, 1788 34 Machazor sive Judaicarum Precum Breviarium totius anni Italici Ritus, (Hebraice)

fol. Soncini et Casali Majore, Anno MCCCCLXXXVI *In addition to all thePrayers, Lessons, and Psalms for the whole year, according to the Rite of the Roman Synagogue, this work contains a Poem of Jeuda Levi, describing the Story of Ester in Rhime, and other Poems, with Elegies written on the Destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem: fine and complete copy bound in blue morocco, 421.

Two other perfect copies are known in the Royal Libraries of Paris and Turin.

35 Machazor seu Judaicarum Precum Breviarium totius anni Italici Ritus, (Hebraice) 2 vol. in fine preservation, 81. 8s.

12mo. Mantuæ pro Jacobo Kaen, 1559

*No mention is made by M. Van Praet of any copy of this edition upon vellum.

26 Antonii Massæ Gallesii Jurisconsulti de Origine et Rebus Faliscorum Liber, blue morocco, 12l. 12s.

4to, (Romæ apud Bladum,) MDXLVI

The only copy of this curious Tract known upon vellum. 37 Missale Romanum ex Decreto Sacro-Sancti Concilii Tridentini restitutum. Pii V. Pont. Max. jussu editum, very beautiful copy in blue morocco, with a large print of the Crucifixion, and numerous wood cuts in the Capital Letters, 351. fol. Antverpiæ ex Officina Christophori Plantini MDLXXI *** No other copy of this Edition is known upon vellum. It was reprinted in 1572. Specimens of Plantin's press upon vellum are very uncommon.

38 Missale ad Usum Insignis et Præclaræ Ecclesiæ Sarum additis quam plurimis Commoditatibus quæ in ceteris hujusmodi Codicibus non habentur, extremely rare. The copy is imperfect, and some leaves, as usual, are supplied by paper, 51. 5s. fol. Londini per Richardum Pynson, MDIV. 39 Norden's Topographical and Historical Description of Cornwall, Maps and Cuts. A splendid book, elegantly bound in olive morocco by Hering, with morocco linings richly tooled, 301. 4to. 1728 *** This copy contains Vignettes on p. 76, p. 82, and on page 99, which are not in the copies printed upon paper.

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