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Bush, George Gary.


History of education in Vermont. Washington, 1900. [United States. Bureau of Education.] *7596.59.1900.4

Butler, Nicholas Murray.

A review of the tendencies of the education of the nineteenth century. The status of education at the close of the

century. [With discussion.] Chicago, 1900. 16 pp. = 3595.287

Caldwell, Howard Walter.

Education in Nebraska. Washington, 1902. Plates. [United States. Bureau of Education.] *7596.59.1902.3 Casson, William Augustus, and George Cecil Whiteley.

The Education Act, 1902 (2 Edw. 7; ch. 42) fully explained. London, 1903. 5598.8

Cloyd, David Excelmons. Benjamin Franklin and education. His ideal of life and his system of education for the realization of that ideal. Boston, 1902. Portrait. 3599.200 Congrès international des sociétés laïques d'enseignement populaire, Paris, 1900. [Documents et comptes rendus des séances, 10-13 sept. 1900.] Paris, 1900. 3592.164

Cooke, Herbert Samuel.

Test papers in general knowledge, for use in higher classes of primary school secondary schools, and pupil teachers' "centres." London, 1902. 97 pp. 5597.130 Darroch, Alexander.

Herbart and the Herbartian theory of education. London, 1903. 3599a.204 Dawes, Thomas Richard.

Bilingual teaching in Belgian schools. Cambridge, 1902. 3598.284 De Garmo, Charles.

Interest and education: the doctrine of interest and its concrete application. New York, 1902. 3598.288 De Montmorency, James Edward Geoffrey. State intervention in English education, down to 1833. Cambridge, 1902.


Table of ecclesiastical documents cited, pp. xxvxxxii.

Fischer, Carl T.

Der naturwissenschaftliche Unterricht in England insbesondere in Physik und Chemie. Leipzig, 1901. Plans. 3593.217 Litteratur, pp. 86-94.

Fisk, Everett O., & Co.

Manual of the Fisk Teacher's Agencies. 1902. Boston, 1902. 64 pp. = 7599.167 Gove, Aaron, and others.

Outline of studies for the elementary schools, Denver, Colorado. 1900-1901. Denver. 1900.] 56 pp. = 7594.131 Grafton, Mass. Committee to Investigate the Condition of the School Buildings.... Report. [Grafton, 1898.] 41 pp. Plates. Plans. = *6344.41

Greer, John N.

The history of education in Minnesota.
Washington, 1902. Plates. [United
States. Bureau of Education.]

Haldane, Richard Burdon.
Education & empire. London, 1902.

3598.296 Contents.-Great Britain and Germany. A study

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modern elementary school. London,
1902. [The great educators.]
Bibliography, pp. xv-xvi.

Porto Rico.
Department of Education.

Report of the Commissioner of Educa-
tion for Porto Rico to the Secretary
of the Interior, U. S. A. 1900. Wash-
ington, 1900. =

Public School Association, Boston.
[Constitution, instructions for the guid-
ance of officers, lists of officers, man-
uals, circulars and folders relative to
school affairs, with information as to
naturalization, registration, and voting,
and lists of candidates, etc.]. [Boston,
1900-02.] 19 items in 1 v. Portraits. =
Putnam, Homer Manley, and B. G. Smith.
1000 questions in review. For teachers
and pupils. Comprising test questions
in arithmetic, grammar, geography, his-
tory, physiology, reading, spelling, and
theory of teaching. Warren, Pa. [1899.]
32 pp.

Quick, Robert Hebert.
Essays on educational reformers. New
York, 1899. [International education
B.H.Ref.584.17 (3599.154)
Same. 1901.
Reicke, Emil.

Lehrer und Unterrichtswesen in der deutschen Vergangenheit. Leipzig, 1901. Illus. Portraits. Fac-similes. 2831.24 Schafer, Joseph.

The origin of the system of land grants for education. Madison, 1902. 53 pp. [University of Wisconsin. Bulletin.] 3592.166


Bibliography, pp. 50-53. Schwickerath, Robert.

Jesuit education, in the light of modern educational problems. St. Louis, 1903. 3596.206

Training for power, or for money? Bos- Stetson, W. W.

ton. [1901.] 6 pp. =

O'Donnell, Frank Hugh.


The ruin of education in Ireland, and the Irish Fanar. London, 1902. 3595.275

The author attributes injury of Irish education to clerical and Jesuit influences exerted upon the government.

Owen, Sir Hugh, compiler and editor. The education acts, 1870-1902, and other acts relating to education. With sum mary of the statutory provisions and notes. 20th edition. London, 1903


Paris. Exposition universelle de 1900.
Le gouvernement de la République sud-

A study of things the school should do for the child, suggestions on study of U. S. history, and arithmetic and some gains. by the State Superintendent of Public Schools of Maine. [Augusta?] 1902. 24 Pp. = 7599.178 Universal Cyclopædia. Educational courses in study and reading. [New York, 1903.] *7382.19

This is a guide for the use of Appleton's Universal Cyclopædia and Atlas.

Vermont. Department of Education. Circulars of educational information. No. 1-8. Montpelier, 1901-1903. Illus. =


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Bellevue College, Bellevue, Nebraska. Bellevue College bulletin. Vol. 1; 2 (no. 1-4). [Bellevue, 1900-02.]= *4498.296 Benson, Arthur Christopher. The schoolmaster. A commentary upon the aims and methods of an assistantmaster in a public school. London, 1902. 3597.190 Bowdoin College. Class of 1877. Memoranda regarding members of the class. With an historical sketch of the College from 1877 to 1902. [Brunswick.] 1902. = *4491.84 Oration and poem on the occasion of the One Hundredth Anniversary of the opening of Bowdoin College, June 25, 1902. Brunswick, 1902. 40 pp. = 4485.27 Bradley Polytechnic Institute, Peoria, Illinois. School of Arts and Sciences. Register, 1899/1900, 1901/1902. Announcements for 1900-1901, 1902-1903. Peoria, 1900, 02. Plates. = *8037.50 Briggs, Le Baron Russell.

Address delivered at the twenty-fourth annual Commencement of Wellesley College. Cambridge, 1902. 27 pp. = 4492.252 Broome, Edwin Cornelius.

A historical and critical discussion of college admission requirements. New York, 1903. [Columbia University contributions to philosophy, psychology and education.] 3604.120.11

Bibliography, pp. 153-157.

Brown, William Garrott, editor.
Official guide to

Harvard University. Cambridge, 1899. Plates. Map. Plans. 2389a.138 Browne, George Forrest, Bishop of Bristol. St. Catharine's College. London, 1902. Plates. [College histories. University of Cambridge.] 2499a.32

Bruce, Roscoe Conkling.

Class oration. Delivered for the class of 1902 [of Harvard College] in Sanders Theatre, June 20, 1902. Cambridge, 1902. 4 pp. = 4493-293 Same. [2d edition.] Washington. 14 pp. Portrait. 4493.294 The work of Tuskegee. An address, New Old South Church, Boston, December 14th, 1902. [Cambridge, 1903.] 15 pp. 4499a.292


Carr, William, M.A. 1862-.
University College. London, 1902. Plates.
Plans. [College histories. University
of Oxford.]

Columbia University.


[A general description of the college.] [New York, 1901.] 16 pp. Plates. = 4495.269

Croft, William, Canon.

Historical account of Lisbon College. With a register compiled by Joseph Gillow. Barnet, 1902. Illus. Portraits. 3095.144

L'école des

Demolins, Edmond.
L'éducation nouvelle.
Roches. [Nouvelle édition.] Paris.
[1901.] Illus. Portraits. Plans. 3599.194

Dwight, Timothy, President of Yale Uni- Hopkins Grammar School, New Haven, versity. 1828-.


Memories of Yale life and men. York, 1903. Portraits. Plates. 2387.81 Dyer, Louis. Oxford as it is. Being a guide to rules of collegiate residence and university requirements for degrees. Prepared for students in the United States . . . and in British Colonies. London, 1902. 42 pp. = 2500.30


Catalogue of the trustees, rectors, instruc-
tors, and alumni . . . 1660-1902. New
Haven, 1902. =

Hutton, Laurence.

Literary landmarks of Oxford. New
York, 1903. Plates.

Indiana. State Normal School. Terre Haute.
Biennial report.
1887/88-1899/1900. In-
dianapolis, 1888-1900. Portrait. Plates.


École de l'Île-de-France, Liancourt.
[Descriptive circular.] Paris, 1901. 26 Indiana University.

pp. Illus. =

Eliot, Charles William.


More money for the public schools. New York, 1903. 3599a.202

Evans, George Hill.

Dartmouth College necrology. 19001901: including deaths not previously reported. Hanover, N. H., 1901. 58 *4492.221 Fournier, Pierre Joseph Marcel, and Léon Dorez.

pp. =

La Faculté de Décret de l'Université de
Paris au XVe siècle. Tome 2. Paris,
1902. [Histoire générale de Paris.] =
Oxford at the cross roads. A criticism of
the course of litteræ humaniores in the
University. London, 1903. 3594.36

Gardner, Percy. 1846-.

Geddes, James, Jr.

Sketch of the Department of Romance Languages, Boston University. 18761900. [Boston.] 1902. 16 pp. =

Gray, Arthur.

2685.118 Jesus College. London, 1902. Plates. [College histories. University of Cambridge.] 2499a.33

Register of graduates. 1830-1901. Bloom-
ington, 1901. =

Johns Hopkins University.

Celebration of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the founding of the University and inauguration of Ira Remsen, as President. Baltimore, 1902. = 4492.257 Jordan, David Starr.

The building of a university. Address to
the graduating class [at the tenth an-
nual commencement, Leland Stanford
Junior University, May 28, 1902]. 1902.
12 PP.
Kansas University Science Bulletin. Vol. I,
no. I-4. Lawrence, Kan. [1902.]
Plates. =

A continuation of the Kansas University Quar-
terly, on shelf-number *4490a.100.
L., W. H., H., J. F. R., and A. H. S. C.
Winchester College notions. By Three

Beetleites. Winchester, 1901. 2498.40
"It was decided to include [as 'Notions] all
traditions and customs peculiar to Winchester,
all words that are either obsolete except at Win-
words that are either obsolete except at Win-
chester, or are elsewhere used in a different
sense; and finally, the names which have been
given to certain places by past generations of

Plates. Lamson, Mary Swift, editor.

Hamilton, Sidney Graves.
Hertford College. London, 1903.
[College histories. University of Ox-

Harvard College.


Class of 1896. Secretary's report, no. 2. June, 1901. Cambridge, 1901. Portrait. *4490a.88


Class of 1898. Secretary's report, Ist.
Cambridge. [1901.] =
Class of 1900. Baccalaureate sermon and
hymn, Class Day oration, Poem, Ivy
oration, and Ode. Cambridge, 1900.
40 pp. =

Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Department
of the Classics and Department of
Indic Philology.
[Announcement of courses.] 1899/1900,
1902/03. Cambridge, 1902. *4483.272

A guide book to the grounds and build-
ings of Harvard University. Cam-
bridge, 1898. Illus. =
Papers used at the examinations for
admission to Harvard College and the
Lawrence Scientific School, June, 1899,
1902. Cambridge, 1899, 1902. = 3593.156
Henderson, Charles Richmond.

Die ökonomische Lage der Collegien im
Staate Illinois, Nord-Amerika. Lucka,
S. A., 1902. 62 pp.

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State Superintendent of Public Schools. Laws, decisions and explanations. [Augusta.] 1901. 12 pp. = 3668.28 Western State Normal and Training School, Gorham. Catalogue for 1901/02. Augusta, 1902. Plate.= *5598.43 Malden, Henry Elliot. Trinity Hall, or the College of Scholars of the Holy Trinity of Norwich in the University of Cambridge. London, 1902. Portraits. Plates. [College histories.] 2499a.37

Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Requirements for admission. Printed provisionally in advance of the catalogue for 1901-1902. [Boston? 1901?] 4491.129



Middlebury College. A record of the centennial anniversary, 1800-1900. [Cambridge.] 1901. Por4485.206 Middlesex School, Concord, Mass. [Announcement.] 1901/02. [Concord? 1901.] 4499a.277 Milton Academy.


Catalogue. 1900-1901. [Milton.] 1901. 42 pp. = $4499a.213

Munroe, James Phinney.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology. [Boston.] 1902. 30 pp. Illus. Portraits. 4491.127 New diplomas of the French universities. Doctorate, license diplomas; certificates of studies; attestation of higher studies; university certificates; certificates of attendance certificates of French literary studies and of the French language, for the especial use of foreign students. Dôle, 1902. 64 pp. : = 3595.289 New York, State. Regents of the University of the State of New York. College Department.

High School Department. Academic examination papers for 1902. Albany, *5599.145

1902. = Professional examination papers for 1902. Albany, 1902. = Oberlin College.


trait. =


Historical and descriptive. 1901. [Mil1901. 40 pp. Illus. Por4388.105 Ohio State University. College of Phar

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The nation's honor roll, or, Roosevelt, Yale, and the class of Fifty-two. Speech at the Yale alumni meeting. June 24, 1902. [New York? 1902.] 7 pp. = 4494-346 Stratton, Charles Edwin.

Extracts from the diary of a member (ætat. 15) of the graduating class of the Boston Public Latin School, AprilJuly, 1862. [Boston? 1902?] 24 pp.

Tissot, Ernest.


Le monsieur qui passe . . . Paris. [1902.] 6279.10

On French student and military life. Trinity College, Durham, N. C. Annual catalogue.-1901-1

1901. = United States Naval A

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