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For two Voices.--Tune Gaffer Gray.

AHL what's there ill nows; speak, old

Robin Gray,
That thy blue bonnet's pluck'd o'er thy brow ?

0! sad news I have heard,

Roby Burns, man, is dead,
And the weeps over his plough,

Well, a well a day,
And the plough-man weeps over his plough.

Is he gone then for aye, and for aye,

Robin Gray ?
No more shall we list to his song ?

No, cold as a clod,

Beneath a green sod
Poor Robin they've lain all along,

Well, a well a day,
Poor Robin they've lain all along.

Adieu then the forest and bill,

Robin Gray,
And farewell the vallies and grove!

Why the forest and hill

And the vallies ring still,
Still echo his ditties of love.

Well, a well a day,
Still echo his disties of love.

The sad sound of echo l'll shun,

Robin Gray,
Its dying notes live on my mind;

Can you then as you roam

From your forefather's home. Leave your forefather's feelings bebind,

Well, a well a day, Leave your forefather's feelings behind ?

Still the blackbird will sing on the thorn,

Robin Gray,
And the lark early carol on bigh,

But the lowly lodg'd swain,

As he scatters the grain,
Will claust Robin's verse with a sigh,

Well, a well a day,
Will chaunt Robin's verse with a sigla.

Softly lie on his bosom the turf,

Robiv Gray,
Rest bis ashes unmingled and pure;

May the tomb of his urn

Caledonia adora,
And his much-lov'd remains so secure,

Well, a well a day,
And his much lov'd remains so secare.

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On a Scotch Bard, gone to the West Indies

To a Haggis

A Dedication. To Gavin Hamiltou, Esq.

To a Louse, on seeing one on a Lady's Bonnet at Church 105

Epistle to J. Lapraik, ao Old Scutish Bard.


To the Same


To W. S*****0, Ochiltree, May, 1785 .



. 116

Epistle to J. R****, inclosing some Poems

. 118

John Barleycorn, a Ballad


A Fragment


Song. It was upon a Lammas Night


Song. Now westlin winds and slautering guns


Song. Behind yon Hills where Lugar flows

. 126

Song. Green' grows the Rashes, a Fragment
Soug. Agaig rejoicing Nature sees

i 128

Song. Farewel to the Brethren of Si. James's Lodge, Tar.



Elegy on Captain Matthew Henderson


- The Epitaph .


Lament of Mary Queen of Scots

. 135

- for James, Earl of Glencairn

• 136

Tam O'Shanter, a Tale

Epitaph on a celebrated Ruling Elder

- Noisy Polemic

- Wee Johnny


On the late Captain Grose

The humble Petition of Broer Water

. 148

Op the Birth of a Posthumous Child

. 150

The Lament, occasioned by the unfortunate Issue of a

Friend's Amour

• 151

Despondency, an Ode

. 154

Afton Water' . .

To Mary in Heaven

. 157

Man was made to mourn

. 158

A Prayer in the Prospect of Death

. 160

Stanza on the same occasion


Verses left in the Room where the Author slept at a Reven

rend Friend's House

The First Psalm

A Prayer under the Pressure of Violent Anguish



The first Six Veises of the 90th Psalm


To Ruio . .
To Miss Loggan, with Beatie's Poems as a New Year's Gift 100


Address to Ediaburgh

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Song. From thee, Eliza, I must go

Song. No churchman am ( for to rail and to write ..

A Stanza added to ditto in a Mason Lodge

. 170

Verses written in Friar's-Carse Hermitage on Nith side . 171

Ode. Sacred to the Memory of Mr. - of - . 172

To Robert Graham, Esq. of Fintra .

. 173

Lines sent to Sir John Whiteford, of Whiteford, Bart. with

the Lament of James, Earl of Glencairn

On sceing a wounded Hare limp by me which a Fellow had

just shot at

Address to the Shade of Thompson, on crowning his Bust

at Ednam, Roxburghshire, with Bays

Epitaph for the Authoi's Father

. 178

for R. A. Esq.

. ib.

for G. H. Esq.

. ib.

loscription to the Memory of Fergusson

. 179

To Miss Cruikshanks, a very young Lady, written on the

blank leaf of a book presepted to her by the Author

Song. Anna, thy Charms my Bosom fire

On reading iu a Newspaper the Death of John M‘Leod,

Esq. Brother to a Young Lady, a particular Friend of

the Author's

Ou scaring some Water Fowl in Loch Turit, a wild scene

among the Hills of Oughtertyre

. 181

Written with a Pencil over the Chimney Piece in the Par.

Jour of the Inn at Kepmore, Taymouth

Written with a Pencil, standing by the Fall of Fyers, uear

Loch Ness . .

. 183


The Whistle, a Ballad


. 184

The Inventory, in Answer to a Mandate by a Surveyor of

the Taxes .


Extempore Verses ou Dining with Lord Daer


Address to the Tooth Ache


Letter to John Goudie, Kilmarnock

• ly2

Answer to a Trimming Letter from a Taylor


Address to an illegitimate Child

• 195

Poem addressed to Mr. Mitchell, Collector of Excise,


Copy of a Poetical Address to Mr. William Tytler, with

the Present of the Bard's Picture .

On the Battie of Sneriff. Muir, between the Duke of Argyle
and the Earl of Mar

Lines written under the Picture of the celebrated Miss

. 20

The following Poem was written to a Gentleman, who had

sent him a Newspaper, and offered to continue il free

of expeuce

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