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tion by A. H. Keane.] Berlin, 1901, 02. Illus. = **D.250a.50 The original German is on shelf-number **Cab. D.2.4.2. A fac-simile of the manuscript is on shelf-number **D.250a.49. Manuscrit mexicain précolombien des Free Public Museums de Liverpool. Publié en chromophotographie par le Duc de Loubat. Paris, 1901. 44 pp. of chromophotographs. = **D.250a.49 Codex Nuttall, facsimile of an ancient Mexican codex belonging to Lord Zouche of Harynworth, England. With an introduction by Zelia Nuttall. Cambridge, Mass., 1902. Text, 40 pp.; Facsimiles, 84, (1) ff. [Harvard College. Peabody Museum of American Archaeology and Ethnology.] **D.160а.96 Delastelle, F.

Traité élémentaire de cryptographie. Paris, 1902. Illus. 6117.100 Great Britain.

Public Record Office.

Catalogue of manuscripts and other ob-
jects in the Museum, with notes by
Sir H. C. Maxwell Lyte. London,

Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts.

Calendar of the manuscripts of the
Marquess of Ormonde, preserved at
Kilkenny Castle. New series, vol. I.
London, 1902.
The [1st] series, in two volumes, entitled The
manuscripts of the Marquis of Ormonde, may
be found on shelf-number *7101.63.
Calendar of the Stuart papers belong-
ing to His Majesty the King, pre-
served at Windsor Castle. Vol. I.
London, 1902.

These papers were formerly the property of the
Old Pretender, and his sons, Charles Edward
and Henry.

Porter, William David. 1809-1864. [Journal, copies of letters written and received, reports, and other memoranda. Also newspaper clippings, etc.] 18381864. 3 v. Portraits. *"20th".50.709

Prince, George. 1817-.

Captain John Somerset, Indian of Muscongus, Maine. Boston, 1902.

script. =

Some newspaper cuttings are added.

Prince, Thomas. 1687-1758.



[Manuscript note-book, written from May 25, 1718 to June 3, 1722. Called by Prince "My 5th writing-book."] **H.25.39 [Rei-gi-rui-ten. Court etiquette of Japan, written in Japanese and Chinese. Edited by Prince Tokugawa Mitzkuni.] [Tokio, 1878.] 512 v. = *3013.139

One of three manuscript copies made for the Tokio City Library. The last volume, which is not numbered, contains the preface and Index. A translation into English of the Index is added in an extra volume. Vatican. Library. Catalogus codicum


graecorum. Ediderunt hagiographi Bol-
landiani et Pius Franchi de' Cavalieri.
Bruxellis, 1899.

Weinberger, Wilhelm.

Catalogus catalogorum. Verzeichnis der Bibliotheken, die ältere Handschriften lateinischer Kirchenschriftsteller enthalten. Prag, 1902. 56 pp. 2182.30

Wessely, Carl, editor.

Studien zur Palaeographie und Papyruskunde. [Heft] 1. Leipzig, 1901. Facsimiles.

*2181 35

Litteratur der Papyruskunde 1899-1900, pp. 17-20.

Zaner, Charles Paxton.

Zanerian script alphabets. [1902.] Portrait.

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General and Comparative. Criticism.

Baumgartner, Alexander.

Geschichte der Weltliteratur. [Band 1-4.]
Freiburg im B., 1900-02. 4 v.


1. Die Literaturen Westasiens und der Nilländer. 2. Die Literaturen Indiens und Ostasiens. 3. Die griechische und lateinische Literatur des klassischen Altertums. 4. Die lateinische und griechische Literatur der christlichen Völker.

Bazalgette, Léon.

L'esprit nouveau dans la vie artistique, sociale et religieuse. Paris, 1898. 2219.91 Betz, Louis Paul.

Frankfu.i, 2256.50

Studien zur vergleichenden Litteraturgeschichte der neueren Zeit. 1902. Bornstein, Paul.

Der Tod in der modernen Litteratur und andere Essays. Leipzig. [190-.] 2878.167 Bossert, Adolphe. 1832-.

La légende chevaleresque de Tristan et Iseult. Essai de littérature comparée. Paris, 1902. 2875.49

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By Gail Hamilton [pseud.]. Collected
by H. Augusta Dodge.
Portrait. Plates.

Douglas, Olive, Lady.

Rainbows. [Verses.] By Olive Custance. London, 1902. 84 pp. =

Driver, Stephen William.


The world's life. [Poem.] Dedicated to the Class of 1860 [Harvard College]. S. W. D. [Lexington? 1901.] 3 pp. = 4399.164 Drummond, William Henry, M.D. Johnnie Courteau and other poems. New York, 1901. Illus. Portrait. 4394.200 Dryden, John. 1631-1701.

Palamon and Arcite. Edited by Arthur Gilman. Boston. [1898.] Portrait. [The Riverside literature series.] = 2568.163 Duff, Sir Mountstuart Elphinstone Grant-, editor.

An anthology of Victorian poetry. New York, 1902. 4568.19

Dunbar, Paul Laurence.

Lyrics of the hearthside. New York, 1901. Portrait.

Dunne, Finley Peter.


Observations by Mr. Dooley. [Anon.] New York, 1902.

Edgar, Timothy Bloomfield.


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Ellwanger, George Herman, compiler. Latter-day love4568.220

Love's old sweet song. poems. New York, 1903.

In this anthology is included. . . the greater portion of the poems in . . . "Love's demesne." Elwin, Whitwell.

Some XVIII. century men of letters. With a memoir. Edited by his son,

Shelley's Einwirkung auf Byron. Karls2556.34

Warwick Elwin. London, 1902. 2 V. Gillardon, Heinrich.
Portraits. Plates. Fac-similes. 4554.145
Contents. 1. Memoir. - Cowper. 2. Sterne.
Fielding. Goldsmith. Boswell and Dr John-

[blocks in formation]

Compensation. An essay. [With an introduction by Bliss Perry.] 1903. 87 PD.

Falt, Clarence Manning.

[Boston.] *A.2630.8

Wharf and fleet. Ballads of the fishermen of Gloucester. Boston, 1902. Plates.

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12 V.

Portraits. *2405.102

1-4. Outlines of cosmic philosophy
5. Myths and myth-makers . . . 6. The un-
seen world, and other essays. 7. Excursions of
an evolutionist. 8. Darwinism and other essays.
9. Studies in religion: being, - The destiny of
man; The idea of God; Through nature to God;
Life everlasting. 10. A century of science, and
other essays. 11. The Mississippi Valley in the
Civil War. 12. Civil government in the United

Fitzgerald, Edward. 1809-1883.

The variorum and definitive edition of the poetical and prose writings of Edward Fitzgerald, including a complete bibliography and interesting personal and literary notes. Arranged by George Bentham. And with an introduction by Edmund Gosse. Vol. 1. New York, 1902. Plate. *4601.107 Flanagan, Lewis Cass.

Essays in poetry and prose. [Cambridge, 1902.] Portrait. = 2404.100 Ford, James Lauren, and Mary K. Ford, compilers.

Every day in the year. A poetical epitome of the world's history. New York, 1902. 6595.45

Foster, Edwy Wells.

Man; the story of his advent, life and development in the earth world, and his continued life and progression in the spirit world, told in epic verse. Boston. [1900?] 4394.202


Freneau, Philip. 1752-1832.

Poems. Edited for the Princeton Historical Association by Fred Lewis Pattee. Vol. I. Princeton, 1902. *A.3145.3 A life of Freneau is in vol. 1.

Garnett, Richard. 1835English literature. From the beginnings to the age of Henry VIII. New York, 1903. Illus. Portraits. Fac-similes.

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ruhe, 1898.

Gjerset, Knut.

Der Einfluss

von James Thomson's ,,Jahreszeiten" auf die deutsche Literatur des achtzehnten Jahrhunderts. Heidelberg, 1898. 78 pp. 2557.103

Glasgow, Ellen Anderson Gholson. The freeman and other poems. New York, 1902. 56 pp. = *P.85.343 Goldsmith, Oliver. The deserted village. A poem. Illustrated by Edwin A. Abbey. [With an introduction by Austin Dobson.] New York, 1902. Portrait. Plate. *4561.129 A prospect of society, being the earliest form of his poem The traveller, now first reprinted from the unique original, with a reprint of the first edition of The traveller. Edited by Bertram Dobell. London, 1902. Gosse, Edmund William. English literature. From Milton to Johnson. New York, 1903. Illus. Portraits. Fac-similes. *4551.112.3

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Some of the portraits and plates are colored. Gough, Alfred Bradley.

On the Middle English metrical romance of Emare. Kiel, 1900. 62 pp. = 2552.118 Graham, Harry.

Ballads of the Boer War. [2d edition.] By Coldstreamer [pseud.]. London. [1902.] 4569.267 Ballads of the Boer war. By Coldstreamer [pseud.]. [2d edition.] London. [1902.] 4569.267 Griggs, Edward Howard.

A book of meditations. 2d edition. New York, 1902. Portrait. 2396.169 Grosskunz, Rudolf.

Die Natur in den Werken und Briefen des amerikanischen Schriftstellers Washington Irving. Leipzig, 1902. 49 pp. 2552.136 Franz Xaver Hellmuth. Kritiker. Berlin, 1898. 2552.139

Grossmann, Adam
Ben Jonson als
33 pp.
Gurney, Preston.

Needles of pine. Heights, 1902. = Hale, Anne Gardner.

Verses. Wollaston *A.3686

Seedlings from my wild garden. [Verses.] New York. [1902.] = *P.85.373.1

Halfmann, Johannes.


Das auf der Bibliothèque nationale zu Paris befindliche Manuscript der Canterbury Tales. Kiel, 1898. 57 pp. = 6567.102

Bibliography, pp. 5, 6.

Hamilton, George Livingstone. The indebtedness of Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde to Guido delle Colonne's Historia Trojana. New York, 1903. [Columbia University. Studies in Romance philology and literature.]

4559.228 Hand in hand. Verses by a mother and daughter [Alice Kipling and Alice M. Fleming]. London, 1902. 4569.216

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