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Pike, Oliver G.

Hillside, rock and dale: bird life pictured with pen and camera. London, 1902. Illus. 3907.32 Powys, Thomas Littleton, 4th Baron Lilford.

Lord Lilford on birds: being a collection of informal and unpublished writings by the late president of the British Ornithologists' Union, with contributed papers upon falconry and otter hunting, his favorite sports. Edited by Aubyn Trevor-Battye. London, 1903. Portrait. Plates. 3901.43 Lord Lilford's published works, pp. ix-xiii. Richmond, Charles Wallace. Birds collected by Dr. W. L. Abbott and Mr. C. B. Kloss in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Washington, 1902. 28 pp. = 3902.135 Robinson, Wirt, and Charles Wallace Richmond.

An annotated list of birds collected in the vicinity of La Guaira, Venezuela. Washington, 1901. 17 pp. = . 3902.136 Scott, William Earl Dodge.

The story of a bird lover. New York, 1903. Plate. 3905-79

Bibliography, pp. 369-372.

Verrill, Addison Hyatt.

Additions to the avifauna of the Bermudas. [New Haven, 1901.]

No. 18 in 3883.45 The "cahow" of the Bermudas, an extinct bird. [London, 1902.] 6 pp. No. 17 in 3883.45 The story of the cahow. The mysterious extinct bird of the Bermudas. [New York, 1901.] 9 pp. Illus.

No. 16 in 3883.45 Weed, Clarence Moores, and Ned Dearborn.

Birds in their relation to man: economic ornithology for the United States and Canada. Philadelphia, 1903. Illus.


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encierra todas las leyes físicas. Guatemala, 1902. 24 pp. = 3962.174 Gilbert, Norman Everett.

Some experiments upon the relations between ether, matter, and electricity. [Chicago, 1901.] 20 pp. = 5962.131 Gilbert, William. 1540-1603.

On the magnet, magnetick bodies also, and on the great magnet the earth; a new physiology. London, 1900. Illus. Diagrams. *3961.140

The translation is by Silvanus P. Thompson. A different translation is on shelf-no. *3961.132. Hartmann, Carl Robert Eduard von. Die Weltanschauung der modernen Physik. Leipzig, 1902. 3825.47

Landolt, Hans Heinrich.

The optical rotating power of organic substances and its practical applications. Assisted by O. Schönrock 2d edition. English translation with additions by John H. Long. Easton, Pa.. 1902. Illus. 5963.132 Lommel, Eugen Cornelius Joseph, Ritter

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its spectrum.
pp. Plates. =

Tait, Peter Guthrie.


Newton's laws of motion. 61 pp. Diagrams. Weinstein, Bernhard.

Einleitung in die höhere
Physik. Berlin, 1901.

[1901.] 24


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Goette, Alexander Wilhelm. Lehrbuch der Zoologie. Leipzig, 1902. 3884.144


Gegenbaur, Carl.
Vrgleichende Anatomie der Wirbelthiere
it Berücksichtigung der Wirbellosen.
Leipzig, 1898, 1901. 2 v. Illus. 3742.86
Gordon, William John.

Our country's fishes and how to know them. A guide to all the fishes of Great Britain. London. [1902.] Illus. Colored plates. 5908.70 Haacke, Johan Wilhelm, and Wilhelm Kuhnert.

Das Thierleben der Erde. Berlin. [1901.] 3 v. Illus. Colored plates. *3880.102 Howe, Freeland.

A case of abnormality in cats' paws. Cambridge, 1902. 21 pp. Illus. [Contributions from the zoological laboratory of the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard College.] 3884.44 Huene, Friedrich von.

Übersicht über die Reptilien der Trias. Jena, 1902. 84 pp. Illus. [Geologische und paleontologische Abhandlungen.] *3871.56.10, Heft i

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A collection of stories by different writers. Jordan, David Starr, and Barton Warren Evermann.

American food and game fishes. A popular account of all the species found in America north of the equator. New York, 1902. Illus.


Some of the plates are colored. Kobelt, Wilhelm. Cyclophoridae. Berlin, 1902. Illus. Map. *5882.14.16 Die Familie Auriculacea. 2. Teil. Nürnberg, 1901. Colored plates. [Martini und Chemnitz.]

Part 2 of *3876.50.1, part 16 Part 1, by H. C. Kuester, is on this same shelf-number.

Die Familie Buliminidae. Nürnberg, 1902.
Colored plates. [Martini und Chem-
Part 2 of 3876.50.1, part 13
List, Theodor.

Die Mytiliden des Golfes von Neapel und
der angrenzenden Meeres-Abschnitte.
Theil I. Berlin, 1902. Illus. [Fauna
und Flora des Golfes von Neapel.]
Litteratur-Verzeichniss, Th. 1, pp. 297-312.

Living Animals of the World, The: a popu-
lar natural history magazine. [New
York, 1901, 02.] 2 v. Illus. *3880a.72
Some of the plates are colored.

Living pictures of the animal world: photographs from living specimens only. With an introduction by Alfred H. Miles. London. [1903.] Plates. *3880a.71 Long, William Joseph.

Beasts of the field. Boston, 1902. Illus. 3888.109

This edition is kept in the Children's Room. School of the woods: some life studies of animal instincts and animal training. Boston, 1902. Illus. 3888.126 Wood folk at school. Boston, 1903. Illus. 3818.103

Moore, John Edward S.

The Tanganyika problem: an account of the researches undertaken concerning the existence of marine animals in Central Africa. London, 1903. Illus. Maps. 5814.34

Bibliography of the Tanganyika Expeditions, pp. xxi-xxiii. Many plates are colored. Morse, Edward Sylvester. Observations on living Brachiopoda. [Boston, 1902.] 74 pp. Plates. =

Literature, pp. 374-376.


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Raesfeld, F. von. Das Rotwild. Naturbeschreibung, Hege und Jagd des heimischen Edelwildes in freier Wildbahn. Berlin, 1899. Illus.

Most of the plates are colored. Smith, Eugene, Naturalist.


The home aquarium and how to care for it. New York. [1902.] Illus. 5909.40 Stone, Witmer, 1866–, and William Everett Cram.

American animals: a popular guide to the manimals of North America north of Mexico. New York, 1902. Illus.

3881.85 Two copies, one of which is kept in the Chil. drens' Room. Some of the plates are colored. Thompson, Ernest Evan Seton.

Wild animals I have known.

1902. Illus. Plates.

Thompson, L. Beatrice.

Who's who at the Zoo.

[1902.] Illus. Portraits.

New York, 3888.134

New York. 3888.130

By Addison Vol. 1.

Verrill, Addison Hyatt.
Zoology of the Bermudas.
E. Verrill and associates.
tra edition. New Haven, 1903. Illus.



1. 18 articles on the natural history of the Bermudas. Waterhouse, Charles Owen. Index zoologicus: an alphabetical list of names of genera and sub-genera proposed for use in zoology as recorded in the "Zoological Record," 1880-1900, together with other names not included in the "Nomenclator Zoologicus" of S. H. Scudder. Edited by David Sharp. London, 1902. *5875.50A

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La perception visuelle de l'espace. Paris, 1902. Illus. Diagrams. [] [Bibliothèque de pédagogie et de psychologie.] 3596.37 Boutroux, Étienne Émile Marie.

La psychologie du mysticisme. Paris. [1902.] 23 pp. 3604.75 Brockdorff, Cay Ludwig George Conrad, Baron von.

Kant's Teleologie. Kiel, 1898. 62 pp. = 3600.106

Brough, Joseph. The study of mental science. Popular lectures on the uses and characteristics of logic and psychology. London, 1903.

3609a.21 Buechner, Friedrich Carl Christian Ludwig. Last words on materialism and kindred subjects. With a life of the author by his brother, Alex Buechner. Translated by Joseph McCabe. London, 1901. Portrait. 3609a.II

Davis, Charles Henry Stanley.
Greek and Roman stoicism and some of
its disciples. Epictetus, Seneca and
Marcus Aurelius. Boston, 1903. 3609a.19
Delacroix, Henri.

Essai sur le mysticisme spéculatif en Allemagne au quatorzième siècle. Paris, 1900. 3604.73

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Fischer, Ernst Kuno Berthold. Geschichte der neuern Philosophie. Auflage. Band 1-6, 8, 9. Heidelberg, 1897-1902. Portrait. *7604.30

Fouillée, Álfred Jules Émile.

Esquisse psychologique des peuples européens. Paris, 1903. [Bibliothèque de philosophie contemporaine.] 3605.161 Nietzsche et l'immoralisme. Paris, 1902. [Bibliothèque de philosophie contemporaine.] 7602.45

Gourmont, Remy de. 1858-.

La culture des idées. 3e édition. Paris, 3609a.15 1900. Grenzfragen des Nerven- und Seelenlebens. Einzel-Darstellungen für Gebildete aller Stände. Herausgegeben von L. Loewenfeld und H. Kurella. Heft 1-14. Wiesbaden, 1900-1902. Illus. Colored plates. *3603.173

Haldane, Richard Burdon.

The pathway to reality. The Gifford lectures, University of St. Andrews, 1902/ 03. London, 1903. 3606.175

Hansson, Laura Marholm. The psychology of woman. Translated by Georgia A. Etchison. London, 1899. *P.20.381


Hartenburg, Paul.

Les timides et la timidité. Paris, 1901. [Bibliothèque de philosophie contemporaine.] 5600b.99

Hibben, John Grier.

Hegel's Logic. An essay in interpretation. New York, 1902. 3607.196

Holzapfel, Rudolf.

Panideal. Psychologie der sozialen Gefühle. Leipzig, 1901. 3607.42

Hoppe, Gerhard Werner Theodor.

Die Psychologie des Juan Luis Vives nach den beiden ersten Büchern seiner Schrift "De anima et vita." Berlin, 3605.45 1901.

Jordan, David Starr.

The philosophy of despair. San Francisco, 1902. 43 pp. 3606.173

Jung, C. G.

Zur Psychologie und Pathologie sogenannter occulter Phänomene. Leipzig, 7609.146


Kant, Immanuel.


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Kritik der Urtheilskraft. Herausgegeben und versehen von Karl Vorländer. Auflage. Leipzig, 1902. [Philosophische Bibliothek.] 3601.128

Die letzten Gedanken Immanuel Kant's. Aus Kant's hinterlassenem Manuscript von Albrecht Krause. Hamburg, 1902. 3600.III Kraus, Oskar. Zur Theorie des Wertes; eine Bentham Studie. Halle a. S., 1901. 3607.190

Kuelpe, Oswald.


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Philosophie Deutschland. Leipzig, 1902. 3609.198 Langenberg, Rudolf.

Quellen und Forschungen zur Geschichte der deutschen Mystik. Bonn, 1902. 3486.147

Muensterberg, Hugo.

Grundzüge der Psychologie. Leipzig, 1900. 3607.166

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Tuerck, Hermann.

Der geniale Mensch. 5. Auflage. Berlin, 3605.87 1901. Windelband, Wilhelm.

Platon. 3. Auflage. Stuttgart, 1901. Portrait. [Frommanns Klassiker der Philosophie. Band 9.] 3606.24 Präludien. Aufsätze und Reden zur Einleitung in die Philosophie. 2. vermehrte Auflage. Tübingen, 1903. 3607.200 Witmer, Lightner.

Analytical psychology. Boston, 1902. Illus. Charts. 3604.185

Wundt, Wilhelm Max.

Grundzüge der physiologischen Psycho-
logie. 5. Auflage. Band I. Leipzig,
1902. Illus.

Wundt, Wilhelm Max, editor.
Philosophische Studien. Band 1-17; 18
Heft 1-3. Leipzig, 1883-1902. Illus.

Wyclif, John. 1324?-1384.

Johannis Wyclif Miscellanea philosophica. Vol. 1. London, 1902. [Wyclif Society.]



Frappa, José.

The mind of man. A text-book of psy

chology. London, 1902.


Les expressions de la physionomie humaine. Paris.


Squires, William Harder. 1863-. Jonathan Edwards und seine lehre. [Lucka, S. A.] 1901.

[1902?] Illus. 4060.62

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I segni rivelatori della personalità. To


rino, 1902. Illus.


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