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Mr. Thomas Huleat T. C. D. Charles Powel Leslie, Frq; George Ogle,Esq;
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Mafter Charles Hamilton Hugh Lyons, Esq:

Able Onge, Esq;
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Rt Hon. Lord Vis. Powerscourt Mr. Robert Hunter

David Diggs Latouche, A. M. Sir William Parsons, Bart. Mr. William Huthchinson John Lamy, A. B.

Rev. Dr. Kene Perceval
Mr. F. Heney
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Roger Palmer, Esq;
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Chriftopher Pallace, Esq; Meff. Jos. and Ben. Houghton Right Hon. Earl of Miltown John Prefton. Esq; Mr. John Hardy

Rt. H. Lord Vis. Mountgarret Park Pepper Efq; Mr. James Hornidge

Rt. H. Lord Vil. Mount-Cashel Robert Phibbs Erq; Mr. David Hay

Rt. Rev. Lord Bp. of Meath William Pleasants, A. B. David Hartley, Esq;

Rt. H. Sir Thomas Maud, Bt. Mr. William Penrose
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Sir Capel Mollyneaux, Bart. Mr. James Paynose
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establisbed by the DUBLIN SOCIETY, to enable Youth to become Proficients in the different Branches of that Art, and to pursue with Success geograpbical, nautical, mechanical, commercial or military Inquiries.

of ,


L'Oisevetè & l' Ignorance sont les deux Sources empoisonnèes de tous les Deo

fordres, & les plus grands Flèaux de la Societè. HE Education of Youth is considered in all Countries as the Ob- Wise Regu.

lations relaas well as that of the State. To this end, the ableft Hands are employ- Education ed in forming Plans. of Instruction, the best calculated for the various of Youih, in Professions of Life, and Societies are formed, composed of Men'diftin Scodand, guished, as well by their Birth and Rank, as by their Experience and and other Knowledge, under whose Inspe&ion, and by whose Care they are carried Parts of Euinto Execution, by Persons of acknowledged Abilities in their different Departments : And thus the Education of Youth is conducted, from their earliest Years, in a Manner the best suited to engage their Minds in the Love of useful Knowledge, to improve their Understandings, to form their Taste and ripen their Judgments, to fix in them an Habit of Thinking with Steadiness and Attention, to promote their Address and Penetration, and to raise their Ambition to excel in their respective Provinces.

However necessary such Regulations may appear to every reasonable Fatal Confe Person, however wished for by every Parent who feels the Loss of a pro- lulting from per Education in his own Pra&ice ; nevertheless they had not been even the Neglect thought of in this Country, where that Extent of Knowledge, requisite

of this Onject

to prepare Youth to appear with Dignity in the various Employments of Life, or to enable them to bring to Perfe&tion the different Arts for which they are designed, being not attended to; Education was regarded as a puerile Object, and of course abandoned to illiterate Persons, who from their illiberal and mechanic Methods of teaching gave Youth little or no Information.

To remove so general and well grounded a Complaint, it was proposed that the Youth of this Kingdom Thould receive in the Drawing-School established by the DUBLIN-SOCIETY, the Instructions necessary to ena

ble them to become Proficients in the different Branches of that Art, apd Drawing

to pursue with Success, geographical, nautical, mechanical, commercial School eta: or military Enquiries: in this View, an Abstract of the following Plans blished un- were delivered to their Secretaries and Treasurer in the Month of Ododer the Infpection of ber, 1764, to be laid before the Society; and to prevent an Undertaking of the Dublin- National Utility, to be defeated through the Suggestions of Design or lgSociety put norance, the Plans were printed; which being received by the Public Footing, has with general Approbation, the DUBLIN-SOCIETY, pursuant to the Report supplied this of their Committee appointed to examine into the Merit of the Plans, Defeet.

and the Character of the Proposer, resolved, the 4th of February, 1768, that they should be carried into Execution by the Author, under their immediate Inspection.

Tbe PLANS are as follow.

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LAN of a Course of pure Alathematicks, absolutely necessary for

the right understanding any Branches of pra&ical Mathematicks in their Application to geographical, nautical, mechanical, commercial, and military Enquiries.

PLAN of the physical and moral System of the World, including
the Instru&ions relative to young Noblemen and Gentlemen of For-

PLAN of the military Art, including the Instructions relative to
Engineers, Gentlemen of the Artillery, and, in general, to all Land-

PLAN of the merchantile Arts, or the Instructions relative to those
who are intended for Trade.


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