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Jackson, Katherine H. McDonald. Summer songs in idlenesse. Boston, 1903. 71 pp. *A.4513

Jennison, Lucy White.

Love songs & other poems. By Owen Innsly [pseud.]. New York. [1902.] 3 parts in I v. = *P.85.457.1 Juergens, Georg.

Die Epistolae Ho-Elianae. Ein Beitrag zur englischen Litteraturgeschichte. Marburg, 1901. 90 pp. [Marburger Studien zur englischen Philologie.]

2957.10 Kabelmann, Carl. Joseph Addison's litterarische Kritik im "Spectator." ... Rostock, 1900. 75 pp. Keats, John. 1795-1821.


Poetical works. [The Hampstead edition.] Edited by Walter S. Scott. Revised by George Sampson. New York, 1903. Portrait. 6560b.76

Kennedy, Walter. 1460?-1508?

Poems. Edited by J. Schipper. Vienna, 1901. 94 pp. [Kaiserliche Akademie der Wissenschaften in Wien. phisch-historische Classe.]

King, Stanton Henry.



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Semanoud [and other verse]. Boston, 1903. 45 Pp. *A.4882 Lamb, Charles. 1775-1834. Essays of Elia. With the appreciation of Lamb by Walter Pater. New York, 1902. Portrait. [The Century classics.] 4557.83 The King and Queen of Hearts: an 1805 book for children . . . Illustrated by William Mulready. Now re-issued in

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in Elizabethan poetry and its development from Early English. [Edited by Henry Wysham Lanier.] New York, 1902. 2 v. Portraits. Plates. Facsimiles. *4592.149 Laud Troy book, The, a romance of about 1400 A.D. Now first edited from the unique MS. (Laud Misc. 595) in the Bodleian Library, Oxford, with introduction, not s and glossary by J. Ernst Wülfing. Part I. London, 1902. Facsimile. [Early English Text Society.] *2417.121

Lawton, William Cranston. Introduction to the study of American literature. New York. [1902.] Tables.

Le Gallienne, Richard.

An old country house.


Illustrated by


Elizabeth Shippen Green. New York, 1902. Illus.

Levere, William C., compiler.

The Evanston poets. Evanston, 1903.

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A fighting frigate and other essays and addresses. New York, 1902. 2393.23 Contents. A fighting frigate [the Constitution]. John Marshall. Oliver Ellsworth. Daniel Webster his oratory and his influence. Three governors of Massachusetts: Frederic T. Greenhalge; George D. Robinson; Roger Wolcott. The treaty-making power of the Senate. Some impressions of Russia. RoAppendix: Letter from George


F. Hoar.

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Thoughts adrift. [Verses.] Boston, 1902.
52 pp. =

Lowell, James Russell.

Early prose writings. With a prefatory note by Dr. Hale, of Boston, and an introduction by Walter Littlefield. London. [1902.] Portrait. 4509a.285 Contents. Stories, sketches, essays; The first client; Married men; Getting up; Disquisition on foreheads; Song-writing. Elizabethan dramatists: George Chapman; John Webster; John Ford; Philip Massinger; Thomas Middleton.

Lyly, John. 1553-1601.

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Complete works . . . now for the first time collected and edited . . . by R. Warwick Bond. Oxford, 1902. 3 v. Plate. Fac-similes. *4607.137

M., A. C.

The reflections of a lonely man. Chicago, 1903. 2409.230

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Die angebliche Originalität des frühmittelenglischen King Horn," nebst einem Anhang über anglofranzösische Konsonantendehnung. Halle, 1902. 35 pp. 2586.51

Munro, Hector H.

The Westminster Alice. Illustrated by F. Carruthers Gould. London. [1902.] 44 pp. Illus. 4574-34 Neilson, George.

'Huchown of the Awle Ryale', the alliterative poet. A historical criticism of fourteenth century poems ascribed to Sir Hew of Eglintoun. Glasgow, 1902. Illus. Charts. Fac-similes. 4554.22

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Poetical works. London.

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London, 1902. 4569.273

West country


Songs of Cornwall.

Peck, Harry Thurston.

Greystone and porphyry. [Verses.] New

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York, 1899. 62 pp.


Peterson, William, M.A., editor. A junior school poetry book.

New York,



A senior school poetry book.

New York,



Russell, Charles E.

Phillimore, John Swinnerton. Poems. Glasgow, 1902.


Such stuff as dreams. [Poems.] Indianapolis. [1901.] Illus. Schaaf, Johannes Gustav.


Piatt, John James, editor.

The Hesperian tree. A souvenir of the Ohio Valley. North Bend. [1900.] Plates. =


This work contains stories, sketches, essays, and poems by authors and artists native to or identified with the Ohio Valley.

Pierce, Grace Adele.

The silver cord and the golden bowl. New *P.85.695 York. [1901.]

Pluegge, Georg.

Miss Sarah Fielding als Romanschriftstellerin. Bautzen, 1898. 80 pp. 2552.144 Litteratur, pp. vii, viii.

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Richard Glover. Leben und Werke.
Leipzig, 1900. 72 pp.
Bibliography, pp. 68-70.

Schaub, Emil.



W. M. Thackeray's Entwicklung Schriftsteller. Basel, 1901. 2557.104 Schneider, Ernst Arno.

Die Entwickelung des Seeromans in England im 17. und 18. Jahrhundert. Leip2552.122 zig, 1901. 60 pp.

Bibliography, pp. 57. 58.

Schoembs, Jakob.

Ariosts Orlando Furioso in der englischen Litteratur des Zeitalters der Elisabeth. Soden a. T., 1898.

Scott, Sir Walter, Baronet.


The lady of the lake. Edited by George Rice Carpenter. New York, 1903. Map. [Longmans' English classics.] 2569.184 Seaman, Owen.

Borrowed plumes. New York, 1902.

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4559.214 of contemporary

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lation of the Alps. Fables. With six etchings by Ethel King Martyn. [Edited by G. K. Martyn.] London, 1902. Plates. *4572.164


Familiar studies of men and books. 16th edition. London,. 1901. [Works: together with Life by Graham Balfour. Thistle edition.] New York, 1901, 02. 26 v. Portraits. Plates. Maps. *2571.106

Stoddard, Charles Warren. Exits and entrances. A book of essays and sketches. Boston. [1903.] Portrait. 2409.226

Streamer, Col. D., pseud.

Baby's Baedeker. An international guidebook for the young of all ages. [In verse.] New York, 1902. 60 pp. Illus. 4569.263

Street, George Slythe.

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A book of essays. Westminster, 1902. 4556.129 Contents. London: London in general; The city; The Strand; St. James's and Mayfair; Piccadilly; Bayswater and St. John's Wood; Kensington and Hammersmith; The suburbs; Cockney humor. Books and men: Byron to 1816; Byron, 1816-1824; After reading Horace Walpole; Charles Fox and Charles II.; George Selwyn's letters; Lady Sarah Lennox; Anthony Trollope; The Great Duchess [of Marlborough]. Various: Twenty years since; The paradox of the Jew; The persistence of youth; Francis Gordon, a study; At the opera; A conversation.

Street, Lilian.

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Song and story. [Verses.] London, 1902. *P.83.861

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England (George Ticknor). Tennyson, Alfred, Baron Tennyson. In memoriam. With an analysis and notes by H. C. Beeching. London, 1900. Portrait. [The little library.] 2569a.105 Thacher, Lucy W.

The listening child. A selection from the stores of English verse, made for the youngest readers and hearers. With an introductory note by Thomas Wentworth Higginson. New York, 1901. 4568.174


Thackeray, William Makepeace. Our annual execution. Preceded by A word on the annuals. Philadelphia, 1902. 80 pp. *6578.140

Thomas, Edith Matilda.

The dancers, and other legends and lyrics. Boston, 1903. 93 pp. 2395.89 Thoreau, Henry David.

The service; edited by F. B. Sanborn. Boston, 1902. 46 pp. *4501.142

Walden. With an introduction by Bradford Torrey. Boston, 1902. Portraits. Plates. Maps. 2395.103 Tooker, Lewis Frank.

The call of the sea and other poems. New York, 1902. 4399a.310 Traherne, Thomas. 1636?-1674. Poetical works . . Now first published. Edited by Bertram Dobell. With a memoir. London, 1903. Fac-simile.

Trask, Kate Nichols.


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Acheson, Arthur.

Shakespeare and the Rival Poet, displaying Shakespeare as a satirist and proving the identity of the patron and the rival of the sonnets. London, 1903. Portraits.

4596.185 Chapman is alleged to be the "rival poet." Begley, Walter.

Is it Shakespeare? The great question of Elizabethan literature. Answered in the light of new revelations. . . by a Cambridge graduate. London, 1903. Portrait. Fac-similes. 4596.181 Bormann, August Edwin.

300 Geistesblitze und anderes von und über Bacon-Shakespeare-Marlowe.

Leipzig, 1902. 4593.183 Der Shakespeare-Dichter. Wer war's? Und wie sah er aus? Eine Überschau alles Wesentlichen der Bacon-Shakespeare-Forschung, ihrer Freunde und ihrer Gegnerschaft. Leipzig, 1902. Illus. Portraits. Fac-similes. Burmeister, Otto. Nachdichtungen




tungen von Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice. Rostock, 1902.


Couch, Arthur Thomas Quiller-.
Historical tales from Shakespeare. New
York, 1901.

Cserwinka, Julius.


Shakespeare und die Bühne. Wiesbaden, 1902. 93 pp.

Downing, Charles. (Clelia.)


The messiahship of Shakspeare. Sung and expounded by Clelia. London, 1901. 4594.135 Eichhoff, Theodor. Shakespeare's Forderung einer absoluten Moral. Eine Erläuterung seiner Gedichte 'Venus und Adonis,' und 'Die Schändung der Lukretia.' Mit dem vollständigen Text der Gedichte und der deutschen Übersetzung von Emil Wagner. Halle a. S., 1902. 4595.151 Der Weg zu Shakespeare. Halle a. S., 1902. Contents. Heywood und die Theorie der Herstellung unrechtmässiger Dramenausgaben nach stenoUnrechtmässige, verFolios oder SammelausBesuch einer neuen Grundlegung.

Der Fälscher Collier.

graphischen Notizen.

stümmelte Ausgaben. gaben. Engel, Jakob.



Spuren Shakespeares in Schillers dramatischen Werken. Magdeburg, 1901. 24

pp. Franz, Wilhelm.


Die Grundzüge der Sprache Shakespeares. Berlin, 1902. 4598.140

Globe Theatre, London. 1594-1613. Shakespeare's theatre. Description of the model [of the first Globe Theatre]. [London? 1901?] Broadside. 2 photographs. = **G.72.11

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