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This Supplement contains all the Works added to the Library from the publication of the Catalogue in 1845, to the close of the year 1850.

The same plan is adopted, viz.—an Alphabetical Arrangement of Titles under the Author's name ; or under the Subject of the work, when the Author is unknown.

Cross-references are principally confined to the names of Authors, Editors, and Persons mentioned in the titles.

The Appendix to the first part of the Catalogue is incorporated in the Supplement

To facilitate consultation, an extensive Classified Alphabetical Index of Subjects has been compiled by Mr. B. R. WHEATLEY.

This does not include Works entered under Subjective Headings in the general Alphabet of the Catalogue, such as Special Biographies, and Translations of, or Commentaries on, Classical Authors (the exceptions to the rule as to Authors' names, given above), for these, being already under the Subject of the Biography or the Name of the Classic, required no further reference.

In the first part of the Catalogue, the Contents of the principal Collections of Voyages and Travels were separately entered under their Authors' names: these, being only parts of Works, have not been again referred to in the Index; but under the different Countries, the particular volumes of the Collections relating to them have been indicated.

The Catalogues of Tracts having been fully cross-referenced, are also not included,,but the Subjective Headings of each class are noticed in the Index.

To distinguish between Authors referred to in the first part of the Catalogue and those in the Supplement, the former are printed in Italics, as-Adams; the latter in Roman, as-Acland.


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ABBOTT (J.). Philip Musgrave, or Memoirs of a Church of England Mis

sionary in the North American Colonies. 12° London, 1846. A BELARD.—see Craufurd. ABERGAVENNY-Historical and Genealogical account of the Noble Family

of Nevill, particularly of the House of Abergavenny, with account of the Family of the Beauchamps, &c., by Daniel Rowland. fol. London,

1830. - see Nicolas. ACHERY (Lucas d'). Spicilegium sive Collectio Veterum aliquot Scriptorum

qui in Galliæ Bibliothecis delituerant. Nova editio, expurgata, per Ludovicum-Franciscum-Joseph de La Barre. 3 vols. fol. Parisiis, 1723.

see Mabillon (Vetera Analecta).

- Acta Sanctorum Ord. S. Benedicti.-see Mabillon. ACHILLES TATIUS Alexandrinus. De Leucippes et Clitophontis Amori

bus libri octo; textum ad librorum MSS. fidem recensuit, Lat. Hannib. Cruceii Vers., notas Cl. Salmasii, ineditas F. Guyeti, C. G. Goettlingii,

C. B. Hasii et suas adjecit F. Jacobs. 8° Lipsiæ, 1821. ACLAND (T.). Popular Account of the Manners and Customs of India.

12° London, 1847. Acta SANCTORUM.-see Bollandus. ACTON (Eliza). Modern Cookery in all its Branches, for the use of private

families. . 18° London, 1845. ADAM (Robert). Ruins of the Emperor Diocletian's Palace at Spalatro in

Dalmatia. fol. London, 1763. ADAMS (Arthur). Natural History of the Eastern Archipelago.-see

ADAMS (John Quincy)—Eulogy on his Life and Character, by Edward

Everett. 8° Boston, 1848.
ADDRESSES (History of).—see Oldmixon.
ADMIRALTY Scientific Manual.--see Herschel.


ADOLPHUS (John). History of England from the accession to the decease

of George the Third. vols. 1 to 7. 8° London, 1840–5. ÆSCHINES.—see Demosthenes. ÆSCHYLUS. Tragoediæ ad optimorum librorum fidem recensuit, integram

lectionis varietatem notasque adjecit Augustus Wellauer. 3 vols. in 2. 8° Lipsiæ, 1823–31.

– Tragedies, translated by R. Potter. 2 vols. 8° London, 1789.

- Die Æschylische Trilogie.—see Welcker. Æsopus—Vita Æsopi ex Vratislaviensi ac partim Monacensi et Vindobo

nensi Codicibus, nunc primum edidit Antonius Westermann. 8°

Brunsvigæ, 1845.
AGASSIZ (L.). Monographie des Poissons Fossiles du vieux Grès Rouge ou

Système Dévonien (Old Red Sandstone) des Iles Britanniques et de
Russie. 4°, and Atlas of Plates in fol. Neuchatel, 1844.
- Nomenclator Zoologicus, continens nomina systematica Generum
Animalium tam viventium quam fossilium. 4° Soloduri, 1842–46.

– Bibliographia Zoologiæ et Geologiæ: a general Catalogue of all Books, Tracts, and Memoirs on Zoology and Geology, corrected and enlarged by H. E. Strickland. Vol. I. Periodicals, and Alphabet

from A to Byw. (Ray Society.) 8° London, 1848. AGUESSEAU (le Chancelier d’). Euvres. 13 vols. 4° Paris, 1759–89. Tome 1. Discours-Mercuriales-Requisitoires—Instructions sur les Etudes

pour un Magistrat, &c. - 2–5. Plaidoyers. -- 6–7. Requestes sur les matières domaniales. - 8–9. Lettres sur les matières criminelles et civiles. - 10. Suite des mêmes-Sur les Monnoies-Sur la Compagnie des Indes, &c. - 11. Méditations sur l'origine de la Justice, &c. - 12. Lettres Philosophiques, et Littéraires, Mémoires, &c.

– 13. Vie, parson fils—Mémoires sur l'Eglise, 1647–1710—Autres Mémoires. AINSWORTH (W. F.). Travels and Researches in slsia Minor, Mesopotamia,

Chaldea and Armenia. 2 vols. 8° London, 1842. AITCHISON (David). Strictures on the “Duke of Argyll's Essay on the

Ecclesiastical History of Scotland.” 8° London, 1849. AKERMAN (J. Y.) List of Tokens issued by Wiltshire Tradesmen in the

17th Century. 8° London, 1846. ALBERI (Eugenio).-—see Venice. ALBRICUS. —see Scriptores (Mythographi.) ALCIPHRON Rhetor. Epistolæ, ex fide aliquot codicum recensitæ cum

Stephani Bergleri Commentario, cui aliorum criticorum et suas Notationes, versionem emendatam indiculumque adjecit Joannes Augustinus

Wagner. 2 vols. in 1. 8° Lipsiæ, 1798. ALCMAN Lyricus. Fragmenta, collegit et recensuit Fr. Theoph. Welcker.

4° Giessæ, 1815. ALDER (Joshua) and Albany HANCOCK. A Monograph of the British

Nudibranchiate Mollusca, with Figures of all the species. (Ray

Society.) Parts 1-4 in 2 vols. 4° London, 1845–8. ALEMAN (Mateo). Vida y Hechos del Picaro Guzman de Alfarache atalaya

de la Vida Humana. 2 vols. 8° Valencia, 1787.

LEN (Job Blogland, ife and chalarch thro184 20

ALFIERI (Vittorio). Opere Postume. 13 vols. in 12. 8° Londra, 1804.

Tomo 1. Abéle—Le due Alcesti. Tomo 5-6. Terenzio tradotto.
- 2. I Persiani-il Filottéte- - 7-8. Virgilio tradotto.
le Rane.

9-10. Commedie.
- 3. Satire.

– 11. Rime (con Tomo 3.) - 4. Sallustio tradotto.

12–13. Vita. ALFRED – The Will of King Alfred (with notes by Thomas Astle, edited by Sir H. Croft.] 4° Oxford, 1788.

– Life, by Asser.-see Chronicles. ALISON (Archibald). Principles of Population and their connexion with

Human Happiness. 2 vols. 8° London, 1840.

- England in 1815 and 1845, or a sufficient and a contracted Currency. 8° London, 1845.

– Free Trade and a Fettered Currency. 8° London, 1847. - see Marlborough (Life of).

- Atlas to Alison's History of Europe, constructed by Alexander Keith Johnston. Edinburgh, 1848. ALLEN (C. F.). Haandbog i Fædrelandets Historie med stadigt Henblick

paa Folkets og Statens indre Udvikling. 12° Kiobenhavn, 1845. ALLEN (John). Inquiry into the rise and growth of the Royal Preroga

tive in England, with the author's latest corrections, biographical

notices, and the life and character of King Eadwig. 8° London, 1849. ALLEN (J. N.) Diary of a March through Sinde and Affghanistan with

the troops under Sir William Nott. 12° London, 1873. ALLEN (Capt. William) and T. R. H. THOMSON. Narrative of the Expedi

tion sent by H. M. Government to the River Niger in 1841, under the

command of Capt. H. D. Trotter. 2 vols. 8° London, 1848.
All's a Delusion, a Comedy, in Five Acts. 8° London, 1847.
ALLWOERDEN (H. ab).-see Servetus (M.)
ALMANAC—The Court and City Register for the Year 1748.

- The Oxford, Cambridge, and Dublin University and Ecclesiastical Almanac, by William Atkinson Warwick. 4° London, 1848.

- Oliver and Boyd's Edinburgh Almanac, from the year 1824. 18° Edinburgh.

- Almanach de Gotha: Annuaire Diplomatique et Statistique depuis l'année 1843. 18° - see also Annuaire, Calendar. Alphabetum Hebraicum. 12° Lutetiæ, ex off. R. Stephani, 1550. ALT (Heinrich). Die Heiligenbilder oder die bildende Kunst und die

theologische Wissenschaft in ihrem gegenseitigen Verhältniss historisch

dargestellt. 8° Berlin, 1845. ALYPIUS.—see Scriptores (Musica). AMARI (M). La Sicile et les Bourbons. 8° Paris, 1849. AMBROSIUS (Sanctus) Mediolanensis Episcopus. Opera, studio et labore

Monachorum Ordinis S. Benedicti [Jac. du Friche, et Nic. le Nourry.]

2 vols. fol. Paris, 1686–1690. AMERICA—Paraphrase on a passage in a Sermon of Archbishop Mark

ham, relative to the War with the American Colonies. 8° London,

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